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Article/201011/118167If you#39;re stuck in the same old daily routine, watch this to find tips on how to energize yourself, and enhance creativity, to live a more exciting life.如果你每天都遵循同样的规律,重复同样的事情,观看这段视频,了解一下怎样让自己充满活力,增加创造力,过更精的生活。Energizing yourself today is so important. So many people have a routine where they know exactly what#39;s going on at a particular time on a particular day. So, it#39;s really nice to mix things up and just be full of energy.当今社会,让自己充满活力非常重要。许多人每天都重复同样的事情,他们非常清楚特定的某一天,特定的时间自己应该做什么。所以,打乱陈规,充满精力非常重要。So, to energize yourself, you could set yourself a goal to something different each day, once a day. You could also play games. Select some games or things to do that are slightly different.为了让自己充满活力,你每天都应该为自己设定不同的目标,每天一次。你还应该玩一些游戏。选择一些稍微有点不同的游戏或任务。The classic one would be to do some exercise, like yoga, and embody that into your routine. Because, not only does that give you a bit more of an energy boost, it also enhances your creativity and your sense of well-being. Energizing yourself, isn#39;t about just racing around and being full of energy.最经典的应该是进行一些锻炼,例如瑜伽,将这项活动列入你的日常活动中。因为,这项活动不仅可以让你更加充满精力,可以增强创造力和幸福感。让自己精力充沛不仅仅是精力旺盛。It#39;s actually about enhancing who you are as an individual and as a person. So, really try to tune in on what it is that gives you energy. You could also talk to people about inspiring.还关系到增强你的自我意识。所以,真正地将增加活力的活动融入你的生活中。你还可以跟人们探讨一些鼓舞人心的话题。People that give you that boost of energy, that make you feel, just a bit more perky after you#39;ve spoken to them. So, it could be someone at work, it could be a friend, it could be just someone that you just feel sort of engaged with, that gives you that fresh sense of energy and fresh little boost. In addition, to gain a bit more energy, you could watch a film or do something that#39;s completely different, that#39;s out of the routine.有的人和你谈话之后会让你觉得精神百倍,让你觉得更加高兴。可以是同事,可以是朋友,也可以是能让你觉得充满活力的任何人,能让你感受到新的活力,让你受到激励的人。此外,为了获得更多活力,你还可以看电影或者做任何与日常活动完全不同的事情。So, to energize yourself, it#39;s not about rushing forward and being full of energy and buzzing around the place. It#39;s about enhancing yourself as an individual and as a human being. It allows you to embrace your creativity and embrace what you are doing in a more focused structured manner.所以,为了让自己充满活力,不要在原地充满精力,奔波忙碌,而是要增强自己作为一个个体的感觉,能够让你增强创造力,以更加集中乐观的态度工作和生活。Thanks for watching How To Energize Yourself.感谢收看“怎样让自己更加充满活力”视频节目。 /201211/210985

【视频欣赏】【听力文本】How To Sing: The BasicsLearn To Sing. Singer, songwriter and singing teacher Jules Rendell takes us through the basics of singing technique to help you make the most of your voice. Jules Rendell is a professional singer and songwriter with classical training from the Royal Northern College of Music. As a singing teacher, she trains beginners and professionals alike in a range of styles from pop to classical, soul, jazz and rock. Here she will cover the basics of good singing technique, to help you make the most of your voice.Step 1: Posture(姿势)When you sing, your body is your instrument, so your posture can make a difference to the sound you produce. Stand feet shoulder-width apart, slightly turned out, with your weight more on the balls of your feet. Your legs should be very slightly bent - don't lock your knees. Your shoulders should rest back and down. Keep your chin down with the back of the neck long, making sure the front of your neck and your throat is relaxed.Step 2: Breathing(呼吸)When singing, sound is made by pushing air through your vocal chords which makes them vibrate. Increase the capacity of your lungs by expanding your ribs using the intercostal muscles (between the ribs). Don't think about taking in air, rather focus on expanding your ribs and you will take in air automatically. When you start to sing, support your ribs by holding in your abdominal muscles.Step 3: Warm up(热身)Before you start singing, you need to warm up your voice like an athlete warms up before a competition. Here are three exercises to do this:Lip rolls(滚动舌头)You're going to make a "brrr" sound by relaxing your lips and singing through them. Starting at a comfortable pitch, using a small range and expanding your ribs between each repetition, ascend semitone by semitone and go as high as you can.Vowel Sounds(发好元音)Making the phonetic sounds A, E, I, O, U, sing a slightly more complex scale. Again repeat up the octave. Keep your jaw relaxed and your mouth open."Mi" sounds(“mi”声)This time use a full scale, using the sound "mi". This will help you get into your higher register. Take quick breaths between each exercise. This will help to strengthen your intercostal muscles.Step 4: Performance(培养情绪)Having a nice voice is one thing, communicating the meaning of a song is quite another. Make sure you annunciate your words appropriately, pronouncing consonants clearly and energetically. Also use your face to communicate the meaning of the words. Think about what the song means and allow those feelings to show in your facial expressions.Also known as: How Do I Sing: The Basics Article/201002/96113

