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Dear Annie:Annie你好:My daughter allows her 8-year-old son to stay up late at night, watch adult TV and eat lots of sweets. She strongly resents any suggestion that this is not a good thing.我女儿允许她8岁的儿子熬夜到很晚,看成人电视节目,并吃很多糖。她对于任何对这一做法的建议都强烈抵触。The 15-year-old son spends a vast amount of time text messaging, listening to music or watching TV. His conversational skills are poor and his grades are not good. On several occasions, money has disappeared from purses when the boys were present, and I am terrified to think what the money is purchasing.15岁的儿子花很多时间来发短信,听音乐盒看电视。他的对话技能很弱,学习也不好。有时候,孩子们在场时钱就不见了,我很害怕钱会用来买什么。If I try to talk to my daughter, I risk being excluded from her life. But if things dont improve, her family will fall apart. What can I do? - Troubled Grandma我试着和女儿对话,我冒着被排挤出其生活的危险。但是如果这种状况没有改善,她的家庭就要破裂了。我应该怎么做?;;陷入困境的祖母stay up 熬夜conversational adj. 对话的terrified adj. 恐惧的exclude v. 排除fall apart 破裂201111/162472据台湾中国广播公司18日报道,伊朗近日审判了一名美国女间谍,重判其八年徒刑。被指控为间谍的萨贝里现年31岁,是伊朗裔美国人,最近六年都住在伊朗,担任自由撰稿记者,为美国(国际公共电台)跟(英国广播公司)做报导。今年一月,伊朗警方指控她没有记者,非法采访,将她逮捕。本月初,伊朗政府又指控她是美国间谍,法院已判处她八年徒刑。萨贝里的律师说,萨贝里一定会上诉。美国政府称伊朗对萨贝里的指控毫无根据,要求伊朗释放萨贝里,并强调这次的判刑,会破坏美伊两国关系。About its fairness.Iran is also facing growing pressure to release an American journalist tonight. She’s convicted of spying. Her name is Roxana Saberi. She was born in the ed States and grew up in North Dakota. She’s been living in Iran for six years, working as a freelance reporter. In January, Iranian authorities arrested her, accusing her of working without the proper credentials. But earlier this month, a judge charged her with passing classified information to US Intelligence, in other words, spying.The court last week convicted her and sentenced her to eight years in an Iranian prison and today our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded. “We believe she should be freed immediately, that the charges against her are baseless and that she has been subjected to a process that has been nontransparent, unpredictable, arbitrary.”At very least, Iranian leaders have ordered a full investigation into the case. And today they allowed her parents to visit her behind bars, so they are meeting now. And Jonathan Hunt with details of that, Jonathan. Shep(Shepard Smith), this is the first time since Roxana Saberi's sentencing that her parents are being allowed to see her, clearly a great relief for them. And they say she is, ed “doing ok.” Saberi is being held in a prison on the northern edge of Tehran. According to her parents, she is sharing a cell with two other women in the jail, which is often used to house political prisoners. After they saw her today, Saberi’s mom and dad spoke with reporters in Tehran and denied that their daughter could ever be a spy.“No way, she cannot be a spy. You know her. And once you know her, she is the last person to do that. She would never do that to anyone. Even to the enemies, she won’t do that.”Roxana Saberi’s eight-year sentence was announced Saturday as Iran celebrated Armed Forces Day with its usual military parade. Her father claims the trial, which was held behind closed doors, lasted just 15 minutes. President Obama has said he is gravely concerned about Saberi’s safety and well-being. But tonight there may be calls for optimism. Iran’s chief judge has ordered a full investigation into the case after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Saberi should be allowed to offer a full defense in her appeal which while encouraging of course raises a question: why would she not be, allowed to offer a full defense of herself at the original trial, Shep.05/68560Schumpeter熊彼特Angst for the educated大学毕业生的担忧A university degree no longer confers financial security大学学历已经不再保金融安全Sep 3rd 2011 | from the print editionMILLIONS of school-leavers in the rich world are about to bid a tearful goodbye to their parents and start a new life at university. Some are inspired by a pure love of learning. But most also believe that spending three or four years at university—and accumulating huge debts in the process—will boost their chances of landing a well-paid and secure job.