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Discussion: Eating healthy at McDonald's?Two experts discuss on CN whether the Big Mac is really watching out for customers' waist size, or just making them feel better about fast foodA big night, for CN, too, at nine PM Eastern Time, a new documentary called Big Mac inside the McDonald’s empire is gonna make its long anticipated debut. If you remember when Carl was out for a while, we said on assignment, on assignment, on assignment. He was doing this. And it is good, Carl Kintunia, the CN team got an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look at the golden arches and you don’t wanna miss it. That’s tonight at 9 pm Eastern time. Mc Donald’s has got a great length to expand beyond burgers and fries, but has this fast food giant answered its critics when it comes to nutrition? Here now to weigh in, Jason Tre, no, Jason West, not Jason Trenner. You are not gonna talk about it /? No, did Carl gain any weight? He did, he was on assignment. We said weigh in for Jason. Jason, you are seeing, a restaurant analyst at Deutsche Bank, North America. And Margo Wootan. She is a nutrition policy director at the Center for Science and Public Interest. Um, Let me start with you, Jason. Is it nutritional now or are people going just because they like the taste?Um, I mean, I think they have increased the nutritional options on the , but I think overall what they've really changed is the quality of the food and people, I think more will go on because improvement in the quality and taste. And they have also increased, you know, the overall brand perception. It’s not just about the but they have also remodeled a good percentage of the restaurants which makes it a better customer experience overall.Phil Lebeau, I'm sorry, you are there as well today. I am. Joe. You do it all. You do Boeing, you do Mac Donald’s. What’s your take on this?I think that Mac Donald’s continues to get a bit of a bomb wrap when it comes to nutritional value. Listen, they have added a number of items to the that are healthier choices. And whenever they add these, and we have reported on these stories. The first thing I hear either hear from people, or I get an email from somebody is saying, yeah, but they still serve a bunch of junk food. They can’t, they can’t win here. They make more offerings that are nutritionally based or healthier and people beg on them. If they don’t make those offerings, people beg on them. But the bottom line is I do think that Mac Donald’s add offers more healthy choices than they did five, ten years ago. Alright, Margo, what do you think of what Phil just said?Well, I think Mac Donald’s is doing a much better job than say Burger King in adding more healthy items to the . Some fruits and vegetables. And working to reduce the amount of trans-fat. So they are making some progress. But they still have some work to do. I think one of the biggest problems with Mac Donald’s right now is that they have been fighting efforts at the state and local level to have calories listed right on the board so that people can make their own choices. So that people can see that their grilled chicken breast sandwich actually has as many calories as the quarter pounder, or that the Egg Mock-Muffin sandwich has half the calories of the pancakes. Right now it’s hard to make an informed choice because they mostly put the nutrition information on the tray liner or on the fast food packages which people don’t get until after they have ordered. Jason, this is Jason Trenner from Stratikers. I just have a quick question. I mean, you know, we all do respect Margo, you know, as an investor I would say who cares what the nutritional