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2018年01月21日 20:31:51

China#39;s consumer price inflation stayed benign last month, continuing to provide relief for consumers who are struggling with effects of the nation#39;s economic growth slowdown.上个月中国消费者价格指数(CPI)保持温和增长,对于正在艰难应对中国经济增长放缓效应的消费者来说,这一消息再次令他们松了一口气。CPI was 1.8 per cent in April, year on year. Within that, food prices rose 2.3 per cent, compared to a 4.1 per cent increase in March.4月份CPI同比增长1.8%。其中,食品价格指数同比上涨2.3%,与此相比3月份食品价格指数上涨4.1%。Food is the biggest short term factor driving China#39;s inflation.食品是驱动中国通胀的最大短期因素。Meanwhile producer prices, which have been in deflationary territory since March 2012, declined by another 2 per cent, year on year.与此同时,自2012年3月份以来一直处于通缩状态的生产者价格指数(PPI)再一次同比下降2%。The falling factory gate prices reflect the excess capacity in China#39;s industrial sector, as successive rounds of economic stimulus have prompted businesses in industries such as steel making and ship building to expand beyond levels of actual customer demand.不断下跌的出厂价格反映了中国工业部门的产能过剩状况,这是因为连续几轮经济刺激促使炼钢和造船等工业的业务扩张超出了客户实际需求。Meanwhile, Chinese manufacturing growth is slowing down, according to HS#39;s latest purchasing managers#39; index.与此同时,汇丰(HS)最新公布的采购经理人指数(PMI)表明,中国制造业增速正在放缓。The bank reported that goods producers in China cut their staffing levels for the sixth month running in April.根据汇丰的报告,4月份中国制造商连续第6个月缩减人员编制。In a separate survey, HS said China#39;s non manufacturing companies were not increasing staffing numbers and that service sector employment was at its lowest in seven months.在另一份调查中,汇丰表示中国非制造业企业并未扩大人员编制,并表示务业就业率处于7个月的最低点。 /201405/296902武汉/包皮哪家好武汉/有哪家医院治阳痿早泄的About five percent of the lithium carbonate produced in the world today goes to the pharmaceutical market, where it’s valued for its calming properties. But with surging demand on the horizon, lithium seems to be having nearly the opposite effect on investors and miners.碳酸锂由于具备一定的镇定作用,现在全球约5%的产量现在流入了制药市场。然而,随着市场对锂的需求越来越大,锂行业的投资人和采矿商的命运却几乎截然相反。Global lithium consumption doubled in the decade before 2012, driven largely by its use in lithium-ion batteries for cell phones and power tools. The boom will continue thanks to electric cars—Tesla’s huge gigafactory lithium-ion battery facility could by itself soak up as much as 17% of existing lithium supply (That’s a Goldman Sachs estimate—Bank of America’s was about 60% lower). That prospect has led a variety of startups to experiment with new processes and sources, hoping to elbow into a business dominated by just a few producers.在2002至2012年的10年间,全球对锂的消费量几乎翻了一倍,这主要归功于智能手机和电动工具对锂离子电池的使用。随着电动汽车的崛起,市场对锂的需求还将继续增长——单单是特斯拉汽车公司的锂离子电池工厂,就能吃掉现有锂供给的17%(这是高盛公司的预测,美国的预测则比高盛低了60%)。锂产业的美好前景吸引众多创业公司纷纷实验新流程和资源,希望能在这个目前仍由少数公司主宰的行业中占据一席之地。But Eric Anderson, CEO of the lithium engineering consultancy TRU, was bearish on lithium investment as early as 2009, when a flood of new projects were being planned.不过锂工程咨询公司TRU的CEO埃里克o安德森早在2009年初,也就是众多锂项目纷纷上马时,就曾表示过他对众多锂投资并不看好。“I made this statement that people snickered at—that plants would be built and closed . . . because of the hype surrounding the industry,” says Anderson.安德森表示:“我当时说,由于围绕着这个行业的大肆宣传,很多工厂建好了之后还得关门。