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  • The question is, has the world gone nuts? It certainly looks like a lot of people are being driven by fear, hatred and greed.  问题来了:这个世界是不是已经疯了?看起来确是如此,因为许多人都在被恐惧、仇恨和欲望所驱使。  Losing our sanity is about getting so absorbed in what someone else thinks that we#39;re no longer in touch with our own sensibility. It#39;s believing that we are right so everyone else must be wrong. It#39;s thinking that bloodshed, violence or guns will actually solve something. It#39;s believing that the real enemy is #39;them#39;, and that by eradicating #39;them#39; we make ourselves safe.  失去理智,即意味着沉迷于他人的观念之中,从而失去了自身的辨识力;抑或意味着笃信我们自己一定是正确的,所以别人肯定错了;抑或是认为流血、暴力和杀能实际解决问题;也意味着相信我们真正的敌人是“他者”,并认为只要铲除他者,我们就安全了。  None of the above makes any sense in a sane world. Gaining our sanity means we know the difference between right and wrong, we know that two wrongs don#39;t make a right. It#39;s knowing that kindness wins every time. It#39;s knowing that the one who shouts the loudest invariably needs the most help. It#39;s knowing that sharing, communicating with, and helping each other is the best way to ensure our continued existence.  如果世界是理智的,所有这些都毫无道理。保持理性,就是我们要明辨是非,我们知道错上加错不会让问题得到纠正,知道善良永远会战胜邪恶,知道吼声最凶的人一定是最需要帮助的人,知道分享、交流和互相帮助才是让我们长久生存下去的最佳方法。  Chaos is natural — our universe is organized chaos — so to find our sanity in the midst of this is vital. Life is unpredictable, everything is constantly changing, the only security is knowing there is none. Arenown meditation teacher once said that there should be no difference between meditating in a cave or in the chaos of a city, as stillness is inside us and not dependent on external circumstances.  混乱是一种自然的状态——我们的宇宙本身就是一个有序的混乱体——所以在混乱的世界中求得理性就尤为重要。生活不可预知,万事都在永恒的变化之中,唯一可以确定的是世界上根本没有确定性的东西。一位著名的冥想师曾说过,在山洞中冥想和在喧嚣的城市中冥想其实并无分别,因为宁静是存在于我们心中而不是外部环境中的。  Think of the sky that has clouds, storms, rain, snow, tornados, lightening, thunder, yet behind IT all is the sky, unchanging. Beneath our tears and grief, beneath the dramas and conflicts, there is a very sane, still and calm place we can rest in.  想想气象万千的天空,可能云层密布,可能暴雨倾盆,抑或雨水纷纷,可能下雪、刮台风,或许电闪雷鸣;可是,在这些喧嚣背后,天空永远宁静。在我们的泪水和悲伤的背后,在挫折和冲突的背后,就是最本真的理性,这是供我们栖息的最恒久、最安全之地。 /201603/433303。
  • Anyone who has ever taken a digital stroll through their Instagram feed is likely to be confronted with the same envy inducing pictures - endless blue skies, impressive yoga posturing and stylish breakfast sps.任何一位刷过照片社交网Instagram的人,很可能都看到过那些让人羡慕嫉妒恨的美图——一望无际的蓝天、令人钦佩的瑜伽动作和有格调的早餐陈列。But Thai photographer, Chompoo Baritone has created a photo series to reveal what really goes on outside of Instagram#39;s square frame.但泰国摄影师冲蒲·巴里顿(Chompoo Baritone)却创作了一系列照片,向我们解释了Instagram的方形相框之外的玄机。By super-imposing the Instagram image on top of another scene, the collection shows the pictures Instagram photographers don#39;t want you to see.通过将Instagram上的照片叠加到别的场景上,他的这一系列照片展示的恰恰是Instagram用户不想让你看见的情景。With careful cropping a packed beach becomes empty, a cramped roof terrace provides epic views and a chaotic breakfast table exudes calm.仅需仔细裁剪,人山人海的海滩就可以变得空空荡荡,狭窄的屋顶露台也能让我们看见绝佳的风景,而混乱不堪的早餐桌也能流露出平静的气息。To create the series, Baritone has placed an Instagram picture into fake surroundings to show how easy it is for social media users to make their lives look perfect.为了创作这系列作品,巴里顿将来自Instagram的照片放进各种伪造的背景,来展示社交媒体用户想让他们的生活看起来光鲜是多么容易。Travellers are often the biggest offenders of stretching the truth in pictures by tweaking colours and angles to induce wanderlust but Baritone hones in on all lifestyle photography.游客们往往最爱干这种事,他们调整色和角度来美化图片,勾起别人的旅游欲。但巴里顿却专注于拍摄富有生活气息的照片。The collection has been curated to expose the Instagram tricks that many users are guilty of - whether it#39;s pretending that they have a yoga prowess beyond their actual ability or that their messy bedroom is a calm, minimalist work space.他创作这系列作品就是为了曝光许多Instagram用户都用过的拍照小窍门——不管是假装能摆出超出自己实际能力的瑜伽姿势,还是将他们混乱不堪的卧室伪装成宁静、极简主义的的工作室。Through the satirical series Baritone challenges the perfect online lives we are presented suggesting that there is more to most images than meets the eye.通过这一系列反讽照片,巴里顿质疑了人们在网上展现出的完美生活,也向我们表明,大多数照片远不是我们所看到的那样。 /201509/400479。
  • Mao Sui Recommending Himself毛遂自荐Historical Record Volume 76 Prince Ping Yuan Biographies:《史记》卷七十六《平原君虞卿列传》记载:Qin’s troops laid siege to Handan, the capital of the State of Zhao.春秋时,秦军在长平一线,大胜赵军。秦军主将白起,领兵乘胜追击,包围了赵国都城邯郸。Therefore, Prince Ping Yuan was to be sent on a mission to the State of Chu to form an alliance against Qin.大敌当前,赵国形势万分危急。平原君奉赵王之命,去楚国求兵解围。Among the guests fed by Ping Yuan was a man called Mao Sui who went up to his host and recommended himself as a member of the Prince’s suite.平原君把门客召集起来,想挑选20个文武全才一起去。他挑了又挑,选了又选,最后还缺一个人。这时,门客毛遂自我推荐,说:“我算一个吧!”The negotiations between the Prince and the King of Chu proceeded without substantial results.到了楚国,楚王只接见平原君一个人。两人坐在殿上,从早晨谈到中午,还没有结果。Seeing this, Mao Sui mounted bravely the platform where the negotiations were being held and stated the advantages and disadvantages.毛遂大步跨上台阶,把出兵援赵有利楚国的道理,作了非常精辟的分析。The King of Chu was at last convinced and decided to dispatch his troops for saving the State of Zhao.毛遂的一番话,说得楚王心悦诚,答应马上出兵。Now, this allusion is used to refer to those who volunteer to offer one’s services for a task or a job.成语“毛遂自荐”由此而来, 比喻不经别人介绍,自我推荐担任某一项工作。 /201509/395383。
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