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A shopping centre in Bromley, south London, was thrown into panic on Boxing Day as at least one person was injured in a reported knife attack. 伦敦南部布罗姆利一购物中心发生持刀袭击事件造成一人受伤,节礼日陷入恐慌。According to Channel 4 News, police say the incident isnt related to terrorism. Video on social media shows panicked shoppers running out of the Intu shopping centre. 据第四新闻频道报道,警方称这一事件与恐怖主义没有关系。社交媒体上的视频显示,惊慌失措的顾客从购物中心跑出来。People at the busy shopping centre didnt know what was happening as the police came to the scene, and they feared it was a terrorist attack. 随着警察赶到现场,在繁忙购物中心的人们不知道发生了什么,他们担心这是恐怖袭击。A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police told The Evening Standard, ;Officers attended the scene and found a man believed to be in his 20s with a minor head injury. We believe he sustained it as a result of an altercation. 都市警察局的一位女发言人告诉标准晚报,警方赶到现场,发现一名20多岁的男子头部受了轻伤。我们相信是因为发生口角造成的。The injured man has been arrested for affray and possession of an offensive weapon.;伤者因聚众斗殴及持有攻击性武器而被逮捕。”译文属。201512/418260Fill a kettle with water, then turn on the burner.灌满水壶,扭开炉灶。In a while, your kettle will start belching white billowy stuff into the air.不一会儿,你会发现水壶向空气喷出滚滚“白气”。What is this stuff? Steam?这是什么?水蒸气?Actually, no.事实上,不是。Steam is water thats heated to two hundred twelve degrees Fahrenheit.水加温到212华氏度就变成了水蒸气。Believe it or not, steam is invisible–you can seeright through it!不管你信不信,水蒸气是透明的。If you look closely at the end of your kettles spout, youll notice that the white stuff doesnt start right away.如果你仔细观察壶嘴,会发现“白气”离壶嘴有半英尺远,It begins billowing about half aninch away from the nozzle, with clear gas in between.不是直接从壶嘴喷出,中间还隔着透明的气体。This clear gas is the actual steam.这透明气体才是水蒸气。The billowy white stuff is what the steam turns into when it hits the drier, cooler air of your kitchen.而翻滚的“白气”是水蒸气遇到厨房的干冷空气凝结而成。Those white billows are, in fact, clouds, not steam.事实上,袅袅“白气”不是水蒸气而是积云。In many ways, they are identical to the cloudsyou can see in the sky.从很多方面比较,和我们看到天空的云朵并无二致。The white color comes from tiny liquid water droplets that have condensed from the steam.我们会看到白色是因为是水蒸气凝结成的小水滴飘浮在空气中。More accurately, these billows are a type of cloud called a “mixing cloud.”更准确地说,我们称翻滚的“白气”为“混合云”。These can form when two separate air masses–with different temperatures and different amounts of water in them–mix together.两种温度、含水量不同的云团混合就可以产生。In the case of your kettle, the hot, steamy gas cools rapidly in the kitchen air, and thissudden coolness is what makes some of the vapor condense.比如,壶嘴中喷出的高温水蒸气遇到厨房空气,迅速冷却,至少水蒸气凝结。Mixing clouds are pretty common, and they dont need to start with steam.“混合云”很普遍,没有水蒸气也能产生。You see mixingclouds when you “see your breath” on a cold winter day.冬天天冷时,你会发现呼出的气体,变成了“混合云”。Youll find them rising from a bowl of warm soup.同样,热汤也会飘出“混合云”。Wherever theres a mixing cloud, you can bet some warm, moist air is mixing with air thats cooler and drier.只要有“混合云”,你就可以肯定某些高温潮湿气体和低温干燥气体相遇且混合。201409/332893Officials said on Sunday, flooding from torrential rain killed at least one person in Ellicott City, Maryland. 周日官员称,马里兰州埃利科特城暴雨引发的洪水已至少造成一人遇难。In addition, after floodwaters swept through the town’s historic downtown, at least two people were missing.此外,洪水席卷史悠久的小镇中心后,至少两人失踪。Officials said, Ellicott City was pounded by almost 6 inch of rain in two hours late on Saturday Sending the Patapsco river out of its banks.官员表示,周六晚些时候,埃利科特城两小时的降雨量达近6英寸,使帕塔普斯科河水溢出堤坝。The Howard County executive, Allan Kittleman, said the flooding in Ellicott City, about 35 miles north-east of Washington DC, was worse than that from Hurricane Agnes in 1972.霍华德县执行官艾伦称,位于华盛顿东北部约35英里的埃利科特城洪水比1972年艾格尼丝飓风更糟糕。The executive said the body of one woman was found in the Patapsco river overnight.这位执行官表示,夜间在帕塔普斯科河发现一名妇女的尸体。译文属。201608/458069

