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2017年10月24日 06:51:53

Where are we right now? We're on the cusp of the second half, when we're supposed to see recovery.Yeah, I think it's unlikely for a while. I mean I get figures on dozens of, dozens of businesses. I get them daily. I mean we own them. And we have not, there is no uptick yet. There will be. I wanna assure everybody that. This country always comes back. I mean if you go, you know, we've had the Civil War, we've got the Great Depression, we've had Pearl Harbor, we get a lot of unpleasant surprises, but we always overcome them and we will this. But we haven't yet, and it doesn't look to me like it's imminent. It will happen.You know, it's rare to hear you as the Dr. Doom. I mean you know, look, the rate of jobless, job layoffs has slowed down. We got the report today on big ticket items. We have a second month of gains. (Yeah) We had existing home sales up for three, for a couple of months. So there are signs of growth. You are not encouraged by this.Well, I'm encouraged by the fact that it's gonna work over time. But I'm not, but in terms of looking at all the figures that I see, whether, you know, retail sale, everything. The unemployment is gonna keep going up significantly. But we will overcome it, I don't wanna be Dr. Doom in that respect. I'm a huge bull on America, I always have been. But I also don't believe in kidding myself. So when I look at numbers of how many yards of carpet we sold yesterday, or how many items of jewelry, or how many watches, or whatever it maybe. And I just was talking with the gentleman that runs this, this restaurant, you know, the same, the same situation. We have not bounced yet.You mentioned one of the things, rate of unemployment going up. (Yeah.) There's this talk of a jobless recovery, is there such a thing?No, eventually, but there will be, at the beginning of recovery, there will be jobless. I mean when firms tighten up, they don't start hiring a month or two months after their business turns up. They do start hiring later on. But unemployment will peak after businesses aly start/ turning up somewhat. So it won't be a jobless. We'll add millions and millions of jobs in the next decade in this country. We just won't add them in the next few months. 08/82103武汉哪家医院治疗性功能障碍美国失业率继续上升,六月份的失业人数高于预期。先失业率已达9.5%,为26年来的最高水平。Unemployed worker (L) talks with Employment Guide staffer at job fair in San Jose, California 20 Jun 07/77601武汉睾丸疼痛挂什么科Lexington列克星敦The long road home回家的路还长着呢How Osama bin Laden's death, and life, have changed America奥巴马如何对待奥萨马本拉登之死,无形之中,已经影响了美国May 5th 2011 | from the print editionWHAT America needs, Sarah Palin is fond of saying, is a commander-in-chief, not a professor-in-chief. Like many other Republican critics of Barack Obama, the former governor of Alaska ought to be eating her words. Indeed, after the daring raid that killed Osama bin Laden, America has discovered that its commander-in-chief is one cool cat. The president issued the order for the attack on Friday April 29th and it was executed on the Sunday. In between, on the Saturday night, a relaxed Mr Obama gave a wisecracking speech at the annual White House correspondents’ dinner. Flashing his toothsome smile, he poked fun not only at Donald Trump, the presidential wannabe who had questioned whether the president was a real American, but also at himself for his professorial ways and tanking poll numbers. 莎拉佩林喜欢说,美国,要成为一个统帅而不是首席教授。看来这位前阿拉斯加州州长得和其他民主党反对人士一样,收回前言了。事实上确实如此,自从美国突袭击毙奥萨马本拉登之后,其统帅地位坚不可摧。4月29日星期五,奥巴马总统下达刺杀令,周日执行。周六晚,在每年一度的白宫记者晚宴上,奥巴马的演说诙谐又轻松。带着标志性的奥氏微笑,他冲着唐纳德特朗普打趣,这位地产大亨曾经质疑这位美国总统是否真的是美国人。当然,总统也对他自己的执政之道和坦克民意调查开开玩笑。The joke now is on the critics of the president’s foreign policy. In one gloriously mistimed editorial, written just ahead and in ignorance of the raid on Abbottabad, Bill Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, mocked Mr Obama for “leading from behind”. All the Republicans had to do, argued Mr Kristol, was to nominate “a real leader: a workhorse not a show horse; a steady hand not a flip-flopper; a profile in courage not in cleverness; a competent man or woman with strength and confidence in defence of liberty at home and abroad.”这个笑话成了总统外交政策的一大讽刺。有篇社论,事前发布,有点不合时宜。文章认为袭击阿伯塔巴德无知可笑。保守派杂志Weekly Standard主编克里斯托讽刺奥巴马“幕后操作”。所有共和党人皆反驳克里斯托,寓意告诉他什么才是真正的领袖:良马不是拿来秀的,是铁腕就不会轻易受伤,假装坚强不是真正的智慧,一个拥有能力和自信的人,无论对内对外都会捍卫自由。201105/135082The U.N. Children's Fund says it is deeply concerned about the condition of thousands of children who have been displaced by conflict in northwestern Pakistan. UNICEF says children are in urgent need of health, education and other services.