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2018年01月20日 01:36:27 | 作者:飞度健康调查 | 来源:新华社
阅读提示:中文在上 英文在下智能手表新时代终于到来,Apple Watch宣告正式发售。尽管这并不是说你现在随便走进一家苹果商店就能买到,很可能得等到5月才行。但现在正是我们来探讨一个重要问题的好时机:各位读者,你们应不应该成为Apple Watch的早期用户呢?The Apple Watch was officially released today. That doesn’t mean you can walk up to the counter and buy one yet—watches may not be coming to retail outlets until May—but now is as good a time as any to ask the all-important question: Should you, gentle er, become an Apple Watch early adopter?或许归根结底要看你对这款产品感觉怎样。人士告诉我们,Apple Watch很酷,虽然稍有瑕疵,但绝对是可穿戴科技领域的首款主流产品。如果对你来说,把一款苹果移动产品绑在身上不是非常有吸引力,那就不难下决定:暂时不买。不过对像我这样的科技狂热者来说,买不买第一代Apple Watch根本不用问,非买不可。The answer may simply come down to your feelings about the product, which the reviewers tell us is a cool, somewhat flawed, but legitimately mainstream first foray into wearable technology. If the idea of literally strapping an Apple mobile device to your body doesn’t sound very appealing, then the decision isn’t complicated: Skip it for now. At the other end of the spectrum are tech junkies like me for whom a first-generation Apple Watch isn’t a question at all, but an inevitability.但对众多普通人来说,买不买是基于成本和收益做出的理性购物决定(我有时也想这么理性!),Apple Watch确实让人纠结:是早下手跟上潮流?还是等你不用再纠结了再说?But for many normal people who make rational purchasing decisions based on costs and benefits—let me know what that’s like sometime!—the Apple Watch presents a real dilemma: Do you take the plunge and get in early on the smartwatch trend, or do you wait until the kinks have been worked out?苹果公司降价简史A short history of Apple price cutting左右你决定的应该主要基于两大变量:一是Apple Watch将来会便宜多少,性能会提高多少?二是你愿意为那个“将来”等多久?Your decision should largely depend on two variables: How much cheaper and better will the Apple Watch be in the future, and how long will one have to wait until that future arrives?我们回顾一下2000年以来苹果公司的主要新产品,能对把握这两个问题有所心得。A look at Apple’s major new product categories going back to the beginning of the millennium gives us some insight into both of these unknowns.初代iPod。2001年10月上市,售价399美元,容量5GB。一年半以后进行了首次重大硬件更新,包括添加底座连接器;屏幕改善极大,而且没那么容易碎了;存储容量也增加一倍。售价降至299美元。The original iPod.Released in October of 2001, it cost 9 and shipped with five gigabytes of storage. A year and a half later, the first major hardware revision—which introduced the dock connector and a greatly improved and less break-prone interface—doubled the base model’s storage and dropped the price down to 9.iPhone。如果说哪种苹果产品会让打算尽早入手的人三思的话,iPhone就是一个。容量8GB的iPhone于2007年6月底发售,零售价599美元。不到三个月价格就降至399美元。初代iPhone上市才一年多时间,苹果就推出了199美元的3G版iPhone,降价幅度达到66%。The iPhone.A cautionary tale for early adopters if there ever was one. Launched in late June 2007 with the 8 gigabyte model retailing for 9, the iPhone’s price was cut to 9 less than three months later. And just over a year after the original release, Apple shipped the iPhone 3G at 9, a 66% price reduction.Apple TV机顶盒。并不是所有苹果新产品的价格都会如此迅速下降。Apple TV机顶盒就三年半没有降价。但当它开始降价时,一下从2007年3月的299美元降到了2010年9月的99美元。Apple TV.Not all of Apple’s new product categories have seen their price fall quite so fast. The Apple TV didn’t get cheaper for three and a half years; but between March 2007 and September 2010 it went from basically a 9 media center PC to a streaming box.iPad。也许有人会说,iPad的价格没有太大的变化。问世四年多以来,iPad基本款售价仍是原来的499美元。不过,许多等待了两年半的消费者以329美元买下iPad mini后,都觉得这个选择很明智。销售预期已经显示,iPad mini才是大多数人实际上想要的。The iPad.Some might argue that the price of the iPad hasn’t changed much at all. More than four years after its release, the base model still sells for the original sticker price of 9. That said, the many consumers who waited two and a half years for the 9 iPad Mini feel they made a very wise decision—and it’s hard to argue considering that sales estimates suggests it’s the iPad most people actually wanted.那么结论是什么呢?分析了这些数据后,我发现从2000年开始,苹果主要消费类新产品首次大降价的平均幅度为48%,平均时间是在产品发售两年零三个月以后。