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Cupping involves a cup attached to a pump. Athletes put the cup on their skin and create suction with the pump. Some say the technique increases blood flow and helps a person’s sore muscles heal.拔火罐是以罐为工具,利用燃火、抽气等方法产生负压。运动员们将真空杯子紧紧吸在皮肤上造成局部皮肤充血。有人认为这种疗法能通经活络、行气活血、缓解肌肉疲劳。The largest side effect is the presence of the large, circular bruises on the skin. While the bruises may be uncomfortable at times and linger for a few days, cupping is harmless when done properly by a licensed or skilled professional. In addition to bruising and redness, cupping can cause mild discomfort, and in rare cases, burns and infection.最大的副作用就是会在皮肤上留下圆形的淤青。尽管淤青有时会带来身体上的不适,并且一连持续好几天。但是只要在专业医师的正确操作下,拔火罐不会对人体造成任何伤害。除了淤青和红肿外,拔火罐还会伴随有轻微的不适感。极个别情况还有可能造成烧伤和感染。Alex Naddour has tried massages, a hot tub for recovery and gotten cortisone shots before a competition. The relief they offer from the wear-and-tear his body has taken from gymnastics is often only temporary.But he’s found a solution on Amazon.亚历克斯曾经尝试过、水疗等方式,甚至在赛前注射可的松(一种用于治疗活动性风湿症、类风湿关节炎等病的激素类药物)。这些疗法对于多年体操训练给身体造成的磨损来说都只不过是暂时性的。然而,他在亚马逊上用15美金淘到了一种有效的治疗方式! /201608/459821

South Korea is Asia#39;s hardest drinking country, so it isn#39;t surprising that the hangover cure industry is worth around 5 million. The industry has introduced pills, cosmetics and even soups that promise to fix all that ails you. But, finally one new item is making hangovers quite delicious.韩国是亚洲饮酒情况最严重的国家,因此宿醉产业的价值达到了1亿2500万美元也就不是什么新奇事情了。该行业引入了药丸、化妆品甚至是汤,来保解决人们所有不舒的情况。不过,最新的一种产品可以使得宿醉变得非常美味。A South Korean convenience store chain has introduced a hangover-curing ice cream bar.日前,韩国一家连锁便利店推出了一款能治疗宿醉的雪糕。The Gyeondyo-Bar is a grapefruit flavored ice cream bar with a bit of oriental raisin tree fruit juice.Gyeondyo-bar是一种葡萄柚味的雪糕,其中含有少量的枳椇果汁。The raisin juice is the active ingredient, and has been considered a South Korean hangover treatment since the 1600s, when it was listed in a medical book as a way to smooth away hangovers.枳椇汁是一种有效成分,自17世纪起就被人们视为一种韩国的宿醉疗法,那时它就被列入医书,作为一种消除宿醉的方法。And if it really works, the little bar could potentially help out a ton of hungover South Koreans.如果这种物质真的有效,那么这种小小的雪糕就有可能帮助许多宿醉的韩国人。South Koreans drink 12.3 liters of booze a year. That led to nearly b in lost productivity, medical costs and early deaths.韩国人一年要喝掉12.3公升的酒,这导致该国在生产力、医药费及早逝方面要损失近80亿美元。The ice cream bar will only be available in South Korea, which means that the rest of the world needs to get on creating a delicious concoction like this.该种雪糕只会在韩国提供使用,这意味着世界其他地区需要自行发明像这样美味的混合物。 /201606/449000

  The latest go-to emoji is the #39;face with the rolling eyes#39;, which is used in 14 per cent of text messages, a study found.  一项研究发现,最流行的短信表情符号是“翻白眼的脸”,14%的短信息都会使用这一表情。  These findings come from the emoji keyboard app, EmojiXpress, which gathered a sample size of 30 million emojis sent from its keyboard.  这一研究数据来自一家名为EmojiXpress的网络公司,作为键盘表情包应用程序的开发商,该公司采集整理了3000万个键盘表情样板。  The second most common emoji was the long awaited #39;middle finger#39;, the #39;heavy heart exclamation mark ornament#39; came in seventh and the rainbow horned unicorn is the 10th most commonly used.  第二大最受欢迎的表情是网友们期待已久的“竖中指”表情,以感叹号装饰的爱心表情排名第七,还有七犄角的独角兽表情排名第十。  