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呈贡区增高手术外切眼袋术外切眼袋要多少费用昭通注射丰太阳穴多少钱It is 42 years since, as a teenage exchange student, I emerged from the Port Authority bus terminal and looked at New York in wonder. The city thrilled me then, and after many visits — six in the past 18 months alone — it still does.42年以前,作为一个十几岁的交换生,我站在纽新航港局(Port Authority)客运总站,惊奇地打量着纽约。当时,这座城市让我兴奋不已,在多次到访过这座城市之后(仅过去18个月我就来过6次),这座城市依然给我同样的感觉。People complain that New York, like many large cities, has become too expensive for most, including the creative types who gave it its edge. Those who have lost out — the derelict, the homeless — are distressingly visible, but New York at least feels safe, which is a remarkable change for those who knew it in earlier decades.人们抱怨,像许多大城市一样,纽约的居住成本对大多数人而言已经变得过于昂贵,包括对于那些赋予这座城市其独特优势的创意人士。让人不安的是,城市各处依然能够见到那些社会边缘人——乞丐和无家可归者,不过,眼下的纽约至少让人感到安全,对于那些早几十年到过纽约的人而言,这是个显著的变化。And, whatever some locals say, it still feels wonderfully vibrant: the art, the theatre, the excellence of neighbourhood restaurants, the sense of possibility as you step on to the street each day.而且,不管一些本地人怎么说,纽约依然给人一种生机勃勃的感觉:艺术、剧院、极好的本地餐厅,每一天你踏上纽约的街道时都会感受到的那种一切皆有可能的感觉。Many visitors feel the same, and the city last month produced figures to prove it. An estimated 58.3m people visited New York last year, up 1.8m on 2014, Bill de Blasio, the mayor, said. Both domestic tourist numbers, at 46m, and foreign visitors, at 12.3m, reached all-time highs.很多来访者也有同感,1月这个城市用数据明了这一点。纽约市长白思豪(Bill de Blasio)表示,据估计纽约去年接待旅客5830万人,比2014年增加了180万人。其中国内旅客达4600万人,国外旅客为1230万人,都创下了历史新高。This year, though, will be tougher. “With the continuing pressure on the global economy and the strengthening dollar, we will need to work even harder in 2016,” NYC amp; Company, the city’s marketing body, said.然而,今年的形势要严峻一些。“随着全球经济持续承受压力,美元走强,我们需要在2016年更加努力地工作,”纽约市官方营销机构NYC amp; Company表示。So what can New York do to make its visitors happier?那么,纽约能做些什么以让来访者更满意呢?I am not going to moan about JFK. It takes decades to improve airports, at least in democratic countries. Nor do I have a problem with the taxi drivers. Contrary to myth, I have never found one who does not speak English.我不打算抱怨肯尼迪国际机场(JFK)。要改善机场,至少在民主国家,需要数十年时间。我对纽约出租车司机也没有意见。和普遍的说法不同,我从来没有遇到一个不会说英语的司机。The first improvement New York needs is in its hotels. The city has some of the worst I have ever stayed in.纽约首先要改善的是酒店。纽约的一些酒店堪称我住过的酒店里面最差的。Arriving at one, where rooms cost more than 0 a night, I spent time poking around before calling the front desk to say I could not find the closet. My room didn’t have one, came the reply. Where was I supposed to hang my clothes? There was a chest of drawers.有一次我住了一家一晚房价超过300美元的酒店,到了房间里以后,我四处寻找也没有找到衣柜,然后打电话给前台。回复是,我的房间本来就没有衣柜。那我的衣该挂在哪里呢?有个抽屉柜。After complaining that I needed a hanging space to unrumple my suit and had never come across a hotel without one, I was moved to a room with a closet — and a window jammed open, in midwinter.我说我需要一个挂衣的地方,否则我的西会皱,而且我从来没遇到过哪家酒店不配衣柜,于是店方给我换了一个有衣柜的房间,可是那间房的窗户卡在了打开状态,而且时值隆冬。Another tantrum produced an apology and a move to a capacious suite. Leaving it the next morning, I waited for the familiar door-clunk. Failing to hear it, I investigated. The lock had been jemmied out.我又发了一顿脾气,店方向我道了歉,然后给我换了一间宽敞的套房。第二天早上离开客房时,我等着听房门锁上的熟悉响声,结果始终没有听到,查看一番发现,门锁已经被撬掉了。You may have your favourite boutique hotel. I have now found mine — a book-lined bibliophile’s delight — but looking at this year’s room rates, I expect the expenses people at the Financial Times will start objecting.你可能有你自己最喜欢的精品酒店。我已经找到我的了——一家会让爱书人感到愉悦的书籍风格的酒店。不过,看看今年的房间价格,我估计英国《金融时报》负责报销的同事应该会拒绝为我报销了。