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A time for even grimmer stuff than that, like in last Aprils New Yorker magazine.那个时辰里还有更严酷的事情发生过,比如去年4月纽约人杂志中This short fiction piece by Martin Amis starts out,Martin Amis的短篇小说是这样开始的:;On September 11, 2001, he opened his eyes at 4 a.m. in Portland, Maine, and Mohamed Attas last day began.;“2001年9月11日,他睁开眼睛,凌晨4点,缅因州,波特兰市,Mohamed Atta的最后一天开始了。”For a time that I find to be the most placid and uneventful hour of the day,在这个我觉得是最温和、最平静的时刻,four in the morning sure gets an awful lot of bad press凌晨4点真的为我们带来了很多恶劣的坏消息across a lot of different media from a lot of big names. And it made me suspicious.很多大媒体都传递着这样的信息,这让我感到怀疑。I figured, surely some of the most creative artistic minds in the world, really,我想,当然,这个世界上那么多富有创造力的艺术家,arent all defaulting back to this one easy trope like they invented it, right?并不都会像默认设置般地选用这个简单的隐喻,好像他们自己发明这个隐喻似的?是吗?Could it be there is something more going on here?是不是其中还有什么奥妙?Something deliberate, something secret, and who got the four in the morning bad rap ball rolling anyway?刻意的,神秘的,那是谁让这个凌晨4点的厄运之球滚动开来的呢?I say this guy -- Alberto Giacometti, shown here with some of his sculptures on the Swiss 100 franc note.我说,是这个家伙:阿尔贝托·贾科梅蒂。他的一些作品印在100瑞士法郎上。He did it with this famous piece from the New York Museum of Modern Art.他的这个著名的作品展览在纽约现代艺术馆里,Its title -- ;The Palace at Four in the Morning -- 1932.题目就叫:凌晨4点的宫殿,1932年。Not just the earliest cryptic reference to four in the morning I can find.这不仅是我可以找到的最早的凌晨4点的神秘参考。I believe that this so-called first surrealist sculpture may provide an incredible key to virtually我认为,这个所谓的第一个超现实主义雕塑可能提供了一个令人难以置信的基点every artistic depiction of four in the morning to follow it.几乎被每一个描述过凌晨4点的艺术作品所遵循。I call this The Giacometti Code, a TED exclusive.我把它叫做贾科梅蒂密码,一个TED的专称。No, feel free to follow along on your Blackberries or your iPhones if youve got them.不,不,你们尽管用你们的黑莓手机或iPhone手机上网搜索,如果你们带着的话。201612/486289And now Canada is taking even more.并且现在加拿大正在接收更多的难民And yet, if you ask Canadians what makes them proudest of their country,如果你问加拿大人他们的国家最让他们感到骄傲的是什么they rank ;multiculturalism,; a dirty word in most places, second, ahead of hockey. Hockey.他们会将“多元文化”这个在很多地方都带有贬义的词语排在第二位,领先于曲棍球。曲棍球In other words, at a time when other countries换句话说,当其它国家都在are now frantically building new barriers to keep foreigners out,疯狂地建造新的障碍阻挡外国人时Canadians want even more of them in.加拿大人却想要引进更多的外国人Now, heres the really interesting part. Canada wasnt always like this.然而真正有趣的是,加拿大也不是一开始就这样的Until the mid-1960s, Canada followed an explicitly racist immigration policy.直到1960年代中期,加拿大都奉行着一个明显带有种族歧视的移民政策。They called it ;White Canada,; and as you can see, they were not just talking about the snow.他们叫称之为“白色加拿大”,而如你所知,他们并不是在谈论冰雪So how did that Canada become todays Canada?那么彼时的加拿大是如何变成今日的加拿大的呢?Well, despite what my mom in Ontario will tell you, the answer had nothing to do with virtue.嗯,不管我住在安大略省的妈妈会如何跟你说,但我想说的是这个跟美德没有半点关系。Canadians are not inherently better than anyone else.加拿大人并不是天生的就比其他人心要好。The real explanation involves the man who became Canadas leader in 1968,真正的涉及到那个在1968年成为加拿大领导人的男人,Pierre Trudeau, who is also the father of the current prime minister.皮埃尔·特鲁多,他也是加拿大现任总理的父亲。The thing to know about that first Trudeau is that he was very different from Canadas previous leaders.关于老特鲁多我们需要了解的是,他跟加拿大之前的领导都不一样。He was a French speaker in a country long-dominated by its English elite.在一个长期被说英语的精英统治的国家,他却是说法语的。He was an intellectual. He was even kind of groovy.他是一个知识分子。他也是那种时髦的人I mean, seriously, the guy did yoga. He hung out with the Beatles.我是说真的,他还练瑜伽,他跟披头士们一起玩。201706/512620

【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. Were you scared? Tell me honestly.2. I am going for fearsome here, but I just don’t feel it.3. I think I am just coming off as annoying. /200605/7342

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Alright, where are we going with this?那好,我们现在进展如何呢?What Im going to tell you next,我接下来要告诉你们的,as a lifelong researcher, represents a dream of mine.作为一个终身的研究人员,代表了我的一个梦想。I cant say thats its a promise; its a dream.我不敢说那是一个诺言;这是一个梦想。But I think we all have to have dreams to keep us pushing forward,但是我想我们都应该有梦想来鞭策我们前行,even -- and maybe especially -- cancer researchers.甚至--并且可能尤其是--针对癌症的研究者。Im going to tell you what I hope will happen with my technology,我将告诉你们我所希望用我的技术会发生的,that my team and I will put our hearts and souls into making a reality.我和我的团队将不遗余力让它变成现实。OK, here goes.这就是:I dream that one day,我希望有一天instead of going into an expensive screening facility to get a colonoscopy,不需要昂贵的筛选设备来进行结肠镜检查,or a mammogram, or a pap smear,或乳房X线照片,或制作帕氏涂片,that you could get a shot, wait an hour,而是只需要扎一针,等一个小时,and do a urine test on a paper strip.在试纸上进行一个尿检。I imagine that this could even happen without the need for steady electricity,我期待甚至可以不需要稳定的电力供应,or a medical professional in the room.或者一位医务工作者呆在诊室。Maybe they could be far away and connected only by the image on a smartphone.也许他们在很远的地方,只通过智能手机上的图像进行联系。Now I know this sounds like a dream,现在我知道这听起来不太现实,but in the lab we aly have this working in mice,但是在实验室中,我们已经在老鼠体内取得了进展,where it works better than existing methods for the detection of lung, colon and ovarian cancer.它对于肺癌和卵巢癌的检测结果比现行的任何一种方法都要好。And I hope that what this means我希望这意味着is that one day we can detect tumors in patients有一天我们可以很快检查出病人体内的肿瘤,sooner than 10 years after theyve started growing,不必等到十年后它们已成型,in all walks of life, all around the globe,在各行各业,全球各地都是如此,and that this would lead to earlier treatments,这也会让更早期的治疗成为现实,and that we could save more lives than we can today, with early detection.我们可以比现在拯救更多的生命,只需依赖早期检测。Thank you.谢谢。201607/456214

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