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武汉/男科有名的老中医应城市人民医院治疗阳痿多少钱武汉/哪里看泌尿科 The Bride#39;s Dowry新娘嫁妆A few days before the wedding, the bride#39;s family send dowry to the groom#39;s family, or the couple#39;s new home nowadays.婚礼前的几天,新娘家把嫁妆送去新郎家,或者现在来说新婚夫妇的新家。Dowry is mostly composed of daily necessities for the new home, such as bedding, linen and dining set, etc.嫁妆大多包括布置新家所需的日常用品,比如床上用品,亚麻布和餐具,等等。This is an opportunity for the bride#39;s family to display their love to their daughter as well as their wealth.这是新娘家展示他们对女儿的喜爱和财富的机会。The groom#39;s family will invite a respected female relative or friend to “set the bridal bed” at the new home.新郎家会邀请一位受人尊敬的女亲戚或朋友去新家“安置新床”。In some part of China in the old days,an unmarried young boy will be invited to sleep in the bridal bed the night before the wedding to bring fertility to the newlyweds.旧时期中国的某些地区,一位未婚男孩会在婚前一晚被请到新床上睡一晚,意为给新婚夫妇带去“多子多孙”的意头。 /201606/445099湖北省肿瘤医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

武汉/人民医院男科在几楼Sichuan Cuisine川菜Usually fried or roasted,food cooked in Sichuan Cuisine boasts a variety of flavours and diversified culinary styles.或炸或烤,川菜以其味道的多样和多样化的烹饪风格为豪。Chilli,pepper, Chinese prickly ash and ginger are most frequently used condiments. So Sichuan Cuisine styled food tastes hot,tongue-numbing,sour and delicious.辣椒、胡椒、花椒、姜是最常用的调味品。因此川菜风格的事物尝起来烫,麻,酸,非常美味。With Chengdu flavour as the orthodox, it includes Chongqing cuisine,Dongshan cuisine,Zigong cuisine,etc. It is said that as early as more than 1 000 years ago Sichuan Cuisine was aly very unique.成都风味被认为是正统,包括重庆菜、东山菜、自贡菜等等。据说早在一千年前川菜已经自成一派。Some of the famous dishes are Fish-Flavored Pork Ths,Fuqi Ox Lung Slice, Mapo Bean Curd and Spicy Diced Chicken with Peanuts.川菜中著名的菜有:鱼香肉丝、夫妻肺片、麻婆豆腐和宫保鸡丁。Fuqi Ox Lung Slice was made by marinating ox lung,beef or chopped entrails,eye-pleasing, tender and spicy.It is said that in the 1930#39;s, Guo Chaohua,a native of Chengdu,and his wife sold ox lung slices for a living. Due to its elaborate cookery and distinctive flavor, it was very popular with the mass consumers, hence its name Fuqi,meaning a couple,that is,the dish was cooked and sold by a couple or husband and wife.夫妻肺片由腌制的牛的肺片、牛肉或者碎牛杂制成,颜色红亮,软糯入味,麻辣鲜香。据说上世纪30年代成都人郭朝华和他的妻子以卖肺片为生。因为其制作考究,味道独特,受到广大消费者的喜爱。 /201606/445320武汉/真久治疗早谢 We all know that men are attracted to attractive women. But we might have been wrong about what exactly they#39;re responding to. It#39;s not all long legs, shiny hair—according to a study out of Monmouth University, personality can make a big difference in whether someone finds you aesthetically pleasing.我们都知道男人会被有魅力的女性吸引,但我们可能弄错了究竟是什么吸引了他们。蒙莫斯大学进行的研究表明,并非只是大长腿和迷人的秀发,性格也会在很大程度上影响别人对你的魅力评估。Groups of men and women who were asked to judge strangers#39; yearbook photos were more likely to rate subjects as physically attractive, a potential friend, and a potential date when the images were paired with positive personality traits.几组男女被要求评价陌生人的年鉴照片,照片上附上积极的个人品质时他们能更容易地区分出哪些长得好看、哪些可以做朋友、哪些可以成为约会对象。In other words, personality plays a big role not only in interpersonal chemistry but in actually altering how attractive someone thinks you are.换句话说,性格不仅在人际关系中起到重要作用,而且能真正改变你的魅力值。