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武汉为什么要割包皮武汉包皮手术哪里做好Germans should be allowed to watch the football World Cup on television at work without getting into trouble with their superiors, the head of the national employers' association said Thursday.Dieter Hundt, often called the "boss of the bosses", called on companies to cut their staff a little slack when footballmania strikes over the next month."I am confident that employers, while considering the needs of their businesses, will react flexibly and, together with their workforces, develop their own policies," he told the daily Berliner Zeitung.Every company needs to decide for itself "to what extent it can strike a balance with the broadcast of World Cup games and working hours".Hundt's counterpart at the German Federation of Trade Unions, Michael Sommer, welcomed the employers' pledge of tolerance when asked by the Berliner Zeitung.Watching soccer together encourages "team cohesion and staff motivation," he argued.He noted that several of the World Cup matches in South Africa were taking place in the early afternoon, including the second match featuring the German side, against Serbia on June 18.【Notes】cut sb. a little/some slack: 放某人一马,饶了某人,对某人宽容一点。(It's your first day here, so I'm going to cut you some slack this time. Next time, you need to do much better. 看在这是你的第一天,我就不严格要求了,下次你可得干好点儿。)201006/106078武汉汉南区男科医院在那儿 Green-collar jobs The workplace is turning more eco-friendly, creating new occupationsHave some coffee? Yes!After 34 years working in Toledo Ohio’s automotive industry, John Morris was laid off, and left to fend for himself in a bleak job market. ‘Being that I was in automotive, it just was not then out there.’ But to his surprise, his skills on the assembly line actually came in handy, landing him a job as a safety engineer at Xunlight, a start-up company that makes solar energy panels. ‘I'm a green-collar worker now. It was very exciting for me, to be able to start on the ground floor of a new type of development.’ Our modules are light-weight and flexible...The company’s president and CEO Xunming Deng believes Toledo is a good place to grow his company, in part because of the availability of skilled factory workers like John Morris. ‘There are some venture capitalists that say that we gotta move to California to grow a successful startup. But there are other venture capitalists, they come over and say, they said Xunming, this is the wonderful place because you have all these highly trained workers available to help out, they are just right there!’ Before Xunlight, Toledo was aly home to First Solar, the nation’s largest solar panel maker. But it’s not just Toledo, green-collar jobs are sprouting up across the country. And with the proper incentives, analysts say the industry could generate 3,000,000 new jobs over the next two decades. ‘It could leak overseas, unless the ed States, I think it's particularly the Federal level, is really aggressive about providing Federal supports.’ George Sterzinger with a renewable energy policy project fears the US could miss out on this emerging market. "One of the things that people have to realize is that it is a potential, it’s only a potential…" Toledo’s mayor Carty Finkbiener has seen the potential, he singles out solar energy as one of the lone bright spots in Ohio, a state that has lost close to a quarter of its manufacturing jobs in the last decade. "We regain some of the lost quality of life, some of the lost jobs, the economic vigor." For John Morris, the future is going green. "It's a business that I hope, I don't have to worry about tomorrow will I be out of the job and there’s a good future for us." But advocates for green-collar jobs says Congress is the key, despite the success stories, tax credits for alternative energies were not renewed in 2007. Analysts say those tax credits are facing an uphill battle this year. Jim Acosta, CNN, New York.Notes:Come in handy: Used casually when someone comments that something unexpected could prove useful.01/60397For decades, films and television shows almost always portrayed American Indians as stereotypes. The stories were written and produced by white Americans. In 1977, Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT) was founded to bring audiences native stories and accurate portrayals of the culture.