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武汉治疗非淋费用是多少武汉男科医院那里正规点For decades, doctors have recom that couples trying to conceive should have intercourse as often as possible, not only during ovulation (obviously) but at other times as well. Doing so is known to improve the odds of success, though the reasons have remained a puzzle. Now two new studies suggest, somewhat radically, that sex alters a woman’s immune system in ways that affect her chances of conceiving.数十年来,医生会向试图怀的伴侣建议,尽可能频繁地性交,不仅是在排卵期(显然),其他时间也一样。大家都知道这样做可以增加成功几率,不过其中的原因却一直是个谜。现在,有两项新研究颇具重大意义地显示出,性活动会改变女性的免疫系统,从而影响她的受几率。The data for the studies come from the Kinsey Institute for Research on Sex, Gender and Reproduction and the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior, both at Indiana University, where researchers recruited 30 healthy, premenopausal women, all of whom were heterosexual and not trying to become pregnant. About half of them were sexually active, using condoms or intrauterine devices as birth control, while the others were abstinent. The volunteers provided blood, saliva and other samples throughout several menstrual cycles. Apart from their sex lives, women in both groups were broadly similar in terms of health and lifestyle.这两项研究的数据分别出自金赛性、性别与生殖研究所(Kinsey Institute for Research on Sex, Gender and Reproduction)和动物行为综合研究中心(Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior)。两家机构均设在印第安纳大学(Indiana University)。研究人员招募了30名更年期之前的健康女性,全部为异性恋,而且并未尝试怀。其中大约一半人性生活活跃,采用安全套或宫内节育器避,另一半人则禁欲。志愿受试人员提供了数个月经周期的血液和唾液等样本。除了性生活方面的差异,两组女性在健康状况和生活方式方面大致相似。They soon revealed distinctly different immune-system responses over the course of a menstrual cycle. According to one of the new studies, published in September in the journal Fertility and Sterility, the sexually active women displayed heightened levels of a certain immune cell when their reproductive systems were preparing to release an egg but before they were able to become pregnant. Later in the menstrual cycle, when conception was possible, these women developed higher levels of a different type of immune cell — one known to help a body recognize and ignore nonhazardous foreign cells, like those in a fetus. There were no similar changes in the immune systems of the abstinent women.他们很快发现,在一个月经周期内,两组女性的免疫系统反应截然不同。其中一项发表于《生育和不育》(Fertility and Sterility)杂志9月刊的研究显示,在女性的生殖系统正准备排卵但还无法受之前,性生活活跃的女性某类免疫细胞的水平会比较高。在月经周期后期,也就是有可能怀时,这些女性体内又有另一种不同类型的免疫细胞的水平会升高——这种免疫细胞有助于人体辨认和忽视无害的外来细胞,比如来自胎儿的细胞。禁欲女性的体内没有类似的免疫系统变化。The other study, published in Physiology and Behavior, found other immunological differences. Sexually active women early in their cycles developed more antibodies of a type that lives in the mucus lining the reproductive tract and represents a threat to sperm and fetuses. Levels of these antibodies dropped later in the cycle, while the numbers of a different germ-fighting antibody in the blood but not in the reproductive tract grew.发表在《生理学与行为》(Physiology and Behavior)杂志上的另一项研究发现了一些其他的免疫系统差别。在月经周期早期,性生活活跃的女性体内某种抗体水平比较高。