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Women have better sense of smell than menWomen can smell whether a companion smoked a cigarette, or sipped wine, wearing perfume or not and many others.Men have better sense of humor than womenAs evidence, there are more movie comedians than comediennes.Women mature earlier than men. At age 17 most women are aly matured, whether physically or emotionally.Women are more talkative than menIt has been a proven fact that women speak more frequent than men.Men are polygamous by natureThere's no doubt and there's nothing to debate about it.Women are monogamous by natureThe same holds true with this fact.Men are more aggressive than womenMen proved their aggressiveness through their being adventurous. They are at the same time more aggressive sexually.Men are possessive and women are submissiveThough men are polygamous, they want their women to be theirs alone. Most women submit themselves to the will of their man.Men are physically stronger than womenThis is very evident on the physical differences between men and women.Women are emotionally stronger than menThough we tend to see women crying all the time they are stronger emotionally. Men easily get depress and there are more men admitted in mental asylums.Women are more caring than menFrom the womb until we grow it's our mother who took care of us.Women's favorite past time is gossipingIt's the cheapest form of entertainment anyway.When a man loves - it's now and thenThis is in consonance with their being polygamous.When a woman loves - it's now and foreverMore or less they tend to love now and forever. Most women have hard time forgetting their first love. 女人的嗅觉比男人的灵敏她们可以用嗅觉分辨出伴侣是否有吸烟,喝酒,或喷香水诸如之类的事情。男人比女人有幽默感通过男性电影喜剧演员比女性电影喜剧演员多这一事实就可以说明这一点了。女性比男性早熟。到17岁时,她们的生理机能和心理情感都成熟了。女人话比较多已经有事实明女人讲话的频率比男人的高。从本性上讲,男人是花心的毫无疑问,这没什么可争辩的。从本性上来说,女人是纯情的这是事实。男人好斗他们喜欢冒险,这就可以明他们好斗的性格。当他们为了争夺异性时,好斗的性格就更为突出了。男人有着很强的占有欲而女人则较为温顺虽然男人花心,但是对于属于自己的女人,他们则希望她们是完全属于他们自己的,而大多数的女人则顺于这种大男子主义。从体格上来说,男人比女人强壮这是男人和女人差异较为突出的一点。在情感上,女人比男人坚强虽然我们经常见到女人哭泣,但是她们是坚强的。男人则容易沮丧,因而有较多的男人患有精神病。女人比较会照顾人我们从胎儿时期到长大成人这期间都是由妈妈照顾的。女人打发时间的最爱就是闲聊无论怎么说这都是最划算的方式。当男人爱上女人时,他们的爱持续时间很短当女人爱上男人时,她们的爱持续时间是很长的女人通常会长时间的爱着她们所爱的男人。大多数的女人对她们的初恋难以忘怀。 /200806/41635Maybe it’s been a few months and they’ve heard so much about you, or it’s only been a couple of dates and they barely know you exist. Regardless of how much time has passed, meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time can be exciting and terrifying. So many things are out of your control, but what you wear is completely within your power. Consider a few guidelines that could streamline the process.也许在最近几个月,他们听说了很多关于你的事。也许也就是近几天,他们几乎不知道你的存在。不管时间如何流逝,与另一半的父母第一次见面都是令人兴奋的,同时也觉得害怕的。很多事情你都无法控制,但你完全可以决定自己要穿什么衣。看些指导书,可以简化这个过程。Stay true to your style while opting for an ensemble that errs on the conservative side, Jennifer Mumford, who recently met her significant other’s parents for the first time. “Stay away from an outfit that is too revealing, as it can come across as polarizing,” she said. Also, try to keep your look timeless. This means staying away from trends like ripped jeans or denim with distressed features.整体来说,要忠于你自己的风格,展现出比较保守的一面。珍妮弗·芒福德在亚利桑最近见了另一半的父母。她说:“不要穿得太暴露,别人会觉得你是个暴露狂”同时,尽量让自己看起来比较年轻。换句话说就是远离像破牛仔裤或牛仔布那种风格的着装。If this meeting is over the holidays or at a holiday gathering, a little festivity is a nice touch. For men, Mumford suggested a button down shirt in classic plaid or check paired with a dark wash, straight leg jean. For women, opt for an outfit like a cashmere sweater, dark rinse skinny or straight leg jeans and a ballet flat or riding boot.如果这次见面是在节假日或节日聚会,小节日也有小技巧。针对男人,芒福德建议穿带纽扣的经典格子图案衬衫在搭配深色水洗裤或直腿牛仔裤。对于女性,一套羊绒毛衣,黑冲洗修身裤或直腿牛仔裤再配上一个芭蕾持平底鞋或马靴。If an afternoon barbecue is the venue, guys will be good with either jeans or khakis with a polo or crew neck tee. Mumford suggested finishing the look with staple footwear, like a pair of Converse or a loafer. Gals can opt for a maxi dress or sundress paired with a denim jacket or scarf, and completed with sandals or ballet flats. Petite ladies can also try a silk top, skinny jeans and a wedge heel. “Whatever outfit you choose, keep the look feminine, pretty and cohesive,” Mumford said.如果要计划去烤烧烤,通常是牛仔裤或卡其裤与polo衫或带海军领子衣搭配。