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Julian Treasure说日益吵闹的世界正在吞噬我们的精神健康,甚至威胁我们的生命。他提出了八大法则帮助我们缓解“声音的侵袭”(先从廉价耳机入手),并且重新建立起我们同声音之间的和睦关系。 Article/201309/254696。

With regards to resumes and CV#39;s, if you#39;ve never had a job that does not mean that you don#39;t have experience. A lot of times people, particularly my college students, will be very, very concerned about “How am I going to get a job if I don#39;t have any experience?” However, when we sit down and talk about it, they#39;ve been involved in athletics on campus, in a sorority,different types of committees, volunteer work, internships, and so you#39;d probably be amazed if you really sat down and went through the last five years of your life and listed everything you#39;ve done. I#39;m sure you#39;d find that you probably have more than a one-page resume, probably a two-page resume. So, you can certainly maximize any type of volunteer work that you#39;ve done, even if you#39;ve been babysitting, or providing other types of child care. That counts as legitimate employment and legitimate experience. So, you might want to get with a professional resume writer who can help translate your life experience into an actual resume for a job.关于简历方面,没有工作过并不意味着你没有经验。很多情况下,很多人,尤其是我在大学的学生都非常非常担忧,“我没有任何经验,怎么找工作呢?”然而,当我们坐下来讨论的时候发现他们参加了很多活动,例如校园体育比赛,女生联谊会,不同的委员会,志愿者工作,实习。所以,如果你坐下来静静地回顾过去几年的生活,列出自己曾经做过的事情,你会有惊人的发现。我确信你的简历会超过一页,甚至两页。你可以最大限度发掘任何形式的志愿者工作,即使仅仅是照顾小孩,或者其他类型的照料儿童的工作。这都是有价值的经验。你也可以寻找专业的简历写手,帮助把你的生活经历转译为求职简历。Thanks for watching How To Create A Resume If You Have Never Had A Job.感谢收看“没有工作经历怎样书写求职简历”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201306/245573。

North Korea War Training Shown Off In Video Soldiers in the secretive country practise shooting at mocked up Americans and South Koreans in a released by state media.朝鲜半岛局势不断升温,战争一触即发。朝鲜已进入最高水平的战斗准备状况,朝鲜军人纷纷表决战决心。朝鲜陆军以美军士兵图像为目标进行射击训练!Showing off its fittest soldiers, footage released by North Korea State Television shows off the country#39;s leading athletes on military exercise, it designed to spell out one thing, everyone is prepared to fight, if required.The past week is seen ramping up a rhetoric in which North Korea promised to target US bases and on Saturday it announced it was in a state of war with South Korea.Leading national tribute to his father and grandfather on Sunday, it#39;s now clear Kim is unlikely to soften the secret states hard line approach.But to South Korea#39;s new President isn#39;t prepared to let these latest threats go unchallenged. If there were any provocation against South Korea and its people, there should be a strong response initial combat without any political considerations. As the command in chief of the nation#39;s forces I would trust the army#39;s judgment who is directly confronting north Korea regarding the North#39;s sudden provocation.But north sees joining the US and South Korean military exercise as the provocation, annual drills involving US B2 stealth capable of delivering a nuclear strike this time prompting the north to put its missile units on standby. Despite talk of war and weapons, there is still collaboration between the two Koreans. Hundreds of workers from South prepared to cross the border to work and joined industrial complexbased in the north.While there have been threats to close it down, it remains open. A remainder the North relies in part on South Korean money.I am a little nervous but what can I do, I have to go there to work. They have to make money too. The industrial zone is their source for earning dollars. But to North Korea#39;s leaders growing a strong economy would not come at the expense of military expansion.The new strategic decision to carry out economic construction, and to build nuclear arm forces simultaneous is the most reasonable to meet the demand of current situation.But as the diplomatic tension#39;s tighten, the concerns is this, will they come a point when economic goals comes second to North Korea#39;s military aims. /201304/233438。

