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   起初人们只是出于一时的好心   暴君恣意肆虐,人民则奋勇反抗

年(TOEFL)备考核心词汇归纳:考古学 -- 18:19:51 来源:qnr 考古学  archaeology考古学  paleontology古生物学  anthropology人类学  archaeologist人类学家  pale-anthropologist古人类学家  ecological anthropologist生态人类学家  psychological anthropologist心理人类学家  originate起源于  ancestor祖先  hominid人(科)  homogeneous同以种族(种类)的  tribe部落  clan氏族  excavation挖掘  excavate unearth挖掘  ruins遗迹废墟  remains遗产遗骸  artifact手工艺品  relic遗物文物  antique古物古董  antiquity古代古老  Stone Age石器时代  Bronze Age青铜器时代  Iron Age铁器时代  Paleolithic旧石器时代的  Mesolithic中石器时代的  Neolithic新石器时代的  morphology形态学  skull颅骨  cranial颅骨的  fossil化石  ancient civilization古代文明  cave man山顶洞人  cultural relics文物  rock painting岩画 词汇 考古学 归纳 词汇 核心 TOEFL

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  考研英语 考研英语:必考核心词汇坚持练(第七十三天) -- :6:9 来源: 根据教育部的说法,考研是具有选拔功能的水平性考试由于要选拔优秀人才,自然要考到大纲以外的生词但是考研的学生也不用太担心,根据大纲规定,超纲词汇在历年考研英语中不超过3%,而且绝大部分是相对超纲词汇  subtractv.(from)减(去)He could add and subtract, but hadn’t learned to divide.他会做加减法,但还没有学会除法sub-(在下面)+tract(拉)→拉下来→减去subtraction n.减法 theoreticala.理论(上)的The discussion is based on theoretical considerations and is supplemented with pertinent experimental data.讨论是以理论探讨为基础,并附上了有关的实验数据theory n.理论,原理;学说,见解,看法 theoretically ad.理论上 gaugen.标准尺寸;规格;量规,量表v.测量The amount of money one makes is not the only gauge of one’s success.挣钱多少不是衡量一个人成功的唯一标准I tried to gauge the depth of her sleep by the rate of her respiration.我试图通过她的呼吸速率来测定她的睡眠深度measure, criterion, evaluate bracev.使防备;撑;使(手,足,肩等)绷紧n.托架British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned Parliament to brace a long fight.英国首相Tony Blair警告议会,要对此做长期战斗的准备He braced his foot against the wall and jumped.他一只脚抵着墙跳He faced the angry crowd, his arms folded, his legs braced.面对愤怒的人群,他抱紧双臂,绷紧双腿My daughter has to wear a brace on her teeth.我的女儿得戴牙箍以矫正牙齿preparebracing a.(尤指天气情况)令人振奋的,给人带来活力的 queera.奇怪的,古怪的Convention now permits short hair women, but it used to be thought queer.现代习俗允许妇女留短发,在以前这种情况却被认为是怪象odd, eccentricqueerish a.有点儿怪,有点儿不舒的 queerly ad.奇妙地,奇怪地 queerness n.奇妙,不快 assassinatev.暗杀,行刺;中伤A plot to assassinate the president was uncovered by government agents.刺杀总统的阴谋被政府特工人员发觉了kill, murderassassination n.暗杀,行刺卢森堡说过:“不管怎样的事情,都请安静地愉快吧!这是人生我们要依样地接受人生,勇敢地、大胆地,而且永远地微笑着”希望大家能微笑着面对考研英语当中的挑战,愉快地将成功收入囊中,相信未来会有更美好的一切在等着我们,加油吧各位。

  英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 初二年级英语作文:Water Pollution -- :5:58 来源: 初二年级英语作文:Water Pollution  Everybody knows that there is serious problem of water pollution on the earth. Yes, water pollution is increasing.  Look! The water in the river is getting dirtier and dirtier. Most of fish in the water have died, and we can’t swim in the water.  My grandfather says, when he was very little, the water in the river was very clean. He often swam in the river with his friends.  That was bee, but now we can’t see such clean rivers. Let’s protect the water from pollution, because we can’t live without water. The water is really important to us all.