芒福德建议选好装后,可以配上一双匡威的鞋子或休闲鞋。女生可以选择迷嬉裙或背心裙配上牛仔夹克或围巾,搭配凉鞋或芭蕾平底鞋。娇小的女士们上身也可以尝试丝绸面料的衣,与紧身牛仔裤和坡跟鞋搭配。芒福德说:“无论你怎么选择,一定要看起来漂亮、吸引人、有女人味儿”。Stick with clothing in your size that has worked for you in the past and steer clear from ill-fitting or unflattering colors that clash with your skin tone. Feeling good in your clothes will boost your confidence and rub off on others around you. “The last thing you need is for your partner’s parents to think that you are borrowing your older sibling#39;s clothes or do not know how to dress,” Leroux said.和过去一样坚持选择尺寸合身的衣,不要选择不合身和不衬肤色的衣。合身的衣会让自己感觉良好,增加自信,同时也能使周围的人深受感染。Leroux说“不要让伴侣的父母认为你是穿的是兄长的衣,或你还不知道如何着装”。Especially in a casual setting, take advantage of the laid-back vibe with feel-good gear. Wear that pair of comfy jeans and a simple top, suggested Anthony Leroux, fashion director and stylist 。Pair with comfortable nude or black heels that complement the ensemble.特别是在一种比较随意的情况下,好好利用比较随意的气氛。时尚总监兼设计师建议下身穿一条比较舒适的牛仔裤,上衣搭配一件比较简单地衣,再搭配一双舒适的裸色或黑色的高跟鞋进行补充。Keep color combinations and graphic prints simple and un-busy, Leroux suggested. Wear no more than three colors at a time and keep the neon at home. This could mean wearing a plain T-shirt under a blazer that offers a slight contrast, or keeping patterns to a minimum as to not cause a dizzying effect. “The last thing you want to do is look like a walking fabric store,” Leroux said.Leroux建议要注意衣颜色搭配和衣上的印花看起来简单不繁琐。每次身上所穿的颜色不要超过三种,在家里时颜色可以绚丽一点。这可能就意味着西装里是一件很普通的T恤,这就形成了一个很小的对比。将令人眼花缭乱的情况降到最小。Leroux说:“不要打扮的像要去街上购物一样。”The go-to staple in every woman’s closet, the little black dress is practically foolproof in most evening situations and comes to the rescue when you’re stumped and standing in your closet. Make sure yours hits just above the knee, Leroux advised. Toss on those rarely-used pair of designer heels and complement with jewelry, like a matching diamond necklace, bracelet and ring trio.每个女人的衣橱里几乎都有黑色小礼,黑色小礼几乎适合一般的情况,也可以应付紧急情况。Leroux建议,裙子的长度要略高于膝盖。那些扔到一旁很少穿的高跟鞋,一般都可以与珠宝搭配。像是搭配钻石项链,手镯和戒指等。if the initial meeting is to take place over dinner at a nice restaurant, this is one of those occasions to pull out that fitted suit that spends much of the year hanging untouched in a garment bag in the back of the closet. Leroux suggested a gray or black suit over a white dress shirt with a neutral colored tie, and matching dress shoes to keep it cohesive.如果第一次见面是在一家不错的餐厅,这种场合适合穿西装,把挂在衣柜后面装袋里多年没穿的西装翻出来穿。Leroux建议穿灰色或黑色西装配上一件白色礼衬衫,在系上中性色领带,选一双与礼相配的鞋子。A light mist of your favorite fragrance is enough to be a subtle reflection of your personality that highlights, not dominates. Remember, others around you will notice that scent more intensely than you would, so take it easy when spritzing. “The last thing you need is for the smell to be overpowering and become the only thing that people begin to talk about,” Leroux said.喷上一点点你最爱的的香水,突出你的个性,也不会独领风骚。记住,你周围的人比你更会留心到你身上的香味,所以洒香水的时候不要紧张。Leroux说:“不要让这种香味太浓烈,成为别人的话柄。”When you’re dressed, take a look in the mirror. Does anything immediately jump out? Is that skirt a little too tight or that blouse a bit too sheer? Or, are those jeans too faded and would your mother think that dress shirt is too wrinkled to be dressy? If anything seems to be too much of something, change out of it。穿好后,照照镜子。有没有哪些地方挤出来了?是裙子有点太紧了?还是裤子太花哨了?或者是牛仔裤褪色太严重?还是你妈妈认为衣太皱,看起来比较不讲究着装?如果有些地方看起来不像那么回事,赶紧换掉。Coordinate your outfits so you don’t look like you are heading to the opera while your love looks beach-bound. Versatile ensembles are best if you aren’t quite sure, Shina suggested. Women can play up their feminine side with dress pants or a skirt paired with a soft or billowy top, while men can’t go wrong with dress pants, an open collar button down shirt and nonathletic shoes.穿合适的装。因此,当你喜欢打扮的要去海边那样就不要弄得像要去歌剧院似的。Shina建议:如果你不是很确定怎么打配合适,就多准备几套整套衣。女性通常可以用短裙或者配套的上衣来展现自己的女性美。但是男人却不可以穿错,西裤搭配带纽扣的开领衬衫,再穿上一双不易走样的鞋。 /201309/257431