This level I#39;m standing on right now used to be up there.我现在所站的地方以前应是那个高度That#39;s a good two to two and a half,那足有2米到2.5米的高度possibly even three metres.甚至可能有3米So that entire free surface is the earthquake scarp.所以整个这一大片就是地震陡坎了And no doubt that will quickly be bricked up毫无疑问那里很快要被砌上砖and you won#39;t be able to distinguish it so easily.你就无法再轻易地辨认出来This is also a superb place, by the way,另外 这也是个非常理想的地方 for finding, um, unambiguous lateral offset, if there is any.来寻找明显的偏移 如果有的话You can see where I#39;m standing,你看现在我站的地方there#39;s a nice straight wall, and I can see from here有一个笔直的墙 我在这里能看见that the offset,the natural offset here这里的偏移 自然偏移is about about a metre,大概有一米maybe a little bit less than a metre to this wall,大概离这面墙不到一米so essentially this wall here was that one back there.所以实际上 这片墙原来是在这边的Before the rupture actually happened,在断裂发生以前probably at this location可能是在这个位置there was a lot of shaking and rolling当时剧烈摇晃 岩石滚落and then this this side of the village然后村庄的这一边just rose up like this.就像现在这样被抬起It takes about between 10,15, 20,发生这一切大约需要maybe even more seconds to do that.10 15 20秒 或许更久That#39;s actually quite slow那是非常缓慢的when you#39;re standing here as an eyewitness如果你当时你站在这个位置and seeing this thing just rise up like this亲眼目睹这一切out of the ground and then this entire part of the village看着地面被隆起 现在整个村庄is now a metre to two metres higher.比以前高出1到2米 Article/201305/238960。

Football superstar David Beckham began a seven day visit to China on Monday. As the Ambassador of Chinese Football, Beckham kicked off his second mission to promote the sport.Beckham, who always seems to be in a suit when he#39;s in China, was welcomed by officials from the Soong Ching Ling Charity Foundation. At the event, he donated his football shirts to a children#39;s charity to support Chinese youth soccer.北京时间6月17日下午3点,中国青少年足球发展及中超联赛推广大使戴维#8226;贝克汉姆第二次中国行的起点—“贝克汉姆中国青少年足球发展暨中超联赛推广大使慈善捐献启动仪式”在北京宋庆龄故居举行,捐球衣 Article/201306/245475。

Even so, some in the music industry thought Apple might be able to help.不过 有些唱片公司却相信苹果公司能助他们一臂之力In 2002, a delegation of music executives travelled to Apple#39;s headquarters2002年 由各音乐公司主管组成的一个代表团来到苹果总部to present a vision for how they might collaborate.提出了一个合作构想Steve Jobs did not exactly warm to their ideas.乔布斯对他们的想法却不太感兴趣He listens, but he isn#39;t listening patiently.他在听 但是态度并不耐烦At one point he waves his arms and says, ;Stop, stop, that#39;s not why I#39;m here.甚至一度挥手说道:;停停停 我来这儿不是来干这个的I didn#39;t come here to listen to you.我不是来听你们讲的I have my own views on what we need to do.我知道我们应该做什么You guys in the music business have had your heads up your asses all these years!;你们音乐界的人这些年就没动过脑子!;Which made everybody on my side of the table mute, silent.这番话让我们哑口无言And I said, ;Steve, that#39;s exactly why we#39;re here. We need your help.;于是我说;史蒂夫 正因如此我们才会来找你呀 我们需要你的帮助;Other technology companies had tried and failed to persuade the major labels其他的技术公司都没能说主流唱片公司to license their music online, but Jobs was different.为在线音乐授权 但乔布斯不一样Jobs was the biggest share owner in Disney.作为迪士尼最大的股东Because he was in such a strong position as a Hollywood player他在好莱坞的圈子里地位非凡that he was able to bang the heads together of the music companies and say this is how it#39;s going to be.因此 他能一声令下 告诉他们应该怎么做To Jobs, it was obvious the record labels didn#39;t understand the new internet-savvy consumers.对乔布斯来说 唱片公司显然不了解这些热衷于网络的新生消费者He insisted the way to beat file-sharing was not to punish people for doing it他坚持 要赢过文件共享网站的方法并不是去惩罚共享的人but to offer a more convenient reasonably-priced alternative.而是提供更加方便 并且价格合理的选择In less than a year, every major label had signed up to the Apple iTunes store.不到一年 所有大的唱片公司都签约了苹果iTunes商店 /201308/253466。