  英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 友谊Friendship -- :6:5 来源: Friendship is essential the existence of society. People live in commies and work in co-operation so that they could protect themselves from nature. The successful accomplishment of any task calls support from many people. It’s the friends who are willing to help us. Friendship is a guarantee of harmonious efts. In the widest sense, all people are friends. People live in a common society, co-operating and helping each other directly or indirectly all the time. From this respective, anyone could be a friend of others to a certain degree. And it’s this kind of friendship that makes society harmonious though competition is universal.A friend in need is a friend indeed. Untunately, people are so complex in the modern society due to various reasons. Sometimes, we don’t really know who are our real friends. Adversity is the touchstone of friendship. That is to say, in hard times, it is easy us to test whether the friendship is ture or not. No matter what happens, a true friend will never leave you alone and will always be with you. 友谊 Friendship10 Inside the stockade第十章 在寨子里We followed the noise of the fighting and came to a hill.我们循着声来到一座小山前。There stood a strong wooden house,big enough for forty people,and with holes for guns on every side.那儿有一座坚固的木头房子,可以容得下40人,每一面墙都有射击孔。All around the house was a wide open piece of land;房子四周是一片开阔地,and around that was a fence,two metres high,with no doors or openings,and too strong to pull down easily.还有一圈围栏,两米高,没有出入口,很坚固而且不易拉倒。As soon as Ben Gunn saw the English flag flying over thehouse,he said,本·葛恩一看见木屋上飘着的英国旗就对我说:There are your friends.你的朋友在那里。More likely to be the pirates,I answered.更有可能是那帮海盗,我说。Silver would put up the pirate#39;s flag,the Jolly Roger,said Ben.西尔弗一定会挂他们海盗的骷髅旗,本·葛恩说。No,there#39;s been a fight,and your friends have won.刚才他们打了一仗,你的朋友获胜了。They#39;re inside the stockade that Flint made years ago.他们正在弗林特几年前建的寨子里。Then I must hurry and join them,I said.那我得赶快去和我的朋友们会合,我说。He wouldn#39;t come with me.他不愿和我一起去。I won#39;t come until you#39;ve seen your gentleman and got his promise.除非你见到了你们那位绅士,得到了他的保,否则我不会去见他们。You know where to find me,Jim.吉姆,你知道在哪儿能找到我。And if the pirates sleep on shore tonight,one of them might have an unpleasant surprise!要是那帮海盗在岸上过夜,他们中就会有人遭厄运! 关于《金银岛》《金银岛》于1883年出版。这本书叙述了少年吉姆等一行人去海上一座荒岛上寻找海盗埋葬的金钱财宝,并与以约翰·西尔弗为首的海盗团伙进行了惊心动魄的激烈战斗、搏杀。 /201307/249410  3. Many considerations go into growing the most flavorful produce, and the simple fact of being certified "organic" is not guarantee.

    人们认为英俊的男主管比外貌平平者更有诚信,认为努力和能力是他们成功的原因8. 本合同签订之后,签约双方中任何一方不得将合同内容泄露给第三方

  考研英语 考研英语词汇复习之China Daily常见热词 (6) -- ::00 来源: 景泰蓝 cloisonné境外就业 be employed abroad境外消费(务贸易) consumption abroad竞选辩论 election debate竞选委员会 election committee;election board竞选运动 election campaign敬业精神 professional dedication; professional ethics经营费用 running expense经营管理高度科学化的现代化大企业 modern big enterprise with highly scientific management system经营管理不善 mismanagement; poor management; poor operation and management经营权与所有权分离 separation of the right of management from the right of ownership经营责任制 management system精英治国论 theory of elite administration竞争机制 competitive mechanism竞争上岗 take up a job through competition竞争优势 competitive edge; advantage in competition精子库 sperm bank经典线路 classic travel route精简开 cut down the outlay; retrench expenses;retrenchment in expenditure经济立法 economic legislature经济社会协调发展 coordinated development of the economy and society经济型轿车 economy car景气下降 business setback精神抖擞 in good spirits经营范围 scope of business紧急避药 emergency contraception; morning-after pill静脉注射吸毒 intravenous drug abuse( or addict)金融监管 financial regulation集体企业 collectively-owned enterprise就地考察 on-the-spot inspection就地取材 obtain materials from local sources; draw on local resources纠风办 State Council Office Rectifying救济金 relief fund九届全国人大四次会议 the Fourth Session of the Ninth National People’s Congress九年义务教育 nine-year compulsory education酒肉朋友 fair-weather friend九五攻关 State Key Task 95就业保险 employment insurance就业务 employment service就业高峰年 peak year college graduates entering the job market.就业机会 job opening; job opporty就业前培训 pre-job training; pre-service training就业压力 employment pressure救援人员 rescue workers救灾扶贫 provide disaster relief and help the poor纠正随意改变基本农田用途的现象 rectify unauthorized changes in the use of primary farmland酒泉卫星发射中心 Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre救死扶伤 heal the wounded and rescue the dying九五折 a five percent discount; a 95 percent charge举办城市 host city举报监督电话 hotline public report and supervision举报信箱 complaint mailbox举报中心 inmant center举杯 propose a toast局部战争 local war聚赌 group gambling; gamble in a group鞠躬尽瘁,死而后已 bend one’s back to the task until one’s dying day; give one’s all till one’s heart stops beating聚集效益 aggregation effect居留权 right of abode;right of residence居民委员会 residential committee; neighborhood committee; residents’s committee举手表决 vote by show of hands巨无霸 giant;extra large具有中国特色 with Chinese characteristics局域网 local area network (LAN)拒载 refuse to take passengers举债经营 operation with borrowed capital捐资办学 denote money school决策机构 decision-making organ;policy-making body决策性机构 policy-making body决战时刻 zero hour居民身份 resident identification card居民住房建设 residential construction军备集结 arms build-up军备竞赛 arms race竣工仪式 completion ceremony军国主义 militarism均衡规律 law of proportionality军火走私 gun-running; arms smuggling军民共建精神文明活动 joint army-civilian efts to promote socialist ethics and culture in their respective s军嫂 soldier’s wife军事对峙 military confrontation军事分界线 military demarcation line军事过硬 militarily competent军事援助 military aid军属 soldier’s dependant; armyman’s family军训 military training(intended high school annd college students)军用飞机 warplane, military aircraft君子之交淡如水 the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal; a hedge between keeps friendship green军事法院 military court

