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武汉/哪里看中医咸宁男科医生第一句:May I give you an oral declaration? 我能口头申报吗?A: Do you have your customs declaration?你有海关申报表吗?B: May I give you an oral declartion?我向你口头申报行吗?A: OK, what are you declaring?好的,你要申报什么?B: Two bottles of wine.两瓶酒第二句:Three cartons of cigarettes.三条香烟A: Do you have anything to declare, sir?先生,您有物品需要申报吗?B: Yes. Three cartons of cigarettes.是的,三条香烟申报物品时,一般要求填写海关申报表,当然有时候口头申报也可以,这时你需要问清楚 9武汉/哪家医院治疗生殖器疱疹效果好 A poor country triples its trade volume in six years. Exports to its main partner soar fivefold. This is a rare feat for a nation not blessed with oil; rarer still for a country under UN Security Council sanctions, tightened three times during the same trade spurt.一个穷国的贸易额在6年时间里增长了两倍,对其主要贸易伙伴国的出口额飙升了5倍。这对一个石油匮乏的国家来说是个罕见的成就,再考虑到它还受到联合国(UN)安理会的制裁,能取得这样的成绩就更是难得了。在该国贸易额喷发式增长期间,联合国对其施加轮新制裁。We are talking of North Korea, believe it or not. Unbelievers appear to include Kim Jong Un. When the young leader brutally purged his uncle-mentor, Jang Song Thaek, in December the charge sheet included “selling off precious resources of the country at cheap prices信不信由你,我们是在说朝鲜。不相信的人里似乎也包括金正Kim Jong Un)。当这位年轻领导人于去年12月无情地铲除他的姑父兼导师张成泽(Jang Song Thaek)时,判决书中所列的罪行包括“廉价出售国家宝贵资源。”China does receive some (not all) North Korean minerals cheap, since no one else will buy. But to be fair, on Jang’s watch he oversaw trade with China an economy still poorer on most indicators than when Moscow pulled the plug in 1991 began to grasp one big nettle: how to raise exports. Pyongyang issues no numbers; when they do that, we will know for sure reform is under way. But its partnersrecent trade statistics tell a striking story.中国确实以廉价获得朝鲜的部分(不是全部)矿产,因为不会有其他人来买。但公平地说,在张成泽的掌管下(他负责管朝中贸易),朝鲜——从多数指标上看,朝鲜比1991年苏联解体时更加贫穷——开始果断地处理一个棘手问题:如何扩大出口?朝鲜政府没有公布贸易数据,但假如它会公布,我们会明确地知道朝鲜正在进行改革。不过,朝鲜各贸易伙伴国近期的贸易数据却反映出一个惊人的现象。North Korea has never traded much, and has always run a deficit. When the USSR collapsed, China was left as its main partner-cum-sponsor. For many years their trade was more like aid. In the late 1990s the value of imports from China averaged about 0m a year though often they were not paid for. Pyongyang exported next to nothing in return. The debts mounted, as did Chinese impatience. The deficit rose throughout the subsequent decade, reaching .3bn in 2008 twice the level of Pyongyang’s exports.朝鲜从未开展过太多贸易活动,而且贸易总是处于逆差状态。苏联解体后,中国成了朝鲜最主要的贸易伙伴兼资助者。许多年来,中朝之间的贸易更像是援助0世纪90年代末,朝鲜从中国进口的货物平均每年亿美元左右,尽管朝方往往没有付货款。朝鲜没有对华出口多少东西。随着朝鲜的欠债越来越多,中国人也越来越不耐烦。朝鲜对华贸易逆差在接下来0年里不断增长,在2008年达3亿美元,比朝方出口额高出近一倍。In 2012 South Korean news agency Yonhap noted a startling change. In just four years, starting in 2007, the value of trade had almost tripled to .6bn. At the same time, it became less one-sided; North Korea’s exports more than quadrupled to .5bn. That is still peanuts by regional and global standards, and the deficit narrowed rather than disappearing entirely. But it began to look like serious, reciprocal trade. The progress continues, if no longer at quite such a clip. Latest Chinese customs statistics show that North Korean exports to China in 2013 rose 17 per cent to nearly bn, against imports of .6bn.2012年,韩国新闻通讯社韩联社(Yonhap)报道了一个惊人的变化。