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Not only do people make new resolutions at the start of the New Year, but many are also looking to drop bad habits. A toxic habit can be an insidious force in your life — you#39;ll keep falling into its trap, and pretty soon, it#39;ll become second nature and you won#39;t even notice it. Instead, when unfortunate events happen in your life, you#39;ll wonder how they all came about without realizing that you set them up by indulging in bad habits. Nip these bad behaviors in the bud before they spiral out of control:新年伊始,人们不仅制定新计划,也决心改掉坏习惯。坏习惯是生活中的潜流暗礁——你一再因它而跌倒,而且坏习惯很快会在不知不觉中成为你根深蒂固的习性。当生活遭遇不幸时,你往往只会哀叹为何倒霉的事总发生在你身上,却很少意识到一切都是恶习所致。所以,一定要将坏习惯扼杀在萌芽中,以免日后造成祸害:The ;later; mentality. Organization expert Peter Walsh says the one habit you should drop this year is procrastinating. Walsh says it#39;s the small steps that need to be done to stay on top of clutter. This mentality applies to all areas of your life. For example, that work task you#39;ve been putting off for weeks or months? Instead of holding it off until ;later,; working on it step by step will get you to your end goal faster.拖延心理。组织专家彼得-沃尔什认为今年应改掉拖延的坏习惯。沃尔什说,一步一步做任务便可化解一堆琐事。拖延心理在生活中随处可见。例如,某些工作任务经被拖上几周甚至数月。不要等“以后”再做了,一步一步先做起来,最后就能更快地完成任务。Saying ;yes; to everything. If you#39;re a people pleaser, learn to say ;no; to people this year. It#39;s one thing to do a favor for a friend or co-worker, but remember not to overextend yourself. Learn to delegate better at work and be honest with people. There#39;s always a nice way of saying ;no,; so don#39;t worry about hurting people#39;s feelings.来者不拒。如果你总是讨好别人,今年请试着学会说“不”吧。向朋友或同事提供帮助是一回事,但也不能毫无原则。请试着分配好工作、坦诚待人吧。委婉拒绝的方法有的是,还不用伤人感情。Unhealthy addictions. Moderation is the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Assess your addictions — be it things like sugar, smoking, shopping, or reality TV — and figure out the best one to work on this year. Addictions can be costly to your health and your wallet, so for a better 2013 and beyond, choose one unhealthy addiction to drop.不良嗜好。自我控制对健康平衡生活至关重要。反省一下自己的嗜好——甜点、抽烟、购物或电视秀等,然后在今年改掉那个最容易下手的吧。不良嗜好不仅有害健康,还耗费金钱。所以,为了更美好的2013年以及以后的日子,开始戒掉某个不良嗜好吧。Self doubt. Insecurities can hold you back and set negative thought patterns that will make you feel blue or give up easily. They can also sour your relationships with people. For example, you may be overly sensitive to what others say, and this may impact the way you interact with them. To remove self doubt, go on a self-improvement journey this year. Try attaining new skills and hobbies so you#39;ll start being more confident of your abilities and do things like meditate to calm yourself.自我怀疑。不安全感会妨碍你的发展、向你灌输消极思想、让你心情沮丧或轻言放弃。不安全感还会影响你的人际关系。比如说,你可能会对他人的过于敏感,继而影响到你与他人的交往。今年开始,请抛开自我怀疑、走上一段自我提升的旅程吧。尝试学习新的技能和爱好,这样你就对自己的能力更加自信,也会更容易调整自己镇定处事了。Living in the now. Everyone throws around the popular catch phrase ;you only live once; and uses it as an excuse for short-term indulgences. It#39;s true that life is short, but remember that it#39;s usually the long-term approach that achieves the biggest accomplishments and goals. Saving up for the dream vacation to an African safari may take longer than an impulse shopping spree, but it#39;ll be much more fulfilling.只顾眼前。人们总是引用那句至理名言“活在当下”,并以此为借口停留在眼前的舒适区。人生确实苦短,但请记住:生活中只有放长线才能钓大鱼。为梦想的美洲旅行积攒盘缠或许比一次冲动购物更难捱,但结果却会非常有意义。 /201301/220767Ignoring his daughter for years 很多年不承认自己的女儿 Steve Jobs fathered a child when he was just 23. But he spent years denying that he was the father, going so far as to swear in a court document he was, "sterile and infertile, and as a result , did not have the physical capacity to procreate a child." 乔布斯23岁的时候就当上了父亲。他很多年都否认自己是父亲,甚至在法庭文件中发誓:“自己没有生育能力,所以,从生理上讲不可能有一个孩子。”Hiring John Sculley to run Apple 让John Sculley经营苹果 Steve Jobs was young at the time and under the impression that he needed adult supervision to run Apple. With John Sculley he got someone that didn't understand Apple. Eventually Sculley pushed for Jobs' ouster. 