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武汉/伪早泄武汉/龟头炎哪家医院好As a lively city, Shenzhen is also a paradise for recreation. Whatever you desire, Shenzhen has an offer. All standards of kursaals, ice rinks, golf courses, racket courts, bowling alleys, KTV, cinemas and theatres and other common recreational centers, makes Shenzhen a city that never sleeps.Shenzhen is also a window to view the fashion goods of the world. For it neighbors the taxless ports of Hong Kong and Macau, the merchandise here is not only varied but also pretty economical. The extravagant Renmin Nan (International Trade Center), economical Huaqing Bei, traditional East Gate Pedestrian Street, and fashionable Fudian Shopping Center are the four most famous spots for shopping here. The Sino-British Street in Shatoujiao Town, 'a street with two social systems', is also often brimming with all kinds of visitors. The landmark in the center of the street is the border line between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.As a nucleus of Guangdong Province, the food here mainly focuses on Guangdong (Cantonese) Cuisine. However, thanks to the frequent immigrants from other areas of China, all kinds of dishes can be savored here. In addition, various foreign dishes, such as Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and occidental snacks are all available. In Shenzhen, it is easy to find a restaurant, cafe or teahouse to satisfy your appetite. Article/201009/114306武汉/青山区医院预约 Doctor Stuart Flanagan provides helpful tips on managing stuffy nose caused by the common cold, the flu, or allergic reaction. Suggestions include gently blowing your nose, a steam bath, and elevating your head while you sleep.Stuart Flanagan医生就怎样应对由普通感冒,流感或过敏反应引起的鼻塞给出了建议。这些建议包括轻轻地擦鼻子,蒸汽浴,睡觉时垫高头部。Well, a stuffy nose is caused by nasal congestion, and that means that the lining of the inside of the nose is swollen and it can cause a blockage to the nasal passages and that#39;s caused by inflamed blood vessels that sit inside the membranes of the nose. This can be caused by a number of things.鼻塞通常是由鼻子内部粘膜浮肿堵塞鼻孔造成,这是由于鼻粘膜内部的血管充血引起的。造成这种现象的原因有几种。The most common causes are things like the common cold, or the flu, or even an allergic reaction. All of these things can cause our membranes to become swollen and they make us feel really stuffed up and can really difficult to clear our noses. There are a few things we can do to really improve how we feel and help us to improve our breathing so we#39;re not just breathing through our mouth all the time.最常见的原因是普通感冒,流感甚至过敏反应。这几种因素都可以导致我们的鼻粘膜肿胀,鼻塞,不容易通气。有几种方法可以帮助我们改善呼吸状况,可以不需要一直用嘴呼吸。The first thing is, don#39;t blow your nose too hard. This can actually inflame the mucosal lining even more and it can make the situation worse. The second thing you can try is a steam bath, and you can make that up with some warm water and a little bit of salt and just inhale the vapors.首先,不要用力擦鼻子。这只会让鼻粘膜内的血管充血更多,使鼻塞更严重。你还可以尝试蒸汽浴。放一些温水,加少许盐,然后吸入水蒸汽就可以了。That will really clear the mucous that#39;s inside the nose and also reduce the inflammation of the mucosal lining. Also, it#39;s really important that we keep ourselves elevated and keep our heads elevated. It can make things a lot worse when we#39;re lying down flat, particularly when we go to bed at night.这种方法可以清理鼻子内部的粘液,还可以减少鼻粘膜充血。同时,抬高自己,抬高头部也非常重要。平躺只会让鼻塞更加严重,尤其是夜间睡觉的时候。