So what’s the bottom line? Well, I crunched the numbers together (you can see my admittedly unscientific methodology in the footnote below) and found that since 2000, the average major new consumer-product category from Apple fell 48% in price between the original launch and the first major price cut, which on average took 2 years and 3 months. /201505/375633Diamond ring to track spouse用来追踪另一半的钻石戒指British jeweler, Steve Bennett, has built the first engagement ring that also doubles as a tracking device.英国珠宝商史蒂夫·贝内特首创一款订婚戒指追踪器。The ring may look like any other diamond ring, but has the discreet addition of a bluetooth chip.这种戒指看起来跟其他的钻石戒指没什么两样,但是里边添加了不起眼的蓝牙芯片。It means jealous spouses will now be able to keep tabs on their significant other.所以,爱吃醋的人现在可以监视另一半的行踪。Smaller than a thumbnail, the sophisticated GPS tracking technology is slotted behind the jewel of the ring, which has currently been designed in two different prototypes.精密的GPS追踪器比拇指指甲还要小,被安装在戒指的珠宝饰物后面,目前有两种设计样品。The latest development in the wearable technology trend, one design boasts a sizable square-cut diamond with an eight-prong silver setting, while the other is composed of a violet marquise-cut diamond with an unusual square setting.顺应了可穿戴技术的最新发展潮流,一种设计采用大块方形切割钻石,配有八角形的银底座,而另外一种设计采用不规则方形底座托着紫罗兰色卵形钻石。But what both prototypes have in common is that they will report the location of the ring at all times.但是这两种样品有一个共同点,都能随时暴露戒指的所在地。 /201506/381127Qin Shi Huang (born c. 259B. C., Qin , northwestern China,died 210/209),personal name Zheng,was king of the Chinese State of Qin from 247 B. C. to 221 B.C.,and then the first emperor of a unified China from 221B.C. to 210 B. C.,ruling under the name First Emperor.秦始皇,名赢政,于公元前259年出生在中国西北部的秦国,卒于209年或210年。赢政于公元前247年到221年作为秦王统治秦国,之后于公元前221年至公元前210年作为统一的中国的第一个皇帝统治中国,自称“始皇帝”。Having unified China,he and his prime minister Li Si passed a series of major reforms aimed at cementing the unification,and they undertook some gigantic construction projects,most notably the precursor version of the current Great Wall of China.统一中国后,秦始皇和丞相李斯通过了一系列旨在巩固统一大业的主要改革措施。他们还进行了一此巨大的建设工程,其中最著名的就是今长城的前身。For all the tyranny of his autocratic rule,Qin Shi Huang is still regarded by many today as the founding father in Chinese history whose unification of China has endured for more than two millennia,with interruptions.尽管秦始皇的统治独裁残暴,现在仍然有很多人认为秦始皇是中国历史上的开国者。秦始皇统一中国后,中国的统一状态已经顽强持续了2000多年,尽管中间时有间断。 /201507/3877097.It Slows Your Metabolism7.减缓新陈代谢If you#39;re sedentary and you#39;re eating more than you burn, you can put on weight. But staying seated all the time can wreak additional havoc on all the processes that make up your metabolism.如果一直坐着不动,进食的脂肪比燃烧的还要多,就会增胖。久坐还会影响人体正常的新陈代谢。It doesn#39;t take much time sitting around to slow down the process by which your body converts food into energy and regulates multiple biological processes. In the time it takes to watch just one episode of ;Game of Thrones; (about an hour of sitting), your body slows down its production of the fat-burning enzyme lipase by 90 percent. When your metabolism slows down, if you don#39;t also slow down your caloric intake and up your exercise you#39;re going to gain weight. But you also lose, too -- your body loses the good cholesterol, HDL, that keeps the bad LDL cholesterol in check, putting you on a path toward cardiovascular disease. You#39;ll also lose efficiency in how well your body is able to effectively manage insulin, steering you toward diabetes.只坐一会儿,你的身体将食物转化为热量、调节体内多个生物进程的速度就会减缓。看一集《权力的游戏》(大约1个小时),身体产生的脂肪酶就会减少90%。当新陈代谢减缓的时候,如果不降低卡路里的摄入量或者增加运动量的话,就会增加体重!与此同时,还会损失有益的胆固醇和高密度脂蛋白,诱发心脑血管疾病。体内调节胰岛素的能力也会弱化,从而提高糖尿病的发病率。6.Underused Muscles, Underused Insulin6.肌肉退化,胰岛素过盛You may be inactive, but your pancreas didn#39;t get the memo. The muscle inactivity that comes along with sitting disease has been associated with a decrease in your body#39;s sensitivity to the insulin your pancreas makes, and that puts you at an increased risk of developing chronic diseases including metabolic syndrome (conditions associated with pre-diabetes) and type 2 diabetes (by about 7 percent). Researchers are finding that women may be more at risk for this side effect of sitting than men.