Although the #39;rolling eyes#39; emoji topped the charts in the EmojiXpress app, other platforms have their own popular ideographs.  虽然“翻白眼”在键盘表情包应用程序的排行中位列榜首,但其他社交平台也有着属于自己的热门表情。  For example, the most commonly used character on Instagram is the #39;red heart#39;, which is shared 79 percent more than any other emoji.  例如,Instagram上最受欢迎表情是“红心”,使用次数比其他任何表情高出79%。  And the #39;face with tears of joy#39; is number one among Twitter users, followed by the #39;smiling face with heart-shape eyes#39; and #39;loudly crying face#39;.  而在推特用户群中,最受欢迎的表情则是;笑cry;的表情,随后紧跟的是“含情脉脉的笑脸”和“大哭”的表情。  10大最受欢迎网络表情及使用率(顺便学学这些表情的英文都咋说吧!):   1. #39;Face with rolling eyes#39;- 14%  “翻白眼”——使用率14%  2. #39;Reversed hand with middle finger extended#39;- 9%  “竖中指”——使用率9%  3. #39;Thinking face#39;- 8%  “思考中”——使用率8%  4. #39;Upside-down face#39;- 7%  “倒立的脸”——使用率7%  5. #39;Nerd face#39;- 7%  “书呆子脸”——使用率7%  6. #39;Hugging face#39;- 6%  “拥抱”——使用率6%  7. #39;Heavy heart exclamation mark ornament#39;-5%  “以感叹号装饰的爱心”——使用率5%  8. #39;White frowning face#39;- 4%  “白色皱眉脸”——使用率4%  9. #39;Slightly frowning face#39;- 4%  微蹙眉脸”——使用率4%  10. #39;Unicorn face#39;- 3%  “独角兽脸”——使用率3% /201604/436672



  London, the capital city of the ed Kingdom is one of the most visited cities of the world. From finding people of various ethnicity to tall structures dating from the Roman times, from magnificent palacesto museums with exquisite artifacts, from the luscious green parks to high end stores ………While the city is highly modernized, it still conserves its royalty and culture.英国首都--伦敦,世界上游览最多的城市之一。从各个种族的人们到罗马时代的高层建筑,从恢宏的宫殿到拥有精致器物的物馆,从令人心旷神怡的绿色公园到高端商店......尽管这座城市已经高度现代化,它依然保留着皇室特征和文化传统。1.London Eye1.伦敦眼For an unforgettable view of London visit the London Eye. This 135 meter tall giant wheel stands on the banks of the River Thames. This slow moving capsule provides a panoramic view of London like nowhere else. It is a 2 minutes walk from the Big Ben located in the heart of the city.游览伦敦眼是为了看到那令人难忘的伦敦全景图。这座135米高的巨型天轮坐落于泰晤士河畔。没有其它地方可以像这个慢慢移动的车舱一样展示出伦敦的全貌。从市中心的大本钟景点出发,到达这里大概需要2分钟的步行时间。It is open from 10 AM to 9 PM. The standard ticket costs 27 pounds. You can make the experience more memorable by adding wine or champagne to the tour. You can also book a private capsule. It can also be clubbed with a river cruise of the Thames.伦敦眼的开放时间是上午10点到晚上9点。标准票价是27英镑。你可以通过在旅行中尝试点酒或者香槟,让这次体验更加难忘。你也可以预订一个私人车舱。将它和泰晤士河的河流之旅结合起来是个不错的选择。2.Notting Hill2.诺丁山For a colorful time offering a host of options, Notting Hill is one of the most desirable places to visit in London. In this area you would find events, theaters, restaurants, book shops, shopping arena and galleries. If you are visiting in August then don#39;t miss the Street Carnival here which is the biggest of its kind in Europe. The Portobello Market which mainly runs on Fridays and Saturdays offers a wide variety of goods to shop from . This famous and huge Street Market has everything to offer from Bs and fruits to clothes, antiques, posters and jewelry . This area also has some very famous restaurants, pubs and cinemas theaters.多的时光提供了不少选择,而诺丁山就是游览伦敦时最具吸引力的景点之一。在这里你会发现盛大活动、影剧院、餐馆、书店、购物区和美术馆。如果旅游时间在八月份,不要错过欧洲最大的街头狂欢。波多贝罗市场在周五和周六营业,那里有各种各样的商品供。这个著名大型街头市场从面包、水果到衣、古玩、海报、珠宝,包罗万象,应有尽有。