该抗体存在于生殖道粘膜内,对精子和胎儿都构成威胁。在月经周期后期,这种抗体的水平会下降,另一种不同的抗菌抗体的数量则会增多。这种抗体存在于血液里,而不存于生殖道中。Together, these findings indicate that ‘‘the more frequently a woman engages in sexual activity, the more often her immune system gets the message that it’s time to reproduce,’’ says Tierney Lorenz, the research scientist at the Kinsey Institute who was the lead author of both studies. The research did not examine conception or rates of illness and infection, so the real-life implications of the differences in immunity remain uncertain. It’s also not clear how the immune system knows someone is having sex. There may be messages from the brain or extra changes in hormones, Lorenz says. Sexual partners may even exchange elements of their microbiome, prompting changes in each other’s immunity. For now, the primary lesson Lorenz takes away from these studies, she says, is ‘‘awe for the elegance of our flexible, powerful, socially aware immune system.’’这些发现共同显示出,“女性性生活越频繁,她的免疫系统就会更频繁地接到信号,提示是进行繁殖的时候,”在金赛性、性别与生殖研究所做研究的科学家、上述两项研究的第一作者蒂尔尼·洛伦茨(Tierney Lorenz)说。这项研究没有调查受情况,也没有研究患病和感染的几率,所以不同的免疫状况在真实生活中会有什么影响仍未可知。同样还不清楚的是,免疫系统如何知道某人在做爱。洛伦茨表示,有可能是大脑发送了信号,或者有荷尔蒙的额外变化进行提示。性伴侣甚至可能会交换体内的菌群,由此引发对方体内的免疫系统发生变化。洛伦茨表示,她目前从这两项研究中得到的最大收获,是“对我们那灵活、强大和具备外界感知力的免疫系统的精妙,产生了敬畏之心。”This column appears in the October 25, 2015 issue of The New York Times Magazine原文将刊登在2015年10月25日出版的一期《纽约时报杂志》上。 /201510/405822武汉没勃起时包皮包住龟头 Chinese people are almost twice as optimistic about the world as those from other countries, while Britons are the fifth most pessimistic, according to a recent survey.据最近的一项调查显示,中国人对世界的未来的乐观指数几乎是其它国家的两倍,而英国则是悲观排名第五的国家。YouGov surveyed more than 18,000 people in 17 countries, and found that 41 percent of internet users in China say the world is getting better. The country#39;s sunny outlook is nearly double the next most optimistic country, Indonesia, with 23 percent and four times the global average of 10 percent.英国舆观调查公司对全球17个国家的18000人作了调查,有41%的中国网民认为世界正在变得越来越好。中国的乐观比例数值几乎是排名第二的印度尼西亚(比例为23%)的两倍,全球持乐观态度的人数平均值为10%,而中国是这个数字的4倍。While it#39;s said in most places the chances of getting killed by another human, life expectancy, poverty, democracy and the rule of law have all improved significantly over the past 200 years, 65 percent of adults in Britain disagree. An analysis of more than 10,000 British people last year found that believing the world is getting better depends significantly on being young, educated and middle class.当谈到大多数地方在过去200多年来的变化时,比如被谋杀、平均寿命、贫困、民主和法治等都得到显著的改善时,65%的英国成年人却不同意。去年一项对一万多名英国人的调查显示,相信世界正在变得越来越好的主要是年轻人、受过良好教育的人和中产阶级。But despite being high on the list of countries which are less optimistic about the future of the planet, the British are far less pessimistic than the French. According to the survey, 81 percent of internet users in France say the world is getting worse, while only three percent say it#39;s getting better.但是,虽然在悲观名单上榜上有名,英国人也远远不如法国人悲观。据调查显示,81%的法国网民称世界正在变得糟糕,只有3%的人认为世界在变好。In other countries around the globe, eight percent of people in both Denmark and Finland believe the world is getting better compared with four percent of people in both Germany and Singapore.