发达国家数百万的高中毕业生将要含泪告别他们的父母,开始新的大学生活。有些人被纯粹热爱学习鼓舞着。但是大部分人同样相信在大学待三、四年,虽然在这个过程中累积了大量的债务,但他们获得高薪稳定工作的几率将会大大增加。Their elders have always told them that education is the best way to equip themselves to thrive in a globalised world. Blue-collar workers will see their jobs offshored and automated, the familiar argument goes. School dropouts will have to cope with a life of cash-strapped insecurity. But the graduate elite will have the world at its feet. There is some evidence to support this view. A recent study from Georgetown University’s Centre on Education and the Workforce argues that “obtaining a post-secondary credential is almost always worth it.” Educational qualifications are tightly correlated with earnings: an American with a professional degree can expect to pocket .6m over a lifetime; one with merely a high-school diploma can expect only .3m. The gap between more- and less-educated earners may be widening. A study in 2002 found that someone with a bachelor’s degree could expect to earn 75% more over a lifetime than someone with only a high-school diploma. Today the premium is even higher.他们的长辈们经常告诫他们,教育是武装自己投身于全球化世界的最好的方式。蓝领工人看着他们的工作岗位迁往海外且被自动化代替,相似的言论此起彼伏。中途辍学的学生将要面对资金短缺的无保障生活,但是优秀毕业生则事业有成。有据来明该观点,乔治城大学教育和劳动力中心最近的一项调查认为,“获取高中以上的书总是值得的。”教育上的资格书与收入紧密相关:一位拥有专业学位的美国人终其一生可以赚取360万美元,而仅仅只有高中文凭的人其一生可以赚130万美元。教育程度高与教育程度低之间的差距可能已经扩大。2002年的一项调查发现,本科学历的人一生将比高中学历的人多赚75%,现在,这个数据甚至更高。But is the past a reliable guide to the future? Or are we at the beginning of a new phase in the relationship between jobs and education? There are good reasons for thinking that old patterns are about to change—and that the current recession-driven downturn in the demand for Western graduates will morph into something structural. The gale of creative destruction that has shaken so many blue-collar workers over the past few decades is beginning to shake the cognitive elite as well.但是,过去是未来的可靠向导么?或者我们处于工作和教育之间关系重新解读的起点么?旧模式将要改变的想法是有原因的——目前因经济衰退而导致对西方毕业生的需求减少,这将会转变成结构性的。在过去几十年里曾经抢走很多蓝领工人饭碗的一系列的创新,现在也开始对认知的精英构成威胁了。201109/152518Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has sent urgent messages to world leaders Saturday, claiming that his country is fighting al- Qaida and that the ed Nations resolution on Libya was invalid.利比亚领导人卡扎菲星期六向世界领导人发出紧急讯息,称他的国家正在同基地组织战斗,并且说联合国针对利比亚的决议是无效的。The messages come as fighting intensified on the outskirts of the main rebel-held city Benghazi and French President Nicholas Sarkozy confirms that French jets are now enforcing a no fly zone around Benghazi.在卡扎菲发出该讯息的同时,叛军控制的主要城市班加西的郊外战事加剧,而法国总统萨科齐实,法国战机正在班加西周边执行禁飞区的决议。U.S. President Barack Obama, speaking in Brazil, said the people of Libya must be protected and he said the coalition enforcing the no fly zone in Libya is prepared to act to do that.美国总统奥巴马在巴西表示,利比亚人民必须得到保护。他说,在利比亚执行禁飞区的盟军正准备以实际行动来执行禁飞区决议。Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi shelled targets inside the main rebel-held city of Benghazi Saturday as battles intensified in several outer suburbs. Both al Arabiya TV and al Jazeera TV, ing eyewitnesses, said tanks loyal to Mr. Gadhafi had entered Benghazi.忠于利比亚领导人卡扎菲的军队星期六炮击叛军控制的主要城市班加西内的目标。同时一些远郊地区的战事进一步加剧。阿拉伯电视台和半岛电视台都援引目击者的话说,忠于卡扎菲的坦克部队已经开进班加西。In Paris, western diplomats held a summit at Paris’ Elysee Palace to discuss military action in Libya. French President Nicholas Sarkozy spoke after the meeting, indicating that French, Arab and other western states had begun to enforce a no-fly zone near the rebel controlled city of Benghazi, but that Colonel Gadhafi could still comply with U.N. Security Council demands.在巴黎,西方外交官员在巴黎爱丽舍宫举行峰会,讨论在利比亚的军事行动。法国总统萨科齐在会后发表讲话。他指出,法国、阿拉伯以及其它西方国家已经开始在叛军控制的班加西城附近执行禁飞区的决议。