这个区域也有一些非常出名的餐馆、酒吧和影院。3.Lord#39;s Stadium3.劳德板球场For cricket lovers London offers a visit to the the ;Home of Cricket;, the Lord#39;s Cricket Ground. The Ground dates back to the 18th century and has a capacity of over 28,000 spectators.对于板球爱好者来说,伦敦可以让你参观;板球之家;--劳德板球场。这个板球场可以追溯到18世纪,能容纳28000多名观众。Lords also has a comprehensive library which happens to be the largest library dedicated to Cricket in the world. Another remarkable place to visit here is the Lord#39;s museum which is the oldest sports museum of the world with a huge and rare collection of cricket memorabilia and artifacts. Exhibitions and theaters commemorating the legends of cricket are also present here.劳德板球场也有一座综合的图书馆,恰巧是世界上为板球所专用的最大图书馆。另一个与众不同的地方是劳德物馆,这是世界上最古老的运动类物馆,拥有大量稀有的板球纪念品和手工艺品。人们可以通过展览和剧场纪念在这里发生过的板球传奇。The stadium is open for tours daily with a price for 20 pounds for adults and 12 pounds for children under 15 years.体育馆每天都对游客开放,票价是成年人20英镑,15岁以下的孩子12英镑。译文属 /201608/459268Yoga cafes, like yoga, are booming in India. They#39;re great places to meet new people, have a dialogue, and get some advice while you enjoy good food.和瑜伽一样,;瑜伽餐厅;正在印度兴起。这里是人们在享受美食的同时,结交新朋友、聊天并获得建议的好地方。While some people practice yoga on an empty stomach, it#39;s good to fuel up before stepping onto the mat.有些人会空腹练习瑜伽,但在练瑜伽前填饱肚子也很不错。The Yoga House in Mumbai is a quiet and cozy retreat where food is served on copper plates, keeping ancient traditions alive.孟买的;瑜伽之家;是一个安静舒适的场所,这里保留了印度古老的传统,用铜盘盛装食物。You can enjoy the ;Yogi#39;s Breakfast; with oats porridge and a shot of multivitamin juice.你可以享用燕麦粥配一杯多种维生素果汁的;瑜珈修行者的早餐;。Om Made Cafe in Goa has a variety of sugarcane juice blends to reboot and rehydrate your system after a tiring class.果阿地区的;Om Made Cafe;提供多款甘蔗混合果汁,使你在一堂累人的瑜伽课之后能补充能量和水分。;We started out as a yoga studio; however people would often ask for what to eat before and after the sessions. People would always complain that going on a diet would mean giving up on their favorite foods. Our concept is based on the four pillars of Healthy, Tasty, Satisfying and Affordable,; says an owner of a yoga cafe.一家瑜伽餐厅的老板称,;起初我们开的是一家瑜伽工作室,然而,人们总是询问他们在课前课后应该吃什么。他们总是抱怨节食意味着放弃最喜爱的食物。我们的理念基于健康、美味、满足和实惠这四个原则。; /201608/457996



  SHANGHAI — On Broadway, Timon and Pumbaa have entertained audiences for years with their Brooklyn accents.上海——多年来,丁满(Timon)和彭彭(Pumbaa)在百老汇以布鲁克林口音观众。But in China, the famous meerkat-warthog duo not only speak Chinese, but they also do so with a distinct beifang, or northern, twang.但是在中国,这个著名的猫鼬和疣猪组合不仅说中文,而且带有明显的北方口音。The rough-around-the-edges Chinese accent is one of several localized elements that infuse a Mandarin-language production of “The Lion King” at the new 1,200-seat Walt Disney Grand Theater. The theater is an anchor of the colossal .5 billion Shanghai Disney Resort, which opened on Thursday.这种稍欠打磨的口音是中文版《狮子王》(The Lion King)的本地化元素之一。该剧在新落成的华特迪士尼大剧院(Walt Disney Grand Theater)上演,剧中还融入了其他本地化元素。新剧院有1200个座位,是投资55亿美元的宏大的上海迪士尼度假区(Shanghai Disney Resort)里的重要景点。该度假区周四开放(6月16日)。Sitting in the audience at the premiere on Tuesday was a contingent of Disney executives including the chairman and chief executive, Robert A. Iger. Local officials and a sprinkling of celebrities including Yao Ming, the former N.B.A. player, also attended.