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武汉/那家医院治疗软下疳好武汉/阿波罗男子医院可以治疗前列腺炎吗武汉/龟头太敏感是怎么治疗 New scientific research offers surprising ways to shower yourself with tranquility, creativity, longevity and more。新的研究发现有很多方式能让自己更加安静、富有创造力和长寿。1. Optimism乐观积极Never mind if you don#39;t have hours a day—even a few minutes spent in quiet contemplation once in a while yields noticeable benefits. A group of adults who meditated an average of six hours and 13 minutes over the course of five weeks developed patterns of brain activity typically associated with positive moods。就算你每天没有太多的时间也没关系,仅仅几分钟的沉思就能让你获得不少好处。研究显示,在五周的时间里平均沉思6小时13分钟的成年人,有效地提升了脑力,心态也变得更加积极。2. Serenity平静When mice were fed a strain of probiotics found in some yogurt, they became calmer under stress, Irish and Canadian scientists observed. The were less likely to panic like their broth-fed brethren, and they produced fewer stress hormones—effects similar to those brought on by antidepressants. Look for yogurt that has active probiotic cultures, and say, ;Mmmm.;爱尔兰和加拿大的科学家观察发现,用某种酸奶里含有的活益生菌喂食老鼠,能让它们在压力之下显得更加冷静。相比那些食肉的老鼠而言,它们似乎更不容易陷入恐慌,还能分泌出较少的压力荷尔蒙——这和用抗抑郁症药物的效果一样。喝喝那些富含活益生菌的酸奶吧,然后大赞一句“好喝”。3. Creative Thinking创造性思维Volunteers who worked in rooms lit by a lamp with an incandescent lightbulb instead of overhead fluorescents solved problems requiring novel thinking more successfully. Scientists say the symbolism of the bulb (not just its light spectrum) led to the subjects#39; bright ideas, and cited ;a growing body of research showing that perception of objects...can subtly influence our behavior.;房间里的灯泡对创造性思维有影响。相比头顶是日光灯的志愿者而言,头顶是白炽灯泡的似乎更能轻而易举的解决需要创新性思维的难题。科学家表示,灯泡的象征主义(不仅仅它的光谱)能帮助被试者想出不错的点子,并且“越来越多的行为研究表明对物体的感知能潜移默化的影响我们的行为”。4. Belonging归属感Undergraduates who considered chicken soup a comfort food and then were fed some scored higher on a psychological test of social connectedness than those who weren#39;t given any soup. When given a word fragment like incl, they converted it into a ;relationship word; such as include, instead of a neutral term, like incline, because the dish stirred a sense of connection。在社交连通性的心理测试中,我们给那些把鸡汤看成是安慰食物的大学生准备了一些鸡汤,结果显示他们的得分要比没有喝鸡汤的那群人更高。比如我们给出词根incl, 他们会迅速转化成“关系词汇” 比如include,而非中性词汇incline,因为鸡汤激起了他们心中的归属感。5. Vitality活力Tired? Draggy? Stuck in your office? Picture yourself outside beneath an arching sky and canopied branches. Daydreaming about nature is energizing, according to a new study. And if you can go outdoors, even better: As little as 20 minutes in a natural setting demonstrably increased people#39;s energy levels for the day。累了?乏了?被困在办公室了?想象一下自己正在户外,蓝天下,绿茵旁吧。新的研究显示,做点关于自然的白日梦能增加能量。如果你真能去户外那就更好了,每天只需要在自然环境下待上20分钟就能有效提高一天的能量了。6. Longevity长寿Using data from about 10,000 adults tracked over 50 years, scientists discovered that volunteering, especially for altruistic motives, can be a lifesaver. People who reported giving their time because they wanted to help others outlived those who didn#39;t volunteer at all, as well as those who did so mostly for their own satisfaction。根据对10000个成年人长达50年的追踪研究,科学家发现,志愿活动尤其是那些无私利心的,可以是救命稻草。那些花时间帮助别人的人们要比其他人更加长寿,即使他们帮别人只是为了自己开心。7. Bliss狂喜Researchers asked volunteers to rate their level of happiness the last time they spent money on themselves or on someone else. Not only were the givers happier, but when presented with extra cash to use as they wished, they were more apt to spend it on others. The study#39;s authors concluded ;a positive feedback loop; exists between offering gifts and well-being。研究者要求志愿者回想一下上次为自己或别人花钱时到底有多开心。事实上,花钱者不仅更开心了,给他们多余的钱时,他们还会乐于花在别人身上。研究作者总结道,给礼物和人之间有着“积极的回馈循环”。8. A Healthier Diet健康饮食To make better choices at the grocery store, bring dollar bills, a revelatory study shows. Analyzing 1,000 households, researchers found that shoppers who paid by credit card tended to select chips, cookies, and other junk food. The theory: Shelling out cash is more psychologically painful, so people are less likely to spend it on unhealthy goods。一项启示性的研究显示,想在便利店做出正确的选择,用现金吧。对1000个家庭的分析发现,那些用信用卡付账的顾客似乎更易选择薯片、饼干和其他垃圾食品。理论:花现金才更会肉疼,人们也就不会多买那些垃圾食品了。 /201306/244607武汉/传统包皮手术多少钱