从2007年起年时间里,朝鲜对华贸易额几乎增长了两倍,达到56亿美元。同时,朝鲜对华贸易活动也不再是单向的:朝方出口额增长了3倍多,达5亿美元。拿地区和全球的标准来衡量,这些数字微不足道,而且朝鲜的贸易逆差只是在缩小,并没有完全消除。但朝中贸易似乎开始朝真正意义上的、互有往来的贸易方向发展了。这股势头得以延续,即使增长速度不再那么迅猛。中国海关最近的数据显示013年朝鲜对华出口额接近30亿美元,同比增长17%,进口额6亿美元。China apart, North Korea has, or had, only one crucial partner: South Korea: Pyongyang’s trade with the rest of the world in 2012 totalled less than 0m, according to Seoul’s Bank of Korea. In 2007 after a decade of “sunshine the engagement pursued by two liberal presidents, Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun, inter-Korean trade reached .8bn, snapping at China’s heels. South Korea briefly became the North’s biggest export market as the joint venture Kaesong Industrial Complex, in the North but near to Seoul, grew.除了中国,朝鲜——这里或许应该说曾经——只剩下一个重要的贸易伙伴:韩囀?据韩国央行(Bank of Korea)统计012年朝鲜与中韩以外地区的贸易额不到8亿美元007年,在两位自由派韩国总统金大Kim Dae-jung)和卢武铉(Roh Moo-hyun)推行对朝“阳光政策”(Sunshine,指1998-2008年期间韩国实行与韩鲜增进接触的政策——译者注0年后,朝韩贸易额达到18亿美元,直追朝中贸易额。随着双方合作建设的开城工业园Kaesong Industrial Complex)不断发展,韩国一度成为朝鲜最大的出口市场。开城工业园地处朝鲜,但离首尔很近。Larger plans were afoot. In 2007, at the second North-South summit, accords were signed for co-operation on shipbuilding, mining, transport and more. A plethora of new joint committees started work quickly to implement all this. For once the Koreas talked business, not politics.更宏伟的计划浮出水面007年,在第二次韩朝峰会上,双方就造船、采矿、交通等方面的合作签署了系列协议。一大批新组建的联合委员会很快就投入工作,以落实相关协议。朝韩双方谈商业而不谈政治,仅此一次。Nothing came of it. At the end of that year, South Koreans elected as president Lee Myung-bak, who insisted the North must first give up nuclear weapons. The agreements were aborted and a downward spiral began. In May 2010, after the sinking of a South Korean warship, Mr Lee banned all inter-Korean trade and all investment except at Kaesong.但那轮合作无果而终007年年底,韩国民众选举李明Lee Myung-bak)为总统,他坚持朝鲜必须首先放弃核武器。双方的协议被中止,情况急转直下010月,在韩国一艘军舰沉没后,李明禁止了与朝鲜的一切贸易,以及除开城以外的所有投资。That zone alone still generated record North-South trade of bn in 2012. Meanwhile trade between China and North Korea leapt ahead. Last April, Mr Kim sabotaged Kaesong, pulling out the North’s workers. It reopened in September but the closure meant inter-Korean trade fell 42 per cent in 2013 to .1bn: an eight-year low, and barely one-sixth the value of trade with China.不过,单凭开城工业园,朝韩贸易额012年依然创纪录地达0亿美元。与此同时,朝中贸易也实现了跳跃式增长。去月,金正恩宣布撤出开城工业园的全部朝鲜工人,给园区造成了损失。虽然开城工业园月重新开张,但园区关闭已导致2013年双边贸易额下降42%1亿美元,年来最低,仅为朝中贸易额的六分之一。North Korea is a risky place to do business, for Chinese as for others. Yet well-publicised horror stories may mislead. The numbers show that many Chinese companies have found a way to navigate the obstacles and make money. They would not be there otherwise.无论是对中国人还是其他国家的人而言,在朝鲜做生意都要冒着很大风险。不过,那些广为流传的骇人故事或许具有误导性。统计数字表明,许多中国企业找到了克障碍和赚钱的法子——若非如此,他们就不会去朝鲜。