周二首演的观众席上坐着迪士尼的几位官员,包括总裁兼首席执行官罗伯特·A·艾格(Robert A. Iger)。当地官员和几位明星也来到现场,包括前NBA球员姚明。There were other elements added to enhance the show for Shanghai: different regional dialects; riffs on Chinese pop songs; and, for the first time, a new character, the Monkey Master, who is based on the Monkey King, a figure of Chinese legend.为了增强在上海演出的效果,剧中还加入了其他一些元素:不同的地方口音;中国流行歌曲片段;而且首次加入一个新角色——猴子巫师,他是根据中国神话人物孙悟空创作的。“The Monkey King is China’s favorite character,” said Julie Taymor, the show’s director, in an interview the day before the premiere. “These little touches of familiarity are absolutely what you have to do. It makes the show recognizable.”“孙悟空是中国最受欢迎的角色,”该剧导演朱莉·泰莫(Julie Taymor)在首演前一天接受采访中说,“肯定需要加入一些中国观众熟悉的小元素。让观众觉得亲切。”The character wears a red and yellow Chinese-inspired costume designed by Ms. Taymor. Two feathers protrude from the monkey’s hat like antennae. While Monkey Master doesn’t speak, he bursts in to help fight for Simba, the lion protagonist, in several action scenes.这个角色穿的是泰莫设计的红黄两色装,灵感来自中国。两根翎子像触须那样从猴子的帽子上伸出来。虽然猴子巫师没有台词,但他会突然出现在几场打斗戏中,帮助主角辛巴(Simba)。Since its Broadway debut in 1997, “The Lion King” has been translated into eight languages, including Japanese, Portuguese and Mandarin. In each translation, producers have sought to adapt the script to the local culture while maintaining the spirit of the original. Altogether, “The Lion King” has taken in .2 billion from domestic and international productions.从1997年《狮子王》在百老汇诞生以来,它已被翻译成八种语言,包括日语、葡萄牙语和中文。每个版本的制作人都努力按照当地文化改编剧本,同时保持原剧的精髓。《狮子王》在美国和国际舞台上的票房收入已达72亿美元。Localizing Broadway’s top-grossing musical has been the focal point for the Shanghai Disney Resort. Disney officials have repeatedly asserted they would create a resort that is both “authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.”将这部百老汇票房最高的音乐剧本土化已经成为上海迪士尼度假区的焦点。迪士尼的官员们多次声称,他们将打造一个“原汁原味迪士尼,别具一格中国风”的度假区。Around the resort, Chinese elements abound. At the Wandering Moon Teahouse, the signature restaurant, for example, visitors can honor the “restless, creative spirit” of Chinese poets. In the Garden of the Twelve Friends, 12 mosaic murals reimagine Disney characters as the signs of the Chinese zodiac.在度假区各处能看到众多中国元素。比如,在标志性餐厅漫月轩,游客们可以缅怀中国诗人“永无止境的创新精神”。在十二朋友园,十二幅马赛克壁画用迪士尼动画角色重新演绎中国的十二生肖。Still, the challenge to be “distinctly Chinese” can be difficult to overcome in China, where audiences, especially film audiences, have become adept at sniffing out imported cultural products that plop in so-called “Chinese elements” with little sensitivity.不过,要实现“别具一格中国风”是个难度很大的挑战。中国的观众,尤其是电影观众,很容易发现进口文化产品中生硬加入的所谓“中国元素”。Producers of “The Lion King” say they are confident that audiences here will find a seamless integration of Chinese elements into the show.《狮子王》的制作人们说,他们相信中国观众会发现中国元素与这部作品浑然融为一体。“‘The Lion King’ is, from conception, a very universal piece, both the story and the physical world of it,” said Felipe Gamba, director of international production and strategy for the Disney Theatrical Group. “It’s an experience that transcends the musical theater genre, which has made it successful in places where musical theater is not a deeply rooted tradition.”“从设计理念上讲,《狮子王》是一部全球性作品,不管是它的故事情节还是它所呈现的那个世界,”迪士尼戏剧集团(Disney Theatrical Group)的国际制作和战略总监费利佩·甘巴(Felipe Gamba)说,“它带来的体验超越音乐剧的范畴,所以即使在没有深厚音乐剧传统的地方,它也能获得成功。”