在世界其他国家,丹麦和芬兰都有8%的人认为世界正在变好,而德国和新加坡却只有4%的人这样认为。Research suggests the huge gap between China and the rest of the world when it comes to the fate of the planet reveals something special. The country#39;s sheer rate of growth, a prioritization of health and quality of food are all contributing factors to this belief in a bright future.在关于世界未来命运的调查结果上,中国和世界其他国家之间的巨大差别传递出特别值得玩味的信息。中国经济的快速增长、健康状况和食品安全的优化等因素都有利于中国人觉得前景很光明,从而形成乐观积极的态度。 /201601/422394武汉阿波罗男子医院做男人全身体检要多少钱

武汉阿波罗男子生殖门诊部Certain personality traits are often attributed to oldest, middle and youngest children. But a new study found that birth order itself had no effect on character, though it may slightly affect intelligence.人们往往认为,某些性格特征是专属于排行老大、排在中间或家里最小的孩子的。然而一个新研究发现,出生顺序与性格无关,但可能对智力有些许影响。Researchers analyzed three large ongoing collections of data including more than 20,000 people: a British study that follows the lives of people who were born in one particular week in 1958, a German study of private households started in 1984 and a continuing study of Americans born between 1980 and 1984.研究人员分析了来自2万多人的三大组持续收集数据,其来源包括一份英国研究。该研究追踪了1958年某一星期出生的人的生活状况。还有在1984年开始、关于普通家庭的一份德国研究,和关于在1980至1984年间出生的美国人的一个持续研究。They searched for differences in extroversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, self-reported intellect, IQ, imagination and openness to experience. They analyzed families with sisters and brothers, large and small age gaps and different numbers of siblings. But no matter how they spliced the data, they could find no association of birth order with any personality characteristic.研究人员调查了在外向性、情绪稳定性、随和性、责任心、自我报告式理解力、智力、想象力和对不同经历的开放性方面的差异。他们分析了有不同的兄弟搭配、年龄差距和手足人数的家庭。但无论怎么拼接数据,他们都看不到出生顺序和性格特征之间的任何联系。The study, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, did find evidence that older children have a slight advantage in IQ scores, but the difference was apparent only in a large sample, with little significance for any individual.在《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)上刊登的该项研究,确实发现据表明年龄较大的儿童有轻微的智商优势,但差异只有在大样本才明显,对个人来说意义不大。The lead author, Julia M. Rohrer, a graduate student at the University of Leipzig, said that birth order can have an effect — if your older brother bullied you, for example.主要作者、莱比锡大学(University of Leipzig)的研究生朱莉娅·M·罗勒(Julia M. Rohrer)说,出生顺序就可能会有影响,比如你的哥哥可能会欺负你。“But these effects are highly idiosyncratic,” she said. “There is no such thing as a typical older, middle or younger sibling. It’s important to stop believing that you are the way you are because of birth order.”“但这些影响不具普遍性,”她说。“没有哪些性格特质专属于某个兄弟排行。重要的是,不要相信你之所以如此是因为出生顺序的关系。” /201511/407458武汉市武昌医院治疗男性不育多少钱 Today we regard the oyster and lobster as luxury foods, but it has not always been so. Oysters have been commercially farmed since the time of the Romans and have a remarkable talent: when collected, they close their watertight shells, trapping seawater inside. This useful skill doubtless evolved so they could survive being beached at low tide. But it meant that oysters could be shovelled into a barrel, carted to a city, and left under a bar — sometimes for weeks — while remaining alive and fresh.