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2017年12月17日 02:28:33来源:青年养生堂

YOUNG mothers are being hired by agencies to breastfeed rich adults in the south China city of Shenzhen, earning from 8,000 yuan (US,303) to 15,000 yuan a month for the service.年轻母亲正在被机构雇用来母乳喂养中国南部深圳市的富人,且每个月因这项务获得8000元(1303美元)到15000元的报酬。Customers at present range from the parents of babies who have lost faith in Chinese baby formula to adults who believe breast milk would boost their health, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.客户目前的范围从对中国婴儿配方奶粉失去信心的婴儿父母到相信母乳会改善他们健康的成年人,《南方都市报》报道。Lin Jun, a Henan Province native, told the newspaper he was aiming to develop the breastfeeding business among China#39;s rich adults.林军,河南人,告诉记者他的目标是在中国富人中开发母乳喂养的业务。His job is to find young mothers for his customers, charging the customer 6,000 yuan and the mothers 2,000 yuan.他的工作是为客户找到年轻的母亲,收取客户6000元以及母亲2000元。The mother and customer then work out a fee between themselves. Lin said some mothers could earn up to 120,000 yuan over an eight-month period.母亲和客户然后协商出费用。林军说一些母亲八个多月可以赚12万元。;Breast milk is the best tonic, especially for those people who have just undergone major surgeries,; said Lin. ;If it is necessary, the customers may directly feed from the young mothers#39; breasts,; he added.“母乳是最好的补药,尤其是对于那些刚刚做了大手术的人,”林说。“如果有必要,客户可以从年轻母亲那直接获得母乳,”他补充说。Lin said many of the young mothers he hired were from rural areas and very likely living in poverty.林军说他雇佣的许多年轻母亲来自农村地区,很有可能生活在贫困之中。He said the mothers would seldom object to customer requirements as long as they paid enough money.他说只要他们付了足够的钱这些母亲很少会反对客户的要求。He Mei, the 25-year-old mother of a two-month-old son, said she had decided to provide a breastfeeding service to earn money for her son#39;s future education. 何梅,这位25岁的母亲有一个两个月大的儿子,说她已经决定提供母乳喂养务来挣钱付她儿子未来的教育。She said her husband worked for a factory in Shenzhen and earned just 2,000 yuan a month, which was not enough to support the family.她说她的丈夫在深圳一个工厂工作,一个月只赚2000元,这并不足以养家糊口。She leaves the baby in the care of her mother-in-law to work for the agency earning 8,500 yuan a month.她把婴儿交给婆婆照顾,来给这个公司工作,一个月挣8500元。Lin told the newspaper that he was planning to travel around the country, hiring more mothers for his service via local agencies.林军告诉记者他打算周游全国,通过当地机构为他的务雇佣更多的母亲。According to the resumes he had seen, all were from poor families and with children just a few months old.根据他见过的简历,这些母亲都是来自贫困家庭,孩子只有几个月大。Lin said he would be interviewing the women and checking their health before giving them jobs.林军说他在给予工作之前将面试这些妇女并检查她们的健康。Once hired, the mothers don#39;t have to do anything but feed and take care of customers though their labor contract would describe them as babysitters, cooks or cleaners and make no mention of breastfeeding, he told the newspaper.一经聘用,这些母亲除了喂养和照顾客户不必做任何事情,尽管他们的劳动合同将她们描述成保姆、厨师或清洁工,但没有提到母乳喂养,他告诉该报。Each mother would work for a six to eight-month period, Lin said.每个母亲会工作6到8个月的时间,林说。His customers, both worried parents and adults who felt in need of a health boost, would also interview the mothers.他的客户,感觉需要健康母乳但又都不放心的父母和成年人,也会对这些母亲面试。Customers cared most about the mothers#39; health status and then their character, Lin said. But it was the mother who could afford to be choosy as at present there were not many offering such services, he said.客户最在意母亲的健康状况,然后是她们的性格,林说。但目前应该是母亲可以挑剔,因为没有很多提供此类务的,他说。However, Zhang Maoxiang, director of the nutrition department of the Shenzhen No.2 People#39;s Hospital, warned of health risks if feeding mothers became ill.然而,张茂祥,深圳市第二人民医院营养部的主任,警告如果喂养的母亲生病了就会有健康风险。 /201307/246344。

