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  希拉amp;#65381;尼伦伯格在TEDMED年度大会上展示了一个全新大胆的想法来为有视觉障碍的人们带来影像。她的方法是把摄像头连接到视神经然后直接把信号送入大脑。 Article/201404/285797


  Freshen up that fancy footwear with these steps to keep you stepping in style.通过以下步骤让你别致的靴子保持光鲜,让你的脚步更加时尚。You Will Need你需要Sponges or clean cloths海绵或清洁的布料Mild soap温和的肥皂Old newspaper旧报纸Closet橱柜Suede brush毛皮革刷子Spray-on weather protector保护喷剂Steps步骤Step 1 Wet the boot1.湿润靴子Carefully wet the entire boot with a wet sponge or cloth. Do not immerse the boot in water.小心地用湿海绵或湿布把整个靴子湿润。不要把靴子浸入水中。When cleaning your boots, clean both at the same time. Cleaning them will change their appearance and you will want them to match.清洁靴子的时候,两只同时进行。清洁会改变靴子的外表,看上去更相称。Step 2 Scrub2.擦洗Carefully scrub the boot with a mild detergent and a sponge or clean cloth.用温和的清洁剂,海绵或清洁的布小心擦洗。Step 3 Stuff with paper3.用报纸填充Stuff the boot with old newspaper. This will help the boots maintain their shape.用旧报纸填充。这样可以帮助靴子保持良好的形状。Step 4 Place in a closet4.放在橱柜中Place the boots in a closet until they#39;re completely dry -- about 12 to 16 hours.将靴子放在橱柜中,直到完全晾干——大概需要12至16个小时。Direct sunlight and heat may shrink the boots.阳光下直接暴晒和加热会导致靴子缩水。Step 5 Brush the boot5.刷鞋Brush the boot with a suede brush to raise the nap and restore its original texture.用毛皮革刷子刷一下靴子,让绒毛竖起来,恢复原本质地。Step 6 Protect the boot6.保护靴子Spray the boot with water-based weather protector to help keep it looking brand new.喷洒保护剂溶液,让靴子看上去像新的一样。Oprah Winfrey bought 350 pairs of UGG boots in 2000 -- one pair for every member of her staff.2000年,奥普拉·温弗瑞购买了350双靴子——送给她的员工每人一双。视频听力由。 Article/201311/265004

  No time to hit the gym because you#39;re always stuck at the office? Then bring the gym to you with these moves, which you can do right at your desk.每天待在办公室,没有时间去健身馆?下面这些运动在办公桌前就可以做,把健身馆带到办公室。You Will Need你需要A desk办公桌A desk chair with wheels有轮子的办公椅Steps步骤STEP 1 Work your arms1.锻炼手臂Work your arms. While seated, lift your feet and push your chair back with your arms. When they’re fully extended, pull the chair back to the desk. Do this five times a few times a day to work your biceps, triceps, and pectorals.锻炼双臂。坐下,抬起双脚,用双臂将椅子向后推。椅子足够远之后,拉回办公桌前。将这个动作重复五次,每天做几次,可以锻炼二头肌,三头肌和胸肌。STEP 2 Do the funky chicken2.funky chicken的动作Do the funky chicken. Place your fingers on your shoulders, elbows pointing out to the sides. Pull your elbows back as far as you can, then push them forward and try to touch them together. Repeat 10 times.做funky chicken的动作。手指放在肩膀上,肘部向外。尽量向后伸展肘部,然后再向前推,尽量让两个肘部触碰。重复10次。STEP 3 Do more funky chicken3.更多funky chicken动作Do the funky chicken, part two. Keeping your fingertips on your shoulders, lift your elbows up and then push them down to your sides, as if you’re flapping wings. Repeat 10 times to relax shoulder and upper back muscles and relieve neck tension.funky chicken动作第二部分。指尖放在肩膀上,抬起肘部,然后在体侧向下压,就好像两个扇动的翅膀。重复10次,可以放松肩膀和上背部肌肉,缓解肩部紧张。STEP 4 Work your back4.锻炼背部Work your triceps and back. Put your right hand over your shoulder, touching your upper back. Reach your left hand behind you and try to join your hands. Hold for five. Do this three times several times a day on both sides.锻炼三头肌和背部。右手放在肩膀上,触碰上背部,在背后与左手相握,坚持5秒钟。重复这个动作3次,两侧每天分别做几次。One side will be much easier for you, depending on your dominant side.其中一侧做这个动作比较简单,这取决与哪只手占优势。STEP 5 Tone that butt5.锻炼臀部Tone that butt by squeezing and holding your butt cheeks for five to ten seconds. Repeat six to eight times several times a day. For maximum results, squeeze as tight as you can.夹紧臀部,坚持5至10秒钟,调节臀部。重复这个动作6至8次,每天做几次。为了取得最佳效果,尽可能夹紧一点。As you get out of your chair throughout the day, try to use only your leg muscles, leaving your arms at your sides and keeping your spine straight. This gives the muscles in your legs a quick workout.每天走出办公椅的时候,尽可能只用腿部肌肉,双臂垂在体侧,保持脊柱直立。这样可以快速锻炼腿部肌肉。STEP 6 Let’s twist6.扭动Let’s twist. Put your left hand on the back of your right armrest, and slowly twist your torso towards the right. Repeat with your right hand and left armrest. This relaxes the lower back and trims the tummy and waist.扭一扭。将左手放在右边扶手后侧,缓缓向后边扭动躯干。右手和左边扶手重复同样的动作。这个动作可以放松下背部,锻炼胃部和腰部。STEP 7 Hug your hamstring7.锻炼大肌腱Work your lower body, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Put your hands under your right thigh and pull your knee toward your chest. Extend your leg straight out in front of you and hold for a few seconds. Do five reps with each leg.锻炼身体下部,大肌腱和四头肌。双手放在右侧大腿下,用力将膝盖向胸部拉。腿部向身前伸展,坚持几秒钟。每一条腿重复5次。The workplace cubicle design—a space with three wall panels and interior wiring—was patented in 1976 by Richard Haworth, making him one of the world’s richest men today.办公室格子间的设计——拥有三块墙板和内部线路——于1976年由Richard Haworth注册专利,使他成为世界上最富有的人之一。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/279199