今天,牡蛎和龙虾被视为奢侈的食物,但情况并非一直如此。从罗马时代起,人们就一直对牡蛎进行商业化养殖。牡蛎有一种非凡的本领:当被采集的时候,它们会将自己的外壳闭合得滴水不漏,将海水封存在里面。这种有用的技能无疑是为了在退潮搁浅时存活下来而进化出来的。但这也意味着人们可以把牡蛎铲进桶里,用车运往城市并放在酒吧里——有时一放就是几星期——而牡蛎在此期间一直保持鲜活。Lobsters, or similar forms of invertebrate, crustacean arthropod have been around longer than humans and it is quite possible that we have been eating them for a very long time. They are also unique among the food we eat today in that we often buy them alive and kill them ourselves. They are plentiful, at no particular risk of extinction, and utterly delicious, having sweeter and better-textured flesh than fish. They survive in a wide range of sea temperatures and are easiest caught by simple and sustainable methods.龙虾,或者类似的无脊椎甲壳类节肢动物,比人类的历史更长,很可能我们食用它们的时间也很长。在今天的食物中,它们也比较独特,因为我们经常购买活的,并自行在吃的时候杀了它们。它们的数量很多,没有灭绝的危险,而且十分美味,比鱼肉更鲜甜口感更好。它们在温度范围很广的海水中都能生存,使用简单和可持续的方法就很容易捕捞。Like oysters, the creatures’ ability to survive out of water meant they could be transported far inland and supply spankingly fresh protein long before refrigeration made it possible to distribute other forms of fresh fish. For this reason, lobster and oysters were often considered a food of the poor in industrialised cities. Nineteenth-century prison governors in some coastal states of the US were forbidden to feed their prisoners lobster more than a few times a week, as it was considered a “cruel and unusual” privation.就像牡蛎一样,这类生物在出水后存活的能力都很强,人们可以把它们运往遥远的内陆。远在制冷技术使得分销其他种类的鲜鱼变为可能之前,它们就在为人类提供极为新鲜的蛋白质。因此,龙虾和牡蛎过去常被视为工业化城市中穷人的食物。在19世纪的美国,一些沿海州的监狱每周给囚犯提供龙虾的次数是有上限的,因为顿顿吃龙虾被视为一种“残酷而不寻常的”煎熬。At low tide you can still wander along the muddy banks of the Thames in London and see vast “middens” of discarded oyster shells. These mark the spot of bank-side pubs, where revellers would consume huge numbers of oysters and throw the shells into the river. As the deposits are still there after centuries we can assume London’s dock labourers were ordering oysters at a far greater rate than the wealthiest occupants of the City can afford to today.在退潮的时候,你依然可以漫步伦敦泰晤士河泥泞的河岸,看到丢弃的牡蛎壳形成的巨大“贝丘”。它们与河岸酒吧的位置对应,泡这些酒吧的人会吃掉大量牡蛎,然后把牡蛎壳扔进河里。在数个世纪后,这些沉积物依然在这些地方,我们可以设想,当年伦敦的码头工人食用牡蛎的数量远远超过当今伦敦金融城最富裕的居民所能负担的程度。As industrialised cities developed, what we would now call “supply chains” were created and preserved, packaged, tinned and eventually chilled products became the more convenient diet. Prestige restaurants, though, never fell out of love with food so fresh that it still moved, and developed dishes that remain in the canon today. It is hard to go wrong with lobster Newburg (egg-enriched cream and cognac), lobster a [grave accent]l’armoricaine (tomato, tarragon, shallots), or the king of the lobster dishes, first created by Auguste Escoffier in about 1880. [cut 1849] Lobster Thermidor is superbly rich and massively complicated. It is also delicious, combining a cream sauce enriched with eggs, sherry and mushrooms with a gratin topping.