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And so Oliver went to work.于是Oliver开始研究He systematically examined the fossil他系统地检测了化石looking for even the tiniest differences to dinosaurs in the north.寻找与北方恐龙的任何一点微小差别He made many measurements of the bones.他进行了大量骨骼测量工作Then he used a computer programme to compare them to other fossils from the Northern Hemisphere and at last he found something.然后用计算机程序将它们与北半球化石进行比较,最后,他终于有了发现It was to do with the upper leg bone, the femur.它是在大腿骨上,也就是股骨Oliver saw the radioactive dinosaur had a distinctive bulge near the top of the femur,Oliver发现放射性的恐龙股骨顶部有一个特别的隆起but when he examined femurs from the Northern Hemisphere, there was no bulge.而当它分析北半球恐龙的股骨时,却没有这个隆起。It was exactly the kind of tiny anatomical difference hed been looking for.这就是他一直苦苦寻找的微小的解剖学差异So what the analysis of this animal tells us is that obviously the continental break up这些动物的分析结果表明陆地分离显然really had a profound impact on the diversification of the dinosaurs. It was a clear sign.对恐龙的多样化有着深远的影响。这是一个明显的据。Dinosaurs in the south were beginning to evolve separately to those in the north.南北方恐龙分别开始独自进化It was vicariance in action.这就是地理分隔的作用。201706/515711In this American English pronunciation , were going to go over how to pronounce the word AT in a sentence.I love reductions.在这节美式英语发音课上,我们将要学习句子中的单词“at”如何发音。我爱略读。As you probably know, there are lots of words in American English that will sound different in the context of a sentence then they do on their own.你们可能知道,美式英语里面面有很多单词,在句子中的发音和单独发音有所不同。AT is one of these words. On its own, it has the AA as in BAT vowel and the true T.At.(loop two times)“at”就是这样一个单词。单独发音时,它是“bat”中的aa元音和清音T。“at”(循环两次)But in a sentence, it will often reduce to the schwa vowel. The final T will either be a stop T or a flap T depending on the next sound.但是在一句话中,它经常略读为弱读音。而结尾的“t”则根据后面单词的发音来决定是停顿T还是闪音T。If the next sound is a consonant, then it will be a stop T.If the next sound is a vowel or a diphthong, then it will be a flap T.如果后面单词的首字母是辅音,则是停顿T。如果是元音或者双元音,则是闪音T。Lets take a look at some sentence fragments.我们来看一些句子片段。First, at my(loop two times). The word after the word at begins with the M consonant. So the T here is a stop T.At (loop four times), at my(loop two times).首先,“at my”(循环两次)。单词“at”后面的词首字母是辅音M,因此这里是停顿T。“at”(循环四次),“at my”(循环两次)。At a(loop two times) The sound after the word at here is the schwa sound, a vowel. So the ending T will be a flap T.At a (loop four times).“at a”(循环两次)单词“at”后面的音是弱读元音,因此结尾是闪音T。“at a”(循环四次)Now lets look at some full sentences.现在我们来看一些完整的句子。Ill be at school. At(loop two times), the word after the word at here is school, beginning with a consonant, so the T will be a stop T.At school(loop two times). Ill be at school.Ill be at school. “at”(循环两次)这里单词“at”后面的词是“school”,开头是辅音,所以是停顿T。“at school”(循环两次)Ill be at school.Also, are you noticing how fast the word is?As a function word, as a reduced word, its very fast: at (loop three times).另外,你有注意到这个单词的发音有多快吗?作为一个功能词和略读词,这个词发音很快,“at”(循环三次)This provides nice rhythmic contrast in the sentence to the stressed syllables.这就和句子中的重读音节形成了很鲜明的节奏比较。For example, at school (loop three times). Theyre both one syllable, but the word at, much quicker than the word school. At school.