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武汉哪里治疗泌尿感染好A new attributed to the Islamic State is warning of a Paris-style attack on Washington.一个ISIS组织发布的新视频警告说,将要对华盛顿实施对巴黎那样的袭击。The , appearing on social media Monday, threatened all countries involved in military operations against the militant group, saying they will suffer the same fate as France.这则星期一出现在社交媒体上的视频威胁所有参与打击ISIS组织的国家说,它们也会遭遇法国一样的命运。The person speaking in the specifically singled out the U.S. capital city. ;To all the countries that participated in the crusader campaign in a day soon or later, they all will face a day just like what France faced,; the person in the said. ;Now we demolished France in their own backyard in Paris, we swear by the order of God we will destroy America in their own heart in Washington.;在视频中说话的人特别指出了美国首郀?他说,“所有参加十字军战役的国家们,迟早有一天将面临与法国一样的日子……现在我们在法国自己的后院巴黎捣毁了他们,我们以神的旨意发誓将在美国的心脏华盛顿摧毁美国。”VOA cannot independently verify the authenticity of the . The FBI Monday maintained ;there is no specific or credible threat to the ed States.;美国之音目前不能实这则视频的真实性。美国联邦调查局周一依旧表示,“没有明确或可信的针对美国的威胁”。来 /201511/410672武汉男科哪家可以刷医保 武汉阿波罗医院-治早泄要多少钱

武汉看男科去哪里好Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for greater efforts in tackling the current humanitarian crisis in Syria, saying China will continue to offer help.外交部部长王毅呼吁在应对叙利亚目前的人道主义危机作出更大努力,表示中国将继续提供帮助。Wang made the remarks when meeting on Monday with Bouthania Shaaban, political and media adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who briefed him on the situation in Syria and explained the Syrian governments stance.叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德的政治和媒体顾问沙班,在周一与王部长会面期间,向他介绍了叙利亚局势并阐述了叙利亚政府的立场。Wang said the flow of refugees in the Middle East has seriously endangered the stability of the region and its surrounding areas, which need more efforts from all parties, including China, to lessen the impact.王部长表示,难民在中东地区的流动已严重危及该地区及其周边地区的安定,为维持稳定需要各方努力,包括中国在内。The foreign minister reiterated Chinas stance on solving the Syrian crisis via political settlement led by the ed Nations, referring to it as the ;fundamental way out;. He said China welcomes all parties to initiate another round of political mediation.外长重申了中国在解决叙利亚危机问题上的立场,提倡通过联合国发起的政治协定来解决叙问题,指出其为“根本出路”,并表示中国欢迎各方发起另一轮政治斡旋。Wang proposed that all concerned parties take part in a third Geneva conference on Syria, to ensure full representation and inclusiveness.王建议,关于叙利亚问题有关各方参加第三次日内瓦会议,以确保充分的代表性和包容性。On combating terrorism, Wang said China supports anti-terrorism moves that abide with international laws, with agreement from the country concerned. He called for joint efforts in fighting terrorism with better communication and cooperation among all parties.在打击恐怖主义方面,外长表示中国在得到相关国家的允许下,会坚持遵守国际法律,共同反恐。他呼吁在反恐斗争中各方应进行良好沟通与合作、共同努力。Dong Manyuan, vice-president of the China Institute of International Studies, said he believes Wangs three-point political analysis has cut to the core of the solution to the Syrian issue.董漫远,国际问题研究所中国副总裁表示,他相信王部长的三点政治分析已深入到解决叙利亚问题的核心;If the international community acts as Wang suggested, there is a high chance that this crisis in Syria will be properly handled and even resolved,; Dong said. China is among the first to promote a political settlement to the Syrian crisis, and has been a ;strong pusher; that actively and constantly contributes to this goal despite challenges, Dong said.他还表示,“如果国际社会的作为如外长所言,这场发生在叙利亚的危机将很有可能得到妥善处理,甚至解决”。“中国是最早推动政治解决叙利亚危机的国家,尽管这一目标充满挑战,中国仍在积极主动、不断努力地推动。”来 /201510/404045 武汉前列腺中医武汉治疗早泄的好医院



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