value that Mac Donald’s 's offering is. Are the margins better on this stuff, I mean some people might say that Mac Donald’s has too many things on the , maybe they should just focus on burgers and chicken sandwiches and shakes, and forget all those other stuff, toys and all the things that have been on the for so long.But it brings people into the restaurant. I know as a mom, I used to hate going to Mac Donald’s with my daughter coz there was nothing for me to order. Now at least there are some things that appeal to people who are more health conscious. And you know, Americans are trying harder to eat better these days.Jason. Yeah, go ahead Jason. I think that’s exactly right. I think that’s right. We actually did a consumer survey with Deutsche Bank. Looking at where consumers rank healthy choices when they go out to eat, healthy choices actually rank No.7 out of 12, you know, factors of importance so it ranked fairly low but among women, it actually ranked pretty high, actually much more important for women than men. And I think Mac Donald’s recognized this a long time ago, and they started selling more salads, they started adding more healthy options to the Happy Meals. What they've found is that the Happy Meal average ticket is actually up. They found that women are more likely to go there and so I think they are driving the traffic, they are driving the ticket up which is really what investors want to see. You know, investors are particularly worried about the, you know the nutritional value of the , they just want to see ticket traffic moving up.Alright,uh, thank you Margo, and Jason, I am sorry I said West, I don’t, I am looking at, yes, I didn’t say that anywhere, I just it wrong, Jason West. Very sorry, of Deutsche Bank North America.And our own Phil Lebeau, who, uh, I know I listen to you on Boeing, but I also think you probably know a lot about Mac Donald’s too. Every once a while, a blind squirrel finds a nut.Alright. Thanks, thank you.Notes:Every once a while, a blind squirrel finds a nut: or (even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while), means everyone has a bit of luck sometimes. 02/61794

1912年4月15日凌晨,号称“永不沉没的巨轮”泰坦尼克号在驶往北美洲的处女航中不幸撞到冰山,很快沉没在冰冷的北大西洋中,致使近两千名乘客和船员葬身鱼腹。这次沉船事件,成为世界航海史上最大的灾难。90多年来,“泰坦尼克”号沉没的真正原因,一直是人们探索的焦点。许多探索者著书立说,试图揭开这一谜团,然而由于种种条件的限制,至今无法获得令人信的结论。然而这里要告诉大家的是,这场事故是由于一连串的错误导致的,包括设计缺陷,人为操作和判断失误等,这些都注定了这艘当时最大的游艇及其乘客和船员的可悲命运。这一连串错误少了任何一环,历史可能都将被改写。We'd better get to start getting passengers into the______, Sir? Sir?Yes, women and children first. Yes, let's do that.Sir.And then my mother had to say goodbye to my father. They'd only married about four years and so she was so brokenhearted then. She would never sweep about it. Because I was small, they couldn't hold me and had to put me in a sack. Women and children only,sir.Lightoller interprets Captain Smith's orders as women and children only. And that allowed unnecessary death, caused unnecessary deaths. Ismay is on the starboard deck, helping women and children getting into the last lifeboat. Did you see how many passengers were putting into this life boat?No, I did not see at the time.Did she appear to be fulled?She was very full, very full. After all these women and children were in it. Pull it away. And after all the people that around the deck got in, I got in the shows being load away. There was no order to you to get in?No,none. Ismay is one of the few men to take a place in the lifeboats. The last of the 16 wooden lifeboats leaves with 1700 people left on board. The ship can stay______ for only 30 more minutes. Men you have done your full duty. You can do nothing more. Abandon your Cabin. It's every man for himself now. 回帖话题:听完这篇文章后,文中怎样讲诉泰坦尼克号的沉船事件?文章中空缺的单词都是什么呢?201109/154498