武汉/包皮手术哪里做得好It’s 2 AM. You’ve been trying to fall asleep for the past two hours.凌晨2点。在过去的两小时里,你一直想睡着。You drift in and out of light sleep, not really able to reach that deep, restorative sleep you need to prep you up for the day that is to come.你徘徊在似睡若无的边缘,不能达到沉睡的状态。而你需要一个安稳觉来恢复体力,好迎接第二天的到来。After tossing and turning for a while, you check the time, only to find out that it’s aly time to get up. The whole night went by and you didn’t get an ounce of sleep.在辗转反侧一会儿之后,你看了看时间,发现已经到起床的时间了。整个夜晚过去了,你却没睡上一会儿觉。Definitely not a good way to start your day. Sound familiar? If it does, then make sure to check out the best 7 tips that will help you boost the quality of your sleep, overnight.以这种方式开始一天,绝不是一个好兆头。听起来熟悉吗?如果是这样,那么一定要看看以下7个最好的小贴士,它们将帮助你提高睡眠质量。1. Have a Sleep Journal1. 做好睡眠记录Any good old notebook will do the trick. Inside you’ll log the time you went to sleep, the time you woke up and the total sleep time.任何一本好的旧笔记本都可以。在这本子里,你可以记录什么时候上床睡觉,什么时候起床,还有总共睡了多久。Keep that notebook close to your bed since this is the last thing you want to do before you fall asleep and the first thing you want to do when you wake up. With a sleep journal you’ll be able to do two things:把笔记本放在床头附近,因为做笔记是你睡觉前要做的最后一件事,也是你醒来后要做的第一件事。有一本睡眠记录册,你能做两件事:You’ll get a clear cut view of what’s your average bedtime, wake up time and your sleep length.你将清楚地了解到平常你几点入睡,几点醒来以及睡眠时间。With the help of the intel in your sleep journal it’ll be much easier to develop a healthy sleeping schedule.有了睡眠记录册里的信息,完善一份健康的睡觉时刻表会更容易。2. Go to Sleep Early2. 早点睡This is one of those obvious tips that no-one seems to follow.这是最浅显易懂的一条建议,但似乎没人遵循。Our bodies are geared to hit the hay as soon as the sun sets. A good rule of thumb is to go to sleep before midnight, where 10pm is seen as a sweet spot for most.当太阳落山时,我们的身体就准备着要上床睡觉了。一条黄金法则是在午夜前入睡。对大多数人来说,最佳上床睡觉时间在10点钟。And I bet you#39;ve heard this before … one hour of sleep before midnight is worth more than two hours after midnight.我打赌之前你也听说过这种说法:午夜前的一小时睡眠抵得过午夜后的两小时。3. Eliminate Distractions3. 减少干扰源There are 3 types of distractions you need to get rid of to get a good night’s sleep. They are:为了有好的睡眠质量,你需要摆脱的三种干扰是:Distractions for the Mind - internet, TV, Xbox, smartphone, etc. Shut that stuff down at least 1 hour before bedtime so that your mind can zone out.对思想的扰乱,比如网络、电视、游戏机、手机等等。至少在睡前一小时,把它们全部关闭,这样大脑才有片刻清闲。Distractions for the Eyes - kill all sources of bright light. This includes modems, routers, smartphones and yes, even the moon. Switch off the tech stuff and roll out the blinds to block the moon rays. Wear a sleep mask if you have to.对眼睛的扰乱,屏蔽所有亮光来源,包括调制解调器、路由器、手机,甚至是窗外的月光。关掉这些电器开关,放下百叶窗阻断月光的照射。如果有需要戴上眼罩。Distractions for the Ears - kill the noise with some soft foam ear plugs.对耳朵的扰乱。戴上软式泡沫耳塞,屏蔽噪声。4. Be Physically Active4. 让身体活跃起来Any kind of physical deed that will get your heart rate up will do a great deal of good when it comes to upping the quality of your sleep.如果要提高你的睡眠质量,任何一种增加心脏跳动频率的身体运动都会起到很大作用。Do what you love the most - it could be parkour, soccer, weight lifting or even a light afternoon stroll in the park.