联合国儿童基金会表示,对巴基斯坦西北部为了躲避冲突而流离失所的数以千计的儿童的处境感到担忧。儿童基金会说,这些儿童急需卫生、教育等务。The U.N. Children's Fund reports nearly half of the estimated two million people displaced by conflict in Pakistan's Swat Valley are children.联合国儿童基金会报告,大约有200万人为了躲避巴基斯坦斯瓦特山谷战斗而流离失所,其中将近一半是儿童。It says many are in urgent need of health and educational services, nutritional support, access to clean water and sanitation, as well as protection. It says these problems are made even more difficult by the sweltering summer heat.该机构说,这些无家可归的儿童中许多人急需卫生和教育等务、以及营养持、有洁净水和卫生设备,并且急需得到保护。儿童基金会说,夏季闷热的天气让这些问题更加难以应对。UNICEF says it is particularly concerned that some 700,000 children will miss out on the coming school year. School is supposed to start in September. But, the agency says 3,700 schools may not be available for classes because they are being used to house 150,000 internally displaced people.联合国儿童基金会表示,该机构尤其担心的是大约70万儿童在接下来的学年可能没有学上。新学年应该在9月开学。不过,该机构说,有3700所学校现在住着15万国内流离失所的人,可能还不能供学生上课用。UNICEF spokeswoman, Veronique Taveau, says her agency has set up so-called child friendly spaces in the camps as a stopgap measure. She says these spaces have recreational and school learning equipment to help children get back to some semblance of normality.儿童基金会发言人塔沃说,基金会在流离失所者居住的营地里设立了所谓的“儿童天地”,做为一种权宜之计。她说,这些“儿童天地”都有设施和教学设备,帮助孩子们过上某种从表面上看是正常的生活。She says children in the camps are better off than the tens of thousands of children who are living with family and friends in host communities.塔沃说,与那些跟家人和朋友住在寄宿家庭的成千上万的孩子相比,住在营地里孩子们的情况要好得多。"The problem we have at the moment is for us to be able to reach those families and those children that are in those communities, sometimes in remote spaces where we cannot have access," Taveau explained. "So, that is the concern we have at the moment because we know that some of those families and some of those children they are lacking almost everything like potable water, drinking water, hygiene and schooling." 塔沃说:“我们眼下遇到的问题是,要能够跟那些住在寄宿社区的家庭和孩子们联系上,有时,他们在偏远的地区而我们却无法进入到那里。因此,这就是我们此刻担心的问题,我们知道一些家庭和儿童差不多什么都缺少,比如可以瓶装水、饮用水、公共卫生设备和学校教育等。Fighting between government forces and Taliban militants erupted toward the end of April. Within three weeks, about two million people had fled their homes. The speed and magnitude of the crisis surprised the government and aid agencies and has put an enormous strain of their ability to provide assistance.巴基斯坦政府军跟塔利班激进分子在快要到4月底的时候爆发战斗。不出三个星期,大约200万人逃离他们的家园。这场危机到来的之快,强度之大,让巴基斯坦政府和救援机构非常惊讶,给他们提供援助的能力增添了巨大压力。About 10 percent or 200,000 of the displaced are sheltering in camps, which are providing for their essential needs. But, the vast majority or 1.8 million people are living in host communities.流离失所者中大约10%或者20万人栖身在营地里,这些营地向他们提供生活必需品。不过,绝大多数流离失所者,也就是180万人住在寄宿家庭。UNICEF says children and families are living in cramped conditions with limited aid in these communities. It says the monsoon season will soon begin and children, many of whom are malnourished, are at great risk of contracting water borne and other diseases.联合国儿童基金会说,在寄宿家庭的儿童和他们的家人居住环境狭窄,能够得到援助非常少。儿童基金会说,雨季即将开始,这些儿童极有可能感染水生疾病等病症,他们中许多人已经营养不良。It says its humanitarian efforts are being hampered by lack of funds. It says it has raised less than a third of the 3 million needed to support 1.7 million IDPs for six months.联合国儿童基金会表示,由于资金不足,该机构的人道努力正在受到限制。儿童基金会说,向170万国内流离失所者提供6个月的援助需要5亿4千3百万美元,该机构现在筹集到的资金还不足三分之一。 07/76713长江航运总医院有泌尿科吗

长江航运总医院男科医生武汉包皮就治President Barack Obama on Wednesday held his first solo news conference since March, answering reporters' questions on issues ranging from Afghanistan and Libya, to the impasse with Congress over federal deficit reduction and raising the government's debt limit.美国总统奥巴马星期三举行了记者招待会,这是自从今年3月以来,他首次独自面对媒体,就阿富汗和利比亚局势、联邦财政赤字、以及提高政府借贷上限等一系列问题,回答了记者的提问。The news conference came amid public opinion polls showing Americans' frustration with a slow economic recovery, high unemployment, and difficult negotiations between Democrats and Republicans on reducing the government's deficit spending and raising the .3 trillion debt limit.在奥巴马举行记者招待会之际,民意调查显示,美国公众对经济复苏步伐缓慢、民主和共和两党之间在削减政府开以及提高政府借贷上限等问题上僵持不下的局面颇为不满。Mr. Obama elevated his role in the talks after Republicans walked out last week, objecting to Democrats' insistence on eliminating tax breaks for the wealthy as part of what Mr. Obama says must be a balanced deficit reduction package.上个星期,共和党方面离开了谈判桌,原因是民主党方面坚持要取消对富有阶层的赋税减免,把这作为奥巴马所说的平衡的削减预算计划的一部分,共和党对此非常反对。The deficit and debt issue dominated the news conference. Calling Republican positions "unsustainable," Mr. Obama said a potential U.S. default on obligations on August 2 would be "significant" and have "unpredictable" results.