  Hey, Jobs.Get up, man. Wake up.嘿 乔布斯,起床了 哥们 醒醒。I#39;m up.I#39;m up.I#39;m up.Steve.我醒着,我醒着,我醒着呢。史蒂夫Hey, Daniel. Hey, what#39;s going on?嗨 丹尼尔 嘿 忙什么呢?Are you ing Be Here Now?你在读那本;活在当下;的书吧Yeah, it#39;s amazing.是啊 那本书很棒I#39;m ing that right now. It#39;s unbelievable.我正在读 很好看It#39;s the next level. Hey, speaking of Be Here,它是一本更高层面的书 嗯 既然我们碰上了what happened to you last night? Where#39;d you go?跟我说说昨天晚上干什么了? 你去哪儿了?I had to study. I know, I know.我得上课去了 我知道 我知道You know, I#39;m not dismissing the value of higher education,你知道的 我不是宣讲;读书无用论;I#39;m just saying it comes at the expense of experience.但是上大学是以丧失实际工作经验为代价的The system can only produce the system.系统化教学的产物就是系统的一部分...I don#39;t want to be a part of that. Neither should you.我可不想变成一个死板的书呆子 你也应该如此I agree with you. It takes balls to drop out like you did.我同意你 不过人要有足够胆量才能像你一样休学That#39;s why you should.这就是为什么你也应该休学I can#39;t. I mean that... Steven.我可不行 我是说... 史蒂文Might I borrow you for a moment?能借过跟你聊两句吗?I#39;ll see you in, see you later. Sure.打断你们了 再见 一定的Thank you. So I hope I#39;m not interrupting.谢谢 我希望我没有打断你们的谈兴正浓 /201403/281613

  Post-war America will be turbulent, dynamic and overwhelming.战后的美国充满和活力 势不可挡More change and more progress than in the last 400 years put together.在此期间的变化和发展比之前400年的加起来还要多But some things haven#39;t changed.不变的是American courage, vision and determination will always shape the nation.美国人的勇气 远见和决心将一如既往地改变国家的面貌The character of the country and its people forged in the past drive the story forward.美国及其国民此前铸就的民族性格将推动美国续写新的传奇The USA has ended World War II a superpower.二战结束时 美国俨然已成超级大国Its economy turbo charged.经济发展动力十足Prime to construct the future.进入发展的全盛时期The greatest generation is y for peace time.最伟大的一代人正迎来和平时期Their ambition knows no limits.他们雄心勃勃The average American family aly earns 15 times more than they do in Europe.美国家庭的平均收入已相当于欧洲家庭的15倍The USA hums with economic potential.美国经济蓄势待发This was the greatest moment of collective innovation in all of American history.这是美国历史上最伟大的共同创新时代This country was giddy with the sense of accomplishment pride,prospect for the future.整个国家沉浸在这种成就感之中,憧憬着未来America#39;s future looks bright.美国的前途看似一片光明Invention and innovation have always been the things that bind its people together.发明和创新总是把人们紧密联系在一起But America#39;s sheer size threatens to pull it apart.然而美国辽阔的疆域却把大家分隔开来The landmass is 9 million square miles and a road system isn#39;t working.这片900万平方英里的大陆,仅靠一条公路系统显然行不通You saw this vast wilderness in front of you眼前一片一望无际的荒原and what am I going to do with this?我该怎么办呢The older highways,the white shield highways would go across the country之前的高速公路即白盾高速公路 穿过全国and when it came to town it became the main street of every town.到了城镇就成了所有城镇的主干道And there is always bottlenecks.而且瓶颈路段一直存在 /201303/228631





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