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武汉割包皮的费用是多少武汉前列腺囊肿医院哪家好鄂州市中心医院有治疗前列腺炎吗 On today’s Moment of Science, we’ll be sniffing our way through a controversial culinary conundrum: the great cilantro debate.今天的《科学一刻》栏目,我们将来探讨一个有争议性的烹饪难题:关于香菜的大辩论。According to scientists working at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, the smell of cilantro usually produces a “love it” or “hate it” response.据莫来尔化学感官中心的科学家称,香菜的气味通常会让人产生“喜欢它”或者“讨厌它”这两种反应。Researching The Response关于这两种反应的研究Researchers used gas chromatography to isolate the different components of the cilantro smell. They learned that its distinct aroma comes primarily from a group of molecules called aldehydes.研究人员使用了气相色谱法分离香菜气味的不同组成部分。他们了解到,其独特的香气主要来自一组称为醛的分子。Aldehydes are one of the main by products of soap making. There are a few different aldehydes in the cilantro aroma “recipe. One emits the offensive soapy odor that makes you cringe. But, another produces the fresh, green, citrusy aroma that people like me find so appealing. Our ability to detect these different parts of the cilantro scent spectrum varies widely, and is linked to our genetics. Some people can’t smell the good part at all.醛是肥皂的主要成分之一。香菜的气味“配方”中含有几种不同的醛。其中一种会发出令人不快的肥皂水的气味而使你畏缩。但是,另外一种会产生清新的柑橘味的香气,像我就非常喜欢这种香味。人们察觉香菜中各种香味的能力差距很大,而这与我们的基因是有联系的。有些人甚至不能闻其中好闻的部分。Future Research未来研究We need more research to figure out the exact details, but the science of smells indicates that, when it comes to liking or hating cilantro, genetics matter. Thanks to our DNA, we pick up on the good and bad parts of the cilantro sensory experience in different ways.我们需要更多的研究以找出确切的信息。但气味科学表明,喜欢或讨厌香菜与我们的遗传基因有关。我们之所以能通过不同的方式来感受香菜中好闻和不好闻的部分,这都要归功于我们的DNA。武汉治疗前列腺炎价格

武汉附睾炎是怎么引起的武汉哪家治疗早泄 Lets say youre an 18 year old male who runs every other day, logging 12 miles a week.假设你是一个18岁的男性,每隔一天就会跑步,算下来每周会跑12英里。Now fast-forward to your late 40s.现在,把你的年龄快速往后推到40多近50岁。Your eating habits are the same.你的饮食习惯不变。To maintain your high school weight, how many miles a week would you need to run?为了保持你高中时的体重,你一周需要跑多少英里呢?Believe it or not, youd have to multiply your weekly mileage 4 and 1/2 times, increasing it from 12 to 54 miles a week!信不信由你,你得把每周的英里数乘以4.5,也就是从每周的12英里增加到54英里!Unless you take up weekly double marathons in middle-age, its impossible simply to “out run”middle-age sp.除非你在人到中年时,每周进行两次马拉松长跑,否则绝不可能轻易逃脱中年发福。Thats because metabolism decreases with age.这是因为,新陈代谢的过程随年龄而逐渐放缓。At 50 you just dont burn as many calories as you did at 18.到了50岁,你就不能像18岁时一样燃烧同样多的卡路里。Luckily, there are other factors in this equation.幸运的是,在这个等式中还有其他的影响因素。Gradually eatingless is one way to make up the difference, since metabolism slows by about 100 calories every ten years.减少食量是一种弥补差额的方法。因为新陈代谢的过程每隔十年就会降低100卡路里的消耗。Thats equivalent to a tablespoon of butter.这个数字相当于一大匙黄油的热量。To keep pace with metabolic changes, your daily at 40 could include everything you ate at 30, minus that tablespoon of butter!为了跟上新陈代谢过程的不断变化,你在40岁时的每日菜单必须在30岁时的食谱里减少一大匙黄油。However, cutting more calories every ten years gets trickier, and limiting food intake alone isnt the healthiest approach, anyway.然而,每隔十年减少更多的热量摄入越来越棘手,并且,不管怎样,仅仅限制食物摄取并不是一条健康的途径。Between our 20th and 70th birthdays, most of us lose about 30%of our muscle cells.在我们20岁生日和70岁的生日之间,我们中大多数人丧失了大约30%的肌肉细胞。Loss of muscle mass is the main reason metabolism slows down in the first place, since resting metabolic rate is directly related to lean body mass thats mostly muscle.本来,肌肉数量的减少是新陈代谢减缓的主要原因。这是由于停滞的新陈代谢率与大部分为肌肉的“瘦肉组织”直接相关。Maintaining or increasing muscle mass through strength training ups your metabolism and burn smore calories, even while youre sitting on the couch!通过体能训练来维持或增加瘦肉组织,能提高你的新陈代谢和增加更多热量消耗,甚至当你坐在沙发上时也可以做到!Two or three sessions a week, using free weights or equipment at a gym, will do the trick.一周花上两到三次时间,利用好健身房里的力量训 练器材或装备,你就能获得理想的效果。201404/287829武汉去包皮