你也许不爱运动,但是你的胰腺并不会意识到。久坐症会影响肌肉活跃度,使身体对于胰腺分泌的胰岛素的敏感程度下降,并增加感染慢性疾病的风险,包括代谢症候群(与糖尿病前期症状有关)以及2型糖尿病(大约7%)。研究人员还发现久坐对于女性的副作用大于男性。Too much insulin in addition to higher levels of C-reactive protein and other chronic inflammation markers circulating in your sedentary body are also linked to certain cancers, such as breast and colon cancer (about a 10 percent risk increase). It#39;s theorized that when the body becomes less sensitive to insulin, levels build up in the body; the excess insulin in your body stimulates cell growth. It#39;s also possible hours of sitting decreases production of antioxidants, which are the body#39;s natural way of protecting itself against free radicals, known cell damagers (and cancer causers).在你习惯于久坐不动的身体里,除了C反应蛋白水平过高和其他慢性炎症反复发作,胰岛素过多也易患癌症,例如乳腺癌和结肠癌(增加大约10%的风险)。理论上来说,当身体对于胰岛素的敏感度降低,体内血糖水平会升高;体内多余的胰岛素会刺激细胞生长。久坐也会降低抗氧化剂的分泌。抗氧化剂是机体祛除自由基对人体损害(及癌症)的自然保护剂。5.It Clogs Your Heart5.心肌梗塞Researchers have reported couch potatoes who spend more than four hours a day sitting passively in front of a screen have roughly a 125 percent greater risk of developing symptoms of cardiovascular disease, such as angina (shortness of breath) or experiencing a heart attack than their peers who only spend about two hours doing so.研究表明,相比于一天只花两个小时坐在电视机前的同龄人,那些花四个小时以上的电视迷们将患心血管疾病的风险提升至125%,例如心绞痛(气促)、心脏病发作。Sitting is clogging your heart. Excessive sitting changes the way your body handles fats (known as lipids) in your blood, and the outcome isn#39;t good. It puts the brakes on HDL production; HDL is known as the good cholesterol because it cleans up the bad cholesterol, LDL, which builds up on the walls of your arteries. Researchers have associated all that sitting you#39;re doing with lower amounts of HDL circulating in your body, and that means lipids and triglycerides are allowed to build up -- and that fat in your blood puts you at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease.坐着可致心肌梗塞。久坐会改变身体处理血液内脂肪(也称脂质)的方式,其结果总归是不好的。这样会抑制身体产生高密度胆固醇;高密度胆固醇是一种有益胆固醇,帮助人体清除低密度胆固醇(低密度胆固醇可使脂肪在动脉血管壁沉积)。研究人员认为久坐可降低身体内部循环的高密度胆固醇量,并增加脂类和甘油三酸酯量,从而增加患心血管疾病的风险。4.Poor Circulation in Your Lower Extremities4.下肢血液循环不良When you sit for more than an hour at a time, you increase your risk of developing peripheral edema -- that#39;s swelling caused when fluid builds up in the tissues in your lower extremities (legs, ankles, and feet). The lack of circulation also ups your odds of developing or worsening varicose veins, suffering from thrombophlebitis, or suffering a blood clot, specifically deep vein thrombosis.坐着超过一个小时,将增加患外周性水肿的几率——当体液在下肢(即,双腿、脚踝和双足)组织中淤积,就会引起水肿。血液循环不良会增加静脉曲张恶化的几率,另外,也易引发血栓性静脉炎或血栓——尤其是增加深静脉血栓的患病几率。Poor blood flow doesn#39;t just affect your lower extremities; it also can cause damage to other organs in your body as well as cause you to feel dizzy, numb or as though you#39;re in a mental fog.血流不畅不仅会影响到下肢健康,对身体其他器官也会造成伤害。不仅如此,你还会因此感到眩晕,身体失去知觉,仿佛处于一种精神恍惚状态。审校:哎呀 校对:落花生 编辑:Freya然 /201507/384792

Cool Ways Advertising Executives You Into Buying Things: Top 10 Advertising Tricks and Techniques十大广告技巧:广告有妙招,引你把钱烧。Advertisers are sneaky tricksters who get you to think, see, and buy things without you ever even knowing you#39;ve been deftly manipulated into making a purchase. For more than a century, the art of product placement, graphic design, and subliminal messages have convinced us to buy more than we ever intended and to spend more than we ever wanted. The popular television show “Mad Men” presented a romanticized view of the advertising world, but the steps advertisers take are often grounded in scientific research.Those advertisers aren#39;t just guessing and making things up when they#39;re convincing you to buy. They#39;re using tried-and-true and proven methods to trick you. They use everything they can from manipulating the visual design of their products to creating special retail environments designed to convince you to buy something when you never even intended to take your wallet out of your pocket. Here are some of the coolest ways advertisers work their magic on you.