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2018年04月25日 18:16:38

听讲美国口语 /200607/8059武汉/包皮过长治疗费用即学即用英语会话词典C部分:责备 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200707/15212武汉/市哪里割包皮手术On the last night, I gave a big ing at the National Poetry Club.在最后一天晚上,我在全国诗歌俱乐部做了一场读书会。And at the end of the ing,在读书会结束的时候,Katharine Kidde of Kidde, Hoyt And Picard Literary Agency,凯德公司的凯瑟琳·凯德和霍伊特与皮卡德文学社的人walked straight up to me and shook my hand and offered me representation, like, on the spot.径直走向我与我握手,当场让我做他们的代表I stood there and I kind of went deaf.我像失聪了一样站在那里。Has this ever happened to you?这种事发生在各位身上过么?And I almost started crying我几乎要哭了出来because all the people in the room were dressed so beautifully,因为所有屋子里的人都如此华丽and all that came out of my mouth was:然而我却只能说;I dont know. I have to think about it.;“我不知道,我要再想想”那样的话。And she said, ;OK, then,; and walked away.她说:“当然。”然后离开了。All those open hands out to me, that small, sad stone in my throat尽管很多人伸来了橄榄枝,我仍然如鲠在喉You see, Im trying to tell you something about people like me.各位,我尽量告诉大家像我这样的人的感受。Misfit people -- we dont always know how to hope or say yes or choose the big thing,不适者经常不知道怎样期待和回答,也不知道在大事面前如何选择。even when its right in front of us.哪怕它们就在我们面前。Its a shame we carry.这是我们身上的耻辱。Its the shame of wanting something good.这是想接受美好时,就会有的耻辱。Its the shame of feeling something good.这是想感受美好时,就会有的耻辱。Its the shame of not really believing we deserve to be in the room with the people we admire.这种耻辱让我们不敢相信,我们应该和那些我们敬仰的人站在同一个屋檐下。If I could, Id go back and Id coach myself.如果可以回到过去,我要像那些Id be exactly like those over-50-year-old women who helped me.50多岁的女人告诉我的那样告诫自己。Id teach myself how to want things, how to stand up, how to ask for them.我要教自己去诉说我的需求,站起来,要回属于我的东西。Id say, ;You! Yeah, you! You belong in the room, too.;我会跟我自己说:“你!就是你!你应该在这个屋子里。”201608/459076Hi, Im Kevin Cramer. You know, everyone loves to celebrate success. And thats what I am doing today as I speak to you from Grand Forks, North Dakota, where the University of North Dakota College of Engineering and Mines has just dedicated a cutting-edge collaborative energy research complex. This center will bring students, faculty, and industry professionals together to develop better strategies for the next level of energy production in oil, natural gas, coal, wind, and biofuels. In our state, ;all of the above; energy policy has elevated North Dakotas economy to the top in the nation. At the same time, we enjoy the cleanest ambient air quality in the country. And weve proven that a strong economy and responsible environmental stewardship can go hand-in-hand. And with this same approach, other states can achieve North Dakotas economic success. Yet, as I travel around our state, I hear from people frustrated with how needless regulations out of Washington are making things tougher – for their farms, their ranches, and their small businesses. People feel the system is working against them, no matter how hard they work, no matter how much they plan. This is always my cue to hold up this Better Way booklet and share the bold agenda that Republicans have for a more confident America. It contains more than 100 ideas to get our economy back on track, many that have worked for us right here in North Dakota. Our plan is based on the notion that the best way to restore our prosperity is to tap into the talents and aspirations of our people and then get out of their way and let them be successful. We will cut down on needless regulations. To do this, we want to require a vote in Congress before any major regulation can take effect. Unelected bureaucrats should not have the final say – the people and their representatives should. And we believe that there should be a cap on the amount of regulatory costs Washington can impose each year. Our plan promotes reliable and affordable American energy, enhancing our global competitiveness. North Dakota has been a leader in our countrys energy boom – lets continue to connect this success to the consumers and workers who benefit from it most. And no more Keystones – no more of these endless delays that hold up jobs and projects indefinitely. This is truly a better way – far better than the path our country is on now. You know, over the last eight years, President Obama has led a regulatory onslaught the likes of which we have never seen. In fact, this administration is on pace to make this the ;busiest regulatory year in history,; and it wont even be close. In the works are everything from regulating overtime pay to retirement planning. And what do we have to show for this? This has been the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. People are working longer hours for less. We are not bouncing back because big government is in our way. Our plan offers a better path – an inspiring path – so we can have more success stories and more comebacks. I encourage you to learn more about these Better Way ideas by visiting better.gop.201611/476785大冶市人民医院男科咨询