化妆品警察宝拉.培冈破解美容误区:眼部需要特殊的护肤品--眼霜?TRUE OR FALSE: You need a special eye cream, because you can't use your face products around your eyes.CORRECT ANSWER: FALSEThere is no research showing that the eye area needs something different than the face. This is a complete waste of money.The good news: Almost all of the moisturizers and serums that I rate highest, including those from my line, can be used around the eyes. So you can treat the eye-area and facial skin with the same product, which saves you money! Article/201105/138407

Seducing your boss is an ill advised activity. But if you are intent on picking up your boss, here#39;s our guide to seducing them.很显然诱惑上司是一个不那么光明的事情,但是如果非要这么做不可,我们可以提供一些建议。Step 1: Before you act第一步,在行动之前Flirting above your pay grade is very risky. Are you expecting to settle down with the boss for ever more? No.Then inevitably at some point the relationship will turn sour, and they have power over your career. So, before you start something you won#39;t be able to control, weigh up your options: love of job versus love of boss.如果玩不起,与老板调情就很危险。难道你还打算要跟你的目标安安稳稳地过一辈子吗?肯定不是。那么不久之后这种关系必然会变质,并且会让你以后的职业生涯永无宁日。所以,如果可能hold不住,你就要好好权衡一番了:究竟是对工作还是对老板更有兴趣。Step 2:kick things off第二步,扫除障碍Okay, so we#39;ve established it#39;s not your head that makes your major decisions. Time to get flirting. Don#39;t jump in with chat up lines, or get touchy feely - this screams sex pest. Start subtly by holding the boss#39; gaze for a little longer than necessary.如果已经决定要这么做,那么就到了可以打情骂俏的时候了。记住,不要采取搭讪或者肉麻路线,这些都是有害无益的策略。刚开始的时候最好能不动声色的抓住老板的注意力,这时花费的时间多一点也无所谓。Scrumptiously cross paths more often, be there to hold doors open, smile when you see them and as you see more of them, use first names. A deep, seductive #39;Morning Penny#39; will work wonders. All quick easy ways to get your boss to notice you as more than an employee..要经常在办公室之间走动,彰显曼妙的身姿,同时还要有的放矢,确保办公室的门都是开着的,并且要在看见老板的时候微笑,称呼上要使用直呼其名字的第一个字。一声低沉的,满是诱惑的“早上好,Penny”会很有能起到吸引注意力的效果。所有这些简单迅速的方式都能到你的老板注意到你的存在,而不仅仅是一个雇员的身份Step 3: Get suggestive第三步:暗示性的交流Now take things up a notch. Comment on how you admire their dress sense. Move into their personal space. Cause some friction by #39;accidentally#39; brushing against an arm or shoulder.将你所做的事情再升一个等级。表达对他们穿衣品味的赞赏;涉及他们的私生活空间。造成一些“不经意间”的手臂,或者肩膀上的擦。WARNING警告If any of these receive a less than a positive response abort the mission immediately. You still haven#39;t done anything worthy of a sexual harassment case and can get out with your dignity intact.如果所有这些事情之后对方仍无动于衷,那么你要立即停止这项任务。因为这些事情还不至于让你吃“性骚扰”的官司,也不至于让你有损尊严。However, if you are getting good signals back. And by this we mean; extended eye contact, hair flicking, lip licking or touching, move on to the next step.不过,如果收到些良好的反馈,诸如眼神的暗示、抚摸头发、轻舔或者轻抚嘴唇,那么就可以做下一步的行动了。Step 4: Be available第四步:听从召唤If your boss asks you to assist in their office, or requests that you stay late, do it. In boss terms, this is a first date. Your willingness to accommodate their needs will go in your favour.如果老板要求你到办公室帮忙,或者让你加班到很晚,照他说的做吧。在老板的眼中,这就是你们的第一次约会。如果你按照他们的要求来做,事情就会朝如你所想的方向发展。Step 5: Go for the kill第五步:一击得手By now you both know what#39;s on the cards and your boss may even make the first move. If not, let them know you find them attractive and would love to take them for a drink after work, and see where things progress from here.Just make sure you can#39;t be spotted by prying colleagues.到目前为止你们都知道接下来会发生什么,你的老板甚至会第一个有所行动。如果不是这样,那么不放直言你对他的好感,或者邀请他在工作之余到外面喝一杯,在那儿看看事情会如何发展下去。在这个过程中,只需要保你不会被同事们弄得声名狼藉。Step 6: Prepare for repercussions第六步:准备处理事后影响Conducting a secret affair at work can do wonders for your relationship, you could be in for a few great months of canoodling in the washrooms, and after hours desk-based action. Or it could all be over within a week, when the novelty has worn off. And with it goes your promised promotion. Don#39;t say we didn#39;t warn you.工作之外的私情可以给你的人际关系带来不少好处。可以一连好几个月在盥洗室与情人缠绵,或者在办公桌上进行即兴的性爱。当然随着新奇感消失殆尽,这种“雅趣”也有可能在一个周之内结束,当初约定的升职随之而去。到那时候不要怪我们没有警告过你。Thanks for watching How To Seduce Your Boss。谢谢收看本期“勾引老板”节目,下期再见。 Article/201207/191227

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