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宁夏固原市人民医院男科电话固原韩式男性医院固原皮肤科哪个医院好 When you have to fry ,use an oil spray. 如果你必须油炸食物,使用喷油罐吧When homemaker Martha Dorn cant help but fry something like sunny一side up eggs - she uses a cooking spray instead of butter or oil.玛莎·多恩是一位家庭主妇,当她不得不煎炸像荷包蛋之类的食物时,会使用的是烹饪用喷油罐而不是奶油或油;The label on my product says one spray contains about two calories,a vast improvement over 0 calories a pat of margarine or butter.”There only one way to do better than Martha----use a nonstick pan and skip the oil altogether.“我买的产品上标示着一次喷出的油量里含有两卡的热量,这比一小块麦淇淋或奶油所含的一百卡热量要好得太多了”只有一个烹煮的方法比玛莎的方法更好,那就是使用不粘锅的锅子,并且完全不用油健身短语1. cant help but V 不得不……. instead of....而非代替…… 7The air has been badly polluted.空气的污染很严重Pollution has become a serious problem.污染已经成了严重的问题There are many natural catastrophes occurring in nature.自然界里有很多自然灾害发生Dont litter.请不要乱扔东西We rely on the Earth everything we need to survive, so let take care of it.我们依赖地球获取我们生存所需的一切东西,让我们来细心呵护它If were all prepared to recycle paper, thousands of trees could be saved every day.如果纸能被循环利用,那么每天千千万万的树木就可被挽救People ruin natural beauty.人类破坏了自然美Dont you feel a bit chocked sometimes?难道你没觉得有时会有点儿喘不过气来吗?Air pollution can damage the environment.空气污染会对环境造成危害The enviroment here is very pleasing.这儿的环境真的让人感觉很舒Much of the ground is dotted with green grass.绿地面积挺大的 5193固原看男科要多少钱

固原市中医医院看泌尿科怎么样The Prince of Wales has been awarded the highest rank in all three military services by the Queen.威尔士亲王(查尔斯王子)被英国女王授予英国海、陆、空三军最高统帅的军衔。The Queen has appointed Prince Charles honorary five-star rank in all three services to acknowledge his support in her role as Commander-in-Chief.女王已任命查尔斯王子担任英国海、陆、空三军的五星荣誉统帅,以表示对查尔斯持女王总司令工作的认可。He becomes a Field Marshal, Admiral of the Fleet and Marshal of the Royal Air Force in the honorary promotion decided by the Queen.经女王决定,查尔斯晋升为英国陆军、海军和空军三军荣誉统帅。Two members of the royal family currently hold five-star rank–the Duke of Edinburgh in all three services and the Duke of Kent, who is a Field Marshal.目前英国有两位皇室成员拥有五星军衔——同样获得三军最高荣誉统帅军衔的爱丁堡公爵(菲利普亲王)和获得陆军荣誉元帅军衔的肯特公爵。The convention of promoting service chiefs to five-star ranks was stopped after a report in 1995 suggested abolishing them as part of recommendations for financial savings in the armed forces budget. They are now reserved for special circumstances.1995年一份报告提出了节省军队财政开的若干建议,其中一条是废除将皇室军官晋升为五星统帅的旧例,从那以后这一旧例就中止了。现在只有在特殊情况下才会晋升。General the Lord Guthrie was the first officer not to be promoted upon appointment as Chief of the Defence staff –a role he held from 1997 to 2001.古斯里勋爵将军是第一位被任命为国防参谋长后没再获得晋升的皇室军官,他997年到2001年间担任该职。He has now been appointed to the honorary rank of Field Marshal.现在他被任命为陆军荣誉元帅。The appointments coincide with the Queens Birthday Honours, but a Buckingham Palace spokesman said they are not related.这些晋升恰逢女王生日,但是白金汉宫的发言人说,这两者间并无关系。The honorary promotions will incur no cost to the Ministry of Defence and will not have an impact on the promotion prospects of serving personnel or the honorary appointments of other Members of the Royal Family.荣誉职位的晋升不会给国防部带来任何额外的开,也不会给皇室役成员的晋升或其他皇室成员的荣誉职位任命造成影响。来 /201206/187473固原治疗前列腺炎要多少线 固原哪里治疗阳痿最好

