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  • Clinton, Obama Stress Democratic Party y民主党竞选人在关键两州展开冲刺  In the U.S. presidential race, both Democratic contenders have stressed party unity before two primary contests that could prove decisive in deciding which of the two will face the presumed Republican nominee, Arizona Senator John McCain, in the November election. Democratic hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both appeared on U.S. television two days before primary elections in the states of Indiana and North Carolina. 在美国民主党在两个州决定谁出线成为总统提名人的关键党内初选之前,两位总统候选提名的角逐者都强调党内团结。民主党总统提名人将在今年11月与共和党的总统候选人、亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩对决。就在印地安纳州和北卡罗莱纳州举行党内初选前两天,民主党的两位角逐者克林顿和奥巴马双双出现在美国电视上。For months, Senators Clinton and Obama have waged one of the longest and hardest-fought primary battles in modern American presidential history. 几个月来,克林顿参议员和奥巴马参议员进行了一场美国现代总统竞选史上最漫长、最艰苦的党内初选。Rhetoric between the two contenders has often been sharp, with Clinton at one point questioning whether Obama has demonstrated the credentials necessary to be commander-in-chief, while Obama has blasted the free-trade policies adopted by Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton. 两位角逐者经常尖锐指责对方。克林顿有一次质疑奥巴马是否有能力成为三军统帅,而奥巴马则猛烈抨击克林顿参议员的丈夫、前总统克林顿所推行的自由贸易政策。 Some Democrats have openly wondered whether the intense intra-party fighting will weaken the eventual nominee and dim the party's chances of capturing the White House. 有些民主党人已经公开怀疑,这样激烈的党内斗争会削弱最终获得提名者的力量,使民主党入主白宫的机会降低。Sunday, the two presidential hopefuls appeared to tone down the heavy criticism and focus on party unity instead. Clinton spoke on A's This Week television program. 星期天,这两位总统候选人角逐者都压低批评的调门,转而强调党内团结。克林顿在美国广播公司的电视节目“本星期”上说:"Both Senator Obama and I have made it very clear that we will have a unified Democratic Party going into the fall elections," said Hillary Clinton. "I have said that I would work my heart out for him [if Obama is the nominee]. He has said he would do the same for me [if I am the nominee]." “奥巴马参议员和我都非常明确地表示,我们将以一个团结的民主党进入秋天的大选。我说过,如果奥巴马获得提名,我将全力以赴为他助选。他也说过,如果我获得提名他也会同样尽力地为我助选。”Obama struck a similar chord on N's Meet the Press program. 奥巴马在全国广播公司的“面对新闻界”节目上也发出同样的论调。"I want a Democrat to win in November," said Barack Obama. "So even if Senator Clinton were the nominee instead of me, I would still be campaigning for Democrats." 奥巴马参议员说:“我希望民主党人能够赢得11月的大选。所以,即使不是我,而是克林顿参议员获得提名,我也仍然会为民主党助选。”Obama leads Clinton in pledged delegates won from primary contests as well as the popular vote of all who have cast ballots in the nominating elections so far. Many political analysts have suggested it would be virtually impossible for Clinton to overtake Obama in pledged delegates in the remaining contests. 到目前为止,不论在党代表的票数上,还是在一般选民的票数上,奥巴马参议员都领先克林顿参议员。许多政治分析家暗示,克林顿基本上不可能在剩余的初选中,在党代表票数上超越奥巴马。Yet Clinton has won the last three contests held in large, populous states - two of which, Ohio and Pennsylvania, are considered must-win states for any Democrat to capture the White House in November. In addition, Obama has had to endure firestorms of criticism stemming from recent comments he made that were perceived as demeaning to working-class voters, as well as incendiary remarks by his former pastor. 但是克林顿却赢得了最后结束的三个人口大州的初选。这三个州当中的俄亥俄州和宾夕法尼亚州又被认为是民主党若要在11月入主白宫就必须赢得的州。除此以外,奥巴马还必须面对一连串批评的猛烈炮火。这些批评源自于他最近所做被认为是贬低蓝领阶层选民的言论,以及他过去的教会牧师的煽动性言论。The controversies appear to have eroded support for Obama in national polls. What remains to be seen is whether they will sway so-called super-delegates, Democratic Party elders who are not bound by primary election results and who also have a roll to play in deciding the eventual nominee. 在全国民意测验上,这两项争议似乎削弱了对奥巴马的持度。现在要观察的是,这种民意会不会左右所谓的超级党代表。这些民主党的超级党代表不受初选结果的约束,而且在最终决定提名人的过程中扮演一定角色。To date, there has been no mass exodus of super-delegate support away from Obama. 而到目前为止,还没有出现有大批超级党代表放弃持奥巴马的现象。