  After I had finished breakfast,the squire gave me a note to take to Long John Silver at the Spyglass Inn.我吃完早点后,乡绅给了我一张纸条,让我给在望远镜酒店的高个约翰·西尔弗送去。It was a bright little place where the customers were mostly seamen.这是一间小巧而明亮的酒店,光顾这里的大部分是海员。As I entered ,a man came out of a side room and I knew immediately he must be Long John.我刚一进去,就有一个人从一间侧屋里出来,我马上认出他就是高个约翰。His left leg was cut off above the knee and he walked with a crutch under his left shoulder.他左腿从膝盖处锯掉,左肩下拄着一根拐杖。He was tall and strong with a big,smiling face.他身高体壮,笑容可掬。Now ,when I about Long John in Squire Trelawney#39;s letter,说实话,我在屈利劳尼的信中读到高个约翰这个人时,I had been afraid he might be the one-legged seamanthat old Bill had talked about.我就担心他是老比尔提到的那个一条腿的海员。But one look at the man in front of me was enough.但只看一眼眼前这个人我就知道他是个什么人了。I knew old Bill, and Black Dog, and the blind man Pew.我见过老比尔,黑和瞎子皮尤。I thought I knew what a pirate looked like-a very different person from this clean and smiling man.我想我知道海盗是副什么模样——完全不同于这位整洁而和善的人。Mr Silver ,sir?I asked, holding out the note.西尔弗先生吗?我问道,递上那张纸条。Yes ,my boy,he said.That#39;s my name .And who are you?And then he saw the squire#39;s letter and looked surprised.是的,孩子,他说,我叫西尔弗。你是谁?他看着乡绅的字条,然后叫起来:Oh!he said loudly. I see you#39;re our new cabin-boy.I#39;m pleased to meet you.噢!你就是船上新来的务员。很高兴认识你。关于《金银岛》这部作品有着鲜明的惊险色,为人们揭开了冒险者世界的一角。 /201306/244447。


  英语专业四级 年英语专业四级考试常见词辨析之害怕 -- :01:00 来源: 英语专业四级词语辨析afraid, fearful, awful, dful, frightful, terrible, horrible, terrific, appalling这些形容词均含“害怕的、可怕的”之意1. afraid :指由于胆小或怯懦而不敢说或做某事I am afraid I can‘t help you(恐怕我帮不了你). fearful :普通用词,既指外界情况变化而引起的恐惧,又指来自内心的害怕与焦虑I have ever witnessed a fearful accident.(我曾目睹一场可怕的事故)3. awful :指威严得令人害怕或敬畏,有一定的感情色The weather is awful today.(今天天气坏透了). dful :指使人非常恐惧,毛骨悚然,也使人感到讨厌而退缩He told me a dful story.(他给我讲了一个可怕的故事)5. frightful :指使人陷入短暂的惊恐或产生毛骨悚然的感觉It was with the greatest difficulty that the boy gathered the strength to speak, but spoke with a frightful emphasis.(那个男孩艰难地、费了很大力气说出话来,然而他吐字有力,使人惊惧)6. terrible :侧重指给人以长久的惊骇,极端的恐怖,令人难以忍受The little boy is playing the terrible game.(那小男孩正在玩恐怖的游戏)7. horrible :指因骇人听闻的丑恶而令人毛骨悚然,着重厌恶的成分多于害怕The decision they made was horrible.(他们做出的决定令人感到恐怖)8. terrific :多指外表、形状或力量等的可怕This movie relates that a hero defeats a monster with a terrific figure by himself.(这部电影讲述的是一位英雄独自打败一个外形可怕的怪兽的故事)小编语:偶觉得terrific这个词还是用“极好的,非常棒的”比较多一点~9. appalling :指既令害怕又使人惊异、胆寒The Halloween masks are very appalling.(万圣节的面具可真够吓人的)


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