但是,卡扎菲上校仍然可以遵循联合国安理会的要求。201103/128578Researchers Say Increased Biofuel Production Could Harm Water Resources增加生物燃料生产可能损害水资源  A new study by researchers at Rice University in Houston, Texas warns that expanded production of crops to produce biofuels could damage water resources. The researchers suggest policy makers take into account what they call the "water footprint" when encouraging biofuel development.在美国德克萨斯州休斯敦市的莱斯大学,研究人员在新近发表的一份研究报告中警告说,越来越多地利用农作物生产生物燃料有可能破坏水资源。研究人员建议,决策者在鼓励生物燃料发展的同时,应当考虑到他们称之为“水足迹”的问题。The study is titled The Water Footprint of Biofuels: A Drink or Drive Issue? The suggestion is that by using too much water to produce fuel, humankind might leave itself with not enough water to drink or to grow food.这份报告的题目是《生物燃料的水足迹:一个关系到饮水还是开车的问题》。报告指出,将水资源过多地用于生产燃料,可能导致人类自身的饮用水和种粮用水变得缺乏。The lead author of the study, Rice University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Pedro Alvarez spoke to VOA by telephone from France, where he is attending an academic meeting. He says the water footprint consists of two elements. "Water shortages caused by a significant increase in fuel crop irrigation, and increased water pollution from related agro-chemical drainage and increased erosion and so on. The two impacts we refer to as the 'water footprint,'" he said.该研究报告的主要作者、莱斯大学土木与环境工程教授佩德罗.阿尔瓦雷斯(Pedro Alvarez) 在接受美国之音采访时解释了所谓的“水足迹”。他说:“能源作物的灌溉大量增加,相关农用化学品以及水土流失造成的水污染恶化,这些都是导致水源短缺的主要因素。这就是我们所说的‘水足迹’。”Alvarez says there are good reasons to continue programs to produce biofuels, such as reducing the need for imported oil and diversifying our sources of energy. But he says policy makers should provide incentives to producers to use crops that use less water and have less impact on the environment in the form of runoff of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.阿尔瓦雷斯说,减少石油进口并使能源来源多样化,都是推进生物燃料项目的正当理由。但是他又说,决策者要鼓励生产者种植用水较少的作物,并减少农药、化肥和其他化学品的使用,以减少对环境的不利影响。"We want to try to use crops that deliver more energy with lower requirements for not just water, but also land and agro-chemicals. These are usually non-edible cellulosic crops," he said. “我们希望推广那些不但用水较少、而且需要较少土地和化学品的农作物。这往往是些不可食用的纤维作物。”The Rice University study also suggests that using corn to produce the alcohol fuel ethanol may not always be cost effective, especially in states where farmers have to use large amounts of fertilizer to produce the grain.莱斯大学的报告指出,用玉米生产酒精燃料乙醇成本并不低。尤其是在那些农民们不得不使用大量化肥的州。But Kristen Brekke of the American Coalition for Ethanol in Sioux Falls, South Dakota says the study does not take into account the growing yields farmers are producing by using technology and improved agricultural practices.但是,总部设在南达科他州苏福尔斯市的美国乙醇燃料联合会的克里斯丁.布莱克(Kristen Brekke)说,该项研究忽略了一个情况,那就是农民们利用新技术和改善耕作方式以使产量不断增加。"They are getting a lot more efficient; they have a lot better crop genetics and agronomic practices like no-till farming and things like GPS [satellite-dependent global positioning system]. That sort of technology allows them to put only the amount of fertilizer that is needed on a field and in the exact location that it is needed. USDA [the U.S. Department of Agriculture], for example, says that corn yields are expected to double in the next 25 years," she said.布莱克说:“他们提高了生产效率,改良了作物品种,并运用诸如免耕直播及全球定位系统等手段改进耕作方式。 这些技术使人们只在必要的地方施用最少量的化肥。美国农业部预测,在未来的25年中,玉米产量将翻一番。”But Brekke agrees with the Rice University study in that using corn for ethanol may not work well everywhere and that development of cellulosic ethanol from waste products and other plants makes sense. "The nice thing about cellulosic ethanol is that all areas of the country will be able to participate in that. Where it makes sense to grow corn, some of that corn is going to ethanol production, but in other areas of the country they will be able to use what they have locally available," she said.但是,对于莱斯大学报告中所称,利用玉米生产乙醇燃料并非处处行得通这一点,布莱克表示同意。她也认为利用农业废料和其他纤维质作物生产乙醇言之有理。布莱克说:“利用纤维质作物生产乙醇的好处是它在全国各地都行得通。