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武汉阿波罗医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱武汉治疗前列腺增生需要多少费用黄冈市麻城县看男科怎么样 It is 11am on the first day of term and the second years will soon be blearily rolling on to the Nishikasai campus after an all-night game binge. It is hard to imagine students more fiercely devoted to the rigours of modern academia.新学期第一天上午11点,二年级的学生在玩了一个通宵的电玩后,将很快睡眼惺忪地走进位于东京西葛西的校园。他们顽强地投入严酷的现代学校生活,很难想象有比他们更用功的学生。For the rest of the day, about half of the year group will put in another six hours of tireless gaming, punctuated with meticulous discussion of strategy and tutorials on mental preparedness techniques. Their student peers — equally passionate about games, but less able to click a mouse at a competitive pace of five times a second — will immerse themselves in the theorems of game analysis, commentary broadcasting, cheat-detection and event management. This is how Ivy Leagues are born. By the time competitive gaming and all the associated razzmatazz becomes a bn global industry (in about two years’ time, according to some estimates), Tokyo’s Jikei Gakuen may aly think of itself as a venerable seat of “e-sports” learning.这一天的其余时间,约一半的二年级学生将再花上6个小时不知疲倦地玩游戏,期间还会认真讨论策略并参加关于心理准备技巧的辅导课。他们的同学(同样热衷于游戏,但无法以每秒5次的竞技速度点击鼠标)将深入学习游戏分析、游戏直播、作弊探测和活动管理理论。常春藤盟校(Ivy Leagues)就是这样诞生的。当竞技电玩和所有与之相关的五花八门的活动成为一门规模达10亿美元的全球产业(一些人估计,大约需要两年)时,滋庆学园可能已经把自己视为了“电子竞技”教学的元老。At one level, the founding of Japan’s first e-sports academy fits comfortably (if eccentrically) into the breathless evolution narrative of professional gaming and the increasingly lucrative market in which it thrives. Through a decade of economic and technological waves — powerfully amplified by social media — the competitive playing of online games like League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients 2 has become a global spectator sport with an active audience estimated at 400m and total revenues of about 0m.从一个层面来说,日本首个电竞学院的创立非常符合(虽然这有些古怪)职业电竞惊人的发展以及令电竞蓬勃发展的越来越有利可图的游戏市场。经历了10年的经济和科技浪潮(社交媒体起到了有力的推动作用),《英雄联盟》(League of Legends)和Dota 2等网络游戏的竞技已成为一项在全球拥有众多观众的运动,活跃观众人数据估计多达4亿人,总收入约为6.50亿美元。As the implications of those numbers have sunk in, mainstream television networks and the marketing departments of major brands have taken note — particularly of e-sports’ historic grip over South Korea and its rapid advance into China and Southeast Asia. Sponsorship deals have become bigger, the prize pots for the largest tournaments have swollen to well over m. A few US universities have started offering partial scholarships for promising stars. Loose organiser associations are scrambling to become serious global governing bodies. Millionaire e-sporting heroes are emerging, along with international fanbases, doping scandals and PR teams. It is all rather impressive for a discipline whose proponents hit their peak at 24 and are often burnt out two years later.随着这些数据开始产生影响,主流电视网络和大品牌的营销部门已开始留意,尤其是留意到电子竞技在韩国取得的历史性重要地位以及该产业快速进军中国和东南亚。赞助协议的金额变得更高,最大赛事的奖金已增加到远远超过200万美元。几所美国大学已开始为有潜力的明星提供部分奖学金。松散的组织者协会正竞相成为重要的全球治理机构。电子竞技富豪偶像正在诞生,同时出现的还有国际粉丝群、兴奋剂用丑闻以及公关团队。这一切对电竞这样一项运动而言是非常令人印象深刻的:电竞运动员在24岁达到职业巅峰,往往在两年后就走到职业生涯终点。And for Jikei Gakuen, the timing looks decidedly smart. The first ever intake to the e-sports college was a 40-strong group who joined a year ago and will graduate in March 2018. The second year in operation saw 60 students sign up, and the college is now planning to open a second campus in Osaka for dozens more.