例如,“at school”(循环三次)。这两个单词都只有一个音节,但是单词“at”比“school”的发音快很多。At school.Ill be at her house. The next word, after the word “at”, is the word “her”. But Im dropping the H to reduce that word, so the next sound is actually the schwa sound.Ill be at her house. 单词“at”后面的单词是“her”,但是我省略了“h”来进行略读,所以下一个发音实际上是弱读元音。That means the T will be a flap T.At her(loop three times). Ill be at her house.(loop two times)这意味着结尾是闪音T。“at her”(循环三次)。Ill be at her house.(循环两次)I got it at the corner store. At the(loop two times). So the word after the word at begins with a consonant, therefore the T is a stop T.At the(loop two times). I got it at the corner store.I got it at the corner store. “at the”(循环两次)。单词“at”后面的首字母是辅音,因此结尾是停顿T。“at the”(循环两次)。I got it at the corner store.Im going to be at Annas until 6. At Annas(loop two times). The next word begins with a vowel sound, so the T is a flap T.At Annas. Im going to be at Annas until 6.Im going to be at Annas until 6. “At Annas. ”(循环两次)。下一个单词以元音开头,所以T是闪音T。At Annas. Im going to be at Annas until 6.Im busy at the moment. At the(loop two times). Again, the next word, the, begins with a consonant, so its a stop T.At the(loop two times). Im busy at the moment.Im busy at the moment.“at the”(循环两次)下一个单词“the”开头是辅音,因此这里是停顿T。“at the”(循环两次)Im busy at the moment.I hope youll notice when native speakers do this and start doing it yourself.我希望当母语者这样说时你能注意到并且你自己也开始这样说。Integrating the reduced at into your speech will help smooth out the line, and also add some nice rhythmic contrast to the longer, stressed syllables in a sentence.将略读“at”融入于你的讲话中将会使你的讲话更流利,并且和句子中长的重读音节形成节奏对比。201706/515050

原味人文风情:Ugh! Not again!哦!不是吧!5 Common British English Expressions五个常见的英式英文用语Thank you!感激不尽!Hi, guys! Its me. Um, Im here in sunny London—thats British sarcasm there. Its extremely cold today. Um, but I wanted to talk to you about some of the common British expressions that I hear and use more or less every day. So, lets get started!嗨,大家!是我。嗯,我人在晴空万里的伦敦--那是英式嘲讽。今天冷到不行。嗯,不过我想和你们聊聊一些常见的英式用语,我差不多每天都会听到和用到那些说法。那么,我们开始吧!So, the first one is ;All right?; And this really means ;Hello. How are you?; Some people get confused and think it means ;Is everything okay?; Really, its a very general question. Its a nice way of greeting somebody. So if you hear someone in the street say ;All right?; you can say ;Yeah! How are you?; as a response.第一个是「All right?」而这真正的意思是「哈囉。你好吗?」有些人会被搞糊涂然后以为这是在说「一切都还好吧?」但实际上,这是一个很笼统的问题。它是用来问候人的好方法。所以如果你听到街上的人说「All right?」,你可以说「很好!你好吗?」来作为回应。Okay, so the next one is ;Im easy.; And this would be something you use when somebody asks you to make a decision and you dont really mind. ;Would you prefer Italian or Chinese food tonight?; ;Im easy.; It means ;I dont really mind.;好,下一个是「Im easy」。这一个会用在别人要你作决定,但你其实并不在意的时候。「你今晚想吃义式料理还是中式料理?」「我都可以。」这代表「我其实不在意。」Okay, the next one is ;on about,; and this means ;talking about.;Okay? So, if I say, ;Whats he on about?; Im really saying, ;Whats he talking about?; Okay? It can be used quite negatively. So if someones talking too much, you can say, ;Whats he on about?;好,下一个是「on about」,这一个代表「讨论」。可以吗?那么,如果我说:「Whats he on about?」我其实是在说:「他在说什么啊?」好吗?这可以被用在满负面的地方。