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At 1east two-thirds of the class have had colds.

考研英语 考研英语阅读技巧:巧抓主题词 --19 :: 来源: 考研英语阅读技巧:巧抓主题词考研英语题量大,时间又有限,那么怎样有效而快速地完成考研英语阅读题呢?首先我们要了解考研英语阅读题的特点,即中心单一、突出,所以要出色地完成考研英语阅读题,我们就只要抓住表示主题的关键词,即主题词就可以了  名词表主题  When it comes to the slowing economy, Ellen Spero isn’t biting her nails just yet. But the 7?year?old manicurist isn’t cutting, filing or polishing as many nails as she’d like to, either. Most of her clients spend $ to weekly, but last month two longtime customers suddenly stopped showing up. Spero blames the softening economy. “I’m a good economic indicator”, she says. “I provide a service that people can do without when they’re concerned about saving some dollars.” So Spero is downscaling, shopping at middle-brow Dillard’s department store near her suburban Cleveland home, instead of Neiman Marcus. “I don’t know if other clients are going to abandon me, too,” she says.  文中划线名词短语为考生提供了復现信息,即使没完全读懂,考生也能确定本段的主题是讲疲软的经济状况,每句话都没离开这个主题  动词表变化  All of this caused a crisis of confidence. Americans stopped taking prosperity granted. They began to believe that their way of doing business was failing, and that their incomes would theree shortly begin to fall as well. The mid 1980s brought one inquiry after another into the causes of America’s industrial decline. Their sometimes sensational findings were filled with warnings about the growing competition from overseas.  动词是各种变化最明显的体现,它可以表明文中所述情况、作者态度以及情感的变化等本段中出现的划线动词都体现了一个从好到坏的变化趋势,再结合文章话题,可以确定本段讲到了美国经济霸主地位的丧失给人们的信心带来的消极影响  形容词表态度  Even bee Alan Greenspan’s admission that America’s red hot economy is cooling, lots of working folks had aly seen signs of the slowdown themselves. From car dealerships to Gap outlets, sales have been lagging months as shoppers temper their spending. retailers, who last year took in percent of their revenue between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the cautious approach is coming at a crucial time. Aly, experts say, holiday sales are off 7 percent from last year’s pace. But don’t sound any alarms just yet. Consumers seem only mildly concerned, not panicked, and many say they remain optimistic about the economy’s long ?term prospects even as they do some modest belt tightening.  形容词是作者对所论述话题的态度的直接体现以此段为例,前半部分都是关于美国经济不景气的描述,如果隻看到这些,一定会认为下文也应该是一些消极方面的描述但在But转折之后,出现了一系列的形容词,这是词都具有积极的感情色,与前面的情况形成鲜明的对比,表明了作者的态度,也是本段段落中心的体现  虽然,在考研阅读思路中还有许多其他方式可以确定文章或段落的主题,但是当文章话题比较陌生,语言比较晦涩难懂的时候,通过找主题词来确定文章主题无疑会是一种简单有效的途径所以,希望考生们牢记“最强音符,旋律復现”,读文章过程中树立找主题词的意识,帮助自己有效理解文章、快速解题