Our stuffy nose can feel really horrible, so it might be a good idea to keep a pillow propped up behind you and try and keep a little more elevated than you would normally do when you go to bed. It#39;s really important if it persists that you do think about other treatments and that you think about decongestants. They won#39;t completely clear the inflammation that#39;s there but they will clear out the mucous that#39;s stuck inside the nose.如果鼻塞让我们感到非常难受,最好垫一个枕头,比平时睡觉时垫的更高。如果鼻塞持续的话,你要寻找其他治疗方法或者用解充血药物,这非常重要。这些方法不会完全清除炎症,但是可以清理堵塞鼻孔的鼻涕。If your stuffy nose persists for more than two weeks, it#39;s really important to get it checked out by a doctor, so definitely look into it if your symptoms persist for a long time. .如果你的鼻塞持续了超过两周的时间,赶紧去看医生。所以,一定要密切观察你的症状是否会持续很长时间……Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of A Stuffy Nose感谢收看“怎样解决鼻塞问题”视频节目。 /201209/201233How can my spouse and I avoid comparing ourselves to others?我和我的配偶怎样才能不拿自己的恋情和其他人做对比呢?Comparing your relationship to other relationships, whether they be relationships of your friends on the outside or relationships to a past lover, never works. Even if your comparison is that you are so much better than that person. Unfortunately, what happens in most comparisons is we are telling our partner they are less than something. Comparisons don#39;t work in marriage. It#39;s like being on the same team and then having other people come between you and push you apart. You#39;re number one. Your marriage is number one. When you compare, it divides you. If you feel that your partner is comparing you, it is important for you to tell your partner it hurts: ;I don#39;t like this. You need to know this doesn#39;t feel good to me.; Sit down with your partner. Stick to ;I; statements. ;When you compare me to others, it hurts me. I feel sad. I feel like you don#39;t love me, appreciate me or care for me. Please give your attention to me and don#39;t compare.;拿自己的恋情和其他人做对比,无论是你的朋友,还是过去的情人的恋情,都是不好的。即使对比的结果是你的恋情比对方好的多。不幸的是,大部分情况下,对比的结果是我们不如别人。在婚姻中,对比是行不通的。就好像你们在同一个团队,然后来了另外一个人把你们两个分开。你永远是第一位的,你的婚姻也是第一位的。当你对比的时候,会让两个人疏离。如果你的伴侣拿你和别人做比较,你一定要告诉对方这对你造成了伤害,“我不喜欢这样。你要知道这让我感觉不好。”和你的伴侣坐下来,一定要坚持以自己为对话的中心。“当你拿我和别人做比较的时候,对我造成了伤害。我很伤心。我感到你不爱我,不喜欢我,不在乎我。请将注意力放在我身上,不要做对比。”Thanks for watching How To Stop Comparing Your Relationship To Others.感谢收看“怎样停止与他人的恋情做对比”视频节目。 Article/201210/204684武汉/哪里治早泄阳痿

武汉/为什么我做完包茎手术之后一直有水肿武汉/市最好的男科医院是 Check out these five simple ways to drive smarter, lowering your gas bill. Learn to drive smarter, save money, and protect the environment by reducing your gas expenditure.按照以下五个简单的方法,做到睿智地驾驶,降低汽油费用。通过降低汽油费用,既可以节约金钱,又可以保护环境。Step 1: Cash Cap1.检查油箱盖Make sure your gas cap is securely tightened.确保油箱盖安全地拧紧了。Step 2: Pump It Up2.轮胎充气Make sure your tires are properly inflated. The proper tire pressure can be found on the inside of your car door.确保轮胎充满了气。车门内侧标注有恰当的轮胎气压。Step 3: Breathe Easy3.空气净化Have your air filter checked whenever you change your oil.每次换油的时候都要检查空气净化器。Step 4: Stay In Tune4.适时校正Have your trusted mechanic check out your engine every six months or so.每六个月左右让你信任的技工帮你检查引擎。Step 5: Filler Down5.油箱不要太满Unless you are going on a long road trip, keep your tank between half full and empty.除非是长途驾驶,油箱里的油量保持在半量和满量之间。Thanks for watching How To Save Money On Gas感谢收看“怎样节约汽油费用”视频节目。 Article/201209/201453孝感市大悟县治疗膀胱炎多少钱

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