Space exploration太空探索The end of the Space Age太空时代的结束Inner space is useful. Outer space is history 研究内太空才有用,让外太空研究成为历史Jun 30th 2011 | from the print edition HOW big is the Earth? Any encyclopedia will give you an answer: its equatorial diameter is 12,756km, or, for those who prefer to think that way, 7,926 miles. Ah, but then there is the atmosphere. Should that count? Perhaps the planet’s true diameter is actually nearer 13,000km, including all its air. But even that may no longer be an adequate measure. For the Earth now reaches farther still. The vacuum surrounding it buzzes with artificial satellites, forming a sort of technosphere beyond the atmosphere. Most of these satellites circle only a few hundred kilometres above the planet’s solid surface. Many, though, form a ring like Saturn’s at a distance of 36,000km, the place at which an object takes 24 hours to orbit the Earth and thus hovers continuously over the same point of the planet.地球有多大?任何一本百科全书都会给你:赤道直径是12,756公里,或者,用英里来表达7,926英里。嗯,但是大气层有多大呢?也能计算吗? 包括空气(大气层)在内,地球的直径可能接近13,000公里。甚至连这个数据也不够充分。因为现在地球的变化太大(远离平静的状态)。包围大气层的外部空间人造卫星来去匆匆,形成一个在大气层外面的所谓技术层。大部分卫星绕行高度离地球地表仅几百公里。然而,在距地球36,000公里的轨道上物体绕转地球一周的时间为24小时,这个物体飞行时持续面对的是地球上的不变的同一个点,这样许多地球同步卫星的运行会形成一个类似的土星环。Viewed this way, the Earth is quite a lot larger than the traditional textbook answer. And viewed this way, the Space Age has been a roaring success. Telecommunications, weather forecasting, agriculture, forestry and even the search for minerals have all been revolutionised. So has warfare. No power can any longer mobilise its armed forces in secret. The exact location of every building on the planet can be known. And satellite-based global-positioning systems will guide a smart bomb to that location on demand.从这个方面看,地球比传统的教科书上的回答其实要大很多。这样看来,太空时代已经有了相当的成功。电信业,天气预测,农业,林业,甚至是在矿藏搜寻方面都有了彻底变革。战争也同样如此,再也没有政府能秘密地调兵遣将。这颗星球上的每一幢建筑物的位置都能被精确掌握。基于卫星的全球定位系统能按要求指引智能炸弹到达目标。201107/143344

Bush Establishes Huge Pacific Marine Sanctuary布什将太平洋大片海域定为保护区  U.S. President George Bush is launching one of the biggest conservation efforts in the world. He is designating large tracts of the Pacific as national monuments - meaning they are protected from commercial fishing, mining and other uses. 美国总统布什发起世界上最大的环境保护努力之一。他把太平洋大片海域规定为国家自然保护区,在这些海域禁止商业、采矿和其他商业活动。With just two weeks left in office, the president has taken action to safeguard parts of three remote Pacific island chains that are U.S. possessions. 目前离布什卸任还有两个星期。布什总统采取行动,保护属于美国属地的3个偏远的太平洋群岛。All will be designated as marine national monuments under provisions of the 1906 Antiquities Act, which is used to protect scientific and historical sites.  布什总统根据1906通过的古迹法的规定把这些海域划定为国家海洋保护区。"The monuments will prohibit resource destruction or extraction, waste dumping and commercial fishing," President Bush said. 布什总统说:“这些保护区确立以后,将禁止摧毁和开采资源。禁止倾倒废物和商业。”President Bush says the goal is to keep these delicate ecosystems intact, while gradually opening them up to scientific research and recreation. "For sea birds and marine life, they will be sanctuaries to grow and thrive. For scientists, they will be places to expand the frontiers of discovery. And for the American people they will be places that honor our duty to be good stewards of the Almighty's creation," he said. 布什说:“对海鸟和海洋生物来说,这些地区将成为生长和繁衍的保护区。对科学家来说,这些地区将成为扩展新发现的边界地带。对美国人民来说,它们将成为让我们履行我们作为上帝造物守护人的职责的地方。”Freedom of the seas will be unaffected in the three monument sites, as will U.S. military operations. President Bush says the military will also keep watch out for those who violate restrictions in the protected areas. 在3个保护区,海上自由通行不会受到影响。美国的军事活动也不会受到影响。布什总统说,美国军方将继续监视在受保护的地区违反规定的活动。