Discussion about bringing a Mandarin version of “The Lion King” to China began in 2011, Mr. Gamba said, the same year officials broke ground on the Shanghai resort. The company had decided that it would build a theater as an anchor for Disneytown, the retail and dining area of the complex.甘巴说,关于推出《狮子王》中文版的讨论始于2011年。同年,上海迪士尼度假区动工。公司决定修建一座剧院,作为购物餐饮区迪士尼小镇(Disneytown)最重要的建筑。Within the first few hours of the discussion, Mr. Gamba said, it became “quickly obvious” that “The Lion King” would be the choice. It helped that the company had toured an English-language production of the show in Shanghai in 2006 to great success.甘巴说,在讨论的最初几个小时里,事情“很快”变得“显而易见”:《狮子王》是最佳选择。2006年,英文版《狮子王》在上海巡演,大获成功——这一点也有帮助。Soon after, Disney began a search in China for performers who could act, sing, dance and, in some cases, operate the animal masks Ms. Taymor designed. Casting, however, proved to be far more difficult in China, where Broadway-style musical theater is still relatively new. The experiences of earlier adaptations of other musicals like “Cats” and “Mamma Mia!” were helpful.不久之后,迪士尼开始在中国物色会表演、唱歌、跳舞的演员,在某些情况下,他们还要会操纵泰莫设计的动物面具。不过,结果明,在中国选演员要困难得多。在中国,百老汇风格的音乐剧依然相对较新。之前改编的其他音乐剧有所帮助,比如《猫》(Cats)和《妈妈咪呀!》(Mamma Mia!)。But Chinese actors are typically affiliated with theater companies and schools, which limits their availability for outside jobs. Disney’s reputation in China as an entertainment company, Mr. Gamba said, didn’t help.不过,中国演员通常隶属于某个剧团或学校,档期受限,很难接受外面演出的机会。甘巴说,迪士尼在中国作为一家公司的名气也没有太大帮助。“A lot of it was about us showing the artistic directors and the actors what a piece of art Julie created,” he said.“我们的很大一部分工作是给艺术总监和演员们展示朱莉创作的是一部什么样的作品,”他说。“Like most people in China, I had only watched the movie version of ‘The Lion King’,” said Zhao Lei, 28, who plays Mufasa in the show. “Even as a graduate of the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, I hadn’t seen an original production before I joined the show.”“和大部分中国人一样,我只看过《狮子王》的电影版,”28岁的赵磊(音译)说。他在剧中饰演木法沙(Mufasa)。“虽然我毕业于上海话剧艺术中心,但在参演该剧之前,我没看过它的原版音乐剧。”In the end, casting took about two and a half years — more than three times the average, Mr. Gamba said. The cast of more than 50 features mostly mainland Chinese actors and actors from countries including the Philippines and South Africa.甘巴说,选角最终大概耗费了两年半时间,是一般选角时间的三倍多。这50多名演员大多来自中国大陆,还有一些来自菲律宾和南非等国。According to Mr. Gamba, decisions about the length of the show’s run and future productions at the theater will depend on how “The Lion King” fares.甘巴称,该剧会演多久以及剧院未来的演出将取决于《狮子王》的表现如何。“Right now,” he said, “we’re thinking let’s just get through the opening.”“目前,”他说,“我们的心思都放在顺利完成首演上。” /201606/450369。

  What are some life hacks for a guy to look more handsome/attractive?有什么生活技巧能让一个男人看上去更帅气/迷人?1) Clothes that fit. A few of us are gifted with dimensions that allow us to purchase straight off the rack. But most men (myself included) absolutely need to have custom-fitted clothing. Do this. Cut the number of clothes you buy in half. And double what you spend on each item. You will look great and feel great when your clothes fit perfectly.1)合身的衣。我们中的少数人是天生衣架子,能够直接买现成的衣,但是大部分人(包括我自己)十分需要穿量身定做的衣。这样做吧,把你要买的衣数量减半,然后每件衣花双倍的价格。