做你最喜欢的运动——可以是跑酷、足球、举重,甚至是傍晚在公园里漫步。But make sure you’re not doing hard-core physical stuff right before bedtime.但是要保在睡觉前你做的不是剧烈运动。5. Have Clean Bed Linen5. 清洁被单和枕套If your bed feels, smells and looks like an Alien nest, then it’s time for you to bust out some clean bed linen.如果你的床看起来闻起来感觉像是外星人睡的床一样,那你就要换一床被单和枕套了。This is one of the best things you can do to boost the quality of your sleep.为了提高你的睡眠质量,这是你能做到的其中一件。Change bed linen once a week and if you can, change the pillowcase daily.如果可以,每周换一次被单,每天换一次枕套。6. Avoid Coffee and Other Stimulants6. 不喝咖啡和其它含兴奋剂的饮料Try not to drink coffee, red bull, green tea and stuff like that at least six hours before bedtime.至少在睡觉前6小时,尽量不喝咖啡、红牛、绿茶等含兴奋剂的饮品。Even if you can fall asleep with no trouble after drinking two cups of coffee right before you head out to bed, don’t do it.即使你喝两杯咖啡后还能轻易入睡,也不要这样做。Caffeine and other stimulants, right before bedtime, will mess with your melatonin production and your deep sleep.在睡前饮用的咖啡因和其他兴奋剂会扰乱褪黑激素的生成及影响你的深度睡眠。7. Deep Breathing7. 深呼吸While in bed trying to fall asleep, focus on taking deep, long breaths.当你躺在床上想要入睡,请集中精力在呼吸上,做深而长的呼吸。Inhale slowly, exhale slowly. Deep breathing will keep your mind in the now and away from future worries and past regrets. I know this may sound like some new-age fluff, but deep breathing really works.慢慢吸气,慢慢呼气。深呼吸会让你着眼当前,使思想远离未来的忧虑与过去的遗憾。我知道这一点都不新奇,但深呼吸真的有用。In the end, if you want to sleep like a log every night, you’ll have to take good care of your health.最后,如果你想要睡得很熟,你就需要好好顾着你的身体健康。The 7 tips I talk about here are just the beginning. A sound diet and a smart workout plan will go a long way to make your sleep bulletproof.我在这里谈到的7个小贴士只是一个开始。要想睡个安稳觉,均衡的饮食与科学的健身也起到很大帮助。 /201302/226761武汉/男科医院哪里最好 Millionaire   百万富翁CEO: ;My wife made a millionaire out of me.;   主管:我妻子使我成为百万富翁。Assistant: ;What were you before?;   助手:以前你是什么?CEO: ;a multimillionaire.;主管:千万富翁。内容来自: /201303/230691武汉/下面长了疙瘩什么原因

武汉/治疗尿道炎最好的医院是哪家 Ladies, take your battle for the environment a little closer to your heart with a solar-powered bra that can generate enough electric energy to charge a mobile phone or an iPod.Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan Ltd unveiled its environmentally friendly, and green colored, "Solar Power Bra" on Wednesday in Tokyo which features a solar panel worn around the stomach.The panel requires light to generate electricity and the concept bra will not be in stores anytime soon, said Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda, as "people usually can not go outside without wearing clothes over it."But it does send the message of how lingerie could possibly save the planet, Masuda said, adding that the bra should not be washed or sunned on a rainy day to avoid damaging it.Being eco-friendly is now fashionable in Japan, and the "Solar Energy Bra" follows the company's other green-themed undergarments that include a bra that turns into a reusable shopping bag and one that featured metal chopsticks to promote the use of reusable chopsticks."It is very comfortable and I can really feel involved in eco-friendly efforts as well," model Yuko Ishida said. 想把环保做到更“贴心”的女士现在可以选择一种“太阳能文胸”了!这种文胸产生的电量能够给手机或iPod充电。日本“黛安芬”内衣公司于本周三在东京公布了这款绿色的“太阳能环保文胸”,这款文胸的主要特点是其腹部区域安有一块太阳能面板。黛安芬公司的女发言人增田美子说,这块芯板采光后才能发电,不过这款“概念内衣”近期不会上市,因为“人们不可能只穿着内衣出门”。但它的确能让人们认识到内衣也可以保护我们的地球。此外,这种内衣不能洗涤或在雨天晾晒以避免损坏。目前环保在日本十分流行。这款“太阳能文胸”推出前,黛安芬公司还推出了其它“绿色”主题的文胸,如可变身购物袋的文胸,以及旨在鼓励人们使用非一次性筷子的可插“金属筷”文胸等。模特石田勇子说:“这款内衣非常舒适,穿上它让我感到自己也为环保尽了一份力。” /200805/39177武汉/的男科哪几家是医保医院通城县人民医院泌尿外科

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