滋庆学园的时机选择看上去绝对明智。电竞学院的首批学员有40多人,一年前入学,将于2018年3月毕业。招生第二年有60名学生注册,该学院现在计划在大阪开设第二个校区,招收更多学员。But hidden beneath the euphoric roar of novelty is a more melancholy thrum. For all of its look-at-me charge into a bold new arena, the establishment of Japan’s first e-sports school is fundamentally defensive. It is there, says its founder, to prevent Japan falling behind. E-sports is emerging as an exciting global industry and Japan, which once brought games to the world, is almost nowhere to be seen. That is not through any shortage of exceptionally focused youngsters capable of downing endless caffeine drinks and playing games for the 11 hours a day recommended by the world’s greatest pro-gamers. The problem is that the potential pool of Japanese pro-gaming talent tends not to play the same games as the rest of the world and favours consoles over PCs — a fact that didn’t matter a jot until there was a bn e-sports industry based overwhelmingly on PC games.但在这一派新鲜欢快景象的背后,隐藏着一种更为低沉的基调。尽管日本首家电竞学院貌似洋洋得意地大胆进军新领域,但该学院的创立从根本上来说出于一种防御意识。其创始人表示,这是为了阻止日本落后。电子竞技正成为一个令人兴奋的全球产业,曾经将电玩带到全世界的日本在这个行业里却几乎没有立足之地。这并不是因为能够喝下无数杯含咖啡因饮料并每天玩11个小时游戏(这是全球最优秀的职业玩家所推荐的)的特别专注的年轻人短缺。问题是,日本潜在的职业电玩人才与全球其他地区玩家玩的游戏不同,他们对游戏机的喜爱胜过个人电脑(PC)——在主要基于PC游戏的电子竞技行业成为一门规模达10亿美元的产业之前,这一点原本一点儿都不重要。In industrial terms, Japanese companies have historically operated under constant threat of the “Galápagos effect” — the tendency to enter technological cul-de-sacs that were (just about) justified by the size of Japan’s domestic market but ultimately separated Japanese products from global markets and destroyed their ability to compete.从行业的角度来讲,日本企业的经营一直面临“加拉帕戈斯效应”(Galápagos effect)的持续威胁,加拉帕戈斯效应是指这样一种倾向:进入一条就日本国内市场规模而言勉强可算合理的技术死路,但这条路最终令日本产品与全球市场跑偏,并破坏了日本产品的竞争力。The e-sports school is an attempt to prevent a Galápagos generation of gamers cutting themselves off from a lucrative market. It is never too soon to establish world-class aspirations, says the Jikei Gakuen head: “Why is Brazil good at football? Because children start playing aged three. We do that with games, but we need to think about global markets. Japan has so much potential.”电竞学院旨在防止受到“加拉帕戈斯效应”影响的一代游戏玩家与一个利润丰厚的市场脱节。滋庆学园院长表示,蜚声世界的远大志向越早树立越好:“巴西为何擅长足球?因为巴西的孩子们从3岁就开始踢球了。我们的孩子也是3岁就开始打电玩了,但我们需要考虑全球市场。日本潜力巨大。” /201704/503828武汉治疗前列腺肥大大概多少钱

武汉人民医院会治前列腺炎症吗With the broad release of Google Assistant last week, the voice-assistant wars are in full swing, with Apple Inc, Amazon.com Inc, Microsoft Corp and now Alphabet Inc#39;s Google all offering electronic assistants to take your commands.随着谷歌公司上周全面推出谷歌助手务,苹果、亚马逊、微软以及谷歌都推出了接受人类指令的语音助手务,一场语音助手战已全面打响。Siri is the oldest of the bunch, and researchers including Oren Etzioni, chief executive officer of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Seattle, said Apple has squandered its lead when it comes to understanding speech and answering questions.Siri是这些务中的老前辈。许多研究人员,包括位于西雅图的艾伦人工智能研究所的首席执行官奥伦?埃齐奥尼在内,都认为在语音识别和回答问题方面,苹果的领先优势已消耗殆尽。But there is at least one thing Siri can do that the other assistants cannot: speak 21 languages localized for 36 countries, a very important capability in a smartphone market where most sales are outside the ed States.不过,至少有一件事是Siri可以但其竞争对手做不到的,即会说36个国家的21种语言。这个功能在智能手机市场至关重要,因为大部分智能手机都是销往美国以外的地区的。