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襄樊市第二人民医院妇科整形多少钱襄樊市专业治阴茎生殖器疱疹白癜风医院第53期:商务拜访对不起,请问这是纺织公司的办公室吗?Excuse me, is this the office of the Textile Corporation?For example:A: Excuse me, is this the office of the Textile Corporation?对不起,请问这是纺织公司的办公室吗?B: Yes, what can I do for you?是的,有什么事能帮您吗?我来自BBS贸易公司。Im from BBS Trade Company.For example:A: Im from BBS Trade Company.我来自 BBS 贸易公司。B: Welcome to our corporation. Im in charge of the export business.欢迎光临我们公司。我负责出口业务。我是来与您探讨一下与贵公司建立业务关系的可能性的。Im here do discuss the possibility of establishing business relations with your corporation.For example:A: Im here do discuss the possibility of establishing business relationswith your corporation.我是来与您探讨一下与贵公司建立业务关系的可能性的。B: Wed be very glad to do so.我们很高兴这样做。establish business relation 建立业务关系请问有何事?Is there anything I can help you with?For example:A: Is there anything I can help you with?请问有何事?B: I would like to see your general manager to introduce our new products.我要见你们总经理,介绍我们的新产品。我只是顺便来看看你。I just dropped in to say hello.For example:A: Hi,Mr. Henry! Come in,please.你好,亨利先生。里边请。B: I just dropped in to say hello.我只是顺便来看看你。drop in顺便拜访我希望不会耽误你的工作。I hope Im not keeping you from your work.您不忙吗?Arent you busy?For example:A: Arent you busy? 您不忙吗?B: No, of course not. Come in, please.不,一点儿也不忙。请进。布莱克先生在家吗?Is Mr. Blake at home?Is Mr. Blake in?For example:A: Is Mr. Blake at home?布莱克先生在家吗?B: Yes, sir. He is in,是的,先生,他在。请问贵姓?Whom shall I announce?What name shall I say?你是想见张先生吗?Do you want to see Mr. Zhang?For example:A: Do you want to see Mr. Zhang?你是想见张先生吗?B: Yes, if he is free.是的,如果他有空的话。我有重要的事情谈。Ive got something very important to talk about.我相信我们从前没见过面。I dont believe weve met before.For example:A: I dont believe weve met before.我相信我们从前没见过面。B: No, I dont think we have.是的,我想是没有。关于我们的业务,您建议我应该跟谁谈?Do you have any suggestions about whom I should speak with regarding sales?For example:A: Do you have any suggestions about whom I should speak with regarding sales?关于我们的业务,您建议我应该跟谁谈?B: Actually, the woman who does our purchasing is in a meeting now.事实上,帮我们做采购的那位女士正在开会。 /201503/363024襄阳好的痘痘医院 第一句:Mr. Smith, when can you make the final confirmation?史密斯先生,您什么时候可以最后确认?A: Mr. Smith, when can you make the final confirmation?史密斯先生,您什么时候可以最后确认?B: We need time.我们需要时间。A: Yes, but the time is limited.是的,但是我们的时间有限。B: You are right. So we will work it out as soon as possible.您说得对。我们会尽早给您回复。第二句:When would suit you?您觉得什么时候可以呢?A: When would suit you?您觉得什么时候可以呢?B: What about the following week?下周怎么样?A: Is that the deadline?是最后的期限吗?B: Can you manage it?可以吗?其他表达法:Shall we say 14 February? 2月14日怎么样?Did you have a time in mind? 您有合适的时间吗?如果受到邀请参加一个排定座位的会议,最好等着将自己引导到座位上去。通常会议主席坐在离会议门口最远的桌子末端。主席两边是为参加公司会议的客人和拜访者的座位,或是给高级管理人员、助理坐的,以便能帮助主席分发有关材料、接受指示或完成主席在会议中需要做的事情。 /201209/201945星型典句:第一句:Mr. Green, I am calling to inform you the goods we received are in bad condition.格林先生,我打电话想告知您贵方的货物抵达我方时受损很严重。A: Mr. Green, I am calling to inform you the goods we received are in bad condition.格林先生,我打电话想告知您贵方的货物抵达我方时受损很严重。B: Im sorry to hear that.我方对此感到很抱歉。A: We claim for compensation.我方要求赔偿。第二句:I think after we make an investigation of the matter, well consider the allowance.我想在做了调查之后我们再决定补偿事宜。A: According to the contract, we should offer you the allowance for the next shipment.根据合同我们应该在下次发货时给你们补偿。B: Yes.是的。A: I think after we make an investigation of the matter, well consider the allowance.我想在做了调查之后我们再决定补偿事宜。B: OK.好的。其他表达法:按索赔的当事人分类,承包商与业主之间的索赔,总包与分包之间的索赔。承包商与供应商之间的索赔。承包商与保险公司或运输公司之间的索赔。The shipment documents can prove that the goods, when shipped, were in perfect condition.船务文件可以明我方货物在装船时处于完好状态。Your proposal to settle the claim is satisfactory. Well take it.贵方的索赔提议很令人满意。我们接受。 /201212/216817襄阳谷城县人民中心医院做流产多少钱

