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But even if there had been water, life doesn't start overnight. Even a simple microbe is the product of complex chemical systems that take millions of years to evolve. Had the water lasted long enough for life to form?Well, when we look at the history of life on Earth, it appears to start very quickly, maybe a hundred million years. Now that seems like a long time, but for a planet that's short. So I would guess that if there was water on Mars for a couple of hundred million years, then life had a good shot at getting started there. And soon they found evidence that water had been there for millions of years. It was all because of one very important picture. Sent back in December 2000, it was a vast formations of sedimentary rock. Sediment is basically made of sand, and could only have been deposited over millions of years by a huge body of water, like a lake or an ocean. It showed that there had not only been masses of water, but that it had been around easily long enough for life to form. The sediments on the surface are now dry and exposed. If they ever had contained life, it cannot possibly have survived. However, scientists hope that microbes deeper down might still be alive, frozen in the ground. To find the actual organic remains of a Martian organism, we are gonna need to go to the frozen material. In the ice life might have been preserved, frozen in a state of suspended animation. No one at this stage could know if microbes, formed millions of years ago, could have survived on Mars. But there are indications that this really is possible. Antarctica, the closest place on Earth to conditions on Mars. More extreme even than Iceland, it's the coldest place on our planet. Until a few years ago, no one thought that anything could survive being deep frozen for millions of years. But research here has helped change that. sedimentary rock: Rock formed at or near the Earth's surface by the accumulation and lithification of fragments of preexisting rocks or by precipitation from solution at normal surface temperatures. Sedimentary rocks can be formed only where sediments are deposited long enough to become compacted and cemented into hard beds or strata. They are the most common rocks exposed on the Earth's surface but are only a minor constituent of the entire crust. Their defining characteristic is that they are formed in layers. Each layer has features that reflect the conditions during deposition, the nature of the source material (and, often, the organisms present), and the means of transport200809/48546Yes?什么事?Stop! Thats all wrong.停下!大错特错。Im going to call you again. This time…我再打给你,这次……Hello. Here we are in the middle of a telephone training session with Denise and Anna. What fun!你们好。我们正在看的是丹尼斯和安娜的电话练习。多么有意思!This time, you dont say yes when you answer, its rude.这次你接电话的时候不能说“什么事”,这很没礼貌。Call me and Ill show you how its done.给我打电话,我告诉你如何做。Hello? Tip Top Trading.你好?这里是Tip Top Trading。Wow, that’s good.太好了。And, you can say your name. Hello? Tip Top Trading. Denise speaking. Try it.你还可以说出你的名字。你好?这里是Tip Top Trading。我是安尼斯。试试。Hello? Tip Top Trading. Denise speaking. No!你好?这里是Tip Top Trading。我是安尼斯。 不对。What? Say: ;Anna speaking!;怎么了? 说“我是安娜!”Oh, sorry, Im so stressed by all this.不好意思,我被搞得压力很大。Hello Anna speaking.你好,我是安娜。You sound like youre sitting on a pineapple.你的声音听起来像是很不安。Listen to my voice: Hello? Denise speaking.听听我怎么说:你好?我是丹尼斯。Hello? Anna speaking.你好?我是安娜。 /201701/483838Laura Bush Says US Will Do All It Can to Help Burma Cyclone Victims美国将尽最大努力帮助缅甸灾民   U.S. First Lady Laura Bush says the ed States will do all it can to help the victims of the cyclone that hit Burma on Saturday. Mrs. Bush also said it is troubling that many Burmese learned about the cyclone only when foreign broadcasters like the Voice of America and Radio Free Asia sounded the alarm. There are fears in the Bush administration that Burma's military leaders will not accept the aid. 美国第一夫人劳拉.布什说,美国将尽最大努力帮助星期六遭受热带风暴袭击的缅甸灾民。但是,布什政府担心缅甸军政府领导人不接受美国的援助。First ladies normally do not appear at the White House podium to talk about events abroad. 美国第一夫人通常不会在白宫讲台上谈论外国局势。But Mrs. Bush has made the cause of the Burmese people her own. And it somehow seemed fitting that she became the face of the administration's response to Cyclone Nargis, which Burmese officials say could claim as many as 10,000 lives. 但是布什夫人把缅甸人民的事情当成了自己的事情,而由她出面代表美国政府对纳尔吉斯热带风暴做出反应看来相当得体。缅甸官员说,纳尔吉斯可能导致了1万5千人死亡。"The U.S. has offered financial assistance through our embassy," said Mrs. Bush. "We will work with the UN and other international non-governmental organizations to provide water, sanitation, food and shelter." 布什夫人说:“美国通过大使馆提出财政援助建议。我们将同联合国和其它国际非政府组织一道,提供水、卫生设备、食品和住所。”For now, the money is coming out of the embassy's 0,000 emergency fund. The first lady says the ed States wants to do more, but the next step is up to Burma's military leaders. 目前,资金出自美国大使馆25万美元的紧急款项。第一夫人说,美国希望提供更多帮助,但下一步取决于缅甸军政府领导人。"The ed States stands prepared to provide an assistance team and much needed supplies to Burma as soon as the Burmese government accepts our offer," said Laura Bush. "The government of Burma should accept this team quickly as well as other offers of international assistance." 布什夫人说:“美国随时准备著,只要缅甸政府接受我们的帮助,我们将立即派遣一救援队伍和急需的物资前往缅甸。缅甸政府应当迅速接受这救援队伍和其它国际援助。”She says this is an opportunity for the Burmese regime to show it does care about the welfare of its people.  布什夫人说,这是缅甸政府表明它关心自己人民福祉的一个机会。She says the government's performance in the lead up to the storm shows Burma's leaders are inept. 她说,缅甸政府在风暴到来之前的所作所为显示了缅甸领导人的无能。"I think in front of their own people and in front of the world, if they don't accept aid from the ed States and from all the rest of the international community that wants to help the people of Burma that that is just another way the military regime looks so cut off and so unaware of what the real needs of their people are," she said. 布什夫人说:“我认为,面对人民,面对世界,如果他们不接受美国和整个国际社会对缅甸人民的帮助,就会从另一方面显示军政府完全不了解实际情况,完全不了解人民真正的需要。”Mrs. Bush says the Burmese government seems to value its own survival above all else. She says despite all the havoc created by the cyclone, the regime is going forward with a referendum scheduled for this Saturday on a new constitution drafted without input from opposition and minority groups. 布什夫人指出,缅甸政府似乎把自己的生存看得重于一切,尽管热带风暴造成了巨大的破坏,但缅甸政府仍旧要按计划在这个星期六就一部没有征求反对党和少数派组织意见的宪法草案举行公投。"Burma's ruling generals have had their chance to implement the good government they promised to their people," said Mrs. Bush. "If it proceeds under current conditions, the constitutional referendum they have planned should not be seen as a step towards freedom, but rather as a confirmation of the unacceptable status quo." 布什夫人说:“缅甸执政的将军们有过履行诺言、实施良政的机会。如果缅甸政府在目前情况下仍要按计划举行公投,那么这次公投就不应当被看作是迈向自由的步伐,而是要保持目前这种不能为人接受的现状。”Mrs. Bush stresses the ed States has aly placed sanctions on the Burmese government, and urges other countries to do the same. She makes clear Washington will keep the pressure on, noting President Bush will sign legislation Tuesday setting the stage for Burmese democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi to be presented with a Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor bestowed by the U.S. Congress.  布什夫人强调指出,美国已经对缅甸政府采取了制裁措施,她敦促其他国家也这样做。她明确表示,华盛顿将保持压力。布什总统星期二将签署议案,为缅甸民主斗士昂山素季接受美国国会金质奖章铺平道路。这是美国国会给予平民的最高荣誉。 200805/37956