Asked whether super-delegates should feel empowered to overturn the will of the voters expressed through pledged delegates, Clinton suggested the nomination battle is more than a numbers game."There are a number of factors that people look at," she said. "We have delegates selected by millions of people in primaries and delegates selected by a few thousand people in caucuses. When the process finishes in early June, people can look at all the various factors and decide who would be the strongest candidate." Obama downplayed any suggestion that the recent controversies surrounding his campaign would torpedo his candidacy. 奥巴马尽量淡化任何有关围绕他的竞选争议可能会危害他的候选人资格的说法。"I think the super-delegates are going to take a look, not at momentary snapshot polls [showing reduced support for Obama], but who has run the kind of campaign that can bring about change in America and can actually govern after the election," he said.Most political observers say Obama remains favored to win Tuesday's primary in North Carolina, although by perhaps a smaller margin than had been anticipated just weeks ago. Recent polls in Indiana give a slight edge to Clinton.  多数政治分析家表示,在北卡罗莱纳州的党内初选上,奥巴马取胜的优势虽然可能会比几个星期前的预测有所减少,但他还是会赢得北卡罗莱纳州的初选。此外,最近的民意调查还发现,克林顿参议员在印地安纳州有微弱优势。200805/37707
  • Life on Earth is basically proteins and DNA, so we can wonder if there is life on Mars will also be DNA and proteins, the same type of DNA, the same type of proteins. One might think that DNA is such a complex arrangement of molecules that it's unlikely to have the same set on another planet. Equally we may find that DNA is also on Mars. It may be that our way is the only way of life. On the other hand, we might argue that DNA is the optimal way to do it and that life is gonna discover this best possible solution no matter where it starts. So we're not sure if life will be different or the same, my guess is that it’ll be different. If life started separately on Mars, it'll have a different genetic structure than life on Earth. But there will only be one way to find this out conclusively. To examine life in this detail, someone will have to get up close. We really have to go find the facts, the facts on Mars, we're gonna go find them. We can hypostasize all we want but until we actually find the facts on the ground, we won't know for sure. It means that someone will have to go to Mars. And it just so happens that there is an organization aly preparing to go. Bo Maxwell is the UK President of the Mars Society, a group dedicated to colonizing our neighboring planet. Humans by their very nature are explorers. In our time, we've traveled from the African Rift Valley, climbed mountains, crossed oceans and settled just about everywhere there is to settle on Earth. We've built our houses, our towns, our cities. And now the time has come to move beyond the Earth, and Mars offers us the very best opportunity to go to another world and settle somewhere else. The Mars Society have their very own low cost plan to get to Mars. Bo is one of the masterminds. He's working on it from his home in Milton Keynes. The aim of the Mars Society is definitely to go to Mars, we want to go there, we want to explore and colonize. The advantage of sending humans to Mars is our greater ability to explore. We are much more efficient than robots.Human beings have a tremendous advantage over robot vehicles. We have our own intuition, our own intelligence which leaves our robot vehicles standing. A human being on Mars can stand on the surface, he can look around, she can look around and instantly spot areas where life may well be possible and life may exist.The discovery of water ice on Mars has reinvigorated their plans. Water is the one thing any colonizers would need.rift valley: A deep fracture or break, about 25-50 km (15-30 miles) wide, in the earth's crust, creating an elongated valley bounded by two or more faults 这里是指东非大裂谷200809/48969
