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Weeks of stalemate between the government and Western-leaning protesters in Ukraine were shattered Tuesday by an outburst of violence that killed at least nine people. Authorities responded by storming encampments held by activists in the center of the capital for the past two months.乌克兰政府与抗议者之间持续了数周的僵持于周二打破,一场暴力冲突造成至少九人死亡。在过去两个月被抗议者占领的市中心地带,双方发生了激烈对抗。The number of dead and wounded--the worst one-day casualty toll on the streets of Ukraine since its independence from the Soviet Union--will make it harder for either side to pull back from the political confrontation that is threatening to split the country.这是乌克兰脱离前苏联以来街头抗议中伤亡最惨重的一天。如此多的伤亡数量将使任何一方都更难从这场可能导致国家分裂的政治对峙中抽身而退。Opposition officials said seven protesters were killed, some from gunshot wounds. Authorities said two police officers were killed from gunshot wounds, apparently in fighting early in the day with protesters, who had hurled stones and Molotov cocktails.反对派领导人说,有七名抗议者丧生,其中有些人死于伤。乌克兰政府方面说,有两名警察死于伤,他们明显是当天早些时候在与投掷石块和燃烧弹的抗议者发生冲突时受的伤。The fighting began when the protesters, angry that President Viktor Yanukovych wasnt moving forward with constitutional changes to surrender some powers to the prime minister, tried to march on parliament.这场冲突的起因是抗议者们不满总统亚努科维Viktor Yanukovych)在修改宪法上寸步不前,不肯将一些权力分给总理,因而试图向国会进军。They were met by large numbers of riot police and fighting quickly ensued.他们中途遭到大批防暴警察的拦截,双方很快爆发了冲突。Protesters ranging from elderly women to young men formed bucket brigades to pass broken paving stones to people nearer the police, who hurled them into their ranks. Police responded with concussion grenades and rubber bullets.抗议者们组成接力队,传递破成碎块的铺路石,由靠近对手的前排人向警方阵营投掷。警方则以震撼手雷和橡胶子弹回应。Although police managed to clear some protesters from central Kiev later in the day, others appeared to be girding for a longer fight. Some took back Kievs city hall, which they had vacated over the weekend, and in western Ukraine at least three regions said they would send buses of reinforcements to Kiev.虽然警方当日晚些时候成功将部分抗议者逐出基辅中心地带,其他人则似乎准备打场长久战。一些人又重新占领了上周末撤离的市政厅。乌克兰西部,至少有三个地区的抗议者表示将向基辅增援。Authorities, who shut down the citys subway system earlier in the day, announced they would restrict all transport into the city starting at midnight.有关部门当天早些时候关闭了基辅的地铁,宣布将从午夜开始限制一切进入该市的交通。By nightfall police, supported by armored personnel carriers and water cannons, rumbled slowly forward through barricades to the edge of the main encampment at Independence Square.夜幕降临前,配备了装甲车和高压水的警察缓缓通过路障,来到基辅独立广Independence Square)主要营地的边缘。Protesters tossed burning debris--construction materials, spare tires, a discarded Christmas tree--in their path to try to stop them, and threw rocks and fireworks as opposition leaders led them in singing Ukraines national anthem.抗议者不断投掷建筑材料、备用轮胎和丢弃的圣诞树等燃烧杂物,试图阻止警察的行进,而且还扔石块和鞭炮,反对派领袖带着他们唱起了乌克兰国歌。Some had welded together what appeared to be a massive blow torch, consisting of pipe hooked up to a propane tank, that they dragged towards police lines. Some tents on Kievs main thoroughfare were also on fire.一些人将管子和丙烷罐连接起来,焊接成一个巨大的喷,并往警察队伍那里拖。基辅主要大街上的一些帐篷也在燃烧。Western capitals repeated calls for calm and denounced the violence, without specifying who had started it.西方国家不断呼吁有关方面保持冷静,并对暴力表示谴责,但没有具体指出谁是始作俑者。But Moscow, which on Monday announced it was restoring a financial lifeline to Mr. Yanukovychs government, squarely blamed the protesters. It has long pushed the president to crack down on them.不过,俄罗斯政府将指责矛头直接对准了抗议者。俄罗斯政府周一宣布,将恢复对亚努科维奇政府至关重要的资金援助。长期以来,俄罗斯一直鼓励亚努科维奇打击抗议活动。Russias foreign ministry also laid blame on Western officials, who it said from the very start of the crisis have been closing their eyes to the aggressive actions of radical forces in Ukraine.俄罗斯外交部也对西方官员进行了谴责,说他们从危机一开始便对乌克兰激进势力的好斗行为视而不见。来 /201402/276423Kinds of Banks的种类Mary Smith boy-friend ,Tom Brown ,is a clerk at the First National Bank .He and Mary are talking about the different types of banks and bank services .