如果有人话太多了,你就可以说:「他到底在说什么啊?」So, my personal favorite of this list is ;Bobs your uncle!; And this, if youre not familiar with the phrase, may sound ridiculous, and it is.Uh...were a little bit crazy here in the UK. Um, but ;Bobs your uncle; is a phrase we use to conclude a set of instructions, like, for example, making a cup of tea. You need to boil the water, you need to add it to a cup, you need to add a tea bag, you need to let it brew,you then need to take the tea bag out, and then add some milk and sugar to taste, and then...Bobs your uncle! Youve made a cup of tea!.我自己在这个清单里最喜欢的一个是「Bobs your uncle」!如果你和这句不熟的话,这听起来可能会满荒谬的,而它真的很荒谬。呃...我们英国这里有点脑筋不正常。嗯,不过「Bobs your uncle」是一个我们用来总结一串指示的说法,象是,举例来说,泡一杯茶。你需要烧开水、需要把水倒到杯子、你需要加茶包、你得让茶包泡一泡,接着你需要把茶包拿出来,再加一些牛奶和糖调味,然后...就完成了!你泡好一杯茶了!Okay! So this last one ;easy-peasy; is something I used to say quite a lot when I was a child, but I might still say it every now and again now. Um, this means that somethings really easy. Um, the full rhyme is ;easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.; Okay. I dont recommend that you use this phrase in a job interview, but for general fun and general conversations, its absolutely fine. ;So, how was the exam?;;It was easy-peasy.; And then if you really want to go for it, ;It was easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.;好!最后一个「easy-peasy」是我以前小时候满常说的词,不过我现在可能偶尔还是会用到。嗯,这代表某件事非常容易。嗯,完整的押韵句是「easy-peasy, lemon squeezy」。好。我不建议你在工作面试时用这个词组,不过想要好玩还有平常说话时,这样讲完全没问题。「考试考得怎样啊?」「很简单。」如果你真的想要这样说的话,「那真是 easy-peasy, lemon squeezy。」Thank you for watching this short and fun little lesson today. Try and use these phrases that Ive taught you at some point today, and see the kind of reactions youll get from your English teachers. If you like my s, then subscribe to my channel and, also, like my Facebook page, which should be here. And I hope to see you very soon! Bye-bye!谢谢你收看今天这短短又有趣的一课。今天找个时间试着用我教你的这些说法,看看你的英文老师会有什么反应。如果你喜欢我的影片,那就订阅我的频道,另外还有帮我的 Facebook 页面按赞,连结应该在这。希望很快可以看到你们!掰掰!201705/507518

  原味人文风情:So, if youre like me, you probably have at least a few bad habits you would like to break.如果你和我一样,你可能至少有几个想改掉的坏习惯。But its tough because no matter how hard I try, I seem to slip back into the same old routines again and again.不过那很难,因为不管我多努力尝试,我似乎一次又一次地重蹈覆辙。In the last decade, weve learned a lot about how habits work.过去十年来,我们对习惯的运作有许多了解。Thats Charles Duhigg, author of the book The Power of Habit.那是 Charles Duhigg,《习惯的力量》那本书的作者。And in particular weve learned the neurological structure of a habit.而我们特别认识到习惯的神经结构。He says that we tend to think of habits as a single thing, but actually...他说我们往往把习惯想成单独一件事,但事实上...Each habit has three components: Theres a cue, which is like a trigger for a behavior to start.每个习惯都有三项构成要素:有提示,那就像触发一个行为开始的东西。And then theres a routine, which is the behavior itself.然后是惯性行为,也就是行为本身。And then, finally, a reward, which is how our brain learns to encode that automatic behavior for the future.接着最后,奖励,也就是我们的大脑如何为未来学习替那自发行为编码。And one of the big differences is that for years, when people thought about habits, they focused in on the routine, on the behavior.其中一个最大的差异是,几年来,当人们想到习惯时,他们专注在惯性行为、行为上面。But what we now know is that its these cues and these rewards that really shape how habits occur and how to change them.