许多年来,电影和电视几乎总是以刻板的形象呈现美洲印第安人。那些故事都是美国白人写的。1977年,美洲土著人公共通讯组织成立,其宗旨是让观众可以看到印第安人自己写的故事,看到对印第安文化的准确真实的描述。Taking controlShirley Sneve heads the organization. She is a Lakota, a member of the Rosebud Sioux tribe, who grew up in Flandreau, South Dakota. One of her earliest and most lasting influences was her mother, who has written and published more than 20 children’s books about Native Americans.谢丽·斯内夫是北美印第安人苏族的拉科他人,从小在南达科他州弗兰德鲁长大。她的母亲撰写并出版了20多本有关北美印第安人的儿童读物。"When I was growing up my mother was always telling stories and she wrote all the time," says Sneve. "It was something that was always important to our family to understand our history, where we came from, and how we relate as natives in today’s world.”她说:“我小时候,母亲总是在讲故事,写书。我们家很注重这种事情,就是了解我们自己的历史。”Sneve studied journalism, and became a storyteller herself. "Unlike my mother, who created stories out of her head, I liked to tell stories about other people."斯内夫学习了新闻学,后来她自己也成为一个说故事的人。她说:“我母亲是凭想象创造故事。我不一样,我喜欢讲别人的故事。”But these days, Sneve mostly helps other people tell stories as executive director of NAPT, one of five groups created to increase the diversity of voices on American public television.但是,斯内夫如今大部分时间是帮助其他人讲故事。她是美洲土著人公共通讯组织的执行主任。这是专门成立来增加美国公共电视的多样性的五个组织之一。"It can’t just be about Indians, it needs to be by Indians, Native Americans," says Sneve, who believes the authentic voice is important. "There has been so much garbage out there over the years by non-Indians that have perpetuated the stereotypes. You know the westerns and the stoic Indians, even more contemporary projects. They don’t do us any favors. We can tell our own stories better than anybody else. That is why we are so forceful about involving Native Americans in the creation of these documentaries."她说,让人们听到真实的声音是重要的,因为“多年来,非印第安人制造了很多的垃圾,制造了刻板的印第安人形象。大家都知道西部片,还有那些逆来顺受的印第安人。这些对我们毫无益处。我们可以比任何人更好地讲述我们自己的故事。这就是为什么我们如此力主让印第安人参与制作这些纪录片。”201104/130814武汉阿波罗男子医院线路

武汉小儿男科France Prepares Billion Economic Stimulus Plan法国出台三百亿美元经济刺激计划French President Nicolas Sarkozy has unveiled a stimulus plan worth more than billion to fight the economic and financial downturn. 法国总统萨科齐推出了一个总值300亿美元的刺激计划来对付经济和金融市场的下滑。The French plan is the latest of a series of proposals by various European governments to earmark massive amounts of money to help reinvigorate their moribund economies. In a speech in northern France, President Sarkozy said the global economic crisis would sharply change people's behavior, values and ideas - and that France needed to confront it head on. 法国出台的经济刺激计划是欧洲各国政府通过拨出巨款来帮助各自萎靡不振的经济重新充满活力的一系列建议中的最新一个。萨科齐总统在法国北部发表演讲时表示,全球性的经济危机将会使人们的行为、价值观和想法发生巨大的改变,而法国需要直接对这种情况作出应对。Mr. Sarkozy said the response by his conservative government will be investment. He said investment was the best way to sustain activities and to save jobs for today - and tomorrow. For a long time, he said, France had postponed this kind of investment to make the French economy more competitive. He said not doing so now would be a major error. 萨科齐说,他的保守政府将通过投资来对此作出反应。他表示,投资是维持经济活动以及保留目前以及今后的就业机会的最佳途径。他说,在很长一段时间里,法国推迟了采取这种能够使法国经济更具竞争力的投资。他表示,不进行这样的投资将是一个很大的错误。The French president spoke in Douai, which is home to a major Renault car factory. As elsewhere in Europe and the ed States, the French car industry has been hard hit by the crisis, and part of Mr. Sarkozy's stimulus plan aims to shore up the automobile sector.  萨科齐总统是在雷诺汽车公司一个主要汽车厂的所在地杜埃市发表这个讲话的。就像欧洲其他地方和美国一样,法国的汽车工业也受到这次危机的重创。萨科齐的刺激计划的一部分将用来提振法国的汽车行业。Italy, Germany, Spain and Britain have also unrolled similar plans worth tens-of-billions of dollars. 意大利、德国、西班牙和英国也都出台了类似的价值上百亿美元的经济刺激计划。While France has so far narrowly escaped a recession - which is defined as two successive periods of negative growth - it is widely expected to be in recession next year. The 15-nation eurozone, which includes France, is aly in recession. 尽管法国到目前为止躲过了一场经济衰退,人们普遍预期法国在明年会陷入衰退。包括法国在内的15国欧元区目前已经陷入了衰退。衰退的定义是国内生产总值连续两个季度出现负增长。