  • Britain to Freeze Iranian Bank Assets in Nuclear Dispute布什访英取得重要成果  U.S. President George Bush has won British support for his twin appeals for more troops for Afghanistan and more pressure on Iran. He got some welcome news from British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. 美国总统布什赢得英国对他两项要求的持,一项是向阿富汗增兵;另一项是继续向伊朗施加压力。布什从英国首相布朗那里听到一些可喜的消息。The president's farewell trip to Europe ended on a positive note for the White House. 布什总统对欧洲的最后一次访问以对白宫具有积极意义的讯息而告终。At a joint news conference following talks in London, Prime Minister Brown said his government is freezing the British assets of Iran's largest bank. And he warned Tehran it faces ever increasing sanctions if it refuses to suspend nuclear enrichment.  英国首相和布什总统结束会谈之后一道出席在伦敦举行的联合记者会。布朗说,英国政府准备冻结伊朗最大在英国的资产。他还警告德黑兰,如果它拒不终止核浓缩活动,它将面临不断增加的制裁。"If Iran continues to ignore united resolutions - to ignore our offers of partnership - we have no choice but to intensify sanctions," he said. "And so today, Britain will urge Europe, and Europe will agree, to take further sanctions against Iran." 布朗说:“如果伊朗继续无视联合议案,继续无视我们作为合作夥伴的建议,我们就别无选择,只能加强制裁。因此,英国今天敦促欧洲进一步制裁伊朗,欧洲国家会同意这样做。”The prime minister also announced plans to send more British troops to Afghanistan. A reporter then asked him if the ed Kingdom might draw down its military contingent in the Basra area of southern Iraq, to balance out the increased Afghan deployment. 英国首相布朗还宣布计划向阿富汗增派英国军队。有记者问布朗,英国是否可能减少在伊拉克南部巴士拉地区的兵力,以便和英国增加在阿富汗兵力部署相平衡。"You can not trade numbers between the two countries," said Prime Minister Brown. "There is a job to do in Iraq and I have described it. And there is a job to do in Afghanistan and we will continue to do it." 布朗说:“你不能把我们在这两个国家的军队人数做交换。我说过,我们在伊拉克有事情要做。我们在阿富汗也有事情要做,我们将继续完成我们的工作。”President Bush welcomed the news, and said Gordon Brown is living up to his commitments, despite pressure from the British public to pull out of Iraq. 布什总统对上述消息表示欢迎。他说,布朗正在履行他的承诺,尽管承受英国公众要求从伊拉克撤军的压力。"He has left more troops in Iraq than originally anticipated," said President Bush. "And like me, we will be making our decisions based on the conditions on the ground, the recommendation of our commanders, without an artificial timetable set by politics." 布什总统说:“他在伊拉克留驻的英国军人人数超过了先前的预期。布朗和我,都将根据伊拉克的情况,根据我们指挥官的建议做出决策,而不是依据政治人物制定的时间表。”There was also a joint denunciation from the two leaders of the government of Zimbabwe. Both expressed concern about the outlook for the upcoming runoff presidential election. 美英两国领导人还共同谴责了津巴布韦政府。两位领导人对津巴布韦即将举行的总统决选前景表示关切。Gordon Brown said Robert Mugabe must not be allowed to steal another term in office. 布朗说,决不能让穆加贝再用舞弊手段盗窃又一届总统任期。"And that is why we call for Zimbabwe to accept a ed Nation's human rights envoy to visit Zimbabwe now and to accept the international monitors from all parts of the world who are available to ensure that is a free and fair election," he said. 布朗说:“我们呼吁津巴布韦允许联合国人权特使现在访问津巴布韦,呼吁津巴布韦政府接受来自世界各地的观察员,这些人可以确保津巴布韦举行自由和公正的选举。”The Bush-Brown talks also covered Burma, world oil prices, trade, and the war on terrorism. 布什总统和布朗首相的会谈还包括缅甸、世界石油价格、贸易以及打击恐怖主义等问题。During the session with reporters, Mr. Bush was asked about Afghan President Hamid Karzai's threat to send troops into bordering Pakistan to target terrorists. 在联合记者会上,有记者问布什对阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊威胁要派军队进入巴基斯坦打击恐怖分子的看法。President Bush urged both sides to keep calm, and offered to do all he can to help reduce tensions. 布什敦促双方保持冷静,并表示要尽力帮助两国缓和紧张关系。"It is in no one's interest the extremists have a safe haven from which to operate," he said. "Obviously, it is a testy situation there."  布什说:“极端份子有安全藏身之地,并从那里开展恐怖行动,这对谁都不利。那里的局势显然是紧张的。”From London, President Bush and Prime Minister Brown traveled to Belfast to show their support for the Northern Ireland peace process. 布什总统和布朗首相从伦敦前往贝尔法斯特,以示他们对北爱尔兰和平进程的持。"I am impressed by the progress that is being made toward peace and reconciliation," said President Bush. "As a matter of fact, the world is impressed by the progress being made toward peace and reconciliation. And that obviously takes a commitment by leadership." 布什说:“北爱尔兰在实现和平和妥协方面取得的进展给我印象很深。事实上,全世界都对这方面取得的进展感到高兴。显然这需要领导层的决心。”It was the last stop on a farewell tour of Europe that has aly taken the president to Slovenia, Germany, Italy and France. 北爱尔兰是布什总统欧洲告别之旅的最后一站,此前他访问了斯洛文尼亚、德国、意大利和法国。200806/42175