当你穿着超级合身的衣时,你看起来会很棒,自己感觉也很棒。2) Assume everyone likes you. Take the lead when meeting people. Pretend you are a host or that you have the responsibility to help others enjoy themselves in a conversation. Most people are awkward or nervous in social situations, so if you take the pressure off of them, they#39;ll love you for it and see you as more attractive.2)假定每个人都喜欢你。在和别人聚会的时候占据主动,假装你是主人或是你有责任帮助他人在谈话中觉得尽兴。大部分人在社交场合会笨手笨脚或是紧张,所以如果你让他们减轻压力,他们就会因此喜欢你,觉得你很迷人。3) Find a friend who always looks sharp. Ask them for tips for you.3)去找看起来总是很时髦的朋友,向他们讨教技巧。4) Believe you are handsome. Confidence is attractive.4)相信自己很吸引人,有自信就是吸引人。Good luck!祝你好运!1. Carry your prop1、带上你的道具。Book! Nothing beats a guy with a book. I really really really really like seeing a guy with a book resting near him. *Bonus point* - if he#39;s actually ing it.书!拿着书的男人天下无敌。我非常非常非常非常喜欢看一个男人身边搁着一本书的样子。加分点——如果他确实在看这本书的话。Pet. I like seeing a guy who treats his pet well. They seem more attractive and make people assume they will actually be a good father someday.宠物。我喜欢看一个男人温柔对待他家宠物的样子。他们看起来更有魅力而且让大家认为他们将来一定会成为一个好爸爸。Scarf, sunglasses, beanie, coffee or anything that you think suits you best.围巾、墨镜、帽子、咖啡或任何你觉得最适合你的东西。2. Cleanliness is next to Godliness - Little things matter.2、清洁近乎神圣——小细节是关键。Trim your nails or at least keep them clean and tidy.修剪你的指甲,或者,至少保持干净整洁。Teeth, this is so important. I secretly judge people#39;s teeth when they talk. It#39;s always nice to know when someone takes good care of their teeth. It gives an impression that they actually take care of themselves.牙齿,这太重要了。当别人说话的时候我会悄悄地评判他们的牙齿。当我知道这个人用心护理牙齿时,我会感觉很不错,这也给人以一种印象,他们实际上也很用心照顾自己。3. Learn how to cook.3、学会煮饭。You don#39;t have to cook like Gordon Ramsay or any Michelin chefs and we don#39;t expect you to be like them either but it would be really great if you know how to cook something simple.你不需要像戈登·拉姆齐(英国顶级厨师)或米其林大厨那样,我们也不指望你像他们一样,但是如果你知道怎么煮一些简单的菜式,那就真的很棒了。A study was carried out and revealed that women find men most sexy when they are working in the kitchen, NOT when carrying #39;manly#39; tasks.有项研究表明女人觉得男人在厨房工作的时候最性感,而不是在做一些“有男人味”的事情的时候。 /201607/452417

  US President Barack Obama, gave his eighth, and final, White House Correspondents#39; Dinner speech. Does he have a future as a stand-up comedian after leaving the Oval Office?在WHCD上巴马祭献出了第八次也是最后一次相声表演,在离开白宫椭圆办公室后,他能否成为单口相声界的明日之星呢?Cut the crap! Definitely he will. Here are some chosen jokes for you guys.好! 以下节选了几条,让我们看一下今年单口相声界的扛把子讲了那些笑话。1.Cups playing as Obama walks up. Audience can hear “You’re going to miss me when I’m gone…;是的,巴马还没上台前就开始讲笑话了。背景音乐播放的是Anna Kendrick的Cups. 观众可以听见伤离别的歌词,“当我悄然离去,你必对我思念如漆”。不要多想, 巴马,你进相声界也是众望所归。2. ;I know I was a little late tonight. I was running on CPT, which stands for jokes that white people should not make.;我知道我来的有点晚了。没办法,我们用的是CPT时间。这可是白人不能讲的笑话哦。 His monologue then officially started. 好,开演了! CPT指的是Colored people time, 即有色人种时间。这里有对非裔美国人的stereotype,他们总是爱迟到。通过笑话直面种族歧视的现实,这也是巴马的可爱之处了。(脑补一下:这笑话只有我能讲,哼,因为我是小公举!)3. You might have heard that someone jumped the White House fence last week, but I have to give the Secret Service credit. They found Michelle and brought her back. She#39;s safe back at home now. It#39;s only nine more months, baby. Settle down.