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  • A Child' s AngelOnce upon a time there was a child y to be born.So one day he asked God,“They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow but how am I going to live there,being so small and helpless?” “Among the many angels,I chose one you.She will be waiting you and will take care of you,”God replied.“But here in Heaven,I don't do anything else but sing and smile,that's enough me to be happy.”God said,“Your angel will sing you and will also smile you every day.And you will feel your angel's love and be happy.”The child said,“And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me,if I don't know the language that men speak?”God told the child,“your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear,and with much patience and care,your angel will teach you how to speak.”“And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?”“Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray.”The child said,“I've heard that on earth there are bad men.Who will protect me?” God said,“Your angel will defend you even if it means risking her life.”“But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore.”“Your angel will always talk to you about me and will teach you the way you to come back to me,even though I will always be next to you.”At that moment there was much peace in Heaven,but voices from earth could aly be heard,and the child in a hurry,asked softly,“Oh,God,if I am about to leave now,please tell me my angel's name.”God replied,“Your angel's name is not hard to remember.You will call your angel Mommy.” □Charlene 388。
  • 人生中有比美丽更重要的事,但就如艾特考夫所说:“我们必须了解美,否则我们永远都会是它的奴隶”One of the most successful, influential and beloved women in American history, Eleanor Roosevelt once said that she had one regret she wished she had been prettier. Who hasn’t felt the same way? We are all too aware of our physical imperfections. To overcome them, we spend billions upon billions of dollars every year on cosmetics, diet products, fashion, and plastic surgery.Why do we care so much about how we look? Because it matters. Because beauty is powerful. Because even when we learn to value people mostly being kind and wise and funny, we are still moved by beauty. No matter how much we argue against it or pretend to be immune, beauty exerts its power over us. There is simply no escape.Aristotle said, “Beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction.” It’s not fair, but it’s true. We simply treat beautiful people better than we do others. Attach a photograph of a beautiful author to an essay, and people will think that is more creative and more intelligently written than exactly the same essay accompanied by the photo of a homely author.Our sensitivity to physical beauty is not something we can control at will. We are born with it. Experiments conducted by psychologist Judith J. Langlois showed that even small infants prefer to look at attractive faces. Bee they have met a single supermodel, bee they have watched a single TV show, bee they have opened up a single fashion magazine, they are drawn to the same faces which adults have judged to be attractive.There are more important things in life than beauty. But as Etcoff says, “We have to understand beauty, or we will always be enslaved by it.” If you aim to be wise and kind and funny, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also try your best to look beautiful. There’s no reason to feel guilty about being moved by beauty’s power. It moves us all. 5。
  • 美国人最喜欢用的口头禅 哪句最适合你? --6 :5:57 来源: 从口头语看个性,口头语可以反映出一个人的性格由此,你可以加深对说话者的了解绝对经典,选两句作为你的个性口头禅吧   Thousand times no!   绝对办不到!   Easy does it.   慢慢来   Don't push me.   别逼我   Have a good of it.   玩的很高兴   What is the fuss?   吵什么?   Still up?   还没睡呀?   It doesn't make any differences.   没关系   Don't let me down.   别让我失望   God works.   上帝的安排   Don't take ill of me.   别生我气   Does it serve your purpose?   对你有用吗?   Don't flatter me.   过奖了   Big mouth!   多嘴驴!   Sure thing!   当然!   Don't over do it.   别太过分了   Can you dig it?   你搞明白了吗?   You want a bet?   你想打赌吗?   What if I go you?   我替你去怎么样?   Who wants?   谁稀罕?   Follow my nose.   凭直觉做某事 美国 口头禅。
  • To Fanny Keats, nd July, 1818. Dumfries My dear Fanny; I intended to have written to you from Kirkudbright the town I shall be in tomorrow—but I will write now because my knapsack has worn my coat in the Seams, my coat has gone to the Taylors and I have but one coat to my back in these parts. We are employed in going up mountains, looking at Strange towns prying into old ruins and eating very hearty breakfasts. Here we are full in the full Midst of broad Scotch ‘How is it a’wi yoursel’—the girls are walking about bare footed and in the worst cottages the smoke finds its way out of the door—I shall come home full of news you and fear I should choke you by too great a dose at once I must make you used to it by a letter or two. We are in the midst of Meg Merrilies’ country of whom I suppose—you have heard! 9。