Disney Star Wars, Disney and myth-making迪士尼 星球大战,迪士尼和神话创造How one company came to master the business of storytelling一个公司如何成为兜售故事的商业传奇FROM a galaxy far, far away to a cinema just down the road: “The Force Awakens”, the newest instalment of the Star Wars saga, is inescapable this Christmas. The first Star Wars title since Lucasfilm, the owner of the franchise, was acquired by Disney in 2012 for .1 billion, it represents more than just the revival of a beloved science-fiction series. It is the latest example of the way Disney has prospered over the past decade from a series of shrewd acquisitions (see article). Having bought Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm, Disney has skilfully capitalised on their intellectual property—and in so doing, cemented its position as the market leader in the industrialisation of mythology. Its success rests on its mastery of the three elements of modern myth-making: tropes, technology and toys.从遥远的星际抵达你周边的电影院—《星球大战7:原力觉醒》这部星战系列的最新影片就在圣诞期间上映,不容错过。早期星战系列电影出自卢卡斯影业名下,该公司在2012年被迪士尼以41亿美元收购。不仅又让拥趸颇多的科幻系列重回影迷视野,还成为迪士尼公司另一个成功收购案例—在过去十年,迪士尼走了一条通过成功收购而实现蒸蒸日上的发展路径(另见文)。它先后收购了皮克斯,漫威和卢卡斯影业,并巧妙的利用自己的知识产权获益。在这一过程中,迪士尼也巩固了奇幻题材故事产业的领导者地位.。它的成功依赖于掌握了现代奇幻电影制作的三大要素:类型化,高科技和相关玩具产品。From Homer to Han Solo从荷马到韩·索罗Start with the tropes. Disney properties, which include everything from “Thor” to “Toy Story”, draw on well-worn devices of mythic structure to give their stories cultural resonance. Walt Disney himself had an intuitive grasp of the power of fables. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, is an avid student of the work of Joseph Campbell, an American comparative mythologist who outlined the “monomyth” structure in which a hero answers a call, is assisted by a mentor figure, voyages to another world, survives various trials and emerges triumphant. Both film-makers merrily plundered ancient mythology and folklore. The Marvel universe goes even further, directly appropriating chunks of Greco-Roman and Norse mythology. (This makes Disneys enthusiasm for fierce enforcement of intellectual-property laws, and the seemingly perpetual extension of copyright, somewhat ironic.)先从类型化说起。迪士尼旗下的众多作品,包括《雷神》、《玩具总动员》等等,都采用了老调重弹的神话故事架构来让观众产生文化共鸣。沃特·迪士尼自身非常清楚寓言故事的魅力。星战系列导演乔治·卢卡斯热衷于借鉴约瑟夫·坎贝尔的作品。坎贝尔是一名比较神话学者,他提出了“神话故事原型论”(Monomyth)。即在一个英雄的旅程当中,英雄主角需要完成一个使命,他通常在某个导师的指引下去到另一个世界,历经千难万险最终成功。两大电影制作公司也钟情借用古代神话和民间传说。漫威超级英雄更夸张,直接取材于许多古希腊罗马和中世纪斯堪的纳维亚的神话。(这让一向严格实施版权保护,并不停延长其版权期限的迪士尼公司,看起来多少有些讽刺。)The internal mechanics of myths may not have changed much over the ages, but the technology used to impart them certainly has. That highlights Disneys second area of expertise. In Homers day, legends were passed on in the form of dactylic hexameters; modern myth-makers prefer computer graphics, special effects, 3D projection, surround sound and internet distribution, among other things. When Disney bought Lucasfilm it did not just acquire the Star Wars franchise; it also gained Industrial Light amp; Magic, one of the best special-effects houses in the business, whose high-tech wizardry is as vital to Marvels Avengers films as it is to the Star Wars epics. And when Disney was left behind by the shift to digital animation, it cannily revitalised its own film-making brand by buying Pixar, a firm as pioneering in its field as Walt Disney had been in hand-drawn animation. Moreover, modern myths come in multiple media formats. The Marvel and Star Wars fantasy universes are chronicled in interlocking films, television series, books, graphic novels and games. Marvels plans are mapped out until the mid-2020s.