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武汉省人民医院男科挂号武汉哪有医院治阴虱的William Boynton is professor of planetary sciences at the University of Arizona. And he's dedicated his life to looking for water on Mars. The link between life and water is very strong. Even here in the desert, there's life all around us. Now when looking for life on Mars, we use our basis of knowledge on Earth. And on Earth we know life requires water. So on Mars, we're gonna be looking for the places where we can find water. Just like the desert, Mars may look dry but there are signs of water there. It's been known for almost a century that there are icecaps at the Martian poles. When we look up at Mars, we see a dry, dusty planet. It doesn't look like a place for life. But there's tiny amounts of water in the atmosphere. And we know there are ice concentrations in the poles. So we're actually very optimistic that because there is at least, a speck of water on Mars, there might be a speck of life. However, while the poles contain water ice, temperatures there can reach a staggering minus 150 degrees centigrade which meant these were not good places to search for life. The conditions there are way too extreme. It's really just too cold. We really need liquid water for life. What we want to find on Mars is some place where we can find water in the more temperate regions. What we ultimately need to find is liquid water. But the first indications were that if life needed liquid water, then Mars was out of luck. Conditions all over the planet seemed too cold, there appeared to be no prospect of water anywhere. These photographs changed everything. Taken by the Viking Space Probe in 1976, they showed what looked like dried-up river valleys. You can see one here. You can see there's a, a valley through here, you can see it branches, the tributaries. Here's one branch going off here with tributaries. So this looks very much like, er, a terrestrial river system. If these were dried-up riverbeds, it meant that Mars must once have had the perfect conditions for life.ice concentration: the ratio expressed in tenths describing the area of the water surface covered by ice as a fraction of the whole area200809/48181湖北武汉汉阳治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好 South Korea Hears Echoes of 1997 in US Financial Crisis韩国受金融危机冲击 联想当年  South Korea's currency and stocks have taken a beating this week following the financial crumbling of another major US financial institution. For many Koreans, the crisis appears quite similar to what they experienced 11 years ago but this time, some say Washington appears to be changing its prescribed remedy. 这个星期,韩国的货币和股市在美国另一家大的金融机构出现财务问题之后受到冲击。对于很多韩国人来说,这次的金融危机与他们11年前经历的危机看起来很类似,但是一些人说,这次,华盛顿看来改变了它当年提出的解救办法。South Korea's main stock index, the KOSPI, dipped to its lowest point in a year and a half this week, amid worries over a string of major bank failures in the ed States, including the collapse of Lehman Brothers, one of the country's largest investment institutions. South Korea's currency, the won, plunged against the dollar as central banks around the world pumped 0 billion worth of cash into credit-starved markets. 美国出现一系列的倒闭,包括美国最大的投资雷曼兄弟所引发的担忧导致韩国股市的基准指数KOSPI这个星期下跌到一年半以来的最低点。随著世界各地的中央向严重缺乏信贷的市场注入1千8百亿美元的现金,韩国货币对美元出现急剧贬值。South Korea's economy is the world's 12th largest, and depends heavily on exports, especially to the ed States. That makes this country extremely vulnerable to international crises but it has also helped Seoul build up substantial reserves of U.S. dollars as a cushion against turbulence. 韩国是世界上第12大经济体,而且严重依赖出口,特别是对美国的出口。这使得这个国家很容易受到国际危机的冲击,但是它也帮助首尔建立了相当大的美元储备,作为对动荡的缓冲。South Korea's finance minister said this week the country has enough reserves to inject into the market as needed. However, some economists note Seoul's reserves have dropped by nearly ten percent since March, and may not be sufficient to deal with a protracted period of crisis. Lee Seong-tae, governor of South Korea's central bank, warned lawmakers this week it remains what the impact of the global crisis will be. 韩国财政部长这个星期表示,韩国有足够的储备在需要的时候给市场注资。但是一些经济学家指出,自从今年3月以来,首尔的外汇储备减少了将近10%,可能不足以对付一场旷日持久的危机。韩国中央行长李成太这个星期警告国会议员说,全球经济危机究竟会带来什么样的影响还有待观察。Koh Yu Seon is an analyst with Daewoo Securities here in Seoul. She says the current meltdown on Wall Street closely parallels the economic crisis South Korea and Asia experienced in 1997. 