广告商都极擅花言巧语。他们让受众脑子里惦着、眼睛里看着,直到钱包空了,才反应过来——“哦,被购物了”。一个多世纪以来,广告商在产品要如何摆放、平面要如何设计、潜意识信息要如何传递等方面都费尽心思。如此考究,无非是让顾客掏更多的钱,把更多的东西搬回家。《广告狂人》(Mad Men)是一部备受欢迎的电视剧,它为剧迷们呈现了一个美图秀秀后的广告圈,但片中广告人所采用的那些手段还是有科学依据的。那些广告商绝不仅是依靠猜测或编造故事来说顾客购物的。他们还采用实践明法,试错法等方法来“等君入瓮”。从提升产品视觉效果到营造个性的销售氛围,他们竭尽所能,让顾客心甘情愿掏钱包,将那些原本压根没打算采购的物件搬回家。以下介绍几种超有范儿的广告魔术。10.Advertisers Confuse and Bewilder You Into Buying10.混淆视听:购买之功If you look at the layout of a grocery store with a critical eye, you might think that a team of monkeys decided where to place products. However, it#39;s no accident that you can never find anything in a grocery store. Companies know that if you#39;re focused while you shop, you#39;ll be less likely to make impulse buys or make purchases you didn#39;t intend to make while wandering the aisles of the store. Imagine that you#39;re trying to find a can of beans, and you walk into the canned vegetable aisle to find them.Grocery stores can place certain foods in aisles where you#39;d never expect them, and your search for that special item often comes with an additional purchase you never intended to make. Maybe you noticed the tortillas were on sale while trying to find the canned corn and decided to buy a bag. To further confuse you into buying more than you intended, stores will also create interruptions designed to make you forget about finding a great deal on something.你在商店的陈列柜前驻足,用挑剔的眼光审视着每一件展品,心里默想:这摆放怎能如此杂乱无章。其实,在店里买不到自己心仪的物品很正常。商业公司认识到,若顾客太过于专注购物本身,则会减少因漫步商店走道而产生的“冲动消费”,抑或是“计划外消费”。试想,你正走在罐头蔬菜区,打算采购一罐豆子。商家就会在走道两侧摆放一些食品,这让你吃惊不已,因为你从未想过走道两侧也能用于商品展示,而你在搜寻特定目标的时候,可能不知不觉就往手推车里放了其他东西。在采购玉米罐头时,你一眼瞄到了墨西哥玉米饼,便顺手带了一包。商家为了达到“迷人眼”的效果,还会使出浑身解数来分散你的注意力,“哄”得你不仅将“只买对的,不买贵的”的初衷抛之脑后,还变身“购物狂”,大肆采购。A study conducted at Stanford University found that people who were interrupted when engaged in a task were more likely to engage in “risk-taking” than an individual who was allowed to conduct their business in peace. As far as buying is concerned, this risk-taking comes in the form of buying the product you were considering before you were interrupted even if it was more than you wanted to pay. Rather than remembering to get that calculator out, you forget that you didn#39;t actually check to see whether the large can of corn was a better deal that the small can.斯坦福大学的一项研究显示,工作中受到干扰的人,相较于那些不受干扰的人,更敢于承担风险。就购物而言,“承担风险”体现在,消费者在购物中断前即已买到钟意物品,即便物件价格远超你预想。你正顾着采购,且不亦乐乎,把用计算器核算那点儿事早忘得一干二净;此时的你已经忘了,自己其实并没有比对出,大小两种玉米罐头究竟哪一种更为合算。9.Salespeople Mimic You to Make You Spend More9.投君所好:意在钱包Did you grow up with a younger sibling who used to mimic your every movement just to annoy you? Or, were you the sibling who liked to annoy your brother or sister by mimicking their movements, speech, and tone of voice? Well, apparently those simple gestures and mimicry could get you a job as a salesperson because of how mimicked behavior influences a person#39;s decision to buy something. A study published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that forming personal bonds between shoppers and salespeople was an effective way of increasing sales.你是否有小弟或,模仿着你的一举一动,让你不胜其烦?又或是,你从行为、言论甚至是声调都在模仿着你的哥哥?模仿行为将影响顾客是否决定购买产品;通过一些简单的手势以及适度模仿,你就能成为一名销售员。《零售及消费者务》(Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services)杂志发表的一份研究称,在顾客与雇员之间形成人际互动,不失为提高销售量行之有效的方法。The experiment featured four salespeople in a retail store who were told to mimic customers to see if that behavior could influence a person#39;s decision to buy something. Not only did mimicking customers ensure a higher overall sales rate, but the experiment also showed that people became more susceptible to a salesperson#39;s suggestions. Further, the customers were even likely to give the store and its salespeople high marks when evaluating their buying experience. This study built upon previous research that suggested people were more comfortable buying from salespeople who were very like themselves.