  • A 14-year-old girl married a 23-year-old teacher. Oh, it did not take place in Africa, a Middle East country or a hidden tribe in Papua New Guinea, but Malaysia. 一位14岁的女孩出嫁了。男方23岁,是位教师。 这不是非洲,这不是中东,这不是巴布亚新几内亚深山老林里的原始部落,这是马来西亚。To be honest, I felt nausea after ing the news. Alas, 14 years old! At the age of 14, girls are not fully grown yet and they are not physically and mentally mature. At this age, they should be studying and nestling in the arms of their parents. Their life has just started and there are many things waiting for them to experience and complete. 说真的,看到这个新闻,我一阵眩晕。唉,才14岁呀!14岁,还是个孩子,身心都未成熟。这个年龄的孩子,应该还在学校读书,应该还在父母的怀里撒娇。她们的生活才刚刚开始,有太多的事情需要她们去经历,去完成。Of course, if some are premature, a 14-year-old girl might fall in love with a boy or a man, such as her teacher. She might also want to marry him. It is not a big deal. It is just a girl's fantasy, or some call it puppy love. However, it definitely does not mean that she should marry the man or have sexual relations with him as it is just an illusion and cannot become a reality. 当然,如果早熟,一个14岁的女孩也许会爱上一个男孩,或者一个男子,比如她的老师,憧憬着和他步入婚姻殿堂。 但这能算什么呢?这只是少女的懵懂情感,只是少女不切实际的幻想,有人称之为早恋。但绝不意味着女孩真的嫁给他,和他同床共眠。After a period of time, she will find how childish she was and awake from her fantasy. She will then say goodbye to the Prince Charming in her dream and continue to grow up. Of course, there are some exceptions. Some girls might be obsessed with their fantasy and refuse to wake up. When this happens, family and society, as well as morality and law will have to step in and play a role to prevent underage sexual relations and young marriage. The life of an underage girl, after all, has just started and there are still many ideals to be realised. They should not be a man's wife and children's mother in advance. 过上一段时间,女孩就会从这种幻想中醒来,那时她会发现自己的那些想法是多么的幼稚。于是她会道别梦中的白马王子,重新踏上人生旅程。当然也有例外。有些女孩沉迷于幻想不愿醒来。 此时,家庭与社会、道德和法律将会介入,以阻止这种过早的婚姻和性。一个女孩,尚未到结婚年龄,她们的生活才刚刚开始,她们的心中还充满梦想。不应过早地为人妇、为人母。 /201012/121354。
  • 爱自己是一场毕生浪漫的开始。热爱一切使你之所以成为你自己的事物。你的价值,你的才能,你的回忆。你的饰,你的悲伤。如果你爱自己,你就能在自信的跳板上跃入生活。如果你爱自己,你就能畅所欲言,所向披靡。 To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. —Oscar Wilde Love yourself. Love the things that make you you.Your values and talents and memories.Your clothes, your nose, your woes. If you love yourself, you can jump into your life from a springboard of self-confidence. If you love yourself, you can say what you want to say, go where you want to go. The world can be a tough place, and some of the billions of people out there will try to knock you down. Don’t join them. Do things that make you proud, then take pride in what you do. And in who you are.Who are you anyway? What makes you you? How are you like your siblings and neighbors and friends? How are you different? If you were your own secret admirer, what would you most admire? “My great mistake, the fault for which I can’t forgive myself,” Oscar Wilde wrote, “is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality.” Keep pursuing your individuality. Keep being yourself. Becoming yourself. It can be comforting to dress and act like everyone else. But it is grander to be different, to be unique, to be you. I’m the only me in the whole wide world. There is always one true inner voice. Trust it. —Gloria Steinem Sometimes it’s hard to know who you are and what you want and whom you like and why you like that person.The answers change because you’re changing. Growing. But deep inside, you are you.You were you as a baby, you were you as a kid, and you are you right now. “Let me listen to me and not to them,” wrote Gertrude Stein. It makes sense to consider the advice and opinions of other people. But don’t let their noise drown out your inner voice. And don’t let the way you sometimes talk or behave in front of others make you lose sight of who you are when you are alone, when you are most you. “You can live a lifetime and, at the end of it, know more about other people than you know about yourself,” aviator Beryl Markham cautioned. Get acquainted with yourself. Tune in to the dreams you have by day and by night. Blend in when you choose to, but appreciate what sets you apart. “The more I like me, the less I want to pretend to be other people,” said Jamie Lee Curtis. /200912/90752。
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