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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Forget the ;Lost Decade.;Profitable automakers racing for the new-new thing of mobility are starting to create the ;Next Decade.; On one track are the likes of General Motors and Ford Motor, each booking record profits on the strength of trucks and SUVs. On the other track is a whole new world with the power to change the perception – and reality – of Michigan as we know it.Nowhere is that transformation more symbolic than in Flat Rock. The Blue Oval is investing nearly billion there to build a second Michigan data center and to produce electrified and autonomous vehicles.You want to see the future in autos? This is it.Now, theyre still building cars and trucks there – think Mustangs and Lincoln Continental. Along with a full line-up, they account for the companys revenue and profit … for now.But theyre also building two data centers – for a car company – because Ford expects its data usage to soar 1,000 percent by the early part of the next decade. Thats 1,000 percent.Old Detroit its not.The coming transformation contemplates technology this business couldnt fathom just a few years ago. Its attracting young techy college grads who wouldnt have been wooed by the metal bending of it all. Its angling to change the investment cases for automakers still hungering for capital and respect on Wall Street and to create jobs.New auto-related jobs in Michigan swelled by 200,000 since the end of the global financial meltdown. Thats more than any other state in the nation.The Center for Automotive Research says automakers and major suppliers have invested more than billion in the state between and last year. More than 75% of all North American automotive research is conducted here. And Michigan boasts more autonomous-vehicle test sites than any other state.The state economic development arm says Michigan is home to 27 assembly plants. It claims 63 of the top 100 North American suppliers. Its the largest producer of cars and trucks in the ed States, boasting 19 percent of total U.S. production.The bottom line: the smaller footprint of the Detroit-based industry is more geographically concentrated in Michigan than it was before the meltdown. But its not just manufacturing anymore.Its high-tech. Its greener and cleaner. And that so much of it is happening here is huge. Its a testament to the industrys human capital and the current political environments bias for investing at home. This in the state synonymous with the ;Lost Decade; of job losses, plant closures, economic decline and epic bankruptcy.This in the home of Detroit automakers that many investors still do not believe in. Memories of capital incinerated and promises broken, of deep cutbacks, asset sales, even bankruptcy, are still too fresh for too many on Wall Street.The stakes are enormous. The Detroit auto industry is finally profitable at home, but its still beset by perceptions its less competitive, less nimble and less innovative than rivals. Executing the high-tech vision for its future is the best way to change that – and Michigan in the process.201704/501541Finding your Boarding Gate. 找登机门A: What boarding gate is it?登机门几号来着?B: I don’t know, let’s check the screen.不知道,我们看一下荧幕吧。A: What’s our flight number?我们班机几号?B: BA168英航168*BABritish AirlineA: BA168…BA168…Okay I see it! BA168, GATE 33 boarding at 2.30pm.英航168......好的我看到了!登机门33号然后是在下午两点半登机。*请注意Boarding Time(登机时间)还是Gate Close Time (闸门关闭时间)B: We still have a couple of hours, let’s go get something to eat.我们还有几个小时,先吃点东西吧!*a couple of a few 一些A: I hope there’s a MacDonalds here….希望有麦当劳。。。B: Pig.你这个小猪仔!(本栏目主播为:Lily.Wong 微信账号:贵旅特) /201505/375638如果您是开车新手,车后座上坐着的是一个自认为经验老到的开车能手,在你驾驶的过程中不停地告诉你到这儿应该怎么踩离合,到那儿应该转弯,你一定是烦不胜烦,原有的自信都无法保持吧。英语当中,把总是坐在后面指挥别人开车的人称为a backseat driver, 后座司机。例句:Todd is a backseat driver because he always tells others how to drive when hes riding in someones car. Todd是个后座司机,因为他坐别人的车时,老爱指挥别人如何开车。Would you stop being a backseat driver? I dont need you to teach me how to drive. 你可不可以不要再啰嗦了?我不需要你教我怎么开车。以上我们看到的例子都是直接使用了字面意思。这个短语的引申含义就是;好对别人指手画脚的人;。Mum: Tim, Aunt Mary wants to be your company. Call her after dinner. Tim, 玛丽姑妈要过来陪你们。吃完饭给她打个电话。Tim: Oh, Mum. We are not babies any more. We can take good care of ourselves when you are away. 哦,妈妈。我们不是小孩子了。你不在我们能照顾好自己。Mum: No way. 不行。Tim: Aunt Mary drives us all crazy with her instructions; shes an incurable backseat driver. 玛丽姑妈指来点去下命令,简直要把我们逼疯了。她的瞎乱指挥真的无可救药了。She is really a backseat driver ndash; She is always telling me what to do. 她真是个爱指手画脚的人,总是跟我说我该做什么。被别人指手画脚的确不舒,有时候原本可以处理好的情况也因为被指挥的晕头转向而无法处理妥当。如果你不喜欢有一个backseat driver在身边,那自己也不要做别人的backseat driver为好。好了。本期内容我们就介绍到这里。 /201203/173969

ugly duckling 丑小鸭;小时曾被家人视为笨丑而长大后才貌出众的人或先遭鄙视后被重视的事物Elizabeth was an ugly duckling when she was a child, but now she is a beauty and becomes a famous film star. 伊丽莎白小时候是个丑小鸭,但是现在她是一个大美人,还是一个著名的影星。  egg-head 知识分子;书呆子;自以为有学问的人 Robert is an egg-head. He thinks that he knows everything. 罗勃特是一个自以为有学问的人,他以为他什么都知道。◎点击播放器下方“进入MP3进入下载界面”可下载音频◎ /201107/146553

第一, 迷你对话A: You must promise not to breathe a word about it to her. Then I will tell you.你必须答应我不能把此事告诉她,否则,我就不告诉你。B: Why should we keep it secret from her. She is your cousin.我们为什么要对她保密?她是你的表呀。A: If she knows she will give mouth to it.如果她知道了,她会说出去的。B: I see now. I promise. Tell me.我现在明白了,我答应你,那你告诉我吧。第二, 地道表达give mouth to1. 解词释义Give mouth to的意思是“把……说出去,泄露出去”。2. 拓展范例e.g. The police urged the criminal to give mouth to everything.警察督促犯人坦白说出一切。e.g. Dont fear to give mouth to the truth.不要害怕说出真情。e.g. I am going to give mouth to what I think of him openly and publicly.我要公开、坦然地说出我对他的看法。e.g. John wanted to give mouth to it, but Mary told him to keep his lip buttoned.约翰有意说出, 但玛丽要他守口如瓶。第三, 咬文嚼字breath a word:说出,泄露e.g. Im telling you this in confidence so don t breathe a word of it.我现在告诉你这件事是个秘密,千万不可外传.e.g. Think about what I have told you; but above all, dont breathe a word of it to Henry.考虑一下我对你说的话,但总之,对亨利一句也不透露。e.g. Dont breathe a word about this for the time being.这事暂时不要嚷嚷出去。e.g. I should like to hear a man breathe a word against her.看谁敢说她一句坏话。keep something secret :对……保密e.g. You can speak quite freely in front of me. I promise you to keep secret what you say to me.你有话可以坦率地对我说,我保帮你保密。e.g. She has blurted out everything they wanted to keep secret.她把他们要保密的事情全讲出去了。 /201602/425696

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