Here, study author Dr. Gary Lewandowski expounds on dating, attraction, and what this all means in thegreat Age of Tinder.下面研究报告作者加里·莱万多夫斯基士就相亲app时代的约会、魅力和它们的重要性谈了一些看法。Dr. Lewandowski said, ;Especially for women, I#39;d suggest that they emphasize traits that are not suggestive of physical features in any way. Since men tend to focus more on physical features, anything women can do to broaden men#39;s impression formation to other areas would be smart. Also, whereas physical features tend to naturally diminish and become less attractive over time, personality does not, so it is in everyone#39;s best interest to avoid having a potential partner#39;s interest based primarily on appearance.;莱万多夫斯基士说:“尤其对女性而言,我建议她们强调那些与外表无关的品质。由于男人的注意力会更多地放在外表上,那么如果女性能扩展一下男人对她们的印象范围就是很明智的选择。而且容颜会老去,随着时间的流逝渐渐失去魅力,但性格不会,所以对于大家来说,尽力避免把对未来伴侣的兴趣主要放在外表上,都是有好处的。”FYI: These were some of the most valued personality traits in potential marriage partners from a 1997 poll conducted in The Journal of Personality.仅供参考(FYI 是For Your Information的缩写):以下是1997年发表在《The Journal of Personality》杂志上的一份民意测验中提到的一些未来的爱人最看重的性格特点。;When forming an initial impression of looks, it is 100 percent physical. But my study suggests that your assessment of physical attractiveness does change over time and that getting to know someone will move the needle, in good and bad ways.;“别人给我们留下的最初印象百分之百源于外表,但我的研究表明,你对别人外在魅力的评价会随着时间发生变化,对别人的了解会使你心里的指针偏向好的一面或坏的一面。”;THE BEST RELATIONSHIPS ARE BETWEEN ROMANTIC PARTNERS WHO ARE FIRST AND FOREMOST BEST FRIENDS.;“最好的情侣首先应该是最好的朋友。”Personality and your ability to relate to the other person is much more important for long-term relationship quality and stability. Really what we should do is weigh personality much more strongly and appearance much less. The best relationships are between romantic partners who are first and foremost best friends.性格以及你处理人际关系的能力对于长期关系的质量和稳定性来说更为重要,你真的应该多注重性格少注重外表。最好的情侣首先应该是最好的朋友。 /201607/455263武汉/不孕不育哪个医院好

武汉/江岸区男科医院哪家好Mongolians tea with milk蒙古奶茶Mongolians never have meals without tea with milk. In fact, they have “three teas and one meal” every day,rather than three meals.奶茶是蒙古人每餐必不可少的食物。实际上,他们“一日三餐茶,一顿饭”,而不是一日三餐。They have tea in the morning,at noon and in the evening,and have supper after work with their families. If they have beef and mutton for super, they will have an extra tea before they retire for the evening.他们早上、中午和晚上喝奶茶,晚上劳作结束后和家人一起吃一次晚餐。如果晚餐吃牛肉和羊肉,那么他们会在晚上休息之前加一次茶。Their tea,of course,is not pure tea,but fragrant tea with milk, and is usually accompanied by such snacks as fried rice, milk cakes, deep fried milk products and boiled mutton.当然了,他们的茶,不是单纯的茶,而是香郁的奶茶,并且搭配一些小吃例如炒米,奶皮子,油炸奶制品和煮熟的羊肉。 /201605/445298 Andy Grove, who died on Monday at 79, was not one of the technology industry’s household names. But the chemical engineer who turned Intel from a brilliant science project into the first industrial giant of the personal computing era has long been guaranteed a revered place in Silicon Valley lore. 安迪#8226;格罗夫(Andy Grove)于本周一逝世,享年79岁。格罗夫并非科技业家喻户晓的名人之一。但这位化学工程师让英特尔(Intel)从一个卓越的科学项目转变为个人计算机时代的首个行业巨头,一直在硅谷传说中享有尊崇地位。 Grove, who joined Intel in 1968, rose to become chief executive at the peak of its PC industry power, from 1987-98, and served as chairman until 2004. 