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Shane Files solo第单元 夏恩一个人坐飞机Shane mother filled his backpack with books, and toys. He was only six years old and he was flying half way across the country all by himself. When Shane was two his parents got a divorce and since then theyve had shared custody. This year Shane dad had moved to Washington, so Shane was flying out to meet him. His dad would be there at the airport to pick him up.夏恩的妈妈把书本和玩具塞进夏恩的背包里夏恩今年才六岁,正一个人坐着国内班机,目前还在半路上夏恩两岁时父母就离婚了,从那时起两个人便共同拥有对夏恩的监护权由于夏恩的爸爸今年搬到华盛顿,所以夏恩要坐飞机去看他他爸爸会在机场等着接他His mother drove him out to the airport and walked him to the check out gate. She gave him a big hug and asked the flight attendant to take good care of him.他妈妈开车送他到机场,陪他走到出境大门那里她用力拥抱了他一下,并请空员对他多加照顾Inside the plane Shane explored everything. The flight attendant gave him earphones to watch movies. They gave him as much Coke as he wanted and at dinnertime he asked two desserts.夏恩在飞机上东摸西摸,看到什么都很好奇空员给他耳机看电影,他想喝多少可乐也都让他喝,晚餐时他还要了两份甜点He watched the movie and then pressed his nose to the window as the landscape passed beneath him. Soon, he felt asleep. When he woke up he had arrived and the flight attendant had carried him out to where his father was waiting. Shane couldnt wait to tell his dad all about his trip.他看完电影后,便把鼻子贴在窗户上,看着下面经过的景色,接着很快就睡着了等他醒来时飞机已经抵达目的地了,空员便带他到他爸爸等他的地方夏恩迫不及待要告诉他爸爸旅行时所发生的一切地点:中央公园咖啡馆人物:乔伊,瑞秋,罗斯,《肥皂剧文摘记者,冈瑟事件:乔伊接受《肥皂剧文摘专访,众老友在一边旁听,以防乔伊犯错The Interviewer: Well umm, another thing our ers always want to know is how our soap stars stay in such great shape. Do you have some kind of fitness regime?Joey: Uh, we stars just try to eat right and get lots of exercise. Uhh, I dont believe in these crazy diets yknow, just everything in moderation.Gunther: Your muffins.Joey: Ill take those to go. the kids.The Interviewer: Oh, I know what I wanted to ask you. You were on the show years ago and then they killed you off. What happened there?Joey: It was so stupid. I said some stuff in an interview that I shouldnt have said. But believe me, that not gonna happen today.The Interviewer: Understood. So, whatd you say back then?Joey: Well, I said that I… You guys, this is Shelley, she interviewing me Soap Opera Digest, and Shelley, these are my friends…Rachel: Hi! Im gal pal Rachel Green, and if you want the dirt, Im the one you come to. This might be Joey baby, who knows? Im just kidding — Seriously, gal pal Rachel Green.Ross: Who just lost the respect of her unborn child. 58873

6 Thief第6单元 贼Cumin, turmeric, coriander. These were the things that came to mind when Rae thought of India. Of course, she thought of yoga too. Rae landed in Bombay early on a Wednesday morning. She got her luggage and made her way to the hotel.瑞伊一想到印度,脑海里就会浮现小茴香、姜黄、胡荽这些东西,当然,她也会想到瑜珈瑞伊是星期三一早抵达孟买的,她拿到行李后便往旅馆方向前进Rae had been planning her trip months. She was going to study yoga with one of the world best yoga gurus. Her first meeting was scheduled early the next morning.瑞伊这趟旅行已经计划几个月了,她要来这里跟一位全世界最优秀的瑜珈大师学习瑜珈,预定明天一早第一次去拜见老师On the way to the hotel, Rae was mesmerized by the wonderful colors and smells. She was so caught up in the sights and sounds, she barely had time to scream, “Thief” as a man grabbed her purse and ran away. Rae took off after the man.前往旅馆时,瑞伊被一路上大自然的美丽色和香味给迷住了,眼前的景象与声音让她沉迷不已这时突然有个人抓起她的手提包拔腿就跑,她几乎没有时间喊捉贼,就立刻在后面追着贼跑She chased him down small allies and over a bridge. She chased him through a market where women were selling beautiful scarves. The man was fast, but Rae was faster. She caught up to the man and tackled him to the ground.她不停地追着,追过一座桥,又经过一个许多妇女在贩卖围巾的市场那个贼虽然跑得很快,但瑞伊跑得更快,最后总算抓到那个贼并把他扭倒在地She grabbed her purse and kicked him in the stomach. She marched off with her bag and hailed a taxi to her hotel.她抢回她的手提包,又在贼肚子上踢了一脚,然后带着手提包离开,招了一辆计程车直接坐到旅馆 Tara McAteer 著 黄惟郁 译上海交通大学出版社出版 1