年英语六级翻译指导及练习() --5 ::3 来源: 1) 定语位置的调整  汉语的定语,无论是单用还是几个连用,通常都放在所修饰的名词之前而在英语里,单词作定语时,一般放在所修饰的中心词之前,词组,短语和从句作定语时,则放在所修饰的名词之后汉语的定语译成英语时,有的可能是单词,有的可能是短语,有的可能是从句对这些成分的安排,要依据英语的语言习惯来处理反之亦然  例1 实现我国社会主义现代化是一项我们必须努力完成的任务  译文: The socialist modernization of our country is a task that we must do our utmost to fulfill.  汉语中作"现代化"定语的"社会主义"在英语中只需要一个单词socialist 就可以表明,照英语的习惯,放在所修饰的中心词modernization之前但是原文中"我国"翻成英语就不是简简单单的一个词了,而是一个介词短语of our country,置于中心词"现代化"之后,成为后置定语英译时,"任务"的定语"努力完成的"是一个从句that we must do our utmost to fulfil,照英语习惯,应放在所修饰的中心词task之后  例 She was very happy to meet the artist who painted the picture.  译文: 她很高兴能够遇到那幅画的艺术家  全句的宾语是"艺术家",英语里修饰the artist的成分在the artist之后,这是英语表达习惯所规定的但是转换成汉语时,就必须把定语修饰成分提前到中心词"艺术家"之前  )状语位置的调整  汉语中状语习惯于放在主语之后,谓语之前但有时为了强调也可以放在主语之前英语中状语的位置要灵活得多就单词状语而言,它可以位于句首,句中,句末较长的状语常被置于句首或句末,句中的情况极少,在汉英,英汉互译时,状语位置的变换调整极为复杂  例3上星期五我们在那家新餐馆尽情地吃了一顿  译文:We ate to our hearts content at the new restaurant last Friday.  原文中,"上星期五"放在句首,并且在"那家新餐馆"之前,而译文中却将时间状语和地点状语的位置颠倒了过来这样一来,既准确地表达了原文意思,又符合了英文语序习惯所以我们可以得出结论:英语里如果句子既有地点状语又有时间状语,一般地点状语在前,时间状语在后汉语里则往往把它们置于句首或谓语前,而且通常时间状语在地点状语之前  Exercise Five请访问考试大网站http:www.33.com  1._______________ (他们没有去游泳),they went to play football that day.  .There is no doubt that _____________ (需求的增长导致了价格的上涨).  3.He cannot win a good reputation,______________ (因为他多嘴多舌).  .We have reasons to believe that, ______________ (一个更加光明美好的未来等着我们).  5.There are plenty of opporties everyone in our society,______________ (但是只有那些做好充分准备并且高度称职的人)can make use of them to achieve purpose.  1. Instead of going swimming  :原文中"没有"并不一定要对应成didn’t,这里我们可以使用instead of,使译文简洁明了,合乎英语习惯采用正译法,用英语不带否定词的表达来代替中文的"没有去"从本题及Exercise Two中的第二题我们可以得出结论:汉译英时,可以灵活变换句型,充分利用英语的否定或半否定语气的词语或结构,以便使译句符合英语习惯从另一角度看,后半句英语没有出现表示转折含义的连接词(如but),They didn’t go swimming也是不成立的,不符合句法规范  . the increase in demand resulted in caused the rise in prices  :考生要注意分清result from 和result in的区别result from指be caused by(由......产生),是指原因;result in指cause,lead to(导致......),是指结果本题还有一个考点就是:做翻译时,应尽量照顾并行结构的前后一致,如:the increase in demand and the rise in prices  3. because he has a loose tongue  :"多嘴多舌"显然有gossip的意思我们在翻译时应先挖掘其深层含义,再用适当的英文表达出来because he has a loose tongue看起来与原文并不对应,但却形象地讲内涵表达了出来其他类似的翻译还有:a bitter tongue(刻薄嘴);a long tongue(快嘴);a rough tongue(粗鲁话);a sharp tongue(言语尖刻);a silver tongue(流利的口才);a smooth tongue(油嘴滑舌)  . we would have a better and brighter future  :本题意为:我们有理由相信,一个更加光明美好的未来等着我们句子需填入部分特别容易被译成:a better and brighter future waits us这是因为受到了中文母语的干扰,思维被中文的语序牵着跑如果这样译的话就会导致前后半句的主语发生转换,前面是we,后面是the future这种转换在英文里就会显得非常突兀,不符合英文表达习惯我们可以在汉译英稍作变通,将前后主语统一为"we"本题还有一点考生要留意的是,是否能分清wait和await的使用区别两者都表示"等待",wait是不及物动词,必须后接介词;await是及物动词,可以后接人  5. but only those who are prepared adequately and qualified highly  :本句考生特别容易译成:the prepared and the qualified定冠词the加上形容词可以表示某一类人the prepared and the qualified就指代"作了准备的人"和"有资格的人",但遗漏了原文中的"充分"和"高度"由于原句的修饰部分内容很多,不适宜用"the +形容词"的结构来指代某一类人对于这种情况我们可以采用"某一类人+后置定语"的方法这样就是but only those who are prepared adequately and qualified highly全句的意思是:在我们的社会里,人人都有许多机遇,但是只有那些作好充分准备并且高度称职的人才能利用机遇达到目的


英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 我的理想是成为一名教师 -- :5: 来源: 我的理想是成为一名教师To be a teacher is my dream. When I was a student in primary school, I admired the teaching professionvery much. They are knowledgeable just seems that there is nothing they don’t know. They treat us just like their children. They care about our study,life and health. Since then, I have made my mine to be a teacher in the future. I would like to be a kind and knowledgeable peron like my teacher. So, being a teacher is my dream. I will try my best to study well to reach my dream. 我的理想是成为一名教师我还是小学生的时候就非常敬佩教师这个职业他们是如此的学多才就好像没有什么是他们不知道的他们对待我们就像是他们的孩子一样他们关心我们的学习,生活和健康从那时起,我就下定决心将来我要成为一名教师我想成为一个想我的老师那样学多才的好人所以,我的理想是成为一名教师我会尽我最大的努力去好好学习来实现我的理想

  Attractive female executives were considered to have less integrity than unattractive ones; their success was attributed not to ability but to factors such as luck.

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