Microsoft Cortana, by contrast, has eight languages tailored for 13 countries. Google#39;s Assistant, which began in its Pixel phone but has moved to other Android devices, speaks four languages. Amazon#39;s Alexa features only English and German. Siri will even soon start to learn Shanghainese, a special dialect of Wu Chinese spoken only around Shanghai.微软“小娜”为13个国家定制了8种语言。谷歌语音助手会说4种语言,该务一开始只在谷歌自家的Pixel手机里有,后来又应用到其他安卓设备。亚马逊的Alexa只会说英语和德语。而Siri甚至马上要开始学说上海话了,这是一种只在上海及其周边地区使用的吴语方言。The language issue shows the type of hurdle that digital assistants still need to clear if they are to become ubiquitous tools for operating smartphones and other devices.这说明,智能助手要想成为无所不在的智能手机和其他设备操控工具,就必须跨越语言的障碍。At Microsoft, an editorial team of 29 people works to customise Cortana for local markets. Google and Amazon said they plan to bring more languages to their assistants but declined to comment further.微软公司一个29人的编辑团队正着手推出面向地方市场的定制“小娜”务。谷歌和亚马逊都表示计划给它们的语音助手添加更多种语言,但两家公司均拒绝透露更多消息。At Apple, the company starts working on a new language by bringing in humans to passages in a range of accents and dialects, which are then transcribed by hand so the computer has an exact representation of the spoken text to learn from, said Alex Acero, head of the speech team at Apple. Apple also captures a range of sounds in a variety of voices. From there, an acoustic model is built that tries to predict words sequences.苹果语音团队负责人亚历克斯?阿赛罗说,当公司研发人员开始教Siri一门新的语言时,会让真人用各种方言和口音来阅读文本段落,然后再手动转录,这样计算机就可以拥有准确学习样本。苹果还会从不同的声音中捕捉各种语音。然后,苹果会建立起一个声学模型,并通过这个模型开始尝试预测字符序列。Then Apple deploys ;dictation mode,; its text-to-speech translator, in the new language, Acero said. When customers use dictation mode, Apple captures a small percentage of the audio recordings and makes them anonymous. The recordings, complete with background noise and mumbled words, are transcribed by humans, a process that helps cut the speech recognition error rate in half.苹果随后会在新语言中部署“听写模式”,这是一种文本和语音之间的翻译器。当用户使用听写模式时,苹果会捕获音频录音中的一小部分,然后对其匿名处理。由于这些录音有背景噪音以及模糊不清的词语,将会由专人转录,这一过程可以将语音识别的错误率降低一半。After enough data has been gathered and a voice actor has been recorded to play Siri in a new language, Siri is released with answers to what Apple estimates will be the most common questions, Acero said. Once released, Siri learns more about what real-world users ask and is updated every two weeks with more tweaks.阿赛罗说,在收集了足够的数据,并让配音员为Siri录制了新语言之后,Siri就会向公众开放,刚发布时Siri能够回答苹果认为最常见的问题。发布之后,Siri将会从用户的实际问题中学习,并且会每两周更新一次,作出一些调整。But script-writing does not scale, said Charles Jolley, creator of an intelligent assistant named Ozlo. “You can#39;t hire enough writers to come up with the system you#39;d need in every language. You have to synthesize the answers,” he said. That is years off, he said.不过,智能助理Ozlo的创始人查尔斯?乔利表示,撰写脚本无法做到规模化,“你不可能聘请足够多的作者为每一种语言撰写需要的脚本,你必须人工合成。”他认为,这还需要多年的时间。The founders of Viv, a startup founded by Siri#39;s original creators that Samsung acquired last year, is working on just that.三星去年收购了“Siri之父”创建的人工智能公司Viv,这家初创公司的创始人正在着手解决这个问题。;Viv was built to specifically address the scaling issue for intelligent assistants,; said Dag Kittlaus, the CEO and co-founder of Viv. ;The only way to leapfrog today#39;s limited functionality versions is to open the system up and let the world teach them.;Viv的联合创始人兼CEO戴格?