  • 关于“出门”(go out)的日常英语 -- ::38 来源: 早晨好!Good morning.Good morning, John. (早晨好,约翰)Good morning, mom. (早晨好,妈妈)闹钟响了吗?Did the alarm clock go off? *go off是闹钟“响”的意思Did the alarm clock buzz?Did the alarm clock ring?该起床了!It time to get up!It time to get up! (该起床了!)I dont wanna get up. (我真不想起)It time to wake up!It time to get out of bed.It time to get y.快点儿起床!Get up soon.Get up soon. (快点儿起床!)I dont want to. (我真不想起)你醒了吗?Are you awake? *get up是动词,表示“起床”、“起”的动作awake是形容词,表示“醒了”、“没睡”的状态Are you awake? (你醒了吗?)I am now. (我刚醒)你不舒吗?Are you feeling sick?Are you feeling sick? (你不舒吗?)No, Im just tired. (没有,只是有点儿累)睡得好吗?Did you sleep well?Did you sleep well? (睡得好吗?)Yes, I slept very well. (嗯,睡得挺好)Did you sleep well? (睡得好吗?)No, I couldnt fall asleep. (哪儿啊,几乎没睡着)能帮我关掉闹钟吗?Would you turn off the alarm clock? *turn off的原意是“关”,多用于收音机、电视、照明等类的东西虽然现在有许多东西无需用钮开关,但一般也用turn off表示Please turn off the alarm clock. (请把闹钟关了)你终于起来了You finally got up.You finally got up. (你终于起来了)Im still sleepy. (我还困着呢!)今天是个好天!It a nice day!It a nice day! (今天是个好天!)It sure is. (是不错啊)It a beautiful day!It a wonderful day!It a great day!昨晚你熬夜了?Did you stay up late last night? *stay up late“睡得晚”、“熬夜”Did you go to bed late last night?把被子叠好Let fold up the futon. *fold意为“折叠”,fold up意为“叠好”、“叠整齐”;futon原本是日文,现在英文中也逐渐使用,意为“被子”Let put the futon away. (把被子收起来吧)昨天晚上你打呼噜了You were snoring last night. *snore“打呼噜”You were snoring last night. (昨天晚上你打呼噜了)Did I keep you up? (影响你睡觉了吗?)You were sawing logs last night. *saw logs原意为“锯木头”,在此用来表示“打呼噜”我做了个可怕的梦I had a nightmare.I had a nightmare. (我做了个可怕的梦)It all right now. (现在没事了)你一直没关灯啊You left the light on. *left (leave)是“保持某种样子”、“保持某种状态”的意思,表达“电灯一直开着”、“发动机一直开着”、“窗户一直开着”也可以用这种句型You got to turn off the light. (你忘了关灯了)我得洗脸了I have to go wash my face. *go wash是go和wash两个动词连用,口语中常用可以把它看作是go and wash的缩略形式该吃早饭了It time to eat breakfast.It time to have breakfast.我还困着呢Im still sleepy.Im still drowsy.我还打哈欠呢Im still yawning.昨天的酒还没醒呢I have a hangover.我是个夜猫子Im a night person. *“早上起不来”的意思Im a night person. (我是个夜猫子)Im not. (我可不是)Im a morning person. (我喜欢早起)我是用咖啡来提神的Coffee wakes me up.Coffee gets me going.刷牙了吗?Did you brush your teeth?Have you brushed your teeth?我得梳梳头了I have to comb my hair.穿什么好呢?What should I wear?What should I wear? (穿什么好呢?)The red one. (穿红的吧!)Which dress should I wear?Which one should I wear?What should I put on?快换衣Hurry up and get dressed.Hurry up and get dressed. (快换衣)Why? (干嘛?)把睡衣收好Put those pajamas away!Put those pajamas away! (把睡衣收好)Oh, Im washing those. (啊,我正要洗呢)我走了,妈妈Im leaving. Bye mom!Im leaving. Bye mom! (我走了妈妈再见!)Study hard. (好好学习啊!)Ill see you when I get back.Im taking off now.See you.See you later.今天我们逃学吧Let play hooky today! *play hooky为俚语“逃学”Let play hooky today! (今天我们逃学吧)Yeah, let. (好哇,走吧!)你毛衣穿反了Youre wearing your sweater inside out.You have your sweater on inside out.上下颠倒了It upside down.别忘了扔垃圾呀Dont get to take out the garbage.Dont get to take out the garbage. (可别忘了扔垃圾!)I wont. (忘不了!)今天该你扔垃圾了It your turn to take out the garbage. *garbage也可以用trash和rubbish替代今天你干什么?What are you doing today?What are you doing today? (今天你们干嘛?)Were having a track and field meet. (今天我们开运动会)你快点儿,我们该迟到了If you dont hurry, well be late.If you dont hurry, well be late. (你快点儿,我们该迟到了!)Okay, Okay. (知道了,知道了)Hurry up or well be late.快点儿,上学该迟到了Hurry or youll be late school.Hurry or youll be late school. (快点儿,上学该迟到了)What time is it? (现在几点?)你锁门了吗?Did you lock the door?Have you locked the door?没忘了什么东西吧?Arent you getting something?Arent you getting something? (没忘了什么东西吧?)I dont think so. (我想没有)都已经8点了!It aly 8:00.It 8:00 aly.我晚了!Im late!Im late! (我晚了!)Hurry up! (快点儿吧!)我得赶紧走!I have to rush!I have to hurry (up)!I have to get going!I have to get moving.你今天会回来得晚吗?Are you gonna be late today?Are you gonna be late today? (你今天会回来得晚吗?)No, Ill be home at the usual time. (不,和平常一样)几点回来?What time are you coming home?What time are you coming home? (几点回来?)Around seven oclock. (大概7点左右吧)饭盒带了吗?Have you got your lunch box?Have you got your lunch box? (饭盒带了吗?)Yes, right here. (嗯,带了)今天好像要下雨It might rain today.It might rain today. (今天好像要下雨)Take your umbrella with you. (带上伞吧!)出门的时候,可别忘了锁门Dont get to lock the door when you leave. 日常英语 英语口语。
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