Sean Hennessey, a tourism specialist at NYU School of Professional Studies, told me there was a construction surge of reliable mid-quality properties, and I should look at the Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn or Courtyard hotel chains.纽约大学职业研究学院(NYU School of Professional Studies)的旅游业专家肖恩亨尼西(Sean Hennessey)告诉我,纽约近来建了不少品质可靠的中档物业,我应该看看汉普敦酒店(Hampton Inn)、希尔顿花园酒店(Hilton Garden Inn)和万怡酒店(Courtyard)这些连锁酒店。My second suggested improvement is breakfast, particularly in hotels. While we have learnt to love food from all over the world for lunch and dinner, breakfast remains culturally specific. That is why Asian hotels offer a choice of local or western.我建议纽约提升的第二项是早餐,尤其是酒店里的早餐。尽管我们已经学会在午餐和晚餐的时候欣然接受来自世界各地的食品,早餐依然具有文化上的特殊性。这就是为什么亚洲的酒店会提供当地早餐和西式早餐两种选择。I am not suggesting New York’s hotels do the same, although, as China is now the city’s fastest-growing source of visitors, they might consider it; nor am I suggesting they offer full English breakfasts, even though the UK sends more tourists to New York than any other country. I am just, in these health-conscious times, asking for cereals and baked goods that are less sugary.我不是在建议纽约的酒店如法炮制,尽管由于中国是纽约增长最快的游客来源地,纽约的酒店可能会考虑这样做;我也不是在建议他们提供全套英式早餐,尽管英国向纽约输送的旅客比其他任何国家都多。在这个人们更关注健康的时代,我只是希望酒店能够提供含糖量更少的麦片和面包类食品。My third suggested improvement is to the subway. It is a magnificent system. It is extensive, it runs through the night and, while the stations are dank and gloomy, the trains are air-conditioned and clean. The problem with the subway is that it is incomprehensible. Lines have three or four different services. It took me several trips hurtling towards, I feared, the Canadian border to work out the difference between local and express.我建议纽约改善的第三项是地铁。纽约地铁是个了不起的系统。它覆盖很广,而且24小时运营。尽管站台昏暗无光,列车还是安装了空调且比较干净的。纽约地铁的问题在于太复杂。同一条线路上有快车(express)、慢车(local)等三四种不同的务。有过好几次差点坐到了加拿大的经历之后,我才终于搞清楚了慢车和快车的区别。Some carriages have lighted maps showing where you are; others do not. It is hard to see which exit to use. There are signs that say: “To Metropolitan Av weekdays amp; eves. Other times take F to Delancey St for J.”一些车厢有亮着指示灯的地图,显示你所在的位置;另一些车厢则没有。很难搞明白该走哪个出口。有一个指示标是这样写的:“周一到周五、新年和圣诞前夜通往大都会大街(Metropolitan Av)。其他时间乘坐F线到德兰西街(Delancey St)转J线。”I suspect native New Yorkers take a secret delight in everyone else’s befuddlement. It is like being able to do a cryptic crossword or understand the rules of cricket. Clearer signs would help preserve those tourism jobs. Just a suggestion. From a friend.我怀疑纽约本地人看到外地人摸不着头脑的样子会偷着乐。这就像是你会填一个加密的字谜或者了解板球的规则一样。更清晰的标识会有助于纽约保住旅游业的就业岗位。这只是我的友情建议。 /201602/427729禄劝县第一人民医院打溶脂针多少钱 I was preparing to really do the poor, starving artist thing in Songzhuang, a well-established artist village about a half-hour away, said Li Tianqi, 24, another founder of On Space. 本来我是打算在宋庄做一个贫穷的、吃不饱饭的艺术家,On Space的另一位创始人、24岁的李天琦说。宋庄是距离这里约半小时车程的一个著名的艺术家村。But why rent a tiny shack in Songzhuang when you can have a nice studio in Yanjiao?如果你能在燕郊拥有一个很好的工作室,那你为什么要在宋庄租一个小棚子呢?No one knows how many young artists now call Yanjiao home, though the On Space founders estimate that at least several hundred have space here. 没有人知道燕郊现在究竟住着多少年轻艺术家,不过On Space的创始人们估计,至少有几百名艺术家在这里设立了工作室。Last year, the gallerists tried an informal census of the city’s artists, but ran out of time after conducting interviews with about 60 people.去年,画廊老板们尝试对该市的艺术家进行一个非正式人口普查,但是在采访了约60人后,就没时间继续进行了。Yanjiao has also caught the eye of established artists. 燕郊也吸引了一些著名艺术家,其中最出名的是高氏兄弟。Its most famous tenants are the Gao Brothers, a pair of multimedia artists internationally known for their irreverent sculptures. 这对多媒体艺术家在国际上以不敬的雕塑闻名。In 2013, they bought a former factory building and turned it into an airy studio complex they call Blessgo, which they use for making larger works.2013年,他们买下一间厂房,改造成宽敞的工作室,称之为Blessgo,用来创作大型作品。