不过我们现在知道,这些提示和这些奖励,它们才是真正构成习惯形成和改变习惯的方法。And Charles says that whether we like it or not, this kind of habit formation is endemic to our brain.Charles 表示,无论我们喜不喜欢,这种习惯形成是我们的大脑特有的。And what it will do is our brain will latch on to a cue that it associates with a behavior and a particular reward.它的作用是,我们的大脑会抓住一个提示,一个大脑连结到某个行为和特定奖励的提示。And over time, that cue and that reward become more and more and more, sort of, intertwined.随时间过去,那提示和那奖励会变得有点越来越纠缠在一起。A particular part of your brain named the basal ganglia will relate them together.你脑内一个称为基底核的特定区块会将它们连结在一起。And the behavior thats associated with that, that will just sort of happen automatically.而和那相关的行为,那就会有点不自觉地发生。But Charles says the good news is we can also use this knowledge to our advantage.不过 Charles 表示,好消息是我们可以善用这项知识。There was a big study that was done about how to create exercise habits.有一个关于如何养成运动习惯的重大研究。And so what they did is they told a group of people, ;Okay, first of all, choose an obvious cue.他们所做的事是告诉一群人:「好,首先,选一个明显的提示。Always go running at the same time every day or put your workout clothes next to your bed so that you see them first thing when you wake up.;每天都在同样时间去跑步,或把运动放在床边,好让你起床第一眼就看到它们。」And then they said, ;And then go for a run or go workout. And when you get back from exercising, give yourself a small piece of chocolate.;接着他们说:「然后去跑步或健身。在你运动完回来时,给自己一小块巧克力。」Now, this is kind of counterintuitive, right? Because people who are exercising are trying to lose weight, not eat more chocolate.现在,这有点违反直觉,对吧?因为运动的人是在试着减重,不是吃更多巧克力。And yet what the researchers knew is that their brain needed that reward.然而研究者所知的事情是,他们的大脑需要那奖励。Their basal ganglia needed some reward.他们的脑部基底核需要一些奖励。And what they found was that people who ate a small piece of chocolate after coming home from a run or a workout, they were much more likely to start exercising habitually.他们发现人们,跑步或健身完回家有吃一小块巧克力的人,他们比较有可能开始规律运动。So, according to Charles, whether you want to break a habit or start a new habit, the key is to divide the habit into its component parts: cue, routine, and reward, and design it for the result that you want.所以,根据 Charles 所说,无论你是想改掉一个习惯,或开始养成一个新习惯,关键是将习惯划分成它的构成要素:提示、惯性行为以及奖励,并依你想达到的结果来设计。201611/475437


  Sensing weakness Rockefeller devises a daring scheme.觉察到对手的软弱 洛克菲勒想出了一个大胆的计划Hes going to build a steel plant.他要建立一个钢铁厂One to rival anything Andrew Carnegie has ever built.一个可以和安德鲁·卡内基的相抗衡的工厂But Carnegie knows he cant let that happen.但卡内基知道他不能让这种情况发生Carnegie is determined that nobody is going to take his place.卡内基下决心不能让人抢了他的位置Hes going to build new plants, hes going to destroy-- if Rockefeller goes into steel hell destroy him.他会建立新工厂 如果洛克菲勒胆敢进入钢铁业的话 他要干掉他Carnegie calls a meeting.卡内基召集会议Hoping to intimidate Rockefeller into staying out of the steel business.希望吓退洛克菲勒 让他断了进入钢铁业的心思But Rockefeller didnt become the richest man in American history by cowering in fear.但洛克菲勒之所以成为美国历史上的首富 靠的不是胆小怕事Mr. Rockefeller.洛克菲勒先生Mr. Carnegie.卡内基先生You dont want to negotiate with me.你就别跟我谈判了I am a great negotiator.我非常擅长这个I know I intimidate people.我知道别人怕我I understand that.这点我理解I get it, and I understand why, and I dont want to intimidate anybody, unless they try to hurt me.我知道为什么 我也不想让别人怕我 除非别人试图伤害我Then I hurt them back.那样的话我就会伤害他201607/452003