该实验在一家零售店挑选了四位销售员,让她们模仿顾客的言行,从而了解销售员的行为举止,是否会对顾客的消费决定产生影响。实验的结果显示:模仿顾客的确能提高整体销售率,且销售员所给建议更易为顾客所接受。更有甚者,顾客在对消费体验进行评价时,会给这家店及雇员打出更高的分数。此前一项调查显示,若雇员与自己有着极高的相似度,则顾客购物舒适度将会更高。上述实验就是以该调查为基础而展开的。So, for example, a store selling clothing meant for a female demographic around ages 40 to 60 might hire saleswomen in that age range to improve the likelihood of a personal bond developing between the customer and the employee. Other research has even showed value in physical touch during the sales process, but only from female sales associates. A tap on the shoulder or a gentle nudge on someone#39;s back could lead to higher sales or more money spent. Like mimicry, tactile touch also improved a customer#39;s opinion of the store after making a purchase.因此,我们打个比方,若一家装店的目标群体为40至60岁的女性顾客,那么该店就会雇佣相应年龄的销售员,以提高顾客与雇员之间的人际互动。另一份研究显示,女性销售员在推销过程中与顾客所产生的肢体接触会产生不错的效果。如拍拍肩膀、轻推背部,都会让顾客花更多的钱,买更多的东西。同模仿一样,肢体接触也会提升顾客购物后,对商家的好感。8.Advertisers Prey on Your Feelings with Round Numbers8.偏爱整数:广告商机There#39;s a good chance you know someone who always has to have everything organized and neat, and they probably hate messes and leaving things out of place. Maybe this describes how you feel, and you hate it when things look messy. Overall, it would appear that many of us have these same feelings when it comes to rounded numbers and shopping. It#39;s very common for consumers to look for the lowest price on a product, but the results of a study aspublished by Science Daily revealed that people actually have feelings regarding prices with rounded numbers.你身边一定有这样的人,他们讨厌东西杂乱无章、乱丢一气,总是把每样东西安排得井井有条、整整齐齐。也许这恰恰说得就是你。谈到整数和购物的时候,很多人似乎都深有同感。一般来说,消费者购物时总希望物美价廉,但是《科学日报》(Science Daily)发表的一项研究表明,人们其实更喜欢整数的标价。Originally published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the study showed that consumers were actually drawn to rounded numbers on prices when a purchase was “feeling” based rather than one based on research. For example, buying a birthday present for someone and seeing a price of 0 rather than .78 would make someone more likely to make a purchase. On the other hand, a price with odd numbers in it would encourage a buyer to think about the price more and make a more informed decision as to whether it was a good buy or whether they could find a better deal somewhere else.这项研究最初发表于《消费者研究》杂志(Journal of Consumer Research)。研究显示,如果是凭感觉消费而不是经过一番调查比对的话,消费者实际上更容易被整数价格所吸引。例如,给人买生日礼物的时候,比起96.78美元,人更愿意购买标价为100美元的礼物。相反,如果价格是奇数的话,消费者可能就会考虑价格是否划算、在别处买会不会更便宜,然后做出更明智的决定。This study isn#39;t the only one to find that even the smallest changes in price can have a big impact on the likelihood that someone would make a purchase. In fact, studies have shown that increasing the price on a product can make people think it#39;s worth more even though no actual change was made to the product. From all accounts, humans notice even the smallest changes in price, but it#39;s not always a price in the downward direction that makes someone decide a product is an appropriate purchase.除此之外,还有很多研究发现,即使很细微的价格变动也能对消费者产生很大的影响。事实上,研究表明,尽管产品本身并没有发生实质性改变,但提高价格会让人们觉得产品内在价值有所提升。总的来说,哪怕很小的价格变化,消费者都能注意到,但并不是只有降价产品才会让人觉得值得购买。审校:假微信 校对:落花生 Freya然 /201507/384944

GlaxoSmithKline has dropped plans to sell part of its HIV drugs unit and promised to hold its dividend steady for the next three years as the struggling UK pharmaceuticals group set out its strategy to revive growth.葛兰素史克(GlaxoSmithKline,简称GSK)已放弃了转让部分艾滋病(HIV)药物部门的计划,并承诺要在今后三年内保其稳定分红。这家深陷困境的英国制药集团正要着手实施其重获增长的战略。The u-turn on a proposed multibillion-pound initial public offering of the ViiV Healthcare unit was the biggest surprise in a closely-watched presentation by Sir Andrew Witty, chief executive, aimed at shoring up investor confidence in the company and his leadership.这个拟议中的ViiV Healthcare部门的首次公开招股(IPO)交易规模达数十亿英镑。安德鲁#8226;维迪爵士(Sir Andrew Witty)的讲话中最令人震惊的一幕,就是该交易出现180度大转弯。