Referring to the quickly gentrifying 798 Art District in Beijing, Gao Zhen, the older brother, said in an interview, In 798, we still won’t be allowed to exhibit certain works of art, and you just can’t completely let go of your worries because even renting studios in 798 isn’t completely stable, with demolitions and relocations.哥哥高真在采访中提到快速中产阶层化的北京798艺术区时说:在798,他们还是不允许我们展览某些作品,而且你没法完全放心,因为在798租工作室都不稳定,有拆迁问题等等。The siblings still maintain a studio in the 798 district, but plan to eventually relocate entirely to Yanjiao.兄弟俩在798艺术区依然拥有一间工作室,不过打算最终彻底搬到燕郊。Most artists in Yanjiao work in more humble circumstances. 燕郊的大部分艺术家在更简朴的环境中工作。Much of the city’s surplus of residential space takes the form of cheap, unfinished apartments called maopifang. 这座城市多余的住宅空间很多都是没有装修的廉价毛坯房,基本上就只有混凝土主体,Little more than concrete shells, they are perfect for artists looking to create studios on a shoestring.非常适合那些想以极低成本设立工作室的艺术家们。Because of the dominance of residential space in Yanjiao, its atmosphere differs markedly from the gritty industrial hipness of Caochangdi or the more touristic 798, where cafes, boutiques and galleries have sprung up alongside artists’ studios. 由于燕郊以住宅为主,所以它的气氛与草场地粗犷的工业时髦气息或798更像景点的氛围迥然不同——798的艺术工作室周围涌现出很多咖啡馆、时装精品店和画廊。In Yanjiao, virtually nothing comparable has appeared.在燕郊,基本上没有此类事物。But many of the Yanjiao artists have embraced its decidedly suburban aesthetic.不过,燕郊的很多艺术家很喜欢这种纯粹的郊区美感。Zhang Zhanzhan, a painter, has completely transformed his maopifang over the years, covering the concrete floors with whitewashed pine slats and the empty doorways with colored fabric. 这些年,画家张占占将自己的毛坯房进行了彻底改造,用粉刷成白色的松木板覆盖混凝土地板,用五斑斓的织物覆盖空空的门廊。Pictures of his chic studio have been viewed by thousands of users on WeChat, a Chinese social media app.他那时髦工作室的照片在中国社交媒体应用程序微信上得到了成千上万用户的浏览。I once went to drop off some paintings at a Beijing gallery, and the person there asked me if I was the artist with the ‘Tokyo-style studio,’ he recalled.有一次,我去北京送几幅画,有人问我,你是那个‘东京风格工作室’的艺术家吗?他回忆说。Yanjiao’s days as an affordable outpost may be numbered. 燕郊作为负担得起的艺术家聚居点的日子可能也不多了。Rents have more than tripled since the first artists moved in, mainly because of property speculation, and the number of unfinished maopifangs has dwindled.从第一批艺术家入住到现在,租金已经涨了3倍多,主要是因为地产投机,也因为毛坯房的数量在逐渐减少。Moreover, despite the city’s now solid reputation as an offshoot artistic community, Beijing’s big-city allure remains.此外,尽管现在这座城市作为分艺术社区的名声已经确立,但北京的大城市诱惑依然存在。While a fresh wave of graduates from the capital’s art academies move into Yanjiao each summer, many older artists have aly left.尽管每年夏天都有新一批北京艺术院校的毕业生搬到燕郊,但是很多年长的艺术家已经离开。Last year, On Space decided not to renew its lease, because most of its events are now held in collaboration with organizations in Beijing. 去年,On Space决定不再续签租约,因为现在它的大部分活动是和北京的一些组织联合举办的。Zhang Yongji is going back to the capital to pursue a master’s degree.张永基打算回首都攻读硕士学位。This is a very temporary place, he said. 燕郊还是一个暂时停留的地方,他说,We’re all here still hoping to someday make it in Beijing.我们都还是想什么时候能在北京功成名就。 /201611/475343昆明市西山区自体脂肪填充多少钱

云南昆钢医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱China has launched an investigation into Volkswagen as the diesel emissions scandal engulfing the German carmaker reached the world’s biggest car market.笼罩在大众汽车(Volkswagen)头上的柴油车尾气造假丑闻蔓延至中国这个全球最大的汽车市场,中国有关部门已对这家德国汽车制造商展开调查。The environmental protection ministry said on Monday that it was “highly concerned” about the issue. However, it added that an initial investigation revealed that only 1,900 imported VW cars included the so-called defeat devices designed to fool emissions tests.中国环保部周一表示,对这一事件高度重视。但该部又表示,初步调查结果显示,中国只有1900余辆进口大众汽车搭载了旨在欺骗尾气检测的所谓“减效装置”(defeat device)。It said VW’s locally produced vehicles, which account for the bulk of its sales in the carmaker’s biggest single market, were not affected.