襄阳市中心医院妇科检查多少钱襄樊治疗男性前列腺炎的男子医院 这里所讲的个人资料是一个应征者的基本信息,虽然是一些很简单的问题,但是正是根据这些信息,主考官可以初步断定应试者是否符合他们的要求。 BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达1) What is your name,please?请问,你叫什么名字?2) Can you tell me what your full name is, please?能把你的全名告诉我吗?3) How do you spell your full name?你的全名怎么拼写?4) I was born on June 22,1980.我生于1980年6月22日。5) You look very young.How old are you?你看上去很年轻,你多大了?6) I am just over twenty-two.我刚过22岁。7) Where are you from?你是哪里人?8) Where is your native place?你的籍贯是哪里?9) Where do you live now?你现在住哪里?10) I live at 606 Zhongguancun Road, Apt 802,Beijing.我住在北京市中关村大街606号,802单元。11) Can you tell me something about your family?能介绍一下你的家庭情况吗?12) Are you married?你结婚了吗?13) How long have you been married?你结婚多长时间了?14) I have been married for two years.我结婚两年了。CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: What is your name, please?A: My name is Sun lin.I: How old are you?A: I am twenty-five years old.I: May I ask your birth date?A: Yes, my birth date is September 22, 1977.I: Where do you live now?A: I live at 606 Zhongguancun Road, Apt 802,Beijing.I: Then tell me your birthplace.A: My birthplace is Nanjing.I: Ok,I know you are not a resident of Beijing. Where is your domicile place then?A: My domicile place is Nanjing,too.I: 请问,你叫什么名字?A: 我叫孙林。I: 你多大了?A: 25岁。I: 我可以问问你的生日吗?A: 可以,我的生日是1977年9月22日。I: 你现在住哪里呢?A: 我住北京市中关村大街606号,802单元。I: 你的出生地是?A: 我的出生地是南京。I: 好的,我知道你不是北京人。那你的原籍是哪里?A: 我的原籍也是南京。Dialogue 2I: Mr.Sun,would you mind if I ask you some questions, which may sound impolite?A: Ah,never mind, please.I: Can you tell me how old you are?A: I am 25 years old.I: Are you married?A: No, I am still single.I: Can you tell me something about your family?A: Ok.There are four persons in my family, my parents, my elder sister and me.I: 孙先生,我可以问你几个听起来可能不是很有礼貌的问题吗?A: 啊,没关系,请问吧。I: 你能告诉我你多大了吗?A: 我25岁了。I: 你结婚了吗?A: 没有,我还是单身。I: 那你能告诉我你家里的一些情况吗?A: 好的,我家四口人,我父母,我和我。Dialogue 3I: Tell me a little bit about yourself, please.A: My name is Sunlin and I live in Beijing. I was born in 1980. I will graduate from Peking University this July. I have majored in accounting. I: Would you tell me something about your family?A: There are three in my family, my parents and myself. My father is a teacher and my mother is a worker.I: 能告诉我一些你自己的情况吗?A: 我叫孙林,住在北京。我出生于1980年。今年七月将从北京大学毕业,我主修的专业是会计学。I: 能说说你的家庭情况吗?A: 我们家三口人,我父母和我。我父亲是一位教师,我母亲是一名工人。 /200602/4193襄州区人民医院打胎多少钱

襄阳市四医院妇科专家good egg 好人英文释义 Slang expression describing a pleasant, reliable person who is willing to cooperate with other people in a friendly way.例句 At family parties we tell a lot of jokes about my cousin, but he is a good egg and he always laughs and never feels resentful.在家庭集会上,我们讲了很多有关堂兄的笑话,但他是个好人,总是哈哈大笑,从来不发火。 /201207/189502 I think we may be able to work together in the future. 我想也许将来我们可以合作. /201001/94926襄阳市哪家医院做人流比较好枣阳市第一人民医院做体检多少钱



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