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如果被问到,饮用瓶装水和自来水,哪个更安全?你一定会回答:瓶装水。但其实事实又是怎么样的呢?瓶装水一定比自来水干净吗?我们来听听下面这段新闻,再好好想想你的。If the best things in life are free, why do Americans spend billions of dollars on bottled water? “Do you feel like bottled water is healthier than tap water?”“I don’t really drink tap water, ever.”“Do you drink tap water?”“Are you kidding me?”Many consumers believe bottled water is better, and yet when the environmental working group tested 10 bottled water brands, it found they contained the same contaminants in trace amounts the tap water does. In fact the industry acknowledges that as much as 45% of bottled water comes from municipal water supplies. Some is filtered further after that, some not. Bottled water manufacturers are not required to disclose where their water comes from, how it’s treated or whether it’s treated at all. And only about 1/3 of bottlers give this information to consumers voluntarily. “It doesn’t say anything about sources. I mean, just…so you don’t know where this water really came from.”At a hearing today on Capital Hill, representatives explored options like requiring manufacturers to list test results for contaminants on their websites, just like tap water suppliers do. “Why single out water?”“it makes up more than half of our body, we are drinking 8 servings a day, no other food are we consuming so much of a single product. It deserves a special place, special attention.” 07/77122cWa|I6R|KNdcR,yA.+PGWGXq5cZmi|lh~zDRn0E3We show the best measures to take to relieve someone suffering a panic attack. Come to the support of friends, family, and other members of the community.我们展现给你最佳采取措施来缓解经历急性焦虑症人们的痛苦L_;W-SA9+yTk8KIO。持来自朋友们,家庭和社区的其他成员#G(YBB28XyXx。R-y!qfVno3TjJzsv(pj8Zy5)LG!z0e;8ym.ewReb(OYd8201206/188139UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Ms. Colizzis students at Maple Valley High School in Vermontville, Michigan. 今天的“大声喊出来”来到科利奇女士的课堂。What event is celebrated every year on March 8? 每年的三月八日要庆祝什么节日?You know what to do, is it International Womens Day, Saint Patricks Day, Flag Day, or Teacher Appreciation day? Youve got three seconds, go!你知道该怎么做,它是妇女节,圣帕特里克节,美国国旗纪念日还是教师节?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!it International Womens Day has been celebrated on March 8th, for nearly a century. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout;.3月8日国际妇女节已经被庆祝了接近一个世纪。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。Were still one week away from International Womens Day, but today marks the start of womens history month. 距国际妇女节还有一个星期,但今天标志着女性历史月的开始。In fact, one led to the other: International Womens Day goes all the way back to the early 1900s. 事实上,一个是另一个的起因。国际妇女节可以一直追溯到20世纪。The idea came up at an International Conference of Working Women as a way to raise awareness about issues affecting women around the world. 这个主意来自于一个工作女性的国际会议,作为一个提升有关影响全世界女性事务的意识。So, fast- forward to the 1970s. 因此,快进到20世纪70年代。Women in the ed States were planning a new event to celebrate the accomplishments of American women. 美国的女性正在计划一个庆祝美国女性的成就的新节日。They picked March because well, thats when the international celebration was aly taking place.他们选择三月,那是当国际庆祝已经开始了。 Believe it or not, womens history month didnt start up as the whole month. 信不信由你,妇女历史月并不是一整个月。At first, it was womens history week. 最开始,是妇女历史周。In 1987, Congress expanded the celebration to the entire month of March. 在1987年,国会把这个庆祝扩大到了整个三月。Every year, the national womens history project picks a thing for womens history month. 每一年,全国女性历史项目为女士历史月挑选一件东西。This year, its women inspiring innovation through imagination. 今年,是通过想象力激发创新的女性。Its specifically honoring women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. 它专门奖纪念科学、技术工程和数学领域的女性。But womens history month is designed to honor women in all walks of life. 但女性历史节是设计来纪念各行各界的女性。And thats what well be doing throughout March.那就是我们在整个三月将要做的事。 /201303/228150