  The shapes, I mean, of these people.类似于欧洲中世纪的装。Didnt someone give you your first camera?你的第一台相机是谁送给你的么?David Montgomery, an American photographer who lived and worked in London.David Montgomery,一个常年居住在伦敦的美国摄影师。We were there at his home with his wife and all for dinner one night.当时我和他还有他的妻子在一起吃晚饭。I said, ;Gee, do you have an assistant who could take a picture for me tomorrow?; Some fashion shop, I mentioned.我问他,他有没有个助手可以帮我在一些时尚店铺拍张照片。And...Yes, he sent one of his assistants out.然后他果然叫了一个助手来帮我拍照。And then when he came to New York about three months later, he said, ;Here, I brought you something.;大概三个月之后他来了纽约他说带给了我意见礼物。He said, ;Use it like a pen, like you take notes. Do it with a camera.;他说,像你用笔写字那样用相机来记录生活吧。A little Olympus half-frame. They were , and you got 72 pictures to a 36 roll of...Frame...那是一台奥林巴斯的半框相机,39美元可以拍72张照片,其中一半有帧辊。(译者注:对不起我没弄清楚相机原理这部分)Frame roll of film so I liked that even better.于是我更加喜欢这台相机了。One of the interesting things about street style...is that it emerged at the same point...that, um, Bill got a camera.街头潮流很有趣的一点在于在它兴起时Bill正好得到了他的第一台相机。And by street style, Im talking about fashions that really did emerge from the street.在这种街头潮流的影响下有些时尚就真的来自于街上普通人的穿着。201608/460205Oh, my goodness!This one has been living there a very, very long time我的天 这条应该在这里 待了很久很久了Im gonna eat Im gonna to eat for a week of these.我得吃这个 这一周我都得靠吃这些为生Pound for pound,insects like these contain more protein than beef or fish,as a perfect survival food.相对而言 这样的昆虫幼虫其实比 牛肉和鱼富有更多的蛋白质 是理想的救生食物She actually ranks,as one of the worst things,Ive ever, ever, eaten...它真是名副其实 是我所吃过的东西里 最难吃的食物之一Snakes make a much more substantial meal,if you catch them.如果你能捉条蛇 倒是很实在的一顿饭But treat poison species with great respect,some can strike more over four foot.对待毒蛇一定要毕恭毕敬 有些攻击距离超过4英尺Use a long stick or rock and aim for its head.Even once its dead,be wary.用一个长棍或是岩石 以它的头为攻击目标 即使它已经死了 依旧要保持警惕The venom can remain active for days.Even off its head, you see that?毒液数天内都有活性 即便是头掉了 看到了吗fangs on that,like needle can hypodermic Thats still capable of killing you,even now.毒牙还在 像是能扎人的针 这牙依旧可以毒死你 甚至是现在都能毒死你The safest thing is to bury it.最安全的做法就是埋掉它All meat should be cocked thouroughly to kill bacteria.所有的生肉都必须煮熟灭菌之后才能吃But if you got no way to start a fire,you will be forced to eat it raw.如果你没法生火 就只能生吃了See a little blood coming out from the jag over there看到缺口里流出来的血了吗Im not really in a murder scene of survival situation.Its food and life我并不是在生死关头的 屠杀现场 这是食物 意味着活命201605/443427Since diving headlong into the middle of the Sahara Desert it has been a wild ride.从头部向前 跳入撒哈拉大沙漠的中心地带开始 我进行了一次危险之旅From miles of baking sand and an abandoned well,to the fury of the Atlantic Ocean.从绵延数英里的荒漠 和废弃的水井 一路到波涛汹涌的大西洋And the truly indescribable breakfast.还有不可思议的早餐This place has tested me to the limits while showing you how to survive on one of the harshest environments on earth.这片土地挑战了我的极限 同时也向你展示如何 从地球上最荒芜的环境中逃出生天Its about 20 foot down there.大约有20英尺高Now I have reached the most precious thing any desert survivor can ever find-- water.现在我找到了对沙漠求生者来说 最珍贵的东西 水源Nearly smacked into the bottom.But that is so nice险些撞到池底 这真是太棒了You cannot underestimate the feeling for a survivor come across water like this.