S. Korean President Leaves For Summits Aimed At Better Ties With US, Japan韩国总统李明周一启程访问美国 South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has departed South Korea for a week of summit diplomacy aimed at turning a new page in ties with Japan and the ed States. Lee administration officials say the president is particularly hoping to repair Seoul's relationship with Washington.  韩国总统李明启程进行为期一周的出访。韩国希望此行能够揭开同美国和日本外交关系的新的一页。李明政府官员说,李明总统特别希望修补韩国与美国的关系。 South Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo told reporters Monday in Seoul that President Lee Myung-bak's summit trip to Washington is about "re-energizing" and "reconsolidating" the alliance between the two countries. He also cautioned North Korea not to attempt to exclude South Korea from any deal aimed at ending the North's nuclear weapons programs. 韩国总理韩升洙星期一在首尔对记者说,李明总统前往华盛顿参加峰会是为了再次加强并巩固两国间的联盟关系。他也提醒北韩别妄图把韩国排除在任何旨在结束北韩核武器项目的协议之外。"Our relationship with the ed States is very strong," he said. "We've been allies for many, many years. So going to the ed States over the shoulder of the Republic of Korea [South Korea] will not succeed." 他说:“我们和美国的关系非常牢固。我们两国多少年来一直是盟友。所以想绕过韩国、只跟美国打交道是不会成功的。Han's words echoed those of President Lee himself, who held a nationally televised news conference Sunday before departing Monday for the ed States. Mr. Lee says North Korea will be a key topic in his talks with President Bush at the Camp David retreat in Maryland. He says compared to previous South Korean administrations, his government will be more active in closely coordinating policy on North Korea with the ed States. 李明总统本人也曾发表类似谈话。在星期一启程前往美国前,李明星期天在电视上说,北韩将是他在马里兰州渡假地戴维营与布什总统会谈的一个中心话题。他说:“他的政府与以前的韩国政府相比,将更为紧密地和美国协调有关北韩的政策。”North Korea invaded the South in 1950 - five years after the U.S. liberated the Korean peninsula from Japanese rule. The ed States deploys about 28,000 forces here to uphold a 1953 North-South armistice and to deter a repeat invasion. 北韩在上世纪五十年代,即美国把朝鲜半岛从日本统治下解放出来的五年后,入侵韩国。美按照1953年南北韩停火协议,在韩国部署约两万八千人的部队,以阻遏北韩再次来犯。Some experts have criticized Mr. Lee's two most recent predecessors for seeking engagement and peaceful economic cooperation with the North at the expense of the alliance with the ed States. The North tested its first nuclear weapon in 2006, an event some say was made easier by the relatively uncritical transfers of billions of dollars worth of aid and investment from the South. 有些专家批评李明的两位前任一味寻求与北韩交往,发展经济关系,以至损害了美韩同盟关系。北韩在2006年试验了第一枚核武器。有人认为,韩国似乎不分青红皂白地把几十亿美元的援助和资本投入北韩,进而加速了北韩的核试验。President Lee - a conservative former corporate chairman - says the South will continue to help the North, but only if Pyongyang cooperates on getting rid of its nuclear weapons.He says South Korea will persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear program through ongoing six-nation diplomacy, and that the North must come to realize that ending its nuclear programs will be beneficial. 立场保守的李明总统曾是公司董事长。他说,韩国将继续帮助北韩, 但是前提是北韩必须配合放弃其核武器项目。North Korea is now nearly five months overdue in providing a declaration of its nuclear activities that it promised to produce by the end of last year. 北韩到目前为止已经拖延了近五个月还没有提交核活动清单。他们曾答应在去年年底前交出这份清单。A recent U.S. - North Korea meeting in Singapore has fostered hope a breakthrough may be near. South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan says he hopes the negotiations can get back to a brisk pace. 美国和北韩最近在新加坡举行了一次会谈,给人带来可能即将突破僵局的希望。韩国外交部长尹永宽说,他希望有关谈判能再次积极展开。He says South Korea believes the multinational nuclear diplomacy needs to resume by next month, and that the six nations should ideally sign a new phase of a disarmament agreement by August. 他说:“韩国认为六方会谈应该在下月重新开始,并希望在八月份时签署有关北韩解除核项目下一阶段进程的协议。”200804/34885

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