你们或许听说过,上周有人私闯白宫护栏。在这里我要严重感谢特勤局,他们把我老婆Michelle找回来了。她现在在家很安全。(对他老婆说)静下心来,宝贝!只不过还有九个月(我们就能离开这个鬼地方了)。 这里本来指前段时间有外人翻越护栏私闯进白宫(看来白宫安保也就NE样),但巴马反说成因为家人不想继续呆在这个鬼地方所以想法设法要逃出去(哼,本公举还不想呆在这破白宫呢)。巴马你这么傲娇,是不是要使用巴啦啦能量逃出去啊。4. Next year at this time, someone else will be standing here in this very spot and it’s anyone guess who she will be.明年这个时候,就会有另一个人以总统的身份站在这里演讲。猜猜她是谁? 好了,你们猜猜她是谁吧。大家可以打个赌,明年十有八九就是她了。5. ;And there is one area where Donald#39;s experience could be invaluable and that#39;s closing Guantanamo because Trump knows a thing or two about running waterfront properties into the ground.”倒是有一个领域床破的经验一定能排上大用场,那就是把关塔那关了,因为毕竟他对房地产还是略知一二滴。 这里指风头正high的共和党总统候选人之一Donald Trump。床破是美国为数不多的靠房地产起家的富豪。此人嘴巴极大,骂中国,骂墨西哥……说要在美墨边境造个墙,对,原话就是这么说的造个Great Wall,然后还得让墨西哥人买单。他的房地产遍布全球。这里说的是床破当上总统可能会把发生过虐囚事件的臭名昭著的关塔那监狱关掉,然后改造成海滨度假区打捞一笔。Trump还有王牌的意思哦,根据人名记单词是很有效果的,如床破的王牌就是房地产,再如Tom Cruise,cruise有巡航,坐船巡游的意思,William Butler Yeats大诗人叶芝,中间的名字butler也有管家的意思,大诗人应该有个管家吧。6.Helen Mirren is here tonight. I don#39;t even have a joke here, I just think Helen Mirren is awesome. She#39;s awesome.海伦米伦今天也在,我都不想对她开玩笑。她很牛逼,很了不起。 可能是因为Helen Mirren演过英国女王吧。还得奥斯卡了。说到英国女王,巴马访英的时候还得到女王的重孙子乔治小王子的接见,嗯,小王子当时是穿night-robe睡袍接见他的。看来巴马快卸任了,所有人都拿他不当回事了。巴马在演讲中也提到I will be officially a lame duck。Lame duck跛脚鸭,无用的人。在美国三俗动画片SOUTH PARK《南方公园》中有几集巴马就是以鸭子的形象出现的。大家有空可以搜搜看。7. It has been an honor and a privilege to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy. With that I just have two more words to say: Obama out. [Puts two fingers to his lips. Drops mic].和你们并肩为我们的民主而奋斗是我无上的荣耀。现在我只想在多说三个字:马上走!(两手指放在唇上,帅气地丢掉麦) /201605/441279

  First Lady Michelle Obama has joined the messaging app Snapchat ahead of her trip to Liberia, Morocco and Spain to promote education for girls.第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马在她前往利比里亚、洛哥和西班牙推行女童教育的行程之前,加入了Snapchat平台。The socially-savvy First Lady is aiming to connect with young people on the popular app, where posts disappear within 24 hours.在这个平台上发布的消息会在24小时内消失。很有社交头脑的第一夫人要通过这个流行平台与年轻人建立联系。She hopes to use it to publicise her trip but her first post was a selfie. She also previewed her appearance on Late Late Show host James Corden#39;s viral segment, Carpool Karaoke.她想用Snapchat发布她这次的行程,但第一条消息是个自拍。此外,她还预告要现身深深夜秀主持人詹姆斯·柯登的拼车K歌房。Kelsey Donohue, who works in the Obama#39;s communication office, announced the First Lady#39;s debut on Snapchat in a Medium blog post.奥巴马通信办公室的凯尔西·多诺霍在媒体客上宣布了第一夫人在Snapchat的亮相。Followers can expect a glimpse of the First Lady#39;s daily life, ranging from snaps of the White House Kitchen Garden to tips on staying active as a part of her Let#39;s Move! campaign.关注者可一睹第一夫人的日常生活,不仅有白宫厨房、花园的照片,还有作为Let#39;s Move!活动的一部分而给出的保持活力的秘诀。The First Lady will also use her new account to showcase her upcoming trip, with guest appearances from actresses Meryl Streep and Freida Pinto in Africa.这位第一夫人还会用这个新账号来展示她即将到来的访问旅行,此次非洲之行会有演员梅丽尔·斯特里普和芙蕾达·平托作为嘉宾出现。Mrs Obama#39;s teen daughters Malia and Sasha will also accompany her on the trip. She maintains an active social media presence, with 4.58m followers on Twitter and 5m on Instagram.据悉,奥巴马夫人的女儿玛利亚和萨莎将陪同她出行。她在社交媒体上一直保持活跃,推特上有458万人关注,Instagram上则有500万人关注。 /201606/452033

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