能找到水源 求生者的欣喜难以言表Just so nice.With your mouth parched, you dry.Just like liquid gold.太棒了 现在我是 口干舌燥 就如同液体黄金Theres nothing youd trade for it.In the desert, water really is the difference between life and death.任何东西都无法取代水 沙漠中 生与死的区别 在于是否能找到水源This water is fresh,but there is no guarantee its clean.水是淡水 但不保它很干净Look at all of this.Black, stinking goo.看看这些 又黑又粘But there is a way of improvising a filter if you just come up the slope of it,如果遇到这样的斜坡 就有办法 把池水进行过滤start digging down and dig whats called a gypsy well.要向下挖 挖出一种吉普赛式的水井Its just a very simple way of filtering the water.这种过滤水的方法 非常简单You see the water beginning to seep in.You see, pretty murky the water fills that way.水开始渗进去了 浑浊的水充满了这个坑洞Clear all of that out now and then let it fill up again.把浑浊的水清理出来 等坑洞再次充满水201611/480744

  Cmon, a six pack?拜托,六块肌肉?Who needs a six pack, when you got…THE NOSE.有一个帅气的鼻子,谁还需要六块肌肉?or a NOSE… when you got THE SUIT.有套漂亮的西装,谁有需要那个鼻子?Now you dont need a SUIT when you got THE MOVES.舞姿灵活,你就不需要西装了。Or MOVES when you got THE FIRE.有热情,还需要什么舞姿?or FIRE when you rock those HEELS.当你能穿高跟鞋时,还要什么热情?and HEELS when you ride those WHEELS.当你能驾驭轮椅时,才不需要高跟鞋呢。LOOKS… Man, who needs LOOKS? when you got THE BOOKS.长得帅...饱读诗书的你,又何必长得帅?Or books when you got some balls.当你有勇气的时候,就不需要书了。And who needs all that when you get THE DOOR.但当你给女士开门的时候,谁有需要以上这些?When you got THE DOUGH. THE BRAINS. THE TOUCH. THE ;AWWW;.当你玩儿面粉的时候,有头脑,懂的亲热,还有...Thats right...who needs some other THING when you got… YOUR THING.对啦,当你拥有自己的特色,何须其他特色来妆点。Now, work on it.来吧,耕耘自我。201702/490334Deep in a cave that stores an ages wine is a forgotten past known to those who come to Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma County.这个存放了一个时代葡萄酒的洞穴深处,是一段被人们遗忘的过去,来到索诺马县布埃·纳维斯塔酒庄的人都知道。;In late 1850s to the 1870s, they primarily were Chinese laborers.;“从19世纪50年代到70年代,他们当中主要是中国劳工。”The hands of low-wage laborers from China helped built the Sonoma wine industry while it was still in its infancy.那些来自中国的低收入劳工用自己的双手建立起了索诺马葡萄酒行业,当时这个行业还处于起步阶段。These images of Chinese workers on the walls of Buena Vista Winery are reminders of their significance.布埃·纳维斯塔酿酒厂的墙壁上挂着一幅幅中国工人的画像,时刻提醒着人们他们的重要性。;They did all of the working of the fields, the plowing, the actual digging, planting and then the management of the vineyards.“他们承担了这片土地上所有的劳作,不管是耕地、挖土、种植还是葡萄园管理,全都是他们在干。They definitely worked at the other properties, but Buena Vista was known to have the largest Chinese labor camp north of San Francisco.;他们肯定也在其他地方工作过,但是众所周知,布埃·纳维斯塔拥有旧金山北部最大的中国劳动集中营。”The Chinese workers dug these caves more than 150 years ago, what remains are these pick marks.中国工人在150多年前就挖了这些洞穴。如今这些鹤嘴锄的痕迹依旧清晰。The rocks from these caves were used as building blocks for the wine-making facilities at the time.当时他们还用挖出的岩石建造了几栋房子,用来放置酿酒设备。This is one of two buildings of the original that remains today.我面前这个就是最初的两栋建筑之一,如今依然保存完好。;A couple of my friends, they showed me, the so-called Chinese rock fence.“我的几个朋友,他们告诉我这个所谓的‘中国岩石栅栏’。People, the local people still remember Chinese laborers did something for them.;当地人一直没有忘记中国劳工曾为他们做出过贡献。”Their stories passed down by word of mouth among the locals.这些劳工的故事在当地一代一代的口口相传。Historians also know about them, but what happened to them is uncertain.历史学家也知道他们,但却不确定他们身上到底发生过什么。