这一讲话旨在提升投资者对GSK前景及安德鲁爵士领导力的信心,广受密切关注。Sir Andrew floated the idea of a flotation for ViiV last year as a way to unlock value for GSK shareholders in what would have been among the biggest UK IPOs on record. He said on Wednesday it made more sense to keep the business because its growth prospects were stronger than anticipated.安德鲁爵士去年提出了将ViiV部门挂牌上市的想法,并把它作为GSK股东解放其股票价值的途径。该交易原本可能成为英国有记录以来规模最大的IPO之一。周三,安德鲁爵士表示,由于该部门增长前景强于预期,将该部门留在GSK集团内更有意义。The decision came as he set out his plans for turning GSK round after a period of falling sales for its crucial respiratory drugs in the US and a bruising corruption scandal in China.公布这一决策之际,安德鲁爵士正着手实施重振GSK的计划。此前一段时期内,该公司不仅至关重要的呼吸系统药物在美国销量不断下滑,还在中国卷入了令它灰头土脸的腐败丑闻。Earnings were forecast to drop by a high-teens percentage this year — more than analysts had expected — but Sir Andrew said growth would return next year and rise by a compound annual rate in the mid-to-high single digits between 2016 and 2020.今年该公司盈利的下跌幅度预计会在16%到19%之间,高于分析师的预期。不过,安德鲁爵士表示明年该公司就会恢复增长,2016年到2020年该公司复合年增长率将在5%到9%之间。 /201505/373945

ARIES:白羊座:The fire element of Arise brings assertive ;I; energy.火相星座的特质使白羊座具有非常自信的自我力量。Tips:Your persistence will lead you to success. But your impulsive temper may cause problems.学习相:坚持会使你成功,但是爱冲动的毛病也会带来麻烦。TAURUS:金牛座:The Earth element of Taurus brings strength and the desire for solid ground form and structure.土相星座的特质让金牛座渴望并具有脚踏实地的能力。Tips:You might be a little bit slow-witted, but your consistency will make it up.学习相:你也许反应有一点慢,但是你的坚毅会弥补这个缺点。GEMINI:双子座:The Air element of Gemini brings communication, intellect and speed.风向星座的特质让双子座具有沟通能力,智慧和速度。Tips:Your mutable motivation brings adaptability.学习相:你的多变使你能够适应事物。CANCER:巨蟹座:Cancer#39;s element is Water. Symbolic of the emotions, water signs need to give and receive.巨蟹是水相星座。水是情感的象征,水的特质是给予和接受。Tips:Good memory is your born gift.学习相:良好的是你与生俱来的天赋。LEO:狮子座:Leo is Fire to the core! Fire brings a desire to create, innovate, and lead.狮子是火相星座的中心。火引发了创造,革新和领导的欲望。Tips:Your fixed motivation adds self-reliance. But remember to balance self-confidence with humility.学习相:你对目标的坚定不移使你自信。但是记住自信也需要谦虚来平衡。VIRGO:处女座:Ruled by shape-shifting Mercury, Virgo works hard to stability.在流动的水星控制下,处女座需要努力才能获得稳定。Tips:A good educational background is important. Diligence is your advantage.学习相:良好的教育背景很重要。你的优点是勤奋。LIBRA:天秤座:Libra represents the Air element. It is a sign that is more extroverted and active.秤子是风相星座。其特性比较外向和主动。Tips:Your great need to share; to be fair and impartial will help you a lot.学习相:你要求与他人分享和公平的愿望会给你很大帮助。SCORPIO:天蝎座:Scorpio is a Water element, and this makes it a somewhat enigmatic sign.水相星座的特质使蝎子有些神秘。Tips:Study would never be a problem for Scorpio. You just need more confidence.学习相:学习对蝎子来说从来都不是问题。你只需要更多自信。SITTARIUS:射手座:Sagittarius is Fire energy. This is a very active, extroverted sign.射手座是火相星座。射手非常主动、外向。Tips:You definitely have talent. But you still have to concentrate more.学习相:你确有天赋,但是你应该更加专心。CAPRICORN:羯座:Capricorn is the leader of the Earth signs. Here is a stabilizing force, one of the hardest-working signs of the Zodiac.羯是土相星座的领头人。是黄道12宫里最稳定最努力工作的星座。Tips:Patience and caution are your advantages.学习相:你的优点是坚持不懈和谨慎。AQUARIUS:水瓶座:Ruled by shocking Uranus, Aquarius is very much epitomes the planet that inspires it. This sign has astonishing intellectual and communication skill.受天王星控制的水瓶座简直就是天王星的缩影。水瓶座具有令人吃惊的智慧和沟通能力。Tips:Aquarius has a lot of adaptability. But you may try many new things but end up mastering none.学习相:瓶子有非常好的适应能力。但是你可能尝试了很多新事物后却一事无成。PISCES:双鱼座:Pisces is a Water element. Ruled by mystical Neptune, This sign is extremely receptive, compassionate and other-directed.鱼儿是水相星座。受神秘的海王星所控制。双鱼非常善于接纳,富有同情心,并且很为别人着想。Tips:Lack of ego-strength can make you feel helpless.学习相:缺乏自我力量会使你觉得无助。 /201507/387031