位于首尔的大宇券公司的分析师高有善说,华尔街的金融动荡非常类似于1997年韩国以及其他亚洲国家经历的经济危机。She says American investment banks have made excessive loans, which created a real estate bubble and made the lenders insolvent on bad debt. That, she says, is similar to what happened in South Korea, where enterprises borrowed excessively to chase bad investments. 她说,美国的投资做出了过度的贷款,制造了一个房地产泡沫,并且导致借贷者因为坏帐而出现资不抵债的现象。她说,这种情况与当时在韩国发生的情况类似。当时,韩国企业过度举债,最后很多投资都变得入不敷出。Many South Koreans refer to that period in common speech as the "IMF crisis, in reference to the International Monetary Fund, which, with U.S. support, loaned South Korea about billion, but, as Koh recalls, imposed austere conditions that limited the country's economic flexibility. 很多韩国人把那个时期称作是“国际货币基金组织危机”,因为当时国际货币基金组织在美国的持下向韩国提供了两百亿美元的贷款,但是,正像高有善所记得的那样,国际货币基金组织附加了很苛刻的条件,限制了韩国的经济灵活性。She says, the U.S. viewed bankruptcies as inevitable to get rid of inefficiencies and solve South Korea's financial problem. We had a chain reaction of them here, she adds. But now, she says the ed States is taking a completely different set of actions because it wants to avoid paralysis of the entire financial system.  她说,美国当时把破产看作是铲除低效以及解救韩国金融问题的不可避免的手段。她补充说,当时,韩国出现了一系列的连锁反应。但是现在,她说,美国正在采取一套完全不同的行动,因为它希望避免出现整个金融体系的瘫痪。U.S. officials draw a distinction between the billion IMF bailout of South Korea and Washington's more than 0 billion bailout of U.S. financial institutions. U.S. banks and insurers do business all over the world, and their problems can rapidly sp to the global entities that are exposed to them. By contrast, the negative influence of South Korean bankruptcies was confined mainly to Asia. 美国官员认为,国际货币基金组织提供200亿美元贷款救助韩国与华盛顿向美国金融机构提供2千5百多亿美元的救助是不同的。美国的和保险公司在世界各地都有业务,而且他们的问题可以迅速的扩散到那些与它们有关的国际实体。相比之下,韩国企业倒闭带来的负面影响主要局限在亚洲。Many ordinary South Koreans view the IMF rescue period as a humiliation imposed on their nation from outside, but the country paid back the loan and recovered far more quickly than many expected. Still, economists warn if Washington does not draw a line in its rescue of faulty lenders, it could lose credibility in preaching tough free market medicine abroad in the future. 很多韩国百姓把国际货币基金组织向韩国提供救助的那个时期看作是外面强加给他们国家的一个屈辱,但是韩国偿还了贷款而且恢复的速度超过了很多人的预期。但是,经济学家警告说,如果华盛顿这次不对有问题的借贷机构提供救助加以限制的话,今后它可能会在海外倡导严苛的自由市场药方时失去可信度。200809/49439Matt: An extremely competitive spirit of confidence and perhaps a little bit of hatred, those are just some of the guiding principles that help one guy from queens rise to the top of the advertising world. Donny Deutsch says the key to the success was asking one simple question of himself-"Why not me?" Now the advertising whiz turns CN talk show host offers up his winning formula in his first book, "Often Wrong, Never in Doubt,Unleash the Business Rebel Within."Matt: Hey, Donny,good morning. Nice to see you.Donny Deutsch: Good to see you,Matt.Matt: Why not me? How,how did you come up with that?Donny Deutsch:Key-said awards. Every time I've met in obe-sucessful person in business or president of the ed States, just somebody who's made it to the pivotal. Beyond the obvious toolbox of being bright and hard-working and how this almost naive sense of entitlement of: Why shouldn't I be the president of the ed State? Why shouldn't I be the anchor of Today's Show? And until you say that, that next level can not have it. It doesn't mean that you're guaranteed, but if you don't believe it, if you don't feel entitled, it ain't gonna happen.Matt: It's all about ,and, and you talk about this, write about this a lot in the book.It's all about confidence.Donny Deutsch: Yup.Matt: And,and you have,I would say after knowing you for a year or two now, you have a certain amount of confidence that some people who know you probabaly think is healthy and other people think crosses the line into cocky. Is that fair?Donny Deutsch: Yeah. That's fair. I mean bottom line if you don't believe in yourself, nobody else is going to, but at the same time, you know the title of the book is "often wrong,(right)never in doubt".