当时的乔布斯还很年轻,他需要有经验的管理人员。于是他让一个不懂苹果文化的人去经营苹果,结果还被他赶出了苹果,那人就是John Sculley。Dumping all of his Apple stock when booted from the company 被踢出苹果的时候,抛售了自己所有的股票 Steve Jobs' decision to dump all of his Apple stock probably doesn't seem like a good idea when the company dumped him in the mid-eighties. 乔布斯在80年代中期被踢出苹果时,决定抛售自己的所有股票,这在今天看来不是个好主意。Trusting Eric Schmidt for as long as he did 过分信任Eric Schmidt Google(微) now competes with Apple in just about every major business line for Apple. Both make software for tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. Apple foolishly gave Google a front row seat on how it operates those businesses by allowing Eric Schmidt to sit on the board for three years. 谷歌现在所有产品线都在与苹果竞争,包括平板电脑、智能手机和台式电脑等。苹果让Eric Schmidt进入董事会,这使谷歌知道了如何经营那些生意。Emailing an iPhone4 customer to say, "Just avoid holding it in that way." 给一个iPhone4 使用者发邮件说:“不要那样握着。” "Just avoid holding it in that way," when a customer emailed to say the signal dropped when the phone was held tightly with the bottom left covered. “不要那样握着。”——当一个iPhone4使用者发邮件说,如果遮住机器左下方并且紧握,就会掉线,乔布斯就这样回复了他。Having done no philanthropy, neither does Apple 他和苹果都没有做任何慈善 Steve Jobs is worth billions. And yet, he seems to keep it all for himself. He is not attached to any big donations。 乔布斯的身价高达几十亿美元,但是他似乎没有向社会做大的捐献。 /201110/156393A permanent beneficial test One of tests used by a company to enroll fresh blood helps you know whether you stand the trial from yourself. In a stormy night, you drive your car through a stop where three people are waiting for a bus: a dying and poor old man, a doctor who is your benefactor because he saved your life so that you are eager to render back, and a woman or a man who is your dreamgirl or your dreamboy and likely dissapears from your life once you miss the chance. Unfortunately, there is just room for one person in your car. Which one would you pick up? Then give your reasons. Think it over before looking at the following text. I have no idea whether it is a characteristic test, because every answer has its reason. The dying old man should be first helped,however, his final destination is death. It's reasonable for you to pick up the doctor first--your benefactor and is a good chance to reciprocate what he did for you. Meanwhile, some people think it available to render the doctor back in someday in future. And if you miss the chance, you will never meet such an attractive person. Only one of two hundred people was hired. He wrote his answer without providing his reason:"Give the key of my car to the doctor, and let him take the old man to the hospital. But I wait in the stop for the bus with my dreamboat together." Every acquaintance of mine regarded it as the best answer but nobody (including me) realized it at first. It is caused by our idea of not giving up the advantage (the car key) we have had? Sometimes, if we abandon some of our parochialism, advantages, and intransigence, we can get more. Less is More一道受用终身的测试题 给你做一道题吧,测试一下看看你是不是通得过自己对自己的考验。这是一家公司招收新职员时其中的一道测试问题: 你开着一辆车。在一个暴风雨的晚上。你经过一个车站。有三个人正在等公共汽车。一个是快要死的老人,很可怜的。一个是医生,他曾救过你的命,是大恩人,你做梦都想报答他。还有一个女人(男人),她(他)是那种你做梦都想嫁(娶)的人,也许错过就没有了。但你的车只能坐一个人,你会如何选择?请解释一下你的理由。 在你看下面的话之前仔细考虑一下。 我不知道这是不是一个对你性格的测试,因为每一个回答都有他自己的原因。老人快要死了,你首先应该先救他。然而,每个老人最后都只能把死作为他们的终点站,你完全有理由先让那个医生上车,因为他救过你,你认为这是个报答他的好机会。 同时有些人认为一样可以在将来某个时候去报答医生,但是你一旦错过了这个机会,你可能永远不能遇到一个让你这么心动的人了。 在200个应征者中,只有一个人被雇用了,他并没有解释他的理由,他只是写了以下的话:“给医生车钥匙,让他带着老人去医院,而我则留下来陪我的梦中情人一起等公车!” 每个我认识的人都认为以上的回答是最好的,但没有一个人(包括我在内)一开始就能想到。是否是因为我们从未想过要放弃我们手中已经拥有的优势(车钥匙)?有时,如果我们能放弃一些我们的固执,狭隘和一些优势的话,我们可能会得到更多。 /201110/158908Leftover women, this has been a much talked, and often controversial phrase in China in the past few years. It generally refers to single women above the age of 27.经常被提起的剩女这个词,已经是近几年的中国热门争议词汇。