在星期三的记者招待会上,有关美国国内财政赤字和债务的话题成为了焦点。奥巴马总统称共和党人在这个问题上的观点和立场,是“不现实”的。他说,要是到了8月2号,美国政府在债务问题上拿不出具体的方案来的话,那么,后果会很严重。The president addressed Republican assertions that he has not demonstrated enough leadership.之前,共和党人指责奥巴马在这些问题上,没有展现出足够的领导能力。"When they decide they are not happy with the fact that at some point you have got to make a choice, they just all step up and say, 'The president needs to get this done.' They need to do their job. Now is the time to go ahead and make the tough choices. That is why they are called leaders," he said.对此,奥巴马总统说:“他们(共和党人)一旦觉得不高兴了,就说,‘这是总统份内的事儿。’事实上,他们要做的也很多。现在是必须要做出某些痛苦的选择的时候了;这也正是为什么他们也被称之为领袖。”201106/142696At Beijing's flagship Apple Store they switched off the company's famous icon at midday. It was a tribute to Steve Jobs the visionary who had created a truly global brand. Flowers were laid at the entrance of the store. Some came to shop but others are gathered to pay tribute.Speaker 1 "I just found out this morning from the news that Mr Jobs has passed away, so this is why I came here. I wanted to buy some flowers myself but I couldn't find where."Speaker 2 "I'm kind of a diehard fan of Apple. It's really really sad to see that Steve Jobs passed away. This man I think really influenced the way I think, the way I observe the world. I really can't say how grateful I am to him." Many Apple products are made in China. But unlike other western brands Apple is a household name here. Its iPhones and iPads are snapped up by the growing middle class. More than 35 million Chinese internet users also tweeted about his death. Steve Jobs was a man who was idolised around the globe and many here say his vision helped connect the world.词语注释:flagship 旗舰icon 偶像a tribute(对死者的)致敬a visionary 有远见卓识者to pay tribute to 歌颂(某人)to pass away 逝世a diehard fan of (某人的)铁杆粉丝a household name 家喻户晓的名人to snap up 抢购to tweet 发微to idolise 崇拜(某人)201110/156427湖北省肿瘤医院看泌尿科怎么样Brown To Blame Says Whistleblower The HBOS whistleblower sacked after he warned about reckless lending has told Sky News he will release more than 30 documents that prove Gordon Brown is to blame for Britain's banking crisis. Alistair Bunkall reports on the furore.So who knew what, when and where do we point the finger of blame? The paper trail is working its way up Downing Street as allegations threatened to become corroborations. The charge is that Gordon Brown as chancellor knew that HBOS was taking risks and failed to do anything about it. Paul Moore the whistleblower says he has proof, the Prime Minister says there is nothing to prove. "The reason that HBOS failed was not because of these specific allegations and the result of them, the reason it failed was because of its business model, its whole business model was wrong." But not so, says Mr. Moore who claims to have 30 documents which showed responsibility lies firmly at the feet of Gordon Brown. In the statement to Sky News last night, he said that “I have detailed corroborative evidence that supports my allegations, and I maintain in the strongest possible way that the KPMG report that Gordon Brown, the FSA and Sir James Crosby rely on will not withstand truly independent public scrutiny.” It could very well be just the evidence that the opposition has so desperately wanted in order to link Gordon Brown to the financial crisis. "These papers, if they bear out what Mr. Moore says will certainly be valuable ammunition for the Tories(英国保守党), for what they have been trying to do is link Gordon Brown directly to the failure of the banks to say that this crisis happened on his watch, and that as chancellor he failed in the key job of monitoring and regulating the banks." And the dark cloud of nationalization still hangs ominously over the Lloyds Banking Group. It's today defended decision to award bonuses to retail and commercial staff. But the troubled tie between Lloyds and HBOS is being criticized as a shotgun marriage. The reason that Paul Morre's allegations are potentially so important, is because for the first time in this financial crisis, accountability is creeping up towards the door of No.10, But they said they are still just allegations and some might say, from a man who has an axe to grind against companies who sacked him. It also remains to be seen just what are in all those thirty documents that he intends to make available. Alistair Bunkall, Sky News, Downing Street. 02/62763孝感市第一人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱

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