神话故事架构可能未随时间流转变样,但是让其流传开来的技术手段却日新月异。这也是迪士尼公司科技特长的精所在。在荷马史诗的年代,英雄故事要用长短格六步格韵体写就;而在现代,计算机绘图,特效,3D,环绕立体声,在线视频转发等等媒介就能够承载这些故事。迪士尼买下卢卡斯影业不仅获得了星球大战系列的版权,还同时把光影魔幻工业(特效行业最佳公司之一)收入囊中,这家公司对星战系列的重要性不亚于它对成就复仇者联盟做出的贡献。动画制作在数字化转型,老牌迪士尼曾一度跟不上脚步,但收购皮克斯使其动画制作重焕生机。毕竟皮克斯在数字动画制作领域的地位堪比当时手绘动画时代的沃特·迪士尼。而且,现代奇幻作品通常采用多平台推广,漫威和星战就陆续出品系列电影、电视剧,图书,漫画和电游。漫威影业要推出的作品续集已经排到了2020年。But these days myths are also expected to take physical form as toys, merchandise and theme-park rides. This is the third myth-making ingredient. Again, Walt Disney led the way, licensing Mickey Mouse and other characters starting in the 1930s, and opening the original Disneyland park in 1955. Mr Lucas took cinema-related merchandise into a new dimension, accepting a pay cut as director in return for all the merchandising rights to Star Wars—a deal that was to earn him billions. Those rights now belong to Disney, and it is making the most of them: sales of “The Force Awakens” merchandise, from toys to clothing, are expected to be worth up to billion alone in the coming year. In all, more than billion-worth of Star Wars merchandise has been sold since 1977, according to NPD Group, a market-research firm. Even Harry Potter and James Bond are scruffy-looking nerf-herders by comparison.但是,目前神话故事也将以实体形式呈现,如玩具、商品和主题公园等形式,这也是神话创作的第三要素。沃特·迪士尼成为了行业中的典范,从二十世纪30年代开始,他们为米老鼠以及其他的一些角色申请专利,并于1955年开放了最初的迪士尼乐园。卢卡斯将电影相关产品带上了新的维度,作为导演他接受降低薪资以换取所有有关星球大战的商品权——这个协议让他赚了数十亿。这些商品化权现在隶属于迪士尼,并得到了充分利用:从玩具到装,《原力觉醒》相关商品的预期销售额仅明年一年就能达到50亿美元。美国市场调研机构NPD集团的调研报告显示,自1977年起累计,销售星球大战附加品已带来320亿美元的收入。与之相比,甚至连哈利波特和詹姆士邦德看起来都是如此的上不了台面。Those other franchises are reminders that Disneys approach is not unique. Other studios are doing their best to imitate its approach. But Disney has some of the most valuable properties and exploits them to their fullest potential. It is particularly good at refreshing and repackaging its franchises to encourage adults to revisit their childhood favourites and, in the process, to introduce them to their own children. This was one reason why Pixar, whose films are known for their cross-generational appeal, was such a natural fit. Now the next generation is being introduced to Star Wars by their nostalgic parents. At the same time, Disney has extended its franchises by adding sub-brands that appeal to particular age groups: childrens television series spun off from Star Wars, for example, or darker, more adult tales from the Marvel universe, such as the “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” series on.其他系列电影表明,迪士尼的策略不是唯一的。其他一些影城也竭尽全力地效仿迪士尼的做法。但迪士尼拥有最有价值的资源,并能最大程度开发这些资源,尤其 擅长再更新和再包装其产品,以此鼓励成人回忆他们的童年最爱,在此过程中,将喜好介绍给自己的孩子。皮克斯擅长制作吸引两代人的电影,这也使得它与迪士尼的合作成为天作之合。现在,怀旧的父母们也将把星球大战传承给下一代。与此同时,迪士尼通过增加吸引特定年龄的子品牌拓宽系列经营权:例如,源于《星球大战》的少儿电视节目,始于漫威宇宙系列的更黑暗、更成人化的故事,比如网飞公司的《超胆侠》和《杰西卡琼斯》等电影。Do, or do not—there is no try要么去做,要么放手,没有尝试一说What explains the power of all this modern-day mythology? There is more to it than archetypal storytelling, clever technology and powerful marketing. In part, it may fill a void left by the decline of religion in a more secular world. But it also provides an expression for todays fears. The original “Star Wars” film, in which a band of plucky rebels defeat a technological superpower, was a none-too-subtle inversion of the Vietnam war. The Marvel universe, originally a product of the cold-war era, has