剩女一般指的是27岁以上的单身女性。Some unattached female 30-somethings refer to themselves, half-joking, as ;loser dogs,; after a 2004 Japanese book on the same phenomenon in that country. In Taiwan, a real-estate company recently advertised a small, ritzy apartment as ideal for ;loser dogs.; This economic muscle is part of what gives women the freedom to embrace the single life.30岁以上的未婚女性半开玩笑地称自己是;败犬;,这个名字来源于2004年日本出版的一本讲述同一现象的书。在台湾,一家房地产公司在给一种小户型豪华公寓打广告时,称其专门为;败犬族;量身定做。这种经济能力也是女性可以自由选择单身生活的原因之一。Leftover women usually choose prospective husband among those more capable men in terms of wealth and social status, especially well-educated women who have decent job and good salary. They won#39;t commit to marriage until they find a perfect candidate. So they choose to be single by themselves. 剩女们一般择偶标准比较高,她们在选择未来的老公时,会根据经济实力和社会地位考虑比较有能力的男性。受过良好教育、有着体面工作和高月薪的女性的择偶要求会更高。除非找到合适的人选,否则她们宁愿一直单身。所以说,大多;剩女;都是主动选择剩下的。Family and friends often see the lifestyle as a phase and expect the singletons to settle down, and many singletons do insist they#39;re not opposed to marriage, just determined not to commit until they find the right partner ; one who respects their independence and shares their life goals. Presumably that means not expecting a wife to stay home and put up with a meddling mother-in-law. 单身女性的亲友往往将其单身生活视为一个阶段,希望她们最终安定下来,结婚生子。此外,也有不少独身主义者坚持说,她们并不反对结婚,只是下决心在找到理想的另一半前坚守阵地。理想的另一半必须尊重她们的独立性,拥有共同的生活目标;也就是说,不能指望妻子呆在家里相夫教子,忍受婆婆的指手划脚。 The source of leftover women:剩女当道,哪些女性最容易被剩下来?woman who havenrsquo;t fallen in love before graduation大学毕业前还没谈过恋爱的女人perfectionism woman完美主义的女人women who always think that they have suffered a lot总以为自己已经历尽沧桑的女人;obedient; daughters听话的乖女儿women who seeing love as food把爱情当粮食的女人 /201203/174791

As the taxi came to a screeching halt at a traffic light, I asked the driver, ;Do you agree that #39;Time is money#39;?;当出租车在遇到红灯急刹车时,我问司机:“你同意‘时间就是金钱’这种说法吗?”;Well, it#39;s a very common saying. Who will care so much about that?; the driver answered.“哦,这是一个普遍说法。在这个问题上,谁会在意那么多呢?”司机回答说。  ;Look, the digits in the meter are still running when the car has stopped, ;I pointed at the meter.“看,在车已经停止的情况下,里程表上的数字还在跑。”我指着里程表说。 ;Oh, yes. You#39;ve got a point here. In this case, time is money for both of us.; added the driver.“哦,是的。你说的挺有道理的。在这种情况下,时间对我们俩来说都是金钱。”司机补充说。

You thought Easter eggs don#39;t grow on trees? Check out Volker Kraft#39;s garden in eastern Germany, and think again.你认为复活节蛋不会长在树上?来看看德国东部福尔克尔#8226;克拉夫特家的花园,然后再想想吧。Kraft#39;s apple sapling sported just 18 eggs when he first decorated it for Easter in 1965. The number increased year by year; and by last year, the sturdy tree was festooned with 9,800 eggs, artfully decorated with everything from sequins to sea shells.克拉夫特在1965年开始在复活节装饰这棵苹果树,最开始上面只挂了18颗蛋。但是经过逐年累积,到去年为止,这棵强壮的果树上已经装饰了9800颗蛋,上面巧妙地装饰了各种饰物,从亮片到海贝壳应有尽有。This time, Kraft has reached 10,000 — and he says he#39;s stopping there.这次,克拉夫特家的这棵树上的蛋已经达到一万颗,而且他表示不会再继续挂了。;There will be no increase because I do not have storage capacity anymore,; the 76-year-old retiree says. ;I would have to sleep with the eggs otherwise.;这位76岁的退休老人说:“我不会再继续挂了,因为我没有精力了。否则我就得躺在鸡蛋上睡大觉了。”Kraft#39;s tree in the town of Saalfeld has become a tourist attraction, drawing thousands of people every year. Decorating trees with colored eggs at Easter is a tradition in Germany — though usually on a smaller scale.萨尔费尔德镇的这棵蛋树已经成为了旅游景点,每年吸引着数万人前来。在德国,复活节用蛋装饰树是一项风俗,但一般只在小部分地区流行。Kraft started with plastic eggs decades ago, but later switched to real eggs and enlisted his family#39;s help in blowing out the insides of the eggs and painting them.数十年前,克拉夫特开始用塑料蛋装饰这棵果树,但随后开始用真鸡蛋,并在家人的帮助下清空鸡蛋的蛋清和蛋黄,在鸡蛋壳上绘制图案。;You can now see here what develops after 47 years, when the tree grows, the wife blows the eggs and the children start painting,; he says.他说:“你可以看见47年后树变成什么样子,当树逐渐长大时,妻子清空鸡蛋,孩子们开始绘蛋。” /201204/176615

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