(right)Matt: So where did the confidence come from? who instilled that in you?Donny Deutsch: Uh, You know, I guess my folks, I guess, you know, making love with a girl and the bottom line is I think where I learned, it was, it's okay to fail and I talk about failure in the book,you know you have to embrace failure. And in the other place where it is,as I built the agency, and as I met all these Fortune 50 CEOs, all these people. I've yet to meet the genius. And as you go through life, when you meet the,the top of the top of the heap, you realize, ya know what, they are smart, they are terrific.Matt: Wait, wait, the genius thing, you don't think you meet people who are smarter than you? Donny Deutsch: I think a lot of people are smarter. But I've still yet to be genius one, once people understand, that all the people you about and all, and I start to say that they are very talented, very bright people, but you know, not as bright as you think sometimes. So once you realize that, it's very empowering, like people think what we do for a living(Right.) is incredibly difficult. Yet, if they sat in the chair, and they did it for a while. Hey, you can do that!Matt: You write somethings in the book that I think the publishers probably get on letter, get in hold and say , "This will be provocative." Let's talk about this. But let me ask you one of the lines: I believe, this is what you write, I believe we are motivated in life by a single driving for sex, you go on to say: I don't think there's been a day in my business career when there hasn't been some woman at work that I haven't fantasized about. Donny Deutsch: Correct! You know, it's interesting. You know, first of all.Matt: You go through your work day fantasizing about women?Donny Deutsch: No, I didn't say that. Small percent. What I belive is that in the workplace, a little healthy flirtation, a little healthy fantasy is okay. Once again, I have had thousands of people as there've never been a harassment suit but to deny, (We needn't have thousands of people.)no, no, it would go through the agency. But to deny the fact there's not a man- woman ient. As you said in your earlier saying. (right) A man-man ient. That's okay there is a different ener(gy). If I'm here sitting here with you, there is a different energy that from I'm sitting here with Katie. That doesn't mean this is an inappropriate energy. But that's okay. Matt: Who is fantasizing about today at work?Donny Deutsch: Katie. Matt: No, seriously, you,you literally, are there, are these people you meet in fantasy?Donny Deutsch: It's not. It's not fantasy. My point is this, to deny that there is not a man-woman issue in the marked place. Or woman-woman, or man (And you said..) and not, that, that goes into deny that there's not a difference. It is rediculous.Matt: By the way, and you don't, you don't treat women according to you, the way you write as sex objects because you also say women are superior in business.Donny Deutsch: Well, I guess there it is that I believe in business. The whole chapter they give me a man and a woman of the same talent, I will take the woman every time, I think they're superior in business because, you and I, guys. I have found throughout my career out for males were so much more concerned with whose office is bigger and pals are winning, where women, almost added an exception, they wanna be paid fairly, get the job done. I found women with the exception of my co-president guys in LA.Matt: Have you met these people?Donny Deutsch: Better in business! Eight of my top ten partners in business are women. It's a reasonable exception.Matt: What does it deal with the statement you make in the book that, that a little hatred is good. In fact, you're saying your current job as a talk show host, you hate Larry King, who happens to be one of the nicer guys you choose to be.Donny Deutsch: First at all I love Larry King.(Right.) And I even say in my book and even with my show a couple of weeks ago. He is the best. My point in the book is, is this, is that, you have to personify, say, who's the best that what I do. The yankee, I mean what, what.....Matt: That's envy. That's not hate. Donny Deutsch: Ok, it's a book.you know, we'd like this a little metaphor.