但很多人都对这种观点嗤之以鼻。”Anderson’s lithium predictions have been largely vindicated. Demand has risen more slowly than some expected—still currently between 5 and 10% per year—and new operations have been plagued by problems.事实明,安德森的预言基本上是正确的。市场需求的增幅并没有达到某些人的预测,目前只在每年5%到10%之间,而这些新公司和工厂也一直饱受很多问题的困扰。In 2012, Galaxy Resources suspended production at its Mt. Cattlin mine in western Australia. In 2013, RB Energy Inc. opened a new lithium carbonate plant in Quebec, only to suspend operations in 2014. Nevada-based Western Lithium, which has been repeatedly floated as a potentially convenient supplier for Tesla, has taken shareholders on a very bumpy ride, and is not yet online.2012年,资源公司在西澳大利亚卡特林山的锂矿停产;2013年,RB Energy公司在加拿大魁北克省开采了一座新的碳酸锂矿,第二年便宣告停产;内华达州Western Lithium公司一度被视为特斯拉可能选择的一个潜在供应商,可惜股东最终也是空欢喜一场,该公司目前也处于停产中。According to Anderson, Western Lithium, like many new lithium operations, simply aren’t working with the right raw materials. Though lithium isn’t rare in the environment, the cost of extraction varies greatly with its concentration and form. With existing technology and present prices, truly profitable lithium comes only from the evaporation of highly concentrated brine.安德森认为,Western Lithium公司和铝行业的许多新进者一样,最大的问题就是选错了材料。虽然锂在自然环境中并不罕见,但它的开采成本却根据不同的纯度和形式而有很大变化。凭借现有的技术和价格,要想获得真正有利润的锂,只能来自对高浓度卤水的蒸发提炼。Those sorts of brine deposits are nearly all in southwest South America, and controlled by established players. The three largest lithium producers are the Chile-based Sociedad Quimica y Minera, American FMC Lithium, which controls the ominously-named Hombre Muerte mine in Argentina, and Albermarle, which recently acquired competitor Rockwood. Albermarle is developing lithium brine holdings around Magnolia, Arkansas—the only American deposits that Anderson allows might make economic sense in the near future. Together, these three companies provide more than 90% of the world’s lithium, and have absorbed much of the rising demand simply by bringing untapped capacity online.这种卤水矿床几乎全部分布在南美洲西南部,而且主要掌握在一些知名企业手里。目前锂行业的“三巨头”分别是智利的Sociedad Quimicay Minera公司、美国的FMC Lithium公司(它控制着阿根廷的Hombre Muerte锂矿)和Albermarle公司(该公司最近刚刚收购了其竞争对手Rockwook公司)。Albermarle公司目前正在阿肯色州马格诺利亚一带开采锂卤水矿,该矿也被安德认为是短期内唯一一处可能产生经济效益的美国本土矿床。这三家的锂产量占据了全球总供给的90%以上,这三家公司只是稍稍扩大产量,就已经吸收了锂市场需求的大部分增量。A dearth of technical talent seems to be another widesp problem. The Bolivian state has faced serious management and technical hurdles in extracting the massive, high-density lithium deposits in the otherworldly salt flat Salar de Uyuni. Similarly, Chinese producers Quinghai Lithium and Citic Guoan MGL, hoping to exploit sources near Tibet, have experienced major hurdles, and plans to expand Chinese capacity to 60,000 tons a year by this year have been revised downward by half.缺乏技术人才则是这个行业的另一个普遍问题。波利维亚在开采号称“天空之镜”的乌尤尼盐湖(这个盐湖具有大量的高浓度锂矿床)时,就遇到了严重的管理和技术障碍。与此类似,中国的青海锂业有限公司和中信国安盟固利新能源有限公司在开采西藏附近的锂资源时,也遇到了巨大的障碍。中国原计划年产6万吨锂的目标,也不得不拦腰减半。 /201505/375623武汉/阿波罗院长是谁