英语学习笔记:Hello, who’s speaking?你好,谁在说话?This is heshe.我是**Please hold onhang on.请等一等Sorry he is not here, can I take a message?他现在不在,我能捎个信吗?Sorry. I think you dialled the wrong number.抱歉,我想你拨错号码了Sorry, wrong number.抱歉,打错了Excuse me. I am a eigner. Would you slow down a little bit?请原谅,我是一个外国人你可以把语速放慢一些吗?I’m sorry. I didn’t catch you. Could you repeat that again?抱歉,我刚刚没听懂你说的,你可以重复一遍吗?Sorry,Come again?抱歉,能不能再说一遍?更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 38

Page: 71Here is a picture of a man lungs.They are soft like sponges with thousands of little pipes going through them.The pipes keep branching like the branches of a tree so that they go through every part of each lung.Our lungs are in the upper part of our chest.we have two of them.The air we breathe goes right in to every part of the lungs through these branching pipes.They take it to the blood which is moving all the time through the lungs and round to every part of our bodies.The blood makes a journey round body and back to the lungs in a very short time.Page: 7What is blood?It is the red liquid which comes out of your finger when you cut it.There are about thirteen pints of blood in a person body.We can give a pint of blood at a time to a blood bank the use of others who may need it.A healthy body makes up the pint of lood quickly.What does our blood do us?It takes food to all parts of our bodies and takes waste away from them.All the parts of our bodies are made up of cells.These cells, which are very small, all need foot all the time.Page: 73Here are some cells, thousands of times the size they are in the body.Each different sort of cell has its own work to do, different from the work other sorts of cells do.No one had seen cells bee the invention of the microscope and its development in the sixteenth and seventeeth centuries.Bee then no one could make pictures of cells because no one could see them.Page: 7Cells are like litter flames.A flame needs food.We get a quick flame- a fire or a cigarette- by lighting a match or using a lighter.The flame of the match burns the match and the flame of the lighter burns the liquid in the lighter, if there is air them to burn in.All fires burn something.What they burn is their fuel.Fuel is food fire.Page: 75The blood is like a stream.The cells take what they need, their fuel, out of the blood stream, as plants and fishes take their food out of water.The blood stream carries food and the oxygen which it has taken up in our lungs to all the cells in the body.Old cells die and give place to new cells in the body as plants and fish and other living things in the world about us die and give place to others.Three million of your red blood cells die every second and other cells take their place.The red cell population of your body changes completely in about three months.Page: 76What makes the blood go on moving round body in a stream?The heart sends it round.The heart is between the lungs.A person heart is the size of his shut hand.The heart is a pump.If you put your hand under water like this, and keep letting a little water into it and sending it out again, you are pumping the water.The heart pumps blood in a way a little like this.Page: 77The heart has four rooms in it with doors (valves) between them.It pumps blood in and out through these doors by changing the size of the rooms so that the doors open and shut.It can do this because it is made of muscle.The heart keeps a stream of blood going all round the body and back again to itself.The pipes which take blood from the heart are named arteries;the pipes through which it comes back to the heart are named veins.Page: 78A solid line represents an artery and a broken line a vein.Page: 79The first man to discover that the blood goes all parts of the body,out through the valves of the heart through one system of pipes and back again through another,was the seventeenth-century doctor William Harvey.The journey of our blood all round the body is the circulation of the blood.AS you see in the picture opposite,the branches of the arteries are like the branches of a treewhich get smaller and smaller the farther they are from the roots.The small branches go to all parts of the body.They go to the ends of your fingers and toes, to all the muscles-those parts by which you move your arms and legs and head and other parts of the body.Page: 80Everywhere the blood stream does two things:supplies the cells with food and oxygen and takes away waste.It is as if the blood kept the litter fires in the cells burning and took away the ashes.The fuel the fires in the cells is given us by the food we eat.It cannot burn without oxygen.This gas is as necessary to all living things as it is necessary to the bruning of fires made of wood or coal.Burning is the change which takes place when oxygen and fuel e.Coal, wood and other fuels (cooking gas, example) burn by taking oxygen from the air. 87

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