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云南省韩辰整形医院额头纹干纹抗皱小帽子鼻沟多少钱丽江做激光去毛多少钱If its all you can do to drag yourself through the day, why not increase your stamina with these time-honored techniques.如果必须刺激一下精神你才能熬过漫长的一天,为什么不通过下面这些经得起时间考验的技巧来增加精力呢?You Will Need你需要A protein-rich breakfast蛋白质丰富的早餐Water水Plants植物Peppermint oil薄荷油Deep breathing深呼吸Loud music响亮的音乐A medical check-up身体检查Steps步骤STEP 1 Eat protein for breakfast1.早餐摄入蛋白质Start the day with protein, like eggs, yogurt, or peanut butter. People who ate mostly protein for breakfast reported higher energy levels than those who started the day with a carbohydrate-rich meal.以蛋白质开始新的一天,比如鸡蛋,酸奶或花生酱。以蛋白质作为早餐大部分内容的人一天之中比早餐摄入大量碳水化合物的人精力更加充沛。STEP 2 Skip the ;energy; drinks2.避免能量饮料Skip the so-called energy drinks in favor of water. A British study found that the caffeine in energy drinks makes you more sluggish in the long run. Ditto for the sugar in soda and many fruit juices. Above all, stay hydrated: Dehydration is a powerful energy sapper.避免所谓的能量饮料,多喝水。英国一项研究发现,能量饮料中的咖啡因长期来看会让你更加困倦。汽水和许多果汁中的糖也是如此。最重要的是,一定要补水。脱水是让人感到疲倦的主要原因。STEP 3 Get some plants3.放置一些植物Put some plants on your desk. One study found that when workers had greenery nearby, they were 12 percent quicker at a given computer task and their systolic blood pressure lowered by one to four points.办公桌上放置一些植物。一项调查发现,当工作人员附近有绿色植物时,他们在特定的计算机任务中效率高12%,他们的心脏血压会降低1至4个点。STEP 4 Splash on some cold water4.泼一些冷水Hold your wrists under cold water for 20 seconds and then dab some on the back of your neck. This athletes trick increases your heart rate a bit, providing a quick energy boost.手腕在冷水下冲20秒钟,然后轻拍一些冷水在脖子后面。运动员经常使用的这种方法可以稍微提高你的心率,迅速焕发你的精神。STEP 5 Sniff peppermint5.嗅一下薄荷油Take a whiff of peppermint essential oil. Studies show it provides an instant pick-me-up.轻轻吸入一点薄荷精油。研究发现,薄荷精油可以立即刺激你的精神。STEP 6 Practice deep breathing6.深呼吸Practice deep breathing by counting to four while inhaling, holding for five seconds, and then exhaling to the count of four. Do this several times a day and it will give you more energy by providing you with more oxygen.深呼吸,一边吸气一边数四个数,坚持5秒钟,然后呼出,同时数四个数。每天多做几次,可以为你提供更多氧气,从而更有精神。If youre breathing correctly, your stomach should expand as you inhale and deflate as you exhale.如果你的呼吸方法正确,吸气的时候腹部会扩张,呼气的时候腹部收缩。STEP 7 Put on some music7.播放一些音乐Put on some loud music. Research shows it combats fatigue and helps relieve stress.播放一些响亮的音乐。研究发现,音乐可以抵抗疲劳,帮助放松压力。STEP 8 Get a check-up8.检查身体If youve taken all these steps and you still have no get up and go, get yourself to a doctor. Food intolerances, allergies, vitamin deficiencies, and certain medical conditions all can cause fatigue.如果以上方法都尝试过了,情况仍然没有改善,去看一下医生。食物不耐症,过敏,维生素缺乏和某些疾病都会造成疲劳。About one in five college students who use energy drinks reported experiencing headaches or heart palpitations.饮用能量饮料的五分之一的大学生报告出现过头痛或心悸的情况。 /201411/341764安宁市妇幼保健人民中心医院去除狐臭多少钱 Missing Israeli soldier is dead以色列宣布在加沙失踪士兵死亡The Israeli Defense Force says a soldier who was reported missing in Gaza on Friday is dead.以色列国防部队表示周五在加沙地带失踪的一位士兵已经被实死亡。Israel had previously accused Hamas fighters of kidnapping Hadar Goldin during a battle.以色列曾指责哈马斯武装人员在战斗中绑架士兵哈达尔戈尔丁。The report of the missing soldier led to the collapse of a 72-hour ceasefire, shortly after it had been declared.这位失踪士兵的报告导致不久宣布的72小时停火结束。201408/317636丽江治疗蒙古斑价格