Beijing’s gain is Seoul’s loss. Stillborn state-run projects aside, in the sunshine era a few bold companies from the South vied with China to do business in North Korea. Outside Kaesong they all lost their shirts. Yet it was not Kim Jong Il, the current leader’s father and predecessor, but Mr Lee who did for them. The sectors affected (mining above all) mourn the chances lost, but politicians are in denial. In January President Park Geun-hye told South Koreans to prepare for reunification, which she bizarrely called a “jackpot But the Koreas can barely even agree to hold family reunions the first in four years began this week much less recoup ground lost under Mr Lee, whose trade ban remains in force.中国得利,韩国就受损。除流产的国有项目之外,在阳光政策时期,曾有少数大胆的韩国企业在朝经商、与中国企业竞争。除开城之外,它们在朝鲜其他地方的生意全都血本无归。然而,导致这种结果的并非金正日(Kim Jong Il)——朝鲜现任领导人的父亲和前任,而是李明。受到禁令影响的行业(采矿业首当其冲)叹惜失去了多少机会,但政客们拒不承认。今月,韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)告诉韩国民众为半岛统一做好准备,她用了个怪异的说法,称统一能带来“巨大利益jackpot)。但就连离散家属团聚问题,朝韩双方都仅能勉强达成共识(近日举行的朝韩离散家属团聚活动年来的首次),收复李明时代所失去“阵地”这个问题就更别提了,他下达的贸易禁令如今也仍然有效。Pyongyang always tries to play off its interlocutors against one another. Conceivably, the mercurial Mr Kim might suddenly try to ditch China and re-embrace South Korea. But Beijing will not let him and the cautious Ms Park would not have him. Uncle Jang’s men may have fallen from favour but the trade ties he built will last. Seoul blew its chance. North Korea’s future now lies with China.平壤方面总是试图挑拨会谈各方的关系。可以想象,一向多变的金正恩或许会突然试图抛弃中国、向韩国重新示好。但北京方面不会任由他这样做,一向谨慎的朴槿惠也不会接受他的示好。张成泽的人马或许已经失势,但他构建的贸易纽带将会延续下去。首尔方面浪费了一个好机会。朝鲜的未来如今系于中国身上。来 /201402/277068武汉/阿波罗割包皮技术好么

武汉/青山区治疗睾丸炎多少钱武汉/治疗睾丸炎价格多少 武汉/阿波罗男子医院专治小

武汉/男科医院哪家比较权威Typhoon Haiyan displaced an estimated 4 million people in the Philippines-exceeding the number of those who fled their homes during Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean tsunami combined-posing an unprecedented challenge to the government and relief agencies.预计台风“海燕”已造成菲律00万人流离失所,超过了飓风“卡特里娜Katrina)和印度洋海啸造成的无家可归的人数总和,给该国政府和救援机构带来史无前例的挑战Consider the scale of what were are talking about here, said Orla Fagan, spokeswoman for the ed Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. We are talking about a number of people equivalent the population of some entire countries.联合国人道主义事务协调办公室(ed Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)发言人费Orla Fagan)说,从这个数字看,它相当于一些国家的人口总数。The typhoon, known locally as Yolanda, displaced more people than any other Philippines natural disaster in recent decades. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 on the populous northern island of Luzon required the evacuation of more than 250,000 people. Typhoon Uring that same year left 46,000 homeless, according to the U.N. More recently, in 2010, flooding in the capital of Manila displaced 600,000 people.此次台风造成菲律宾无家可归的人数超过了该国数十年来其他任何一次自然灾害999年人口稠密的北岛吕宋岛发生皮纳图火Mount Pinatubo)喷发时,有超5万人被要求疏散。据联合U.N.)的数据,同一年台风Uring造成4.6万人无家可归010年,马尼拉发生的洪灾造成60万人流离失所。Since storm hit more than a week ago, the Philippines has set up 1,551 emergency shelters, which are now crowded with more than 74,000 families. In some areas, the government and relief agencies are distributing tarps for people to live under.自一周多以前台风来袭以来,菲律宾已经建立,551个应急避难场所,目前这些地方容纳了超过7.4万个家庭。在一些地区,政府和救援机构正在向人们发放可供他们临时居住的帐篷。