在适合玉米生长的地区,可以把部分玉米用来生产乙醇,但在国内其他地区,人们可以就地取材。”The ethanol industry backs the use of the alcohol additive to gasoline as way of reducing petroleum consumption nationwide.乙醇工业推动了酒精添加剂在汽油中的使用,在全国范围内降低了汽油的消费。But Pedro Alvarez argues that it might be better for the environment as well as farmers to use the alternative fuel locally and not try to transport it long distances. He says that the growing world population might force policy changes not only in terms of water used for fuel crops, but also in terms of how water is used to produce the food we eat.但是,阿尔瓦雷斯认为,更好的做法是就地取材生产替代燃料,以避免长途运输,这对农民和环境都有好处。他还说,全球人口增加将迫使各国不仅改变燃料作物的用水政策,也将改变粮食生产的用水政策。"To make one kilogram of b, let's say, you need 1,000 liters of water and to make one kilogram of meat you need 10,000 liters of water. The point here is that water is going to be a severe limiting factor - not only to economic development, but just to feed a growing population," he said.“生产一公斤面包,比方说,需要用1000公升水;生产一公斤肉,需要用1万公升水。关键的问题是:水资源将变成一个严重的限制因素,不仅限制经济发展,而且会限制不断增长的人口的吃喝。”Alvarez says population growth will drive the need to allocate water carefully for various food crops as well as livestock. Likewise, he says, it will be necessary to balance the goals of reducing oil consumption and supporting the income of farmers with the need to preserve the water that makes agriculture possible.阿尔瓦雷斯说,人口增长会促使人们在粮食生产和家畜饲养方面更加小心地分配水资源。同样地,在减少石油消费、增加农民收入和确保水资源能够满足农业生产方面,的确有必要求得平衡。06/75957

Obama Prepares for State of Union in Evolving Political Landscape奥巴马在政局波动时准备发表国情咨文U.S. President Barack Obama is preparing to deliver his State of the Union Address at a time of political turmoil in Washington. Voter anger is high, and a Republican Senate victory in Massachusetts has sent shock waves through the president's Democratic Party.正值华盛顿政局波动之际,美国总统奥巴马准备发表他的国情咨文。选民的愤慨之情高涨,而麻萨诸塞州共和党人在参议院赢得的胜利震撼了总统的民主党。White House officials say they understand why emotions are running high. The president's top political aide says President Obama has had to take unpopular action to deal with an economic crisis far worse than anyone expected when he took office.白宫官员说,他们理解为什么选民的愤慨情绪高涨。总统的高级政治顾问大卫.阿克塞尔罗德说,奥巴马总统一直不得不采取有失人心的行动来应对经济危机,而这次经济危机的严重程度大大超过他就职时的预计。David Axelrod says he warned the president early on that his public approval ratings were likely to drop. "I said to him a year ago, Mr. President your numbers are going to be considerably worse a year from now than they are today because you can not govern in an economy like this without great disaffection," he said.阿克塞尔罗德说,他曾经提醒总统公众持率很可能会下降。阿克塞尔罗德说:“一年前我曾对他说,总统先生,一年后你的得分会比今天糟糕得多,因为当你治理这种状况的经济时,人们的强烈不满是不可避免的。”Axelrod told the A television program This Week that he believes the president did the right thing. "I have no regrets about that. I think history will look back and say the President of the ed States met his responsibilities," he said.阿克塞尔罗德在美国广播公司的“本周”电视节目上说,他认为总统的行动是正确的。阿克塞尔罗德说:“我对此并不感到遗憾。我认为当人们回顾历史的时候会说:这位美国总统是称职的。”But Republicans say the win by Scott Brown in usually reliably Democratic Massachusetts shows the public vehemently disagrees with the president's policies - most notably his drive to get legislation through Congress to overhaul the nation's health care system.但是共和党人说,斯科特.布朗在通常是民主党人稳坐江山的麻萨诸塞州赢得的胜利显示,美国公众激烈反对总统的政策,其中最引人注目的是他努力推动国会立法、全面改革美国的健保制度。201001/95470

Obama Names Richardson as Next US Commerce Secretary理查森将出任奥巴马政府商务部长 President-elect Barack Obama has chosen yet another former political rival to join his incoming cabinet. Mr. Obama has announced that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will be his Secretary of Commerce and that Richardson will be a key member of his economic team. 美国当选总统奥巴马星期三宣布了他的经济团队的又一位关键人物:新墨西哥州州长比尔.理查森将出任下届政府的商务部长。理查森曾经作为奥巴马的竞争对手角逐过民主党的总统候选人提名。President-elect Obama announced the Richardson appointment at a news conference in Chicago. 奥巴马在芝加哥举行的一个新闻发布会上宣布了他对理查森的任命。