武汉/阿波罗医院介绍武汉/治疗少精症一般多少钱2_04 Can you lower the price? Can you lower the price? 你能不能降低价格? Can you make it cheaper?   你能不能便宜一点? That’s way too high.    那个价格实在太高.  That’s too expensive.    太贵了. I can’t afford it.     我买不起. Pleas help me out.      请你帮我的忙. How about a deal?      要不要给我一个好的价钱? How about 20% off?     打个八折如何? I’d really appreciate it. 我会非常感激. /200705/13691This order requires that for every 1 new regulation, 2 old regulations must -- and I mean must -- be eliminated.这一命令要求,每一项新的监管规则出台,2项旧的监管规则必须--我是说必须--被淘汰。Its out of control.监管规则已经失去控制。The January employment report shows that the private sector added 237,000 jobs last month.一月份的就业数据显示,私营部门在一月份增加了237,000个就业岗位。A lot of that has to do with the spirit our country now has.大部分岗位与我们国家现在拥有的精神有关。Job growth far surpassed expectations in January,就业增长在1月份远远超过预期,and the labor force participation also grew, so you can be encouraged about the progress of our economy.劳动力参与度也在增加,因此,你可以在我们经济的进展中受到激励。Its going to be a whole new ball game.这将是一个全新的局面。But there is still much work to do. That I can tell you.但仍然有很多需要去做的工作。我可以告诉你下面这些。Also this week, on the first day of Black History Month, I was pleased to host African American leaders at the White House.也在本周,在黑人历史月的第一天,我很荣幸邀请非裔美国领导人来到白宫。We are determined to deliver more opportunity, jobs and safety for the African-American citizens of our country.我们决心为我们国家的非裔美国公民提供更多的机遇,就业岗位和安全保障。America can really never, ever rest until children of every color are fully included in the American Dream -- so important.美国真的没有,从未停止,直到每种肤色的孩子都被全面地包括在美国梦中--这非常重要。201702/492216宜昌市第一人民医院不孕不育科点击此处下载音频嗨!大家好!广播学口语又准时和大家见面了。今天我们的句子又是和器官有关的:Ilsquo;ll play it by ear. 另一个则是一个秘密:I will not break my word. 欲知谜底,音乐后马上揭晓!(音乐)Ilsquo;ll play it by ear. 用耳朵演奏吗?这是它的原意。是说有些技艺很高超的人,他们演奏时不看乐谱,只要凭自己的记忆就可以了。这里引申为见机行事。比如在公司的会上,你没有丝毫准备就被邀请讲话,你就只好坦言:;Ilsquo;ve no time to prepare for the meeting, so Irsquo;ll play it by ear.;(我没有事前准备,只好有什么说什么了。)不过这样的情况用在女朋友身上比较合适。Being with your girlfried,you should have the ability to play it by ear. It is helpful for you to have her smile.(和她在一起你应该见机行事, 以搏红颜一笑。)记住了?(音乐)闲话少说,接下来揭晓今天的谜底。I will not break my word. 到底是什么意思呢?别急,word在这里指我们所说的;话;。break呢,原意是打破打碎,这里可不是说我说话结结巴巴的。break onersquo;s word 的意思是食言。所以今天的谜底就是我不会再食言了 。以前总是先许诺, 后食言。终于把女友给惹急了,;Why do you say you will not break your word and do it again and again?Is that just off the top of your head?Ilsquo;ve never thought you are such a person!;(你怎么说永不食言而一次又一次的这样做呢?随口说说吗?真不知道你是这样的人!)可是你知道吗?To succeed in the future, the first thing you should learn is not to break your word. You should keep your word. Thatrsquo;s very important. (想成功,首先要学会的就是不能食言。要信守诺言,这非常重要!)(音乐)时间也差不多了,Andy还要去哄人,再见吧! /200605/7299武汉/人民医院治疱疹

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