This is a first for A Miracle A Day... a guest post. This is one that I, personally, could use, and I hope that you find it useful as well.Here it is, then, a guest post from Gaetano at http://www.fruitfultime.com/.By far the best technique to impress when you are networking and building relationships with prospective clients or business partners is to remember their names. Can you remember the last time someone remembered your name how flattered you felt? When someone addresses you with your name, you feel that you are important.Our name is something hard wired into our brain. This is quite natural. Our parents were the first to call us using our name and therefore it is something we react to subconsciously. When we hear our name we pay more attention to what is being said and there is a higher probability that we will act upon something when we are addressed by our name. Therefore, it is invaluable for you to remember peoples’ names if you want to draw and keep the attention of someone, be it a friend at a party or a potential client in a business meeting.Also, since many people have trouble remembering names, if you manage to remember names using the below techniques you will manage to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You will also come across as a bright person and this definitely gives bonus points to your charm score.The above was just a summary of the benefits of remembering names. I hope it was enough to convince you how important it is to remember names when networking and socialising. If you are like how I used to be and you keep on forgetting names, then I suggest you start following these tips. The following tips can help you remember more names and in doing so help you build stronger relationships both in your business and in your personal life.Make Sure You Get It Correct From The BeginningIt happened once to me and I will make sure it will not happen again. I once was introduced to a person and I didn’t get the name right. I didn’t ask him to repeat his name since I was embarrassed. I hoped that his name will be mentioned in a conversation. But it didn’t happen. I still have the cell phone number saved with “Unknown name” as his name. I can still remember that this person was an English teacher.So pay attention when you get introduced. Make sure you get the name right as from the beginning so as to avoid embarrassing situations like the one I have described above.Call The Person By Their NameOnce you get introduced address the person using his/her name. Do this for two reasons. First of all to make sure that you got the name right. If you got the name wrong you want the other person to politely correct you before you go ahead and memorise the name.The second reason is because such a technique will help you to associate the name with the person and his/her characteristics like face, voice and general character. Such association will help you remember the name more and will come handy if you meet that person another time.For instance, I find myself better at remembering voices rather than faces, especially where women are concerned. Women have a tendency to change hair style, making them look completely different. Even though years pass their voices remain the same. Hence I find myself remembering more names by associating a name with a voice.Finally, calling a person by his name makes the conversation more personal and enjoyable.Ask How To Spell ItIf someone has a rare name and you do not know how to pronounce it or spell it you could say something like “That’s an interesting name. How do you spell it?” This way you will get the information you need without sounding boring. I also understand that this technique highly depends on the situation in which you are socialising. If you are in a formal meeting you don’t want to ask how a name is spelt. But if you are socialising in an informal way, then it will be a good idea to ask how a name is spelt. No, such question is not intrusive but it shows interest. Once you know how to spell the name, try to spell the name in your mind by visualizing the spelling of the name. This process further helps you memorize names.Associate The Name With A Characteristic Of The PersonWhen you get introduced to a person try to ask for some details about the person like what s/he does, hobbies etc. The more information you know about a person the more you have to associate with the name. It is very hard to remember a name which is not put into context. By getting information about the person, you will associate the newly learned name with a context. /200803/29697

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