While it will take time, plans are under way for sturdier, more permanent homes for an undetermined number of the displaced.已经启动计划为人数有待确定的无家可归者建造更结实、更长久的住所,但这需要花费较长时间来完成。President Benigno Aquino III on Sunday said the devastated coconut industry in eastern Samar province will help solve the housing challenge: Six hundred people are being hired to cut toppled coconut trees and send the wood to be made into lumber to build homes.菲律宾总统阿基诺三Benigno Aquino III)周日说,东萨马省遭破坏的椰子业将帮助解决住房挑战:当地已雇佣600人砍伐倒塌的椰子树,这些树木将被加工成木材,用于建造房屋。The U.N., meanwhile, plans to raise 1 million to clear debris and build shelters over the next six months.与此同时,联合国计划募集3.01亿美元资金,供未来六个月菲律宾清理废墟和建造避难所使用。Philippines Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima said he cant yet provide an estimate on how much it will cost to rebuild homes and subsidize people to be able to afford them.菲律宾财政部长普利斯Cesar Purisima)说,他还无法提供重建房屋和提供相关补贴所需费用的预估数据We do have fiscal space to spend for reconstruction, Mr. Purisima said. The estimates are preliminary, but we need to invest significantly on infrastructure.普利斯马说,我们确实有用于重建出的财政空间,目前的预估都是初步的,但我们需要投入大量资金来兴建基础设施。The Asian Development Bank and the World Bank have each ied 0 million in loans to help the Philippines finance reconstruction.亚洲开发银Asian Development Bank)和世界银World Bank)分别准备好了5亿美元贷款,用于帮助菲律宾为重建融资。ShelterBox, Habitat for Humanity, Architecture for Humanity are among the groups helping provide shelter for those affected by Haiyan as well as by a recent earthquake in Bohol.ShelterBox、仁人家Habitat for Humanity)和Architecture for Humanity等组织正在帮助为受到“海燕”和近期保和省发生的地震影响的人提供避难所。Typhoon Haiyan killed at least 3,976 people, and about 1,600 are missing, according to the latest government tally.据政府最新数据显示,台风“海燕”造成菲律宾至,976人丧生,,600人失踪。In terms of displaced people in natural disasters world-wide, Haiyan ranks high. The worst in recent times was the Sichuan earthquake in China in 2008, which left 26.8 million displaced. Hurricane Katrina left 250,000 displaced in 2005, while the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami left 2 million without homes.“海燕”造成的无家可归人数在全球自然灾害中排在前列。近期最严重的一次自然灾害是2008年中国四川发生的大地震,当时,680万人无家可归005年飓风“卡特里娜”和2004年印度洋海啸分别造成25万人00万人无家可归 /201311/265337 Everbright Bank, a Chinese state lender that focuses on small businesses and consumers, is determined to buck a market trend of failed initial public offerings and list in Hong Kong before the end of this year, according to a senior executive.据一名高管表示,专注于小企业和消费者的中国国有控股光大(Everbright Bank)决心在近期一连串首次公开发行(IPO)流产的市场趋势下逆流而上,在今年底之前在香港上市。After its own abortive attempt at a Hong Kong IPO last year, Everbright is taking no chances this time, putting pressure on its underwriters to line up guaranteed investors and cutting the amount that it hopes to raise, two other bankers involved in the deal told the Financial Times.另有两名参与交易的家告诉英国《金融时报》,曾在去年搁置香港IPO计划的光大,这一次不敢草率行事。该行正向承销商施压,要求它们安排基石投资者,同时该行也降低了其希望募集的金额。Everbright, which last year targeted a bn offering, has lowered its sights and will content itself with selling fewer shares, potentially bringing in just about bn. However, that would still rank as Hong Kongs biggest IPO of what has been a difficult year so far.