5. A Movie Star-Jackie Chan 5.功夫皇帝一成龙 Jackie chan was born in Hong Kong on April 7th, 1954. His parents, Charles and Lee-lee Chan named him Chan Kong-sang which means ;born in Hong Kong.; Jackie weighed 12 pounds when he was born and his mother required surgery to deliver him. Jackie#39;s parents were so poor that they had to borrow money from friends to pay the doctor.成龙于1954年4月7日出生于香港。他的父母:陈志平、陈莉莉给他取名为陈港生,意为“在香港出生”。成龙出生时12磅,以至于他的母亲在分娩时需要做剖腹手术。当时成龙的父母亲手头拮据,向朋友们借钱付清了医疗费用。 Although Jackie#39;s parents were poor, they had steady jobs at the French embassy in Hong Kong. Chαrles was a cook and Lee-lee was a housekeeper. Together , the Chan family lived on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. When Jackie was young , his father would wake him early in the morning and together they would practice kung fu. Charles Chan believed that learning kung fu would help build Jackie#39;s character, and teach him patience, strength, and courage.虽然成龙的父母不富裕,但是他们在法国驻香港使馆都有十分稳定的工作。父亲陈志平是厨师,母亲陈莉莉是保洁员,一家人都住在香港的维多利亚半山腰上。成龙小的时候,他的父亲会很早就叫他起床,两人一起习武。陈爸爸一直坚信学习功夫会对塑造成龙的性格有相当大的帮助,习武能教会他容忍、坚强和勇敢。When Jackie was seven year old Charles took a job as the head cook at the American embassy in Australia. He felt that it would be best for Jackie to stay behind in Hong Kong to learn a skill and so enrolled him in the China Drama Academy where Jackie would live for the next 10 years of his life.成龙7岁那一年,陈爸爸要到澳大利亚的美国使馆任主厨。他认为对于成龙来说最好是留在香港学习一技之长,因此在中国戏剧学院为他找了一位师傅,从那以后,成龙跟随师傅一学就是10年。During Jackie#39;s time at the school, he learned martial art,acrobatics, singing,and acting. The school was meant to prepare boys for a life in the Peking Opera. Chinese opera was very different from any other kind of opera. It included singing, tumbling, and acrobatics as well as martial arts skills and acting. Students at the school were severely disciplined and were beaten if they disobeyed or made mistakes. It was a very harsh and difficult life but Jackie had nowhere else to go.在这10年的时间里,成龙跟师傅学习了武术、杂技、声乐和表演。师傅培养的男孩子们,准备着将自己的一生都奉献给京剧。京剧同其他任何国家的歌剧形式都大不相同。它包括歌唱、翻跟斗、杂技,还有武术技巧和表演。师傅的弟子们都要十分严格地遵守纪律,如果出现犯错误和违纪的情况便会挨打。生活既严格又辛苦,但是成龙却无处可去,只好留在师傅身边。While at the China Drama Academy, Jackie made his acting debut at age eight in the Cantonese movie Seven Little Valiant Fighters: Big and Little Wong Tin Bar. He later teamed with other opera students in a performance group called ;The Seven Little Fortunes.; Fellow actors Sammo Hung and Yuan Biao were also members. Years later the three would work together and become known as The Three Brothers. As Jackie got older he worked as a stuntman and an extra in the Hong Kong film industry.跟师傅学艺期间,成龙 8岁那一年有了首次出演电影的经历,是一部名为《七个小勇士:大小黄天霸》的广东电影。自此之后他便与其他师兄弟组成了;七小福;。同时代的演员洪金宝和元彪也是其中成员。多年之后三人合作机会增多并且以三兄弟的称号为大众所熟悉。随着年龄的增长,成龙在香港电影界做武师和临时演员的工作。When Jackie was 17, he graduated from the China Drama Academy. Unfortunately the Chinese opera was no longer popular, so Jackie and his c1assmates had to find other work. This was difficult because when they were at school they were never taught how to or write. The only work available to them was unskilled labor or stunt work. Each year many movies were made in Hong Kong and there was always a need for young, strong stuntmen. Jackie was extraordinarily athletic and inventive, and soon gained a reputation for being fear1ess; Jackie Chan would try anything. Soon he was in demand.17岁那年,成龙学艺结束。可情当时京剧开始走下坡路,无奈成龙和他的师兄弟们只能另找工作。然而对于他们来说这并不是一件容易的事情,因为在他们学艺的期间从来没有人教会他们如何读书和写字。唯一适合他们做的工作就是不需任何特殊技能的苦力和武师。在香港,每年都会拍摄无数部电影,这就为年轻强壮的武师们提供了很多很好的就业机会。成龙身体强健、富于创造力,很快就获得了勇敢无畏的声誉;成龙敢于尝试,很多剧组都争相邀请他。Over the next few years, Jackie worked as a stuntman, but when the Hong Kong movie industry began to decline, he was forced to go to Australia to live with his parents. He worked in a restaurant and on a construction site. It was there that he got the name ;Jackie.; A worker named Jack had trouble pronouncing ; Kong-sang; and started calling Jackie ;little Jack.; That soon became ;Jackie; and the name stuck.接下来的几年时间里,成龙一直在做武师的工作,但是当香港的电影工业开始走下坡路的时候,迫于元奈他只好前往澳大利亚与父母一起生活。他在一家餐厅打工并在一个建筑工地做兼职。也就是在那儿他有了;Jackie;这个名字。一个叫 ;Jack;的工人因为无法准确发出;港生;的广东话发音,于是开始管成龙叫;little Jack;。