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  • Everyone was knocking and crying for the elevator to come up.所有人都在敲打闸门,呼喊着要电梯上来 Suddenly the elevator came and the girls rushed in.突然电梯来了,女工们一下子涌了进去 I was searching for my sister, Rose, but I couldnt find her.我在找我的罗丝,但怎么也找不到她 The flames were coming toward me, and I was being left behind.火焰正朝着我的方向扑来,我被甩在了逃生队伍最后 I felt the elevator was leaving the ninth floor for the last time.我觉得这次电梯离开9楼后就再也不会回来了 Shes the last person to get to the last elevator.她是搭上最后一班电梯的最后一个人 More than 100 girls are left behind to die.其他100多名女工失去了最后逃生机会 The only escape route left is the metal fire escape... but it collapses.还剩下一条逃生路线就是金属防火梯,但已经塌落Firemen arrive with the biggest ladder in New York City.消防员带来了全纽约市最大的梯子 But its 30 feet too short.但仍差30英尺4:58 p.m.The girls trapped on the ninth floor are out of options.下午4时58分,被困9楼的女工已别无选择 In desperation...they jump.由于绝望,她们选择了向下跳 5:15 p.m.The entire blaze is over in less than half an hour.下午5时15分不到,半小时大火就被扑灭146 people die in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.146人在三角女式衬衫厂的大火中丧生Theres a trial, but the owners walk free.法院进行了审判,但雇主获判无罪 It remains the deadliest workplace disaster in NYC history until September 11, 2001.它是;911;之前,纽约史上死伤最惨重的工作场所事故 But some good does come out of it.但这场事故带来的并非全是恶果 This dramatic tragedy sparks a wave of reform, so you begin to get new restrictions and a new conversation about what to do to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening.这场悲剧引致了一场变革,政府开始制定新的限制措施,社会展开了一场关于该如何防止类似事故再度发生的大讨论 But it did not stop, of course, that tragedy itself.但对这次事故本身来说,一切都太晚了Unions force management to take responsibility for the lives of their workers.工会要求管理方担负起保护工人生命安全的责任The Life Safety Code now used in all 50 states is a direct result of this fire.50个州现行的《生命安全守则》就直接源于这场大火Its why doors now open outwards in public buildings, why automatic sprinkler systems or multiple exits are now the law.其中规定公共场所的门必须向外打开,必须设置自动喷水灭火系统,必须设有多于一个出口 The US and the modern city grew up together.美国的发展伴随着现代城市的兴起 Typically new, enormous and fast-paced, the megacity is one of Americas greatest inventions.以新兴,大规模以及快节奏为特征的现代大都市成了美国最伟大的发明之一The dawn of the 20th century.20世纪初 America is changing in ways never thought possible.美国正以超乎想象的方式发生着改变 Cities explode outwards.城市大规模扩张 Booze fuels a criminal underworld.酗酒导致的黑社会犯罪屡有发生 Millions head north to escape poverty.几百万人为摆脱贫穷来到北方 Violence erupts.暴力犯罪陡然增加 America is about to become the richest nation on earth.美国即将成为,世界经济头号强国 Its 1900. The dawn of the greatest consumer boom the world has ever seen.1900年,一场全世界前所未见的消费繁荣悄然来临 /201212/214906
  • Princes Warn Over Barbaric Animal TradePrince William and Prince Charles tell a conference that poaching is now ;one of the most serious threats to wildlife ever;.随着新兴富裕阶层的扩大和为换取原材料对非洲的大规模投资,及亚洲国家对象牙工艺品需求迅猛增长。导致为获取象牙而非法猎杀大象的行为不断增加。查尔斯王子及威廉王子指责非法野生动物贸易!“没有买卖就没有杀戮”只有所有人放弃使用皮草,才能从根本上消除野生动物贸易的产业链。Killed for its horn the black rhino is now critically endangered, on the black market rhino horn is worth more than gold, here in T zoo where rhino are kept and bred, conservationists say poaching in parts of Africa and Asia has reached epidemic levels.There is great demand for rhino horn in places like China and Vietnam, people are becoming wealthy in those countries, as more people can afford the products, in the countries that this is used people believe aphrodisiac properties from helping you join a hangover to cancer, none of these has been proven though.But this is what is happening every single day, animals are shot, their horns cruelly removed, SKY News filmed this scene in the Kruger national park in South Africa earlier this year, in one case so horrific we have to glare it, a rhino has been maimed while still alive. Like his father Prince William has a keen interest in conservation, as a patron of the charity the Tusk Trust, hes previously travelled to Botswana with Prince Harry, in March he spoke out against illegal trade in wildlife.We must do more to combat this serious crime if we are to reverse the current alarming trends, if not, we can see cease populations of these creatures or even an entire species disappear from the wild, we simply must not let this catastrophe unfold.Worryingly this increasing evidence the trade in rhino horn and ivory is being driven by international serious organized crime groups, in some cases terrorists. Todays conference will discuss how to fight that and how to reduce demand across the globe, today delegates from around the world will be encouraged to sign a declaration in the Autumn to commit to ending this cruel trade.Becky Johnson, SKY News. /201305/241456
  • Japan Airlines has been forced to cancel some flights between China and Japan due to the rising Diaoyu Islands dispute. The dispute has aly caused a decrease in the number of tourists from China to Japan.受钓鱼岛问题的影响,赴日中国游客锐减,日本航空公司取消一些往返中国和日本的航班班次。The company says it will cancel at least three flights per day from November 10th to the 27th.Flights from Tokyo to Beijing and from Osaka to Shanghai have each been reduced from 2 to 1 each day.日航称,10月10日-27日期间,每天会减少至少3个往返班次。将把东京至北京的每日航班从两班减至一班,大阪至上海的航班从两班减至一班。While the route from Tokyo to Shanghai will also see a reduction from 3 to 1 each day.“东京—上海”航线也从每天3个往返班次减至1个。Meanwhile, Japans All Nippon Airways, says although there have been no changes to its flight schedule, it will continue to pay close attention to the development of the dispute.日本全日空航空公司表示,尚无变更航线班次的计划,但也正密切关注相关情况。201209/201331
  • President Hu Jintao has expressed his condolences and sympathy following the death of former Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk. On behalf of the Chinese government and the people, he expressed his deepest condolence to King Norodom Sihamoni, Queen-Mother Norodom Monineath and to the Cambodian people.柬埔寨前国王西哈努克10月15日在北京逝世,中国主席胡锦涛向柬埔寨政府和人民表示了哀悼和慰问。胡锦涛主席代表中国政府和人民,向柬埔寨国王和太后以及柬埔寨人民致以最沉痛的哀悼和最深切的慰问。President Hu says Sihanouk was Cambodias father of independence, and he dedicated his whole life to the cause of national independence and peace. His death is a great loss to the people of Cambodia. Hu Jintao said Sihanouk was an old friend of the Chinese people, and he was committed to the friendly relations between the two countries. Jiang Zemin has also expressed his sympathy to Queen-Mother Norodom Monineath.胡锦涛主席说西哈努克是柬埔寨国家独立运动的教父,为国家独立与和平倾尽心血。他的逝世是柬埔寨人民的巨大损失。胡锦涛还说,西哈努克是中国人民的老朋友,致力于两国友好关系。江泽民也向柬埔寨国王西哈莫尼、太后莫尼列表示了慰问。201210/204331
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