  • Chinese Officials Call for Tents to House Earthquake Survivors中国副总领事促国际间给灾民帐篷  Chinese officials are urging the international community to aid earthquake relief efforts by donating tents to shelter the estimated five million Chinese who lost their homes. The 7.9 magnitude quake flattened some 45,000 buildings, not including private homes. The official death toll has climbed to more than 51,000, with more than 29,000 people missing. 中国有关官员敦促国际社会协助地震救灾工作,为在地震中失去家园的大约500万中国灾民提供帐篷。这场7.9级的大地震把四万五千幢建筑夷为平地,这还不包括私人住房。官方统计的死亡人数已经攀升到五万一千多人,还有两万九千多人失踪。Kuang Weilin, deputy consul-general of the Chinese Consulate in New York, praised the Chinese and international communities for their quick response to the devastating earthquake. 中国驻纽约总领事馆副总领事邝伟林赞扬中国和国际社会对这场破坏性地震作出的快速反应。"[In] this time, I think that not only the people in China united but also the whole world. The whole world is behind those unfortunate people who are affected by the earthquake," he said. 他说:“我认为,这次不仅中国人民团结一致,全世界也团结行动,持那些受地震袭击的不幸灾民。”Kuang says after the quake hit May 12, the Chinese military launched the biggest rescue and relief effort in China's history, sending 120,000 soldiers to the disaster areas. He says the government has allocated million to a special reconstruction fund and cut spending by five percent this year to fund quick relief efforts. 邝伟林说,在5月12号发生地震后,中国军方发起了中国历史上规模最大的营救和救灾行动,向灾区派遣了12万名官兵。他说,中国政府已经拨款700亿人民币建立一个特别重建基金,并且把今年的政府出削减5%,以便为快速救援工作提供资金。Kuang says international donors have given more than 0 million. The New York Consulate alone received more than three million dollars in donations.  邝伟林说,国际上已经捐献了两亿八千多万美元,仅中国驻纽约领事馆就收到了300多万美元的捐款。"On the whole, rescue and relief efforts have been doing very well, and great progress has been made. I think on the whole, the situation in the earthquake-stricken areas is improving. Roads have been repaired and reopened, communications and power [have] been restored in most areas, and even some students have resumed classes in some areas. Having said that, I think we are still faced with very daunting challenges," he said. 他说:“总体来说,营救和救灾工作进行得非常顺利,取得了很大进展。我认为,总体上来说,地震灾区的情况正在改善。道路被修复,重新通车,大部分地区恢复了通讯和供电,一些地区的一些学生甚至已经返回课堂。尽管如此,我们仍然面对非常大的挑战。”Kuang cites damaged dams and roads, difficulties in transporting relief materials and the dangers of disease in the worst-hit areas as some of the challenges. 邝伟林提到水坝和公路的损毁、运送救援物资的困难以及重灾区可能爆发流行疾病等多种挑战。He says the biggest need now is for tents to shelter the millions of Chinese who lost their homes. Some 400,000 have aly been distributed, but China is calling for more than three million more.  他说,目前最需要的是帐篷,以便为数百万失去住宅的人提供临时庇护。目前已经分发了大约40万顶帐篷,但是中国现在呼吁再提供300万顶帐篷。 Kuang says the Chinese government is determined to save as many lives as possible at whatever cost. He encourages survivors to be strong. 邝伟林说,中国政府决心,不管付出何种代价,都要尽可能多地挽救生命。他鼓励灾民要坚强。"I think we have to move forward and with the support of the government and people of other parts of the country as well as the whole world, they will surely overcome their difficulties and rebuild their homelands. And we are willing to do anything for them and the government is willing to do anything for them. And the world community will also contribute," he said.  他说:“我想,我们必须继续生活下去,有政府、全国其他地区的人民以及全世界人民的帮助,他们一定会克困难,重建家园。我们愿意竭尽全力,政府也在竭尽全力帮助他们。国际社会也在尽力相助。”Kuang says relief efforts are moving into a second phase. He says the government is focused now on resettlement and reconstruction and paying special attention to the emotional needs of the victims, many of them children made orphans by the quake. 邝伟林说,目前救援工作正进入第二阶段。他说,政府目前工作的重心是安置以及重建,特别是注意灾民的心理。许多孩子在震后变成孤儿。200805/39844