White House officials say these locations are among the last pristine marine areas left on Earth. The three new marine monuments together equal an area roughly the size of Spain and are made up islands, reefs, atolls and underwater mountain ranges that are home to countless species. 白宫官员说,这3个地区是地球上最后保存下来的原始海洋的一部分。这三个新的海洋保护区的总面积大致相当于西班牙。这3个地区有岛屿、暗礁、珊瑚礁和海底山脉。在那里生活着无数的物种。President Bush notes the protected zones include parts of the Mariana Trench - the world's deepest canyon.  布什总统指出,受保护的地区包括马利亚纳海沟的一部分,那是世界上最深的海沟。"This unique geological region is five times longer than the Grand Canyon. It is deeper than Mount Everest is tall. It supports life in some of the harshest conditions imaginable," he said. 布什说:“这个独特的地质构造比美国的大峡谷长4倍。它的深度超过珠穆朗玛峰的高度。这个海沟持着在人们能够想象的最严酷的生存条件下生活的生物。”Aides to the president say Mr. Bush has protected more of the marine environment than any of his predecessors. And some environmentalists agree he has ushered in a new era of ocean conservation in the ed States. 总统的助手说,布什保护的海洋环境规模超过他所有的前任。有些环保人士同意,布什揭开了美国海洋保护的新时代。But others argue his efforts to protect the oceans must be weighed against his stands on other environmental issues, such as climate change and oil drilling on land.  但是也有人认为,在看到布什保护海洋的努力的同时,不应忘记他在其他环保问题上的保守立场。比如布什在气候变化和在美国大陆开采石油问题上的立场。"The Bush presidency will be seen as a dark period for environmental issues. Really across the board, whether it be domestic regulations, but certainly the global issue of climate change, President Bush sought to take the country backward," said Chris Flavin, Director of the Worldwatch Institute.But Bush administration officials say that is just not so, that the 43rd president of the ed States can be proud of his efforts to protect the air, seas and land. 但是布什政府官员表示,情况并非如此。他们说,布什这位美国第43任总统可以为他保护空气、海洋和陆地的努力感到骄傲。01/60670

Embassy representatives in Washington, D.C., work regularly with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and U.S. officials at the State Department.各国驻华盛顿使馆的代表定期跟美国国会议员和国务院官员一道工作。Nearly four dozen of them also extend their diplomatic efforts into city schools. They visit hundreds of 5th and 6th graders in D.C. classrooms, as part of the Embassy Adoption Program.不过,有40个大使馆也花时间走访华盛顿特区各学校的5年级和6年级学生。这就是使馆认养项目。Getting to know youIn one classroom at Aiton Elementary School, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia is hosting a fashion show. Staffer Tarik Allagany explains the different types of robes and head scarves as students model traditional Saudi dress. 在爱顿小学校的一间教室里,沙特阿拉伯使馆正在主持一个时装表演。充当模特儿的学生展示传统的沙特装,使馆工作人员塔利克.阿拉加尼讲解各种不同的长袍和头巾。"They put patterns on them," he says. "Anything that they see in the desert - colors, flowers."“衣上有各种图案,包括人们在沙漠看到的任何东西,任何颜色和花草。”The 5th grade class is part of the Embassy Adoption Program, which matches embassies with classrooms in the nation’s capital. Each year, the program gives thousands of youngsters a unique, inside look at another country and its culture. 这个5年级的班是使馆认养项目的一部分。认养项目把使馆跟美国首都的一些班级结成对子,每年都给数以千计的儿童一个独特机会,了解另一个国家及其文化。After their fashion show, the Aiton students munch on sweet dates, and ask Allagany about other aspects of Saudi life.时装表演之后,爱顿小学的学生们大口大口地吃着蜜枣,并且向阿拉加尼了解沙特生活的其他方面。"Who's the first Muslim in the world?" asks one student.“谁是世界上第一个穆斯林?”"That would be Prophet Mohammed," Allagany answers.“那是先知穆罕默德。”Allagany wants students to know about the relationship between the ed States and Saudi Arabia which, he says, is not just about oil. 阿拉加尼希望学生们了解美国和沙特阿拉伯之间关系不仅限于石油。"We have the cultural ties, the educational ties, the healthcare ties, even the social ties and I haven't even touched on the political alliances between our two countries." 他说:“我们有文化关系,教育关系,医疗关系,乃至社会关系。我还没谈到两国的政治联盟呢。”201102/125990

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