咸宁市嘉鱼县阳痿早泄价格武汉/尿道炎是怎么引起的武汉/前列腺炎专家Wanda, has set out an ambitious global expansion plan – but has vowed not to sell all the homes it builds to wealthy investors in its home market.万达(Wanda)已提出一个雄心勃勃的全球扩张计划,但承诺不会将其建造的所有住宅都售予中国的富有投资者。China’s biggest commercial property developer by sales aims to increase its current bn annual turnover to 0bn by 2020, primarily through international property development, according to Michael Purefoy, the man in charge of Wanda’s international housing sales.万达国际房地产销售主管迈克尔#8226;普里福伊(Michael Purefoy)表示,万达计划到2020年将其目前的300亿美元年度销售额增至1000亿美元,主要通过国际房地产开发。万达是中国销售额最高的商业地产开发商。“Our ambition is to turn Wanda, which is a very well-known brand in China and Asia, into a global brand,” he said.他表示:“我们的理想是将万达这个在中国和亚洲非常知名的品牌变成一个全球品牌。”Although Wanda is primarily a real estate developer, it has also branched out into leisure. It owns 60 hotels in China, US cinema chain AMC and yachtmaker Sunseeker.尽管万达的主业是房地产开发,但该集团也将触角伸向了休闲业。万达在中国拥有60家酒店,还拥有美国影院连锁AMC以及英国游艇制造商圣汐(Sunseeker)。Chinese property companies have reacted to brewing trouble in their home market by diversifying and taking their first steps abroad. Most are simply buying existing assets as an investment, but Wanda wants to take on the more complicated and challenging task of developing new property.面对中国市场即将出现的困境,中国房地产公司的回应是实现多元化,同时首次将目光投向海外。多数房地产公司只是购买现有资产作为投资,而万达则希望开发新的地产,承担更为复杂且更具挑战性的任务。Wanda took its first step overseas last year, purchasing a site in Vauxhall, south London, where it plans to build 440 homes and a hotel in two residential towers.万达是在去年首次进军海外市场的,在伦敦南部的沃克斯豪尔(Vauxhall)购买了一个地块,计划建造两栋住宅楼,包括440套住宅和一家酒店。It then moved into Spain, Australia and the US earlier this year with land purchases in Madrid, the Gold Coast and Chicago, and is in the process of buying a property on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.接着,今年早些时候,万达进军西班牙、澳大利亚和美国,在马德里、澳大利亚黄金海岸和芝加哥购地,目前正收购洛杉矶比佛利山威尔夏大道(Wilshire Boulevard)的一处地产。It is now seeking further sites “throughout the world” in “key global cities”, Mr Purefoy said.普里福伊表示,万达现在正在“全球主要城市”继续寻找地产项目。Wanda will put the first group of homes in the Vauxhall development, called One Nine Elms, up for sale this week.万达将在本周销售沃克斯豪尔项目的首期住宅,该项目名为One Nine Elms。London developers have been criticised for selling homes abroad, particularly to Asia. Wanda will benefit from “brand recognition” when marketing foreign homes to Chinese buyers, Mr Purefoy said, but the company does not want simply to channel Asian cash into the British housing market.伦敦开发商一直因将住宅向海外(特别是亚洲)销售而受到批评。普里福伊表示,在将外国房产推介给中国买家时,万达将受益于“品牌认知度”,但该公司不仅仅是希望将亚洲资金引入英国房地产市场。It has “internal guidelines controlling the level of sales within China” in an attempt to diversify its customer base, Mr Purefoy said: “We want to be a global brand and we can’t do that if we only sell homes in Asia.”万达“在中国有控制销售水平的内部原则”,目的是将客户基础多样化,普里福伊表示:“我们希望成为一个全球品牌,如果我们只在亚洲卖房的话,我们就不可能做到这点。”Wanda has signed up to London mayor Boris Johnson’s initiative asking developers to market their homes to Londoners first, before offering them to buyers abroad. All of Wanda’s planned projects combine residential development with its expertise in hotels.万达参加了伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)提出的计划,该计划要求开发商首先向伦敦人推介它们的房产,然后再面向海外买家。万达所有计划中的项目都将住宅开发与其在酒店方面的专长结合在一起。 /201410/337018武汉/男科有中医吗

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