平凉市第一人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱导购口语:If you are not satisfied, you many return it.如果你不满意,你可以退货We only accept returns thirty days after the purchase.我们这里的货物在卖出后30天内可以退货Bring your receipt to the customer service, and they will refund you.把你的收据拿给顾务部,他们就会退钱给你 语句:Accept returns可以退货,return作动词时,是“归还,退回”的意思,作名词时,意为“退货”,常用复数形式 情景再现:What happens if I am not satisfied with my purchase?假如买了以后不满意怎么办?Our bookstore would accept returns provided that books are in good condition.我们书店不久受退换的书,除非书完好无损 6 Global health authorities are hunting for cases of a mysterious respiratory illness that killed at least one person in Saudi Arabia and left another who traveled there in intensive care in a London hospital. 全球卫生机构正在搜寻一种神秘呼吸系统疾病的病例。该病已在沙特阿拉伯造成至少一人死亡,另有一名曾前往沙特的人目前正在伦敦一家医院的重症监护室接受治疗。Health officials said the source of the virus infecting both is unknown, though they have identified it as a coronavirus, part of a large family of viruses that in most cases cause common colds, but also have caused SARS. 卫生部门官员说,上述两人感染的病毒来源不明,不过他们已经确认这是一种冠状病毒。这种病毒属于一大类病毒中的一种,这类病毒通常会引发普通感冒,但也曾引发非典型肺炎(SARS)Severe acute respiratory syndrome erupted in China in late 2002 and sp to a number of countries, infecting more than 8,000 people and killing about 775 before it disappeared in mid 2003. 2002年底,中国爆发了非典,并扩散至多个国家,导致,000人染病,75人死亡,非典疫情003年年中消退The World Health Organization said the new virus has been identified in a 49-year-old man from Qatar who traveled to Saudi Arabia before falling ill Sept. 3. He is being treated for acute respiratory syndrome and kidney failure. 世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)说,在一9岁卡塔尔男子体内检测到了这种新型病毒,这名男子曾前往沙特,之后于9日患病。他目前正因急性呼吸系统综合征和肾衰竭而接受治疗The virus that infected him bears a 99.5% similarity to one isolated from the lung tissue of a 60-year-old man from Saudi Arabia who died this summer after suffering respiratory and kidney failure, the WHO said. 世界卫生组织说,该男子感染的病毒与今夏一名死于呼吸衰竭和肾衰竭的60岁沙特男子肺组织中分离出来的病毒的相似度9.5%Saudi officials identified a third death, but didnt give further details. The WHO said it was a suspect case that cant be confirmed postmortem. 沙特官员发现了第三例死亡病例,但没有透露更多详细情况。世界卫生组织说,这是一例疑似病例,在对尸体进行检验之前还不能确定However, the U.K.s Health Protection Agency said it was investigating the case of a person from the Middle East who died in the U.K. 不过,英国健康保护署(Health Protection Agency)说,正在就一名中东人在英国死亡一事进行调查There is no evidence at present to suggest that it is caused by the same virus or linked to the other two cases, the HPA said, adding that it was aware of a small number of other cases of serious respiratory illness in the Middle East in the past three months. 英国健康保护署说,目前没有据表明此人的死亡是由与另外两例病例相同的病毒造成的,或是与那两例病例有关。该机构还说,据它所知,过去三个月中,中东还出现了几例严重呼吸系统疾病病例The cases come a month ahead of the Hajj pilgrimage, which draws millions of Muslim pilgrims to Saudi Arabia. The Hajj pilgrimage runs this year from roughly Oct. 24 to Oct. 29. 这些病例发生时距离麦加朝Hajj pilgrimage)还有一个月。每年麦加朝圣会吸引数百万穆斯林前往沙特朝圣。今年的麦加朝圣将从大约104日持续至29日Saudi Arabias health ministry played down the threat. Such occasions are rare…and there is no cause for concern, the health ministry said. 沙特卫生部淡化了疾病的威胁。卫生部说,这类偶发病例很少见,没有必要担心。The two confirmed cases have no connection to one another─except that both were in Saudi Arabia. The Qatari man was hospitalized in an intensive care unit in Qatar on Sept. 7 and taken by air ambulance to London Sept. 11. 两例确诊病例除均发生在沙特外,彼此之间没有关联日,上述卡塔尔男子在卡塔尔入院就医,在重症监护室中接受治疗,91日被医用飞机送到伦敦With no indication yet whether the new virus is like SARS, which sp from person to person, officials are tracking this new virus closely. 目前尚无迹象显示新型病毒与非典病毒是否类似,有关部门正在密切跟踪这种病毒。非典病毒可以在人际间传播There is way too little information, WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl said. We dont know if the denominator is two cases or 20,000 cases. We dont know how it is transmitted. 世界卫生组织发言人哈特尔(Gregory Hartl)说,信息太少,我们不知道病例有两个,还是两万;我们不清楚病毒的传播方式But Mr. Hartl said the new disease was unlikely to be SARS itself, because the symptoms differ. Kidney failure wasnt a feature of SARS, and in general is unusual for a respiratory illness, he said. 不过,哈特尔说,新的疾病不太可能是非典,因为症状不同。他说,肾衰竭不是非典的症状,呼吸系统疾病通常也很少出现肾衰竭The WHO has alerted health authorities around the world about the two cases and said reports of potential cases were being followed up. 世界卫生组织已经就这两例病例向全球卫生机构发出警报,并且说正在密切跟踪潜在病例报告。来 /201209/201786宁夏第二人民医院治疗早泄多少钱平凉割包皮手术




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