云南省第二人民医院光子脱毛多少钱玉溪永久性脱毛多少钱 Tuesdays National Newspaper Front PagesSky News takes a look at the stories making a splash on the front pages of Tuesdays national newspapers.The financial times to start with the reports that Tesco has been thrown into termoyl after overstating its profits. The guardian views that two billion pounds was wiped off the value of Britains biggest retailer and that four senior executives have been suspended. The daily mail argues that Tescos facing the worst crisis in its 95 year history after claims that directors cooked the books. Independent claims the company seized the laptops of the suspended employees and considered that more money may be involved. Meanwhile the daily telegraph with Cameritons put English home rule at the heart of the torys election manifesto. The daily express lay on UK putting a promise to abolished inheritance tax before voters in May next year. The times says atmolibanto tax mansions was more than two million pounds to fund NHS. The metro has the case of graphic designer who try to kill her manipulated mom by laisting her drink with poison and so emulating a TV plot line accords been told. The Sun says the love sick woman into field with the physical drink because she was inspired by the plot of breaking bad. And the daily star highlights a th to the private see of the actress Emma. /201409/332484昆明市中医院抽脂多少钱

东川区妇幼保健人民中心医院口腔科The average American throws away four pounds of garbage a day. But with a little effort, you can whittle your waste way down.美国人平均每人每天丢掉4磅垃圾。但是稍微付出一点努力,你可以大量减少垃圾排放量。You Will Need你需要A compost heap堆肥Reusable shopping totes可重复使用购物袋Recycling bins回收垃圾箱Steps步骤Step 1 Avoid packaging1.避免包装Vote with your wallet: purchase goods with little or no packaging. Avoid buying food with unnecessary wrapping—especially Styrofoam or plastic—such as pre-packaged fruits and vegetables.购买商品时尽量少包装或不包装。避免购买带有不必要包装的食品,尤其是聚苯乙烯或泡沫塑料袋,例如提前包装的水果和蔬菜。Whenever possible, buy in bulk—you’ll save money and the planet.任何可能的情况下,批量购买,可以节约金钱,又可以保护环境。Step 2 Start a compost2.开始堆肥Instead of throwing out coffee grounds, eggshells, tea bags, and produce scraps, save them in a bucket near your garbage can and periodically add them to a backyard compost.不要丢掉咖啡渣,鸡蛋壳,茶包和农产品残余物,存放在垃圾箱旁边的桶里,定期加到后院的堆肥中。Some cities offer curbside pickup for compost-friendly food and yard scraps.一些城市有路边小货车,专门回收用于制作堆肥的食物和花园残留物。Step 3 Save on bags3.节约袋子Ask the cashier not to double-bag. Better yet, bring your own reusable totes.要求出纳员不要双层包装。最好自己带可重复使用的购物袋。Step 4 Recycle4.回收Recycle as much glass, paper, and plastic as you can.尽可能回收玻璃,纸张和塑料。Step 5 Limit take out5.减少外卖Limit take-out food, which is very packaging-intensive. If you do order take-out, find a way to re-use the packaging. That’s it – 5 easy ways to reduce your garbage output.限制外卖食品,这种食品非常浪费包装袋。如果你预订了外卖,寻找重复使用包装袋的方法。这就是减少你制造的垃圾的五种简单方法。Wal-Mart expects to save 3.4 billion dollars and 700,000 tons of CO2 by encouraging suppliers to cut unnecessary packaging.沃尔玛鼓励供应商减少不必要的包装,预期可以节约34亿美元,减少700,000吨二氧化碳排放。视频听力由。201311/265274 希拉amp;#65381;尼伦伯格在TEDMED年度大会上展示了一个全新大胆的想法来为有视觉障碍的人们带来影像。她的方法是把摄像头连接到视神经然后直接把信号送入大脑。201404/285797保山去老年斑多少钱云南昆钢医院祛痘多少钱



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