adapted well on screen to a post-9/11 world of surveillance and the conspiratorial mistrust of governments, large corporations and the power of technology. In uncertain times, when governments and military might seem unable to keep people safe or stay honest, audiences take comfort in the idea of superheroes who ride to the rescue. Modern myths also have the power to unify people across generations, social groups and cultures, creating frameworks of shared references even as other forms of media consumption become ever more fragmented.当代神话故事为何有如此大的魅力?绝不仅仅是原始的讲述故事、灵活的科学技术和强大的营销能力。在某种程度上,这种神话可以弥补当下越来越世俗的世界中宗教地位下降带来的空虚。然而,这也表现出了现代人的恐惧。在最初的电影《星球大战》中,讲述了一个勇敢的反叛者对决强大的科技超能量者,这实际是越南战争的写照。漫威宇宙系列,最初是冷战时代的产物,在后911时代,监视无处不在以及人们对政府、大公司和科技力量等的不信任,漫威调整创作,将后911时代精地呈现于荧幕。在不稳定时期,当政府和军队似乎无法保民众以及自身绝对忠诚时,民众便只能寄希望于拯救世界的超级英雄。即使在媒体消费的其他形式变得越来越碎片化的时候,当代神话也可以跨越时代、阶层、文化将人们联合起来,创造出一个拥有一些共性的架构。Ultimately, however, these modern myths are so compelling because they tap primordial human urges—for refuge, redemption and harmony. In this respect they are like social-media platforms, which use technology to industrialise social interaction. Similarly, modern myth-making, reliant though it is on new tools and techniques, is really just pushing the same old buttons in stone-age brains. That is something that Walt Disney understood instinctively—and that the company he founded is now exploiting so proficiently.然而,究其根源,现代神话的魅力是因为它激发了人们对于庇护、救赎与和谐的原始诉求。在这方面,它们更像是工业化的社交平台,使用技术使得社交产业化。同样地,现代神话创作加入了新工具和新技术,也不过是旧瓶装新酒。这是沃特·迪士尼领悟到—并正在有效地运用于他所创立的公司。翻译:吴茂amp;王坤 校对:马里奥 译文属译生译世 /201602/427850

Alrigt. Oh.Thats not good when that sound happens.Who wants to go next?啊 听起来感觉不大妙 下一个谁来You want Melanie or Heather, its up to you.是梅勒妮还是希瑟 由你们决定Me, cause its killing me.Okay. The waiting is killing me.我来 这太折磨人了 好 等的过程太恐怖了Than its gonna be Melanie, okay?那就先降梅勒妮吧 好吗Melanie, I will see you in a minute. - Okay.梅勒妮 等会儿见 好I mean, its too much fun,when you said you are scared.说真的 你说害怕的时候 实在是太有意思了Okay. Now, are you y?Wait a minute, wait wait wait wait.Wait.现在 你准备好了吗 等等 等一下 等等 等等 等等The crocodile has not moved back to that area yet.鳄鱼还没回去呢Alrigt.No. There are not crocodiles in there.Sharks.I am kidding.好吧 啊不对 那没有鳄鱼 有鲨鱼 逗你呢There are little baby jerboa cheer packs.那有群乐颠颠的小跳鼠Alrigt. Here we go, y? Yes.来了 准备好了吗 准备好了Here you go.Come on now.Hi. Oh My God!Hi.Hi...Alrigt.走你 大家出来吧 嗨 -啊 天呐 嗨 嗨 好了You each are getting a fifty-inches TCL Roku TV,and we, get to dance.你们每人都将获得一台50寸TCL罗库电视 我们 来跳个舞吧 /201601/421228

Presidential candidates keep hopping on the bandwagon. Tis the season, after all.But according to a recent survey conducted by the Detroit News and WDIV-TV, Michigan voters are mostly not liking what theyre seeing.The News Lansing reporter, Chad Livengood, tells us that the survey says the established brands – former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – have an advantage through sheer recognizability, but they also have an ;unfavorable; problem.According to Livengood, when all candidates on the survey were scored on ;favorables; versus ;unfavorables,; the results were skewed toward the latter.;Its just one sign that maybe the public is increasingly disengaged or turned off by whom they see vying to be the next leader of the free world,; Livengood says.Listen to our conversation with Livengood above to learn more about the survey results and what it might mean in the upcoming political landscape.201506/381620

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  • 车市之星专访上海锦俊总经理尤悦梅
  • 地铁时代常青城暂无房源可售(图)
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