格罗夫在1968年加入英特尔,在1987年至1998年英特尔在个人计算机行业的影响力达到巅峰时担任首席执行官,并担任董事长直至2004年。 He did as much as almost anyone to shape the computing world that has emerged over the past half century — and, in the process, to define the business culture that has taken such a powerful grip on modern management thinking. 他对塑造成长于过去半个世纪的计算机世界所做的贡献不亚于任何人,并且在这个过程中定义了深谙现代管理思想的企业文化。 His personal idiosyncrasies, insecurities and passions coalesced into a powerful brew. They included an iconoclastic disregard for the normal conventions of business and a win-at-all-costs determination; a relentless addiction to pre-emptive corporate reinvention and the merits of moving fast; a taste for gutsy, bet-the-farm risks; and an eye for the kind of industry domination that new digital technologies made possible. 他的个人特质、不安全感和热情汇聚成了强大的力量。他有着对企业常规惊世骇俗的蔑视,以及不惜代价获胜的决心;他极度痴迷于对企业进行先发制人的改造,并且行动迅速;他勇于孤注一掷地冒险;他渴望利用新的数字科技来获取行业主导地位。 “Many of the senior statesmen in the Valley worked for him, many of the [venture capitalists] worked for him,” says David Yoffie, an Intel director from the late 1980s and a professor at Harvard Business School. “In some sense, his career was the story of Silicon Valley.” 从上世纪80年代末就担任英特尔董事的哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)教授戴维#8226;约菲(David Yoffie)表示:“硅谷的许多资深人士都曾为他工作过,许多(风险资本家)也为他工作过。从某种意义上说,他的职业生涯就是硅谷的故事。” Grove was the classic outsider who found himself in the computing world that came to life in the 1960s. He was born András Gróf in Hungary on September 2 1936. His father was conscripted into a Jewish labour battalion during the second world war while he and his mother moved around Hungary to avoid detention and the fate that befell many Hungarian Jews who were rounded up and sent to Auschwitz. 格罗夫是一个典型的外来者,在上世纪60年代计算机世界诞生时,便投身其中。他于1936年9月2日出生于匈牙利,原名安德拉什#8226;格罗夫(András Gróf)。他父亲在二战期间被征到犹太人劳工营,而他和母亲辗转于匈牙利各地以免遭到拘捕,像许多匈牙利犹太人那样被抓起来送往奥斯维辛集中营(Auschwitz)。 It was after the Hungarian uprising of 1956 was brutally suppressed by the Soviet Union that Grove fled the country, escaping by foot into Austria and then a new life in the US. 正是在1956年匈牙利起义被苏联残酷镇压之后,格罗夫逃离了匈牙利,徒步逃到奥地利,随后到达美国,开始了新生活。 He never went back. Instead, arriving in Silicon Valley at the start of the 1960s, he was catapulted into a future that he helped to invent. 他从未再回去过。实际上,在上世纪60年代初抵达硅谷之后,他就投身于一个自己参与创造的未来。 Grove was one of the great business communicators, despite a thick accent that remained with him and a hearing impediment from early in life. 格罗夫是伟大的商业沟通者之一,尽管他一直带着浓重的口音,而且从早年起就有听力障碍。 He also translated his thinking into some of the most influential management books of the late 20th century. One — Only the Paranoid Survive — became a mantra not just for Grove but for the whole of Silicon Valley, where the threat of being disrupted by the next new upstart engendered persistent anxiety. 他还将自己的想法写成书籍,其中一些成为20世纪末最具影响力的管理类书籍。其中的《只有偏执狂才能生存》(Only The Paranoid Survive)不仅是格罗夫的理念,而且还成为了整个硅谷的理念——在硅谷,被下一个新秀企业颠覆的威胁让人持续陷入焦虑。 As he wrote in the opening lines: “The more successful you are, the more people want a chunk of your business and then another chunk and then another until there is nothing left.” Many managers may sense this truism. Few have the guts to do something about it. 正如他在该书的开篇所写:“你越成功,就有越多的人想抢走你的一部分生意,再抢走一部分,直到你一无所有。”