此后这个名字迅速演变为;Jackie;并且被一直延用到现在。Jackie was very unhappy in Australia. The construction work was difficult and boring. His salvation came in the form of a telegram from a man named Willie Chan. Willie Chan worked in the Hong Kong movie industry and was looking for someone to star in a new movie being made by Lo Wei, a famous Hong Kong producer and director. Willie had met Jackie once at work as a stuntman and had been impressed. Jackie called Willie and they talked. Jackie didn#39;t know it was Willie who would end up becoming his best friend and manager. Soon Jackie was on his way back to Hong Kong to star in New Fist of Fury. It was 1976 and then Jackie Chan was 21 years old.成龙在澳大利亚生活得并不开心。这份建筑工作既艰难又枯燥。一封来自名为 Willie Chan陈自强先生的电报把成龙从这种苦闷中解救了出来。陈自强是一位电影人,当时在为著名的制片人兼导演罗维的一部新影片选演员。成龙作武师的时候曾与陈自强有一面之缘,年轻肯吃苦的成龙给他留下了深刻的印象。成龙致电阵、自强,两人谈了很久。成龙那时并不知道,陈自强最终将会成为他的经理人和最好的朋友。不久成龙便踏上了返回香港主演《新精武门》的路程。那是1976年,成龙21岁。Once Jackie got back to Hong Kong , Willie Chan took control over Jackie#39;s career. To this day Jackie is quick to point out that he owes his success to Willie. However , the movies that Jackie made for Lo Wei were not very successful. The problem was that Jackie#39;s talents were not being used properly. It was only when Jackie was able to contribute his own ideas that he became a star. He brought humor to martial arts movies; his first success was snake in Eagle#39;s Shadow. This was followed by Drunken Master (another blockbuster) and Jackie#39;s first ever directing job, Fearless Hyena. All were big hits.成龙一回到香港,聘请陈自强做经纪人,从而开始了他的演艺职业生涯。直至今日成龙还在说他的成功全要感谢经理人陈自强。然而,成龙为罗维拍摄的影片并不十分成功。问题在于成龙的才能没有得到适当发挥。只有当他按照自己的想法表演时才真正成为了一名巨星。他为功夫影片带来了幽默;他的第一次成功来自于《蛇形刁手》。接下来就是影片《醉拳》(另一个畅销电影)和成龙第一次执导的影片《笑拳怪招》。三部影片红极一时。Jackie was becoming a huge success in Asia. Unfortunately, it would be many years before the same could be said of his popularity in America After a series of lukewarm receptions in the U.S., mostly due to miscasting, Jackie left USA and focused his attention on making movies in Hong Kong. It would be 10 years before he returned to make Rumble in the Bronx, the movie that introduced Jackie to American audiences and secured him a place in their hearts (and their box office). Rumble was followed by the Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon series which put Jackie on the Hollywood A List.成龙在亚洲获得了极大的成功。但要说成龙在美国的成功还为时过早。由于角色并不十分适合,美国市场的反应很冷淡,成龙离开了美国并且将主要精力放在制作香港电影上面。10年前,成龙回到美国拍摄《红番区》,正是这部电影把成龙再次介绍给了美国的观众,并巩固了他在美国观众心目中的地位(和在票房中的位置)《红番区》之后,又有《尖峰时刻》和《上海正午》系列,把成龙的名字列到了好莱坞一级明星的名单上。Despite his Hollywood successes, Jackie became frustrated by the lack of varied roles for Asian actors and his own in ability to control certain aspects of the filming in America. He continued to try, however, making The Tuxedo, The Medallion, and Around the World in 80 Days,none of which was the blockbuster that Rush Hour or Shanghai Noon had been.无论成龙在好莱坞有多么成功,他还是对于亚洲演员在美国电影中缺少多样化的角色变化和自身无法对于美国电影拍摄中的一些方面做出控制而感到心有不甘。他还在继续尝试,然而,以后拍摄的《神奇燕尾》、《飞龙再生》、《环游地球80天》却没有一部可以超越《尖峰时刻》和《上海正午》的成绩的。Jackie#39;s lifelong devotion to fitness has served him well as he continues to do stunt work and action sequences in his films. In recent years,Jackie#39;s focus has shifted and he is trying new genres of film fantasy,drama,romance-and is spending more and more time on his charity work. He takes his work as Ambassador for UNICEF/UNAIDS very seriously and spends all his spare time working tirelessly for children, the elderly,and those in need. He continues to make films in Hong Kong, including the blockbuster drama New Police Story in 2004.成龙一生对于健身的热爱使他可以延续不断地在影片中展现特技表演和动作。近几年来,成龙工作方向发生改变并且尝试新类型的电影一一科幻、剧情、爱情文艺片一一而且以更多的时间投入到慈善工作中。作为联合国儿童基金会大使,成龙认真地接受每一份工作,将他拍摄之余的时间全部都献给了孩子、老人和那些需要帮助的人们。成龙继续在香港拍摄制作电影,这其中就包括他2004年的力作一一——故事片《新警察故事》。Jackie has been married to Lin Feng-Jiao since 1982 and has a son, actor-singer Jaycee Chan.成龙于1982年与林凤娇结婚并育有一子一一演员、歌手房祖名。 /201505/373194

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