玛丽·史密斯的男朋友汤姆·布郎是第一国民的职员,他在和玛丽谈论各种不同类型的和的各种业务Smith :I dont understand what you mean when you say commercial bank.Tom ,arent all banks the same?史密斯:我不明白你所说的商业是什么意思,汤姆,所有不都是一样的吗?Brown :No ,there are different types of banks ,Mary .布郎:不是的,有着各种不同类型的,玛丽Usually the word bank refers only to the commercial banks like the one I work .通常讲“”这个词仅仅是指商业,就象我工作的这家一样Theyre the banks that offer a full range of checking and savings- services and make all kinds of loans .这种提供票和储蓄全套的务,并从事各种类型的贷款事宜S:Well,what other kinds of banks are there?史密斯:噢,那么还有哪些类型的呢?B:The second large category is called the Savings and Loan Association or the Building and Loan Association .布郎:第二大类称做“储蓄和贷款协会”,或“建房信用协会”,Some people call them Savings Banks,but they are technically not banks .一些人称它们为储蓄但是,从法律上讲,它们并不是,They specialize in long-term savings s and usually lend money mortgages.而是专门办理长期储蓄存款户头,通常把钱借出去做为抵押S:What about mutual Savings Banks?What does that mean?史密斯:“互助储蓄”是怎么回事?业务内容是什么呢?B:Those are special savings association ,like savings and loan associations,which are owned by the depositors instead of stockholders .布郎:那是一些特殊的储蓄协会,像储蓄和贷款协会一样,是归储户所有,而不是属于股东所有Usually they specialize in mortgages ,too.通常,它们也是专门从事抵押业务S:Why dont they offer checking s like your bank does ?史密斯:它们为什么不象你们的一样提供票帐户务呢?B:They are organized different purposes and they dont have the authority to offer checking accouts.布郎:各种是为不同的目的而建起来的,它们无权提供票帐户,That a function commercial banks only .只有商业可以有这种业务S:What a long-term or industrial bank?史密斯:什么是“长期”或“工业”?B:That a special bank industrial development .布郎:这是为工业发展而设立的专业Nov 7 (Reuters) - China will become the world's largest importer of agriculture products in 5 to 10 years as the country faces from shrinking farmland and other constraints on production, a top government think-tank researcher was cited by local media as saying. 11日(路透社-10年内中国将成为全球最大的进口国因为乡村面临着农田的萎缩和产品的某些限制,政府最顶级的智囊团的研究人员的话被当地的媒体引用Cheng Guoqiang, a researcher with the Development Research Center of the State Council, or the cabinet, did not elaborate on which kind of farm products China has to import. China is aly the world's top importer of soy and cotton. 程国强,国务院研究与发展中心的研究员,或是内阁成员,对中国需要进口的农产品的种类言语不详。中国已经是全球最大的大豆和棉花进口国The country's agriculture faces challenges that include small-scale production, per-capita acreage that is less than 40 percent of the world's average, underdeveloped organisational structure as well as little scientific and technological support, he said. 农村农业面临的挑战包括了是小规模生产,人均占地面积少于全球平均水平的40%,不但组织结构不发达而且没有科学技术的持,他说道The Beijing Times () reported on Cheng's remarks. 北京时报报道了程先生的评China, the world's second-largest consumer of corn and top consumer of pork as well as a major consumer of sugar, has aly increased imports of these commodities this year as domestic production falls behind fast growing demand. 中国,这个玉米消费占全球第二、猪肉消费第一、主要的食用糖的消费国家,已经增加了日常生活用品的进口因为本地产品已经远远不能满足快速增长的需求China has said it aims to remain largely self-sufficient in grains over the next five years. 中国表示之后五年内的目标是保持大部分产品的自己自足To cope with the country's rapidly growing demand for farm products, the country's top state-owned trading house, COFCO Co. Ltd., will spend more than billion to fund overseas mergers and acquisitions in the next five years, the China Daily reported last week. 为了应对国家对农产品快速增长的需求,国家最大的国有商行,中国粮油食品进出口有限公司,在五年内将会花00亿美元寻找海外并购,中国日报上周报道"Because of the nation's limited agricultural resources, we have to look overseas," the paper cited Jiang Hua, a board member, as saying. "The next 10 years will be a period of fast growth in China's consumption of foodstuffs, including poultry, meat, eggs and dairy products." “由于国家有限的农用资源,我们不得不考虑国外”,文件被董事会成员江华提交,他表示“未来的10年中国的食品消费会有一个高速发展,其中包括家禽,肉类,鸡蛋和奶制品The paper said COFCO will focus on acquisitions of companies in a number of major exporting countries, including the ed States, Australia and Southeast Asia. 