随着工业化城市的发展,人们创建了我们现在所称的“供应链”,腌制、罐头以及最后出现的冰鲜产品成为了最方便的食品。不过,讲究的餐厅从未放弃对还能动的极其新鲜的食物的喜爱,并且研制出了一些到今天还经久不衰的菜肴。到餐厅点龙虾钮堡(lobster Newburg,配料包括富含鸡蛋的奶油和白兰地)或者美国龙虾(lobster a l’armoricaine,配料包括番茄、龙蒿和葱)总是没错的,还有就是奥古斯特埃斯科菲耶(Auguste Escoffier)在1880年前后首创的金牌龙虾菜:热月龙虾(Lobster Thermidor)风味浓郁,做法繁复。这道菜也十分美味,配料包括富含鸡蛋的奶油酱、雪莉酒、蘑菇加上焗烤脆皮。While some restaurants still feature oyster and lobster as premium dishes, it is not unusual to be offered oysters, fried or baked, as affordable starters — something never seen a few years ago. In the run up to Christmas, the discount supermarket chains Lidl and Iceland are offering frozen lobsters for under 5 (they make a great Thermidor).尽管一些餐厅依然将牡蛎和龙虾作为高端菜肴提供,但将炸牡蛎或者烤牡蛎作为价格较为低廉的前菜供应的餐厅如今也不少——这种事在几年前还闻所未闻。圣诞节即将来临之际,英国的连锁折扣超市Lidl和Iceland出售价格低于5英镑的冰冻龙虾(用它们来烹饪热月龙虾味道极好)。Lobsters and oysters are robust creatures and they breed vigorously. We have artificially kept them as prestige foods, so it is unsurprising that their price is now dropping.龙虾和牡蛎生命力顽强,繁殖能力也很强。它们昂贵的身价是人为的,因此现在价格下降也就不令人惊讶了。Now that previously aristocratic salmon is the go-to protein at every corporate event or provincial wedding, perhaps we should wonder at what is next. The answer may again come from under the sea. In the 1930s Josef Stalin ordered the introduction of the red king or Kamchatka crab to the Barents Sea to create a new source of cheap protein for Soviet workers. Eventually the crabs, indigenous to the northern Pacific, grew to accept their warmer home, breeding prolifically, moulting more regularly and growing up to 2m in leg span.既然以前只有富人才能享用的三文鱼成了企业活动或者婚礼上的首选蛋白质,或许我们应该想想下一个会轮到谁。或许依然来自于海中。上世纪30年代,约瑟夫斯大林(Josef Stalin)下令把红帝王蟹(即勘察加蟹,Kamchatka crab)引入巴伦海(Barents Sea),目的是为苏联的工人开辟一种新的廉价蛋白质来源。最终,这种原产于北太平洋的螃蟹开始适应更温暖的新家,开始大量繁殖、更加频繁地换壳,足展长度达到了2米。They were so successful that they began migrating across the ocean floor in vast packs. Spider crabs the width of cars are, even now, moving along the bottom of the North Sea towards the UK coast, eating everything in their path. It is the stuff of science fiction movies.它们繁殖得太好,因此开始成群地穿过海底进行迁徙。即使是现在,有汽车宽度那么大的蜘蛛蟹也在北海海底向英国海岸迁移,吃掉它们行进路途上的一切。这简直就是科幻电影中发生的事情。At the moment, Kamchatka crab is a delicacy in London restaurants, where the ability to select a live, angry, metre-wide creature from a tank and have it killed and brought steaming to the table is a spectacle that delights the super rich. But the crabs have reached the Norwegian coast. It is only a matter of time before they come ashore here, lurching up the beach having acquired a taste for human flesh — so we need to start acquiring a taste for theirs, fast. King crabmeat is superb, with a meatier texture and sweeter taste than its skinny little capitalist cousin. Surely, government must intervene. Drop the prices — we need to eat them before they eat us.现在,勘察加蟹是伦敦餐厅中的一道佳肴。看着厨师从水箱里选择一只鲜活、张牙舞爪、宽度达到一米的勘察加蟹,宰杀并蒸好端上桌,成为了超级富豪的一件乐事。但这些螃蟹们已经抵达了挪威海岸。这些螃蟹在英伦三岛登陆,在尝到人肉的滋味后横行海滩只是时间问题——因此,我们要先下手为强,先把它们当成美味,而且要快。红帝王蟹的肉质绝佳,比它们在资本主义国家生长的瘦小兄弟更肥硕,更鲜甜。政府必须要加以干预。降低价格——我们得在它们吃掉我们之前吃掉它们。 /201512/414584武汉市中心医院龟头炎症