200812/58010武汉包皮过长医院 Before a group of young cowbirds had time to socialize much, West had them stay the winter with a group of canaries. In the spring they were turned loose in an aviary with a mixed group of birds. What happened was weird: the cowbirds sang like canaries, and tried to court canaries. They ignored the other cowbirds! And the canaries ignored their advances. After the mating season–which these birds were really unsuccessful in, by the way–the cowbirds spent the next winter with a group of their own kind. The following spring they were again turned loose with a mixed group of birds, and this time they behaved like cowbirds. They sang cowbird songs, made cowbird moves, and did those things that would increase the cowbird population. What this means is that the cowbirds have to learn how to behave like cowbirds–it doesn’t just come naturally.【生词注释】socialize v.参与社交; 交际loose a.自由的aviary n. 鸟舍在一群年轻的燕八哥有时间去进行社会交往前。西部地区冬天的气候使它们必须和金丝雀一同熬过冬天。在春天,它们在混合鸟群中十分自由。有件事很奇怪:燕八哥的叫声像金丝雀一样,而且尽力去讨好金丝雀。它们不搭理其他燕八哥。金丝雀也忽视了燕八哥的发育。配偶季节过后,燕八哥们十分不成功,它们必须和同类一起熬过冬天。下一个春天,在有各种鸟的鸟群众,它们又自由了,这次它们的行为像燕八哥。它们的鸟叫,动作都和同类一样,这样做会增加燕八哥的欢迎度。这也就意味着燕八哥必须学会如何像真正的燕八哥那样行动——这并不是与生俱来的。201110/156546武汉市人民医院做包皮手术社保报销多少

武汉阴茎勃起时间太短是什原因美国总统奥巴马16日在白宫宣布提名犹他州州长乔恩·亨茨曼(中文名洪培)担任美国新一任驻华大使。奥巴马在宣布提名时表示,这项任命非常重要,它将在美中之间搭建的桥梁不仅会决定两国人民的福祉,而且会决定世界的未来。奥巴马说,他相信在亨茨曼出任驻华大使期间,美中两国将开启伙伴关系的“新纪元”。奥巴马对亨茨曼的提名需要经过美国参议院批准。如果获得批准,他将接替从2001年起担任美国驻华大使的雷德。Governor Huntsman has recently been mentioned as a possible Republican candidate for president in 2012, thanks in part to his moderate agenda and his support for environmental issues.But President Obama said he chose Huntsman to be the U.S. envoy to China because of his background and his understanding of the important relationship with Beijing.“What Jon brings to this post is not just a steadfast commitment to advancing the interests of the American people. It is a lifetime of knowledge and experience that will help advance this important partnership," said the president.Huntsman has been a deputy U.S. trade ambassador and an ambassador to Singapore. He speaks fluent Mandarin, having been a Mormon missionary in Taiwan. And he and his wife have two adopted daughters from China and India.Mr. Obama said his nominee for the post will represent America's principles while respecting Chinese views."That is the kind of ambassador we need in China-an ambassador who has a respect for China's proud traditions, who understands what it will take to make America more competitive in the 21st century, and who will be an unstinting advocate for America's interests and ideals," he said.Huntsman has spoken in the past about the need for the ed States and China to work together on the environment. He said he looks forward to working with Chinese officials on that and other issues."You have my commitment that we will take the U.S.-China relationship to new heights, focused not just on that which divides us, but more importantly, on that which unites us," he said.Huntsman thanked the president for the nomination, and recalled one of his favorite sayings in Mandarin. "'Together we work, together we progress.' This, more than anything else, I think, captures the spirit of our journey going forward," he added, saying the first few words in Mandarin.If he is confirmed by the Senate, Huntsman will succeed Clark Randt, who has been the U.S. ambassador to China since 2001.05/70160 An online company has begun marketing an "Anti Vuvuzela Filter" that promises to silence the sound of the controversial plastic trumpets that have become the trademark of South Africa's World Cup.The company's web site, antivuvuzelafilter.com, sells an MP3 audio file for 2.95 euros (3.60 dollars) that the company says will cancel the vuvuzela noise for TV viewers by producing a sound wave similar to the horn's that cancels the noise."Just download our specially designed vuvuzela noise cancellation MP3 and play it back on your home stereo system, computer, iPod, iPhone, etc.," the website says."Depending on the circumstances, the resulting soundwave may be so faint as to be inaudible to human ears."But Anthony Sullivan, a physicist at South Africa's Rhodes University, called the idea "a marketing hype and a waste of money.""Noise cancelling depends on specific positions. You're not going to get that cancelling," he said.His advice to those who don't like hearing the vuvuzela?"Mute the TV."Vocabularystereo system: 立体音响系统hype: the use of a lot of publicity and advertising to make people interested in something such as a product 大肆宣传,炒作背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106503武汉阿波罗男子男性专科医院汉川市人民医院泌尿外科



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