(It's provocative, right) And the point is that you have to say why did he get Martha Stewart as a guest? I should have that guest and it's actually built with the respect. You put someone on your pedestal, and you say, wow that once again, if that is a competitive spirit, you added the competitive spirit with the other morning shows (right) and, as I say Larry King to me is one of my heroes. But the point B: you gotta be a little pissed off, a little angry. I gotta get there, I wanna be there so whatever wherever you are going in life, shoot somewhere and say that's the pedestal I want.Matt: You say you want, you've thought about possibility of becoming mayor of New York city, so why not me? You are gonna make that happen?Donny Deutsch: Until you said, now once again, you know, I would love to get into politics. Now it doesn't mean it's gonna happen but until I say, wait a second, why not me? Bloomberg was a great businessman. He is a great mayor. Until I said that, it actually, manically cannot happen. Doesn't mean it's going to,(yeah) but it can't unless you say it...Matt: Yeah. Are you sad in your closet?Donny Deutsch: Not at all.Matt: Yeah. Keep the whole press court busy. I have the feeling . Donny Deutsch's book is called "Often Wrong, Never in Doubt". Good to have you to...Donny Deutsch: Pleasure.200807/44668武汉最好的男性泌尿生殖专科医院

大冶治疗包皮包茎多少钱Despite the risk, Spence allows the FBI to rig a camera in the dashboard of his truck. Here, the hidden camera records one of the suspects describing how he is going to make a bomb. But getting a conviction in this case will require more than just words caught on tape. Garrity says the FBI has to prove that the suspects intend to kill. With the conspiracy, there has to be some overt acts committed, there has to be a point, when they go beyond speaking, and go towards acting. Finally, the bureau gets the break it needs, when it learns that the Klansmen are going to a field to test their homemade bombs. The Feds come up with a simple and remarkably effective plan. They give Spence an ordinary home camera and tell him to record his friends as they prepare and detonate the explosives. In case the Klansmen question why Spence has a camera, the FBI gives him a cover story. To watch tape goes was kind of amusing really. I told them that I was trying the thing out----see if it won't abide. So that was a good time to test it. The actions caught on tape are enough to convince the agents that the Klansmen are about to follow through with their terrifying scheme.I have gotten certain of homemade explosives around. And I have got to remind you what they set off over two min.But even though the tape is startling, the FBI still needs more evidence. Four weeks into the operation, they finally get it. The Klansmen go to the refinery to finalize their plans. They talk about the bombing in explicit detail. This is the tape, it seals the Klansmen's fate. Then comes the most chilling evidence of all. As the conspirators drive by a house across the street from the refinery, a tragic consequence of their plan is revealed. The FBI now has all it needs to make the arrest, they instructs Spence to drive the Klansmen to a gas station, there, the Feds make their move. rig: to furnish with special gearovert: plain, clear, visible; done or shown openlyfollow through: continue in an activity until its conclusion, complete200809/51117武汉急性前列腺炎费用 武汉龟头炎会自己康复吗

武汉医院泌尿外科医师 Oh yes – beat the price of the competitor but get them to make a bigger order.是的,价格上可以打败竞争者,但要让他们定更大的订单。Yes. If they order more you can offer a bigger discount.是的,如果他们定得越多,你就能给出更大的折扣。Good luck.祝你好运。Oh look, were here now.看,我们到了。Now Anna, I hope you dont mind me saying, but just leave the talking to me. Right?安娜,我希望你不介意我这么说,但是让我来谈,好吗?Oh, Madame Brown, ciao, great to see you布朗女士,你好,很高兴见到你。What?什么?Monsieur Brown. Bonjour.布朗先生,你好。Im Anna from Tip Top Trading.我是Tip Top Trading的安娜。This is my colleague Tom.这是我的同事,汤姆。Thank you for sparing the time to see us.谢谢你花时间和我们见面。No problem.不客气。Did you have a good flight?你们的旅途愉快吗?It was great.太棒了。I love those little bottles of wine they give out… I kept a few with me if you fancy a glass of vin rouge?我喜欢他们发的小瓶红酒,我还带了一些,如果你想来一杯红葡萄酒的话?I think we should sit down and discuss business.我想我们应该坐下来谈谈生意。Of course.当然。Yeah, yeah, good idea.是的,好主意。Now, I believe Tutti Fruity has offered you a good price but as I said on the phone, we can beat that.我相信Tutti Fruity给你提供了更好的价位,但如我在电话中说的,我们可以超过他们。Yes you did.是的,你是这么说的。Did you Anna? !安娜,你这么说了?But to get this price youve got to buy lots more.但是你要买更多才能获得这么价位。Anna! Thats not very subtle.安娜,你这么说太生硬了。You need to convince them they need to buy more without telling them they have to.你要说他们买更多才行,而不是告诉他们必须怎么做。 /201705/507580三峡大学仁和医院泌尿科咨询湖北武汉汉阳男科医院哪家好



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