;We dont understand where they went after, once they left the city of Sonoma.“他们一离开索诺马市,我们就不了解他们的去向了。We dont know a whole lot of names.;这批人当中我们知道名字的寥寥无几。”Chinese immigrants at the time experienced violent anti-Chinese sentiment, boycotts,当时中国移民经历了暴力的反华情绪以及联合抵制,and in 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act, a law that restricted immigration into the ed States.1882年,《排华法案》颁布,限制了移民进入美国。;They work here, they live here, most of them, they die here, they didnt have a place to be buried.;“他们在这里工作,在这里生活,大多数人还在这里死去。然而身后却连一块安葬的地方都没有。”;This was sort of a forgotten history of Sonoma. And there was,“这是一段被遗忘的索诺马历史。we had sort of a shameful history regarding the Asia (Chinese) Exclusion Act and people want to make things right.;我们还有一段极其不光的历史,那就是颁布排亚(排华)法案,现在我们想要弥补这个错误。”To honor these nameless labors,为了纪念这些无名的劳动者,the Sonoma-Penglai Sister City Committee is raising money to build this Chinese pavilion in the city of Sonoma.索诺马—蓬莱城市委员会正在筹集资金,在索诺马市建造这个中国展馆。Ding says this would also be a piece of history for the new Chinese who are here.丁先生说,这将成为索诺马新一代中国人历史的一部分。;We can see a lot of investors from China, they purchase wineries, they purchase properties.“我们可以看到很多来自中国的投资者。他们在这里购买酒庄和地产。That is the reason why we want to build this kind of physical structure,这就是为什么我们要把展馆建造成这个样子,to remind the people, remind them of the history, and let us know who we are. Where we came from.;我们想要提醒他们,提醒他们不要忘记这段历史,让我们知道自己是谁,来自哪里。”So the efforts of those who helped build the wine industry here will not be forgotten.帮助打造索诺马葡萄酒产业的中国人,他们的努力绝不会被忘记。Elizabeth Lee, VOA news, Sonoma of California.VOA新闻,伊丽莎白·李于加利福尼亚索诺马为您播报。201706/515065

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452205

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/449776。

  When the bishops complained, the king declared,当大主教表示不满时 国王宣布;I shall find a way to do my business without you.;我会摆脱你们的控制的The protesting bishops were locked up in the Tower.反抗的大主教们被关进了伦敦塔Jamess timing was disastrous.詹姆斯选择的时机是致命的For he was doing all this when Louis XIV,因为与此同时 路易十四the militantly Catholic King of France,was threatening Europe.手掌兵权的法国天主教国王 正对欧洲虎视眈眈By January, 1688,James had managed to alienate all his natural allies到了1688年1月 詹姆斯成功地疏离了他所有的盟友and turn himself into a even more dangerous version of his father, Charles I.这样他就成为了一个 比他父亲查理一世更加危险的人物 He was even filling the officer ranks of the army with Irish Catholics.他甚至让爱尔兰的天主教徒 担任军官The only consolation was that,at 52 he had no son.人们唯一的慰藉就是 他已过不惑之年仍膝下无子Next in line to the throne was his daughter Mary, a staunch Protestant,而王位的继承人 是他的女儿玛丽 一名忠实的新教徒whod married the Dutch prince, William of Orange,她与荷兰王子威廉·奥兰治结为夫妻hero of the resistance to Louis XIV.威廉是抵抗路易十四的英雄On June 10th, 1688,all this changed.在1688年6月10日 所有这一切都变了Jamess wife, Mary of Modena,gave birth to a boy,詹姆斯的妻子 德纳的玛丽 诞下了一名男婴who was duly baptised with Roman rites.他理所当然地按照罗马天主教受洗Now, not only was the king Catholic,so was his dynasty.现在 不仅国王是天主教徒 他的王朝也如此 /201704/506525

  TED演讲视频:史上最伟大的机器计算机科学是在30年代开始的....19世纪30年代。John Graham-Cumming讲述了Charles Babbage的机械,蒸汽能量的分析引擎,并且讲述了Ada Lovelace,拜伦王的女儿以及一个数学家,是怎样从简单的计算能力去看到电脑的未来。201703/495648

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470018

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