许多经理人可能觉得这是老生常谈。但很少有人有勇气就此做些什么。 The paranoia was not just for show. “I sat in many, many meetings with Andy while he looked at the worst outcome, and what could possibly go wrong,” says Mr Yoffie. He adds that it was this refusal to rest on past success — and the ability to see how the various pieces of the business world would fall into place — that enabled Grove to take the pre-emptive actions needed to put Intel at the top of its industry. 这种偏执不仅仅是为了秀给别人看。“我与安迪开过很多很多次会,他会考虑最糟糕的结果,以及哪里可能出错,”约菲说道。他补充说,正是由于格罗夫拒绝停留在过去的成功,并且能够看清商业世界拼图中的不同碎片将如何落到正确的位置,所以他能够采取让英特尔走上行业巅峰所需的先发制人的措施。 Perhaps the most significant was Grove’s determination to make Intel the sole source for the new PC microprocessors, rather than just one of several suppliers — a move that was to give the company unassailable economies of scale and cement its lead. 或许最为重要的是格罗夫决心让英特尔成为新的个人电脑微处理器的唯一供应商,而不是几家供应商之一,此举令该公司获得无懈可击的规模经济并得以巩固其领先地位。 IBM, at the time its biggest customer and the originator of the PC, was against the move. But Grove remained firm and the rapid emergence of a new industry, led by Compaq Computer, provided a y market. IBM’s grip on the computing world was broken and Intel — along with Microsoft — had turned itself into one of the tech industry’s dominant monopolists. 当时英特尔最大客户、个人电脑鼻祖IBM反对此举。但格罗夫意志坚定,由康柏电脑(Compaq Computer)率领的新行业的迅速崛起提供了一个现成的市场。IBM对计算领域的控制被攻破,英特尔(与微软(Microsoft)一道)把自己变成了科技行业占主导地位的垄断者之一。 Grove showed a similar determination when, assailed by competition from Japan, he decided to abandon memory chips, the company’s original business, to bet everything on microprocessors. 在遭遇来自日本的竞争之际,格罗夫显示出了类似的决心,他决定放弃内存芯片业务(这是该公司的原始业务),全盘押注于微处理器。 But if he got the big strategic decisions right, Grove was as well known for a relentless attention to detail and a mercilessly demanding management style. Hired as Intel’s first employee by founders Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce, it was his ability to get things done that made him invaluable. 但除了做出正确的重大战略决策,让格罗夫出名的还有他对细节的强烈关注以及毫不留情的苛刻管理风格。他是英特尔创始人戈登#8226;尔(Gordon Moore)和罗伯特#8226;诺伊斯(Robert Noyce)聘用的该公司第一位员工,正是他把事情做成的能力使他成为无价的人才。 He had followed a postgraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley with a job as a research scientist at Fairchild Semiconductor, Silicon Valley’s original chipmaker. But he came into his own as an operational genius, turning the cottage industry that was chipmaking into one of the most demanding of high-tech sectors. 在加州大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)获得硕士学位后,他曾在硅谷最早的芯片制造商飞兆半导体(Fairchild Semiconductor)担任研究员。但他却作为一位经营天才脱颖而出,把作坊式的芯片制造业转变为了要求最为苛刻的高科技行业之一。 As with Steve Jobs at Apple, Grove’s rages became famous, and his treatment of subordinates could be vicious. But the tempers never undermined his drive. “He had a talent for pushing people harder than they had ever been pushed before — and for making people want to please him,” says Mr Yoffie. “He was such a hard man to please.” 就像苹果(Apple)的史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)一样,格罗夫的火爆脾气很是出名,他对待下属的态度极其严厉。但这种脾气从未削弱他的鞭策力。“他有一种天分,能够给员工从未遇到过的严厉鞭策,并让员工愿意取悦他,”约菲表示,“他是一个很难取悦的人。” /201603/433287武汉/前列腺炎多少费用武汉/腹股沟和睪丸疼痛




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