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武汉市第三医院首义院区男科预约武汉医院皮肤科George: Hey, Crystal, I need some advice yo!乔治:嗨,克里斯托尔,我需要你的建议!Crystal: Whats up, George?克里斯托尔:什么事,乔治?George: So, theres this like red-headed girl in class and I kind of got a crush on her but ...乔治:我喜欢班里的一个红发女孩,可是……Crystal: Oooh!克里斯托尔:哦!George: Uuurr! But, yeah, I dont know, you know, how to ask her out. I dont even know if she knows my name, but yeah.乔治:嗯!可是我不知道怎么约她出去。我甚至都不知道她知不知道我的名字。Crystal: Ah, come on!克里斯托尔:不是吧!George: You got any advice?乔治:你有什么建议吗?Crystal: I would personally just be natural and just go straight-forward?克里斯托尔:我个人建议你自然些,直接些。George: Go straight-forward and ...乔治:直接……Crystal: And ask her out?克里斯托尔:约她出去?George: How I do that?乔治:我要怎么做?Crystal: I dont know. For my personal advice I think you should just go straight forward and say ;Hi, my name is George; and give her an appearance.克里斯托尔:我也不知道。我个人建议你直接说,“你好,我叫乔治”,让她认识你。George: Hold on. Im gonna write this down.乔治:等一下。我要把这个记下来。Crystal: OK. And next step is ;If you are free; oh, you always have to check if shes either married, or if shes a lesbian, or if she is single.克里斯托尔:好,接下来,你要问“你有空吗”,对了,你还要确认一下她是否已婚,或者她是不是女同性恋,还有她是不是单身。George: OK.乔治:好。Crystal: So, number three is what youre looking for.克里斯托尔:第三步就是你要约她了。George: OK, number three.乔治:好,第三步。Crystal: So, if she is single, just say, hey, how about we go out for a cup of coffee or something.克里斯托尔:如果她是单身,你可以说,嘿,我们去喝杯咖啡怎么样。George: OK, coffee.乔治:好,咖啡。Crystal: And, yeah, thats how you get her.克里斯托尔:好,这样你就能约她出去了。George: So, yeah, what if she doesnt like coffee though? I mean, what else could we do we on a date? Assuming she will say yes. Whats fun to do on a date anyway?乔治:那她要不喜欢喝咖啡怎么办?除了喝咖啡,约会还能做什么?假设她说好的话,约会的时候还能做什么有趣的事?Crystal: Fun to do on a date! Its just the fact that youre being with her and just try to get to know her more.克里斯托尔:约会时有趣的事!就是你和她在一起,努力地去了解她。George: Wait, wait, wait one second. Do I need to pay for this?乔治:等等,等等,等一下。约会时我要买单吗?Crystal: I dont think you should pay on the first date. I think sometimes that can be offensive to women.克里斯托尔:我想第一次约会你不必买单。有时这对女性来说是种冒犯。George: Oh, thats great because Im totally broke.乔治:哦,那太好了,因为我基本上没什么钱了。Crystal: I think you should just ask her casually, not like a date-date, just say, Hey, I would like to know you a little bit more, and just go out for a small little drink, like go to that new cafe thats open, like a lot of girls think that place is so cute. I think you should take her there.克里斯托尔:我想你约她的时候应该自然些,不是那种正式的约会,你可以说,“嘿,我想多了解你一些,”你可以约她去喝点东西,可以去那家新开的咖啡厅,许多女孩觉得那家店很可爱。我想你可以带她去那儿。George: But I think cafes are boring.乔治:可是我觉得咖啡厅很无聊。Crystal: Cafes are boring. Men! Women dont think so. This is the point. Write it down.克里斯托尔:咖啡厅很无聊。那是男生的想法!女生可不这么想。这是重点。写下来吧。George: All right.乔治:好。 译文属 /201605/444293武汉黄冈新发男科 unit 317 买鞋dialogue 英语情景对话A:Do you want to buy something here?A:您想买些什么呢?B:These shoes are great! What is the price of this?B:这双鞋真漂亮!多少钱?A:This one is two hundred yuan.A:这款200元。B:Thats too much!B:太贵了! /201601/423566武汉哪家医院看皮肤科好