吉特拉斯说:“Viv旨在专攻智能助理的规模化问题,要想跨过目前版本的功能局限,唯一的方法就是开放系统,让世界来教它们。” /201703/498489武汉市人民医院包皮手术多少钱 Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker that gave Apple a run for its money, is taking on the drone world with a 0 product that undercuts market leader DJI by almost 25 per cent.曾对苹果(Apple)构成强劲挑战的中国智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi),将凭借一款售价610美元的产品在无人机市场展开竞争。这款产品的售价比市场领跑者大疆(DJI)低了近25%。Drones are the latest gambit for Xiaomi, which launched its first phone in 2011 and, four years later, briefly became the top-selling maker in China. But its fortunes have since faded, prompting a wave of diversification spanning smart rice cookers and air purifiers.无人机是小米下出的最新一步棋。该公司在2011年发布其首部手机,四年后便迅速成为了中国市场上销量最高的手机制造商。但自那以来,小米的好运气逐渐减弱,促使其实施了一连串多元化发展举措,其产品涵盖智能电饭煲和空气净化器。Beijing-based Xiaomi said its drone would cost about Rmb4,000 (0), versus 9 for a comparable product from Shenzhen-based DJI. It plans to unveil its first drone on May 25.总部位于北京的小米表示,其无人机价格约为4000元人民币(合610美元)。相比之下,总部位于深圳的大疆同类产品价格为799美元。小米计划于5月25日发布其首款无人机。DJI was unfazed. Spokesman Wang Fan said it commanded a strong lead over the rest of the industry and superior value. “Price was never our greatest point of appeal,” he said. “Xiaomi’s new product, regardless of its price, will not have an impact on our sales.”大疆对此并不感到担忧。大疆发言人王帆表示,大疆遥遥领先于业内其他企业,品牌价值也高人一头。他说:“价格从来都不是我们的最大卖点。小米的新产品无论价格定在多少,都不会影响我们的销售。”The global consumer drone market is expected to reach .19bn by 2024, said a new report by US-based consultancy Grand View Research. While still largely novelty items, this year’s projected sales of 4m are expected to quadruple to 16m by 2020, Bloomberg said.总部位于美国的咨询公司大观研究(Grand View Research)发布新报告称,到2024年,全球消费类无人机市场的规模预计将达41.9亿美元。彭社(Bloomberg)表示,尽管无人机在很大程度上还是一种新鲜事物,但到2020年时,无人机销量预计会达到1600万架,相对于今年400万架的预期销量等于是翻了两番。Xiaomi is just one of a number of prospective entrants looking to tap into this market and emulate DJI’s success.小米只是考虑进军这一市场并赶超大疆成就的众多潜在玩家之一。That would help it offset flagging phone sales. Xiaomi said in January it sold more than 70m phones in 2015, up from 61m the year before. But that missed both its original target of 100m and its midyear revised goal of 80m.进军无人机市场将有助于小米抵消智能手机销售不振的影响。今年1月,小米表示2015年它售出了逾7000万部手机,高于上一年的6100万部。但这一数字既未达到其最初设定的1亿部的年销售目标,也未达到其年中修订后的8000万部的年销售目标。Analysts, however, reckon drones will fail to turn around Xiaomi’s fortunes, particularly given the limited market size. “There are several zeros between the drone market and the market for smartphone,” said Bryan Ma, analyst at IT consultancy IDC in Singapore.分析师们认为,无人机不会扭转小米的运势——尤其是考虑到无人机市场规模不大。IT咨询公司IDC驻新加坡分析师马伯远(Bryan Ma)表示:“无人机市场比智能手机市场小好几个数量级。” /201605/446133武汉包皮小水泡是怎么回事

武汉龟头敏感手术多少钱酒瓶上往往有一些英文标记,表明酒的品质,不同的国家有不同的表示方法。   法国酒法规定:只有在夏郎德省(Charentes)及滨海夏郎德地区的少数地点,栽培几个特定的葡萄品种,利用壶式蒸馏锅,直火蒸馏所得的蒸馏液,贮存在橡木桶内,经过若干年陈酿老熟的蒸馏酒,才批准使用"可涅克"(Cognac)的商标。其它地区,既使用同样方法酿制成的蒸馏酒,不能用"可涅克"名称。   如法国可涅克酒(白兰地酒)的酒瓶上,常常可看到以下标记:   Three Stars:三星,贮藏4.5年以下.    V.S.O.P.:Very Superior Old Pale非常优质的陈年浅色白兰地。至少贮藏4.5年的白兰地,色较浅,    V.S.O.:Very Special Old    V.V.S.O.:Very Very Special Old Pale    V.S.O.D.:Very Superior Old Dark (酒盛在木桶中,吸收木桶溶解出来的丹宁成份,使酒从无变为褐色,时间愈久,酒色愈深,故名。   Reserve:保留    Extra:特级    X.O:Extra Old(陈年特级)   CordonBlue:蓝饰带    V.S.E.P:Very Superior Extra Pale(说明这是"极高档的蒸馏酒",常见于美国市场。)   法国香槟酒含糖量的表示方法:    EXTRA-SEC:含糖百分之一到百分之二   SEC:含糖百分之二到百分之五   DEMI-SEC:含糖百分之四到百分之六   DOUX:含糖百分之八到百分之十 /200803/28453 武汉人民医院包茎手术武汉早泄手术可以治疗好吗



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