  • The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is expressing concern over Burma's decision to exclude pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi from future elections. The statement from ASEAN follows the completion of Burma's draft constitution. But the regional bloc still says it will not interfere in Burma's domestic affairs.  东南亚国家联盟对缅甸当局有关不准民主运动领袖昂山素季参加未来选举的决定表示关注。东盟是在缅甸通过宪法草案之后发表声明的。不过,东盟仍然表示不会干预缅甸的内部事务。Singaporean Foreign Minister George Yeo says Burma's decision to bar Aung San Suu Kyi from participating in elections is odd and out of date. Singapore currently holds ASEAN's rotating leadership. Yeo spoke late Tuesday in Singapore, where foreign ministers from the 10-member organization are holding meetings. 新加坡外长杨荣文说,缅甸当局决定禁止昂山素季参加选举是奇怪的、过时的。新加坡目前是东盟的轮值主席。杨荣文星期二晚间在新加坡发表讲话。东盟10国正在新加坡举行外长会议。But, in keeping with ASEAN's history of non-interference in member states' affairs, Yeo also said the group could do little about Burma's decision. 杨荣文同时表示,遵照东盟不干涉成员国内部事务的传统,东盟对缅甸当局的这项决定几乎不能采取任何行动。On Tuesday, Burma's state-run radio said a 54-member commission had approved the draft constitution. It prohibits Aung San Suu Kyi from participating in elections because she was married to a foreigner. The democracy leader was married to a British national, who died of cancer in 1999.  缅甸官方电台星期二说,由54人组成的委员会已经批准了宪法草案。宪法草案规定,鉴于昂山素季与外国人结婚,因此不得参加选举。这位民主运动领袖与一个英国公民结婚,她的丈夫已于1999年死于癌症。Roshan Jason is executive director of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus in Malaysia. He said ASEAN's statement on Burma was weak, especially since it recently signed a charter that calls on member states to protect human rights in the region. 罗山.贾森是东盟设在马来西亚的缅甸问题议会委员会负责人。他说,东盟针对缅甸发表的声明是软弱无力的,考虑到东盟最近刚刚签署了敦促成员国保护本地区人权的宪章,尤其是这样。"I think ASEAN has failed in its first attempt to uphold its promises to make sure the region consists of countries which respect human rights," said Jason. 他说:“我认为,东盟在首次做出尝试的时候,就没有履行有关确保本地区各国都尊重人权的承诺。”Aung San Suu Kyi has spent 12 of the last 18 years under detention, and is currently under house arrest in Rangoon. Her party won a landslide election in 1990, but the military government refused to recognize the results. Since then, it has prevented the party from taking office. 在以往18年期间,昂山素季受到12年拘押,目前被软禁在仰光。她的党在1990年选举中获得压倒胜利,但军政权拒绝承认选举结果。此后,军政权一直不准这个党的成员担任公职。Jason said he does not expect ASEAN to take a stronger stance anytime soon, because addressing human rights in Burma could force other member states to acknowledge their own shortcomings. 贾森说,他不指望东盟会很快采取更强硬的立场,因为一旦涉及缅甸的人权问题,就会迫使其他国家承认本国的缺点。"You have countries in the region as well, member states of ASEAN, who have, who are in their own way, levels, committing human rights abuses," noted Jason. "You've got draconian laws in various countries; you've got arbitrary arrests; you've got former military dictatorships taking the form of civil, political groups." 他说:“本地区还有东盟的其他成员国,这些国家也存在侵犯人权现象,只是方式和水平不同。一些国家存在严酷的法律,存在任意逮捕现象,一些前军事独裁政权换用了文官和政治组织的形式。”Jason also says the bloc is choosing money over the basic rights of Burma's people, as many ASEAN members have strong business interests in Burma. ASEAN has argued that trade will help bring about reform in Burma, one of the poorest countries in the region. 贾森还说,很多东盟成员国在缅甸有着很大的商业利益,因此把金钱置于缅甸人民的基本人权之上。东盟坚持认为,贸易将有助于缅甸实行民主。缅甸是东南亚最贫穷的国家之一。Burma says it will hold a national referendum in May to approve the new draft constitution. The international community has criticized the document because Aung San Suu Kyi and independent political parties were barred from the drafting process. Burma's military government says general elections will be held in 2010.  缅甸表示,将在今年5月举行一次全民公投,决定是否批准新宪法草案。昂山素季和独立政治党派被禁止参与这部宪法的起草过程,因此宪法草案受到国际社会的批评。缅甸军政府说,将在2010年举行大选。200802/27662
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