武汉市武昌医院男性专科 Building Jerusalem一个理想之地的建立A very British story一个发生在英国的故事Jambusters: The Story of the Womens Institute in the Second World War. By Julie Summers.《果酱大师:二战期间妇女协会的故事》。作者:Julie Summers。NO STORY says more about Britains Womens Institute in the second world war than that of the jam-makers of Hawkinge in east Kent. In the bountiful summer of 1940, Womens Institutes around the country were to produce a total of 1,000 tonnes, or over 1m kilos of jam, to improve the nations diet and raise its spirits. Many Hawkinge members had moved inland for security, but the five who stayed made 350 kilos of jam that summer. As the Battle of Britain raged overhead, the youngest member told the others to go to the bomb shelter. “Ill stay and watch this boiling.” Afterwards she said, “You see, they had children and I havent.”除了在肯特郡东部的Hawkinge地区生产果酱的故事以外,有关二战期间英国妇女协会的事迹鲜少流传。1940年夏季英国粮食丰收,为了改善国民饮食,振奋国民精神,妇女协会的成员打算制造总计1000公吨,约合一百多万公斤的果酱。在那个夏天,不少Hawkinge地区的成员为了安全都已搬往内陆,但是5位留守者做出了350公斤的果酱。当不列颠空战的炮火在头顶肆虐之时,5个人中年纪最小的一位说道“我要留下来看着煮果子”,却让其他人躲到防空洞里。等她们走后,她坦言“看,她们是有孩子的人,而我没有”。That image of defiant jam-making sums up the way many see the wartime contribution of the Womens Institute. But Julie Summers uses the diaries of women and the institutes records to show its much wider contribution. The WI was predominantly a village organisation, and in the opening months of the war, evacuation of children and the establishment of military camps meant that the population of the countryside almost doubled. The institutes own membership declined, as women went into war work, but for those who remained, it provided a focus and a comfort in the face of huge disruption and growing deprivation.无视战火,制造果酱,这样勇敢无畏的事迹被人们看做是妇女协会在战时的贡献。而Julie Summers利用一些妇女日记和协会的档案进行研究,展现了这群人更广泛的贡献。这所“妇女协会”其实是一个乡村组织,在开战的头几个月内,撤离的儿童来到这个村子,军营也在此建立起来,全村人口数量约增加了一倍。由于很多女性从事战争相关工作,这个协会原先的会员人数下降,但是留下来的人却关注了并试图缓解其所面临的巨大破坏和不断加剧的匮乏问题。Country women aly led difficult lives: as Ms Summers points out, two-thirds of rural homes at the outbreak of war had no access to electricity or main drainage. Many WI sessions taught how to make do and mend, whether it was competing to create the best article of childs clothing from a flour bag or turning stockings into mittens or learning to knit with dog wool.Summers女士在书中指出:农村妇女的生活已属不易,在战争爆发之时,三分之二的农村家庭要么没有通电, 要么没有通水。很多次妇女协会的会议内容都是培训妇女怎么修补旧的物品,将就着使用,包括比赛着用面粉袋给孩子做一身“好衣”,袜子改做手套,以及学习用毛织毛衣。The institute, which benefited from the leadership of formidable and well-connected women, got them through. Instruction was mixed with community singing, mutual support with cake-making—and jam, of course.得益于一些受人尊敬,人脉颇广的妇女的领导,这个协会安然渡过难关。除了教导活动外,协会的活动还伴有团队合唱,制作蛋糕的互助项目,当然了,还有制作果酱。 /201405/297919武汉阴茎总是难硬又容易软武汉阿波罗男子割包皮大概需要多少钱




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