去年曾希望通过赴港上市募资60亿美元的光大,已放低眼光,并满足于发售较少的股票,募资额可能仅为20亿美元。不过,那仍将是香港今年最大的IPO,今年迄今香港股市形势艰难。Everbright declined to say how much it hoped to raise with the IPO.光大不愿表明其希望通过IPO募集多少资金;If there is a good market window, we plan to complete the IPO this year,; Lin Li, Everbright Bank vice-president in charge of the listing plan, told the Financial Times. ;Despite the current market conditions and the fact that bank shares are undervalued, we think that from a broader financial perspective, it would be better to list than not to list.;;如果有一个有利的市场机会,我们计划在今年完成IPO;负责上市计划的光大副行长林立对英囀?金融时报》表示;尽管面临目前的市场状况,而且类股票受到低估,但我们认为从整体财务视角看,上市比不上市更好;Everbright received approval to list in Hong Kong in a stock exchange hearing this month and is now trying to secure commitments from investors before announcing a resumption of its IPO plan, a banker said. Underwriters are seeking both anchor orders and cornerstone investors investors who receive a guaranteed allotment of shares but must agree to hold them for a defined ;lock-up; period.据一名家介绍,光大本月在一个交所听会上获得了在港上市的批准,目前正试图获得投资者的承诺,然后才宣布重启IPO计划。各家承销商正在物色锚定订单和基石投资者(这些投资者将保得到认购的股票,但必须同意在规定;锁定;期内一直持有这些股票)。Everbright Bank listed in Shanghai two years ago, but, like other big Chinese banks, views a Hong Kong listing as a crucial part of its development strategy. Along with adding to its capital base, a presence in the Hong Kong market will help Everbright expand its international business, Mr Lin said.光大于两年前在上海上市,但该行与中国其它大型一样,视赴港上市为其发展战略的一个关键环节。林立表示,除了扩充其资本基础外,在香港市场占据一席之地还将有助于光大扩张国际业务。Everbrights core capital adequacy ratio was 8.11 per cent at the end of the first quarter, up from 2011 but below the 8.5 per cent threshold that the Chinese banking regulator wants banks to achieve in coming years.截至第一季度末,光大的核心资本充足率.11%,高011年水平,但不到中国银监会要求各在未来几年达到.5%这一门槛。As the first Chinese lender to list in Hong Kong since Agricultural Bank of Chinas blockbuster debut in 2010, an Everbright IPO would be an important test of how international investors view Chinese banks.光大将成为自中国农业(AgBank) 2010年大规模上市以来,首家在香港IPO的中资,这起IPO将成为国际投资者如何看待中资的重要测试。Share prices of Chinese banks listed in Hong Kong have fallen about 25 per cent over the past year, weighed down by concerns over bad loans and the slowing economy.过去一年期间,受市场对坏债和经济放缓的担忧的拖累,在香港上市的中资的股价下跌5%左右。Last year when Everbright pulled its IPO, it was looking at a price-to-book ratio of about 1.5, a valuation that Chinese officials believed set too low a benchmark for the countrys banking sector, hence making the listing politically unacceptable, according to a banker. Everbright would be hard pressed to come close to such a multiple now, so officials will either have to be more tolerant of low valuations or there is a risk that the listing will again be called off.去年光大放弃IPO时,其预期市净率约.5;据一名家表示,中国官员们认为,这样的估价为中国业设定的基准过低,这意味着上市计划在政治上不可接受。如今,光大即使要达到这样的市净率也并非易事,因此,要么这一次官员们对低估价更加宽容,要么上市有可能再一次被叫停。来 /201206/187665武汉/广州军区医院治疗阳痿早泄江汉大学附属第三医院男性专科



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