中国环保部称,大众在华生产的汽车没有受到影响。中国是大众最大的市场,中国市场销售的汽车中有很大一部分是大众品牌的汽车。VW said on Monday that it was recalling 1,950 imported diesel vehicles in China in order to “correct the engine software”.大众周一表示,将在中国市场召回1950辆进口柴油车,以“修正发动机控制软件”。“After the internal evaluation Volkswagen is now working full speed on a technical solution,” it said, adding that “all vehicles are technically safe and roadworthy”.该公司称:“内部评估完成后,大众汽车目前正在全力开发相应的技术解决方案。”它还表示:“所有车辆在技术上均安全可靠,完全适合上路行驶。”The German car company is in the midst of a global recall of 11m cars that were fitted with illegal software to cheat emissions tests by regulators.这家德国汽车制造商正在全球召回1100万辆安装了非法软件欺骗监管机构尾气排放检测的汽车。While diesel is widely used in China to power trucks, the vast majority of cars sold in the country run on petrol.尽管中国的卡车普遍使用柴油发动机,但在中国市场销售的绝大部分乘用车是以汽油为动力的。John Zeng, an analyst with LMC Automotive in Shanghai, said he expected VW to “have some PR issues” but not much material impact given that its diesel sales in China are tiny.上海LMC Automotive分析师曾志凌(John Zeng)表示,他预期大众将“遭遇一些公关问题”,但鉴于它在中国销售的柴油车数量很少,它不会受到太多实质性影响。He added that VW would be cushioned from reputational blows because its production and sales are managed through joint ventures with SAIC and FAW, two state-owned vehicle companies.曾志凌补充称,大众在华的生产和销售是由其与两家国有车企上汽(SAIC)和一汽(FAW)组建的合资企业管理的,因此其声誉受到的冲击会有所减轻。VW on Monday said it wanted to “sincerely apologise” to its customers and would do “everything humanly possible to win back trust and take care of any concerns”, noting that “Volkswagen has been at home in China for more than 30 years”.大众周一表示,它对客户“深表歉意”,“会尽一切努力重新获得客户的信任,并帮助消除他们的各种疑虑”,该公司还指出“大众汽车根植中国市场三十余年”。 /201510/403528昆明如何祛脸上的痣 怒江州妇幼保健院打美白针多少钱

云南省锯齿线提升白色锯齿线假体隆鼻价格 The Yanfang line, Beijing#39;s first driverless subway line connecting the city#39;s southwest suburbs to its central urban district started its first pilot run last Wednesday morning.上周三早上,连接西南郊区和中心市区的燕房线--北京第一条无人驾驶地铁线路--开始第一次试运行。It is also the capital city#39;s first subway line that is fully automatic, and fully equipped with domestic technology. The line is expected to officially open to citizens at the end of next year.这也是首都第一条全自动、全装备国产技术的地铁线路。该地铁线路预计将于明年年底对市民正式开放。The difference between the driverless subway line and the ordinary line is that the driverless technology allows the subway train to automatically complete all running procedures, including traveling, dormancy, awakening, opening and closing train doors, as well as returning, without any operations by drivers.无人驾驶地铁线路和普通线路的区别是,无人驾驶技术让地铁列车不需要驾驶员任何操作、自动完成所有的行驶程序,包括行驶、停车、再启动、打开和关闭车门、以及返回等。A comprehensive control center has been set up for the subway line to remotely control and supervise trains.目前已经为这条地铁线路成立了一个综合管控中心,从而远程控制和监控列车。In the event of an emergency, passengers riding on the subway trains are able to contact the control center through the wireless intercom devices installed on every carriage.在紧急情况下,乘坐地铁列车的乘客可以通过安装在每节车厢里的无线对讲设备与控制中心联系。The camera in the carriage can automatically transmit images back to the control center.车内的摄像头可以自动将图像传回控制中心。A ;black box; has been installed at the bottom of each train and it can activate emergency braking within 1.4 seconds if obstacles that might affect the running of the train have been detected.每列列车底部都安装了一个“黑匣子”,如果检测到可能影响列车运行的障碍物,可以在1.4秒内启动紧急制动。The first Chinese-made driverless subway train opened in Hong Kong on Dec, 28.中国制造的第一辆无人驾驶地铁于12月28日在香港开通。The seven-km line extends the MTR network to the Southern District, allowing the special administrative region#39;s 18 districts to be served by rail.这条7公里长的线路将地铁网络延伸到了南部地区,使得香港特区18个行政分区通过铁路连在了一起。 /201701/487968昆明医院激光去痘印晋宁县口周纹颈纹法令纹脖纹价格




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