Mr. Obama said Governor Richardson's experience in Congress and in the cabinet of former President Bill Clinton makes him uniquely qualified to be the top U.S. "economic diplomat" as head of the Commerce Department. 奥巴马表示,理查森州长在美国国会的经历以及他在前总统克林顿内阁中扮演的角色,使他具有独特的资格来担任商务部长,充当美国最高级别的“经济外交官”。"It is time to not just address our immediate economic threats, but to start laying the groundwork for long-term economic prosperity to help American businesses grow and thrive at home, and expand our efforts to promote American enterprise around the world," he said. 他说:“时至今日,我们不仅需要对付那些迫在眉睫的经济威胁,还要开始为我们长期的经济繁荣奠定基础,帮助美国企业不仅在国内成长壮大,而且要在全世界扩大努力推动美国企业。”Earlier this year, the 61-year-old Richardson was one of Mr. Obama's political rivals when he sought the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. Richardson dropped out of the race after poor finishes in the early contests and later endorsed Mr. Obama. 今年早些时候,61岁的理查森一度成为奥巴马的政治对手,谋求民主党的总统候选人提名。不过由于在最初的竞选中就连连败北而退出竞选,转而持奥巴马。Richardson joins two other former Obama rivals in the incoming administration, Vice President-elect Joe Biden and Secretary of State-designee Hillary Clinton. 其实在下届政府中,由竞选对手变成奥巴马下属的人并不只是理查森,副总统当选人拜登和被任命为国务卿的希拉里.克林顿都曾经致力于入主白宫。Richardson said he was pleased to join a strong team in the incoming Obama cabinet. 理查森表示,他对加入阵容强大的奥巴马内阁深感欣慰。"There are some who speak of a team of rivals, but I've never seen it that way," he said. "Past competitors? Yes. But rivals implies something harder edged and less forgiving, and in the worlds of diplomacy and commerce, you open markets and minds not with rivalry, but instead with partnership and innovation and hard work." “有人说这是一个由对手组成的团队,我可从来没这么看。过去的竞争者?一点不错。然而对手这个词却暗示某种针锋相对、互不相让的意味。就像在外交和商务世界,你并不是以对抗的态度来开放市场和心胸,取而代之的是伙伴精神、创新和勤奋。”Richardson served in Congress for 15 years before joining the Clinton administration as U.S. Ambassador to the ed Nations and later as Energy Secretary. He was elected New Mexico's governor in 2002 and was re-elected two years ago. 理查森在加入克林顿内阁,先后出任美国驻联合国大使和能源部长之前,曾经担任了差不多15年的国会议员。2002年他被选为新墨西哥州州长,两年前又当选连任。Richardson has also served as an envoy on several international missions over the years to countries such as Iraq, North Korea, Cuba and Sudan.  在过去的这些年中,他还担任过负责伊拉克、北韩、古巴和苏丹等国际事务的特使。Richardson is the first Hispanic-American named to the Obama cabinet. Mr. Obama won roughly two-thirds of the Hispanic vote in last month's election. 理查森是奥巴马任命的第一位拉美裔内阁成员。在上个月举行的总统大选中,奥巴马赢得了拉美裔选民三分之二的选票。Some Richardson supporters had hoped he would be named secretary of state, but Mr. Obama said Richardson will play a key role on his economic team as Secretary of Commerce. 有些理查森的持者曾经希望他能被任命为国务卿,但是奥巴马说,作为商务部长,理查森将在他的经济团队中扮演一个关键的角色。"His mixture of diplomatic experience, hands-on experience as a governor, experience in the cabinet and experience in Congress means that he is going to be a key strategist on all of the issues that we work on," he said. “他的外交经验、作为州长的第一手经验、担任内阁成员的经验和在国会的经验,这些经验加在一起意味着:在我们要努力解决的所有问题上,他都将是一个关键的战略家。”Since his election on November 4, Mr. Obama has chosen more than half of his cabinet as well as several key White House positions in advance of his inauguration on January 20. 自从11月4日赢得总统大选以来,奥巴马已经任命了一半以上的内阁成员以及一些关键的白宫顾问。他将在明年1月20日宣誓就职。George Mason University government expert James Pfiffner says Mr. Obama is wise to put his new team in place as soon as possible. 乔治.梅森大学的政府事务专家詹姆斯.菲夫纳教授说,奥巴马的精明之处在于他能刻不容缓地组建新班子。"The best chance for a president to get things through Congress is in his first several months in office," he said. "And so hitting the ground running is crucial with respect to the policy agenda."A number of cabinet posts remain to be filled, including the heads of the Departments of Interior, Transportation, Labor, Energy and Education, as well as a Director of National Intelligence and a new chief for the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. 奥巴马政府还有几个内阁职位有待填补,其中包括内政部长、交通部长、劳工部长、能源部长和教育部长,以及国家情报总监和中央情报局的新局长。200812/57896

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