武汉阿波罗医院收费如何1.惯用口语句子:A friend in need is a friend indeed.患难朋友才是真正的朋友。A true friend is known in the day of adversity.患难见真情。indeed ad. 真正地adversity n. 不幸,逆境in need“在危难中,在危急中”Without trust, there is no friendship.没有信任,就没有友谊。trust n. amp; v. 信任,相信friendship n. 友谊,友情Sometimes the best helping hand you can get is a good, firm push.有时候,及时有力的鼓励是对你最好的帮助。firm a. 坚定的,强有力的push n. 推动,鼓舞In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends.在顺境中,朋友结识了我们:在逆境中,我们了解了朋友。prosperity n. 繁荣,兴旺Suspicion is the poison of true friendship.猜疑是真诚友谊的—剂毒药。suspicion n. 猜疑,怀疑poison n. 毒药A hedge between friends keeps friendship green.朋友间适当保持距离,可使友谊常青。hedge n. 栅栏,篱笆A faithful friend is hard to find.知音难觅。faithful a. 守信的,忠实的Friendship often ends in love; but love, in friendship - never.友谊常以爱情而结束;而爱情,却从不能以友谊而告终。为了强调“不可能”,“never”放在了最后。如果把后半句变成与前半句相对应的句子结构,应该是“…but love never ends in friendship.”。Friendship is the golden th that ties the hearts of all the world.友谊这根金线把世界的心都连在一起。th n. 线 /201505/375198武汉男人医院那一家好 13. Asking about Car Insurance 13.询问汽车保险A: Hello, I wanted to ask you about car insurance prices.A:你好,我想问汽车保险的价格。B: Sure thing. Please, have a seat.B:没问题。请坐。A: Thank you. I just bought my first car.A:谢谢你。我刚买了我的第一辆车。B: Great, congratulations! What kind of car is it?B:很好,祝贺你!是什么类型的车?A: Its a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.A:是1994年的至尊奥尔兹莫比尔卡特拉斯汽车B: Oh, so its an older make.B:哦,这是一个老牌子。A: Yes, but its in good condition. So, how much would the payments be?A:是的,但是性能很好。那将付多少钱?B: Depends. Have you been in any accidents?B:不一定。你出过车祸吗?A: No, I have not.A:没有,我没有出过车祸。B: Have you gotten any driving tickets?B:你得到过驾驶罚单吗?A: Nope. That can affect the insurance rate?A:没有。那会影响保险费率吗?B: At times. Well, everything seems in order. You would have to pay monthly.B:有时会。好的,一切就绪。你要每月付75美元。A: That sounds great. A:听起来很棒。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/411825武汉阿波罗医院医生男科

武汉阿波罗医院是私立还是国企的5.Baby Showers Dialogue5.新生儿派对 对话Steven and Julia will have their first baby soon, so Steven invites his friend Tom to come to their baby shower.史蒂文和茱莉娅的第一个孩子很快就出生了,所以史蒂文邀请他的朋友汤姆来参加他们的新生儿派对。Steven: Hello, Tom, are you free next Sunday?史蒂文:你好,汤姆,下星期天你有空吗?Tom: I think so. Why did you ask that?汤姆:应该有,你为什么这样问?Steven: Im going to have my first baby, so I plan to hold a baby shower next Sunday.史蒂文:我的第一个孩子就要出生了,所以我打算在下个星期天举办一个新生儿派对。Tom: Congratulations! Why do people hold parties before the baby is born?汤姆:恭喜你呀!可为什么人们要在婴儿出生以前举办派对呢?Steven: Its the tradition. But baby showers as we know them today were not common until after World War Ⅱ.史蒂文:这是传统。不过我们今天所知的新生儿派对是第二次世界大战之后才变得普遍起来的。Tom: In any case, I like baby showers, because they allow friends and family to share the joy and excitement of welcoming a new life into the world.汤姆:无论如何,我喜欢新生儿派对,因为它们可以使家人和朋友分享迎接新生命的喜悦和激动。Steven: So you will come, wont you?史蒂文:你会来的,对吗?Tom: Of course. I will prepare a good gift for the new arrival.汤姆:当然,我会给新生儿准备一份好礼。Steven: Thank you very much.史蒂文:非常感谢! /201507/389156 01. Welcome to the forum.欢迎来到本论坛。02. Everyone has the right to make their voice heard.每个人都有权利发表自己的看法。03. He started the flame wars in the forum.他在论坛中引发了舌战。04. I think your post sucks.我觉得你的帖子糟糕透了。05. Your article is mere trash.你的文章纯粹是垃圾。06. Im sure your viewpoint is wrong.我确信你的观点是错的。07. Your views make me sick.你的观点让我作呕。08. Whats your view about his action?你对他的行为怎么看?。09. Whats your opinion about this th?你对这个议题看法如何?10. He is a type of cynic.他整个就是一个愤青。11. Its a hot topic on the Internet.它是网上的一个热点话题。12. Dont be too cynical.别太愤世嫉俗了。13. Many websites have carried this photo.很多网站登载了这张照片。14. I gave out a lot of articles about it.我就此事发表过很多帖子。15. Why do you always disagree with my point of view?你为什么总是反对我的观点?16. Have you received the text message calling for boycotts?你收到了号召抵制的短信吗?17. Some net-pals have expressed their opinions and feelings online.一些网友在网上发表了自己的现点和感受。18. You d better calm down.你最好冷静下来。19. If you want to comment on this event, login first.你要想对此进行,须先注册登录。20. There are thousands of registered users on this forum.在这个论坛上有数千名的注册用户。 /201508/391189武汉省人民医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱武汉哪家医院治疗龟头炎比较好



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