武汉那里做包皮环切 1.Malatang (numb, spicy soup)1.麻辣烫A humble version of hotpot, you pick your own skewered vegetables and meat from the shelf, and get staff to boil them together in chicken or pork broth.一只其貌不扬的辣锅,货架上有各种串好的蔬菜和肉类任君选择,然后让店里的务员来帮你用鸡肉或猪肉熬制的高汤将这些食材一起煮沸。2.Sheng jian (fried bun)2.生煎包It#39;s hard to resist succulent pork buns, especially when they are fried and garnished with fresh spring onion and toasted sesame.多汁的猪肉包精心煎炸,加上新鲜的小葱末和炒过的熟芝麻,真是一种难以拒绝的美味!They taste best just out of the pan -- totally worth the blisters on your tongue.刚出锅的生煎包风味最佳——完全值得你舌头上烫口的刺痛。3.Xiaolongbao (soup dumpling)3.小笼包RMB 4 usually gets you eight of these velvety and delicate Shanghai classics. The cure for any hunger pang, these are seriously good.只需4元钱就可以买到8只这样口感醇香,质地绵软的沪上名吃。对任何一个饥肠辘辘的吃货,这都是非常好的选择。4.Cong You Bing (green onion pancake)4.葱油饼The best green onion pancakes are cooked up by little old grannies who get up at 6 a.m. to cook, knead and slap these petite bing in the city#39;s many longtangs.最好的葱油饼都是身材娇小的大妈做出来的。她们清早六点起床张罗,揉面,摔饼,在这个城市大大小小的弄堂里都能找到这种小小的中式面饼。5.Tofu flower soup5.豆腐花Made by curdling soy milk, this smooth tofu soup contains the subtle flavor of soybeans beneath a colorful mixed dressing of dried shrimps, pickled radish, seaweed, scallion, soy sauce and chili oil.豆腐花是凝固的豆奶制成的,入口即化,含着大豆的柔和清香,上面撒着五缤纷的什锦配料,有干虾皮,酸萝卜,海带,小葱,酱油,还有辣椒油。6.Stinky tofu6.臭豆腐You know you are becoming a true Chinese when you start craving stinky tofu.当你开始为臭臭的豆腐垂涎的时候,你就会知道你已经是一个真正的中国人了。Once we got over the initial shock of the stench of the snack we found the tofu clean and silky. And four for just RMB 1 -- we#39;d be crazy not to love these.一开始我们是惊奇的,这种小吃气味奇丑,豆腐却是干净卫生,口感丝滑的。四只臭豆腐才1块钱——如果我们不爱上它一定是傻掉了。7.Hong shan yu (baked sweet potato)7.烤红薯Sweet, fluffy, and fibrous, these baked sweet potatoes are a nice contrast to most cheap eats in China. Usually sold out of a pushcart, they are one of the healthiest snacks in town.口感香甜,质地松软,丝丝缕缕,这种烤红薯如此美妙,与中国其他的便宜街边小吃都不一样。这种烤红薯一般都是手推车贩卖的,曾经这就是小巷里最健康的零嘴。8.Kebabs8.烤串Few things taste better at four in the morning than a few grilled kebabs. Our favorite is of course the yang rou chuan (羊肉串) -- lamb kebabs.凌晨四点来几串串烤的烤肉,很少有其他东西能睥睨它的滋味。我们最喜欢的当然是羊肉串——用羊肉做成的烧烤。9.Liang pi (cold jelly noodles)9.凉皮Having grown in popularity across the Middle Kingdom, Shaanxi liang pi has established itself as the perfect summer lunch or a snack.凉皮在中部地区已是名声大燥。陕西凉皮被认为是最完美的消暑午餐或零食。Dress the chunky, chewy jelly noodles and fresh vegetables with sesame sauce, vinegar, and chili oil, and then sprinkle some toasted peanuts and sesame for the final touch. Voila.造型粗厚,口感柔韧的米粉条,新鲜的蔬菜,加上芝麻酱,香醋和辣椒油,最后撒上一点炒熟的花生和芝麻,这就完成了。棒棒哒!10.Xun yu (smoked fish)10.熏鱼Deep-fried then boiled in soy sauce, this fish dish can be eaten as a starter in traditional festival banquets or simply as a snack when you#39;re out and about.这种熏鱼是油炸而成的,然后在酱油里煮沸,在传统的节日宴席上这常常是一道开胃菜。或者你外出旅行的时候也可以把它当做零食。 /201601/422897武汉早泄的调理武汉哪一家看不孕不育专业



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