文件说明中国粮油食品进出口有限公司将会把收购的注意力放在几个主要的出口国家,包括美国,澳大利亚和东南亚"We expect that the Chinese government could provide supportive measures for companies aspiring to invest overseas, including COFCO, to become more involved in the global competition," Jiang was cited as saying. “我们希望中国政府能为公司在国外开发供扶持措施,中国粮油食品进出口有限公司能更融入全球的竞争中”,江是这样说的COFCO in July bought a 99 percent stake of the Australian sugar company Tully Sugar. In 2008, it purchased a 4.95 percent stake in Smithfield Foods Inc , the largest U.S. pork and hog producer. 中国粮油食品进出口有限公司在7月份购买了澳大利亚糖业公塔利糖业9%的股什?在2008年,购买了史密斯菲尔德食品有限公司的4.95%的股份,美国最大的猪肉和肉制品公司。来 /201111/160329The feature of the weather天气特征Is there a lot of snow in this region at this time of the year?这个地区每年的这个时候经常下雪吗?Yes. The snow is often falling thick and fast here.是的,经常有暴雪Well, I think I like it. I appreciate the snow very much.我觉得我很喜欢这样,我非常喜欢雪Yes. It really so beautiful with all the things covered by snow.的确,万物在大雪覆盖下显的非常好看By the way, where can I go ski?顺便问一下,在哪里可以滑雪?There are so many places around. Take a look at the advertisement.这附近有很多地方,看看广告吧 70

Indias Parliament descended into pandemonium Thursday, with one lawmaker letting off pepper spray and another allegedly brandishing a knife during a dispute over the creation of a new state.印度国会周四陷入一片混乱,在就设立新邦的争论中,一名议员喷 了胡椒喷雾,另一人据说挥起了刀子。Sixteen legislators were suspended after clashes broke out over Telangana, a proposed new state that would be carved out from the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.在有关泰伦加Telangana)的冲突爆发后6位议员被停职。泰伦加纳是拟设立的新邦,将从印度南部的安得拉邦(Andhra Pradesh)划出The incident is a blot on Indian democracy, said Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath. He said a knife, gas and other weapons were used inside the chamber of the lower house.印度国会事务部部长纳Kamal Nath)说,这次事件是印度民主制度的污点。他说,下议院中动用了刀具、喷雾和其他武器。The Parliament in the worlds largest democracy has seen its share of raucous behavior. But even seasoned politicians said Thursdays uproar was unprecedented. No major injuries were reported, though a few lawmakers were taken to the hospital after they complained of chest pains and difficulty breathing because of the pepper spray.印度这个世界最大民主国家的国会喧嚣是早已有之。但就连老道的政治家周四也说,这次的骚乱前所未有。据报道无人受重伤,但几名议员抱怨因吸入胡椒喷雾而出现胸痛和呼吸困难,之后被送往医院。Protests have stymied passage of the statehood act every day since the current session of Parliament began on Feb. 5. The bill was introduced in the lower house Thursday, and was expected to come up for parliamentary discussion next week.印度国会2日开始当前会期以来,反对意见一直阻碍设立新邦的法案通过。该法案于周四在下议院提出,预计将在下周提交国会讨论。The lawmakers who were suspended will be barred from Parliament for five consecutive sittings or until the session ends on Feb. 21.被停职的议员将被禁止参加国会会议,期限为连续五次会议,或直至21日本次会期结束。Supporters of Telangana statehood say they are neglected by the Andhra Pradesh government, arguing that the region suffers from high poverty and unemployment, and a lack of proper infrastructure and irrigation facilities.持泰伦加纳建邦的人说,他们遭到安得拉邦政府的忽视,认为该地区深受极度贫困和高失业率之苦,并缺乏适当的基础设施和灌溉设斀?Their opponents fear the impact on Andhra Pradesh of the loss of the city of Hyderabad, a hub for information technology and pharmaceuticals. Under the statehood plan, the city would be the capital of both states for 10 years, and then become solely part of Telangana.反对建邦的人担心安得拉邦因失去信息技术和制药中心海得拉巴而受到影响。按照建邦计划,海得拉巴将在10年内作为两邦的首府,之后只属于泰伦加纳。The push to create the new state began in the 1950s and took on increased urgency in , when a regional party leader, K Chandrasekhar Rao, went on an 11-day hunger strike, and his supporters clashed with police.建立新邦的努力始于上世纪50年代009年更为急迫,当时地区政党领袖拉K Chandrasekhar Rao)进行1天的绝食抗议,他的持者还与警方发生了冲突。The Congress party, which is in power in Andhra Pradesh and also controls the national government, has renewed efforts to create the state in recent months in order to shore up support in the Telangana region ahead of upcoming national polls. But by doing so the party risks losing votes share in the rest of Andhra Pradesh.目前在安得拉邦掌权并控制着印度政府的国大党最近几个月恢复了建邦努力,目的是在即将举行的全国投票前在泰伦加纳地区赢得持。但这种做法令该党有可能失去安得拉邦其他地区的选票。来 /201402/275808

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