This , rather than giving actual tips on how to elicit laughter from that special someone, coaches on how a man can become a funny partner.这段视频并不是教给你怎样逗某个人发笑,而是锻炼男性怎样成为更风趣的伴侣。Now, Im going to talk to you about how to make a girl laugh. This is actually much simpler than you might think. Initially,really, you need to make her feel comfortable.现在,我要教给你怎样让一个女孩子发笑。这比你想像的简单的多。首先,你要让她感觉到舒适。You need to chat to her. Ask her questions. Make her feel that youre really showing her your true attention, that youre listening, that you care, that youre being present with her.你要和她聊天,问她问题。让她感觉到你真正地对她比较关注,你在听她说话,你关心她的一切,你时时刻刻伴她左右。I dont know if you all realize this, but women love a masculine man who can make a fool of himself. You know why? Because shes looking for someone she can trust. Shes looking for the person she wants to settle down with, and believe me, I know they say women are free and easy, but I dont think so.我不知道大家有没有意识到,大部分女人比较喜欢那些可以自我解嘲的男子汉。你知道为什么吗?因为她在寻找可以信任的人。她在寻找可以依附的人。相信我,我知道大家都说女性是自由的,独立的,但是我不这么认为。Most women are looking for that love and most men are, too. So, shes looking for you and shes looking to see that she can trust you. So, if you can say, “Look, I can stretch out on a limb, and I dont even know if I can do it”, then she knows that when its up against it, when youre together, married and you dont know how, youre going to pay that next bill, youll stretch, youll do it.大部分女性都在寻找爱情,大部分男性也是如此。所以,她想查探你是否可以依靠。所以,如果你可以说,“看,我可以高高地悬在半空中,实际上我不知道自己能不能做到。”然后,她知道面对困难的时候,当你们两人在一起的时候,你们结婚之后,你将会付接下来的账单,你会做到一切。When you dont know whats going to happen with the children, and the childs got a cold or should you take them to hospital, youll stretch. All the rest is superfluous. So, show her your humor.当你不知道孩子发生什么事,孩子感冒了,或者你需要带他们去医院的时候,你都会主动承担。其他一切都是多余的。所以,向他展现你的幽默感。Show her your silliness. Show her you cant do it all, but you try, and youre funny with it. And youll be funny, anyway,because you are.向她展示你愚蠢的一面。向她展示你根本就做不到,但是你在努力,你为此感到很有趣。Thanks for watching How To Make A Girl Laugh.感谢收看“怎样成为更风趣的伴侣”视频节目。201210/206257

How To Bike in a Busy City on HowcastBiking in a city can be tricky, so here are some quick tips to help you stay safe on your ride.在城市里骑车有时候很难,下面是一些能帮你在城市中骑车确保安全的小建议。Step 1: Study a mapStudy a map of your city before making your trip to become better acquainted with your surroundings and to map up your route.研究地图在开始旅途前要研究城市地图以便更了解周围的环境,并制定好路线。Step 2: Monitor your bike's conditionKeep your bike in good condition and always check vital parts like brakes, the seat adjuster, gears shifters, gears, and the chain before going on your ride.Always wear a good helmet when biking in the city.注意自行车状况要确保自行车状况良好,骑车前要经常检查重要零件比如刹车,座位调节器,齿轮变速开关,齿轮和链条。在城市里骑车时要戴一个结实的头盔。Step 3: Follow traffic regulationsFollow the traffic rules in a city just as you would in any other vehicle to avoid endangering yourself and others.第三步:遵守交通规则遵守城市交通规则来避免你和其他车辆相撞,遵守规则能使你和他人免受危险。Step 4: Use hand signalsUse hand signals to let other drivers know what you’re doing ahead of time. The clearest way to signal a turn is to simply point your arm in the direction you are going to go.Make eye contact with other drivers at intersections to make sure they see you and your signal.第四步:打手势打手势以便让其他司机知道你的前进地点。来表示转弯的最明了的方式就是将胳膊伸向你要去的地方。要和其他司机有眼神沟通来确保他们明白你的意思和手势。Step 5: Be alertBe alert and look out for things like car doors, pedestrians, other bikers, moving vehicles, and road hazards. Always keep both hands y to brake.第五步:要警觉要警觉并注意周围的事物,比如汽车门,行人和其他骑自行车的人,移动的车辆和路障。要时刻准备刹车。Step 6: Lock your bikeLock your bike once you’ve reached your destination no matter how long you plan on being away from it.第六步:锁好自行车到达目的地后,无论你离自行车多远,都要锁好自行车。201101/123606How can I encourage my partner to be more romantic?我应该怎样鼓励伴侣更加浪漫呢?The best way to encourage your partner to be more romantic is to be more romantic yourself. Lead by example. Trust me. If you start complaining about it and focusing on what they are not doing, it is not going to lead them to where what you want them to be. Start being romantic yourself in the marriage because when youre feeling romantic and doing romantic, youre going to get romantic. It all starts with you and the most important thing is to have fun in your own planning. Fill your own desires and lure your partner into the romance. They will respond.鼓励伴侣更加浪漫的最好方法是让自己更加浪漫,自己树立榜样。相信我。如果你开始抱怨,总是说他们没有怎么做,这样根本不可能让他们去做你想要的事情。在婚姻关系中自己首先做到浪漫,因为当你感觉到浪漫,开始做浪漫的事情的时候,你就会获得浪漫的感觉。一切都要从你开始,最重要的事情是按照自己的计划寻找乐趣。满足自己的渴望,吸引你的伴侣加入浪漫的氛围中。他们一定会回应的。Thanks for watching How To Encourage Your Partner To Be More Romantic In Your Marriage.感谢收看“怎样鼓励你的伴侣在婚姻中更加浪漫”视频节目。201212/216799在这个内容丰富的,发人深省的TED阿姆斯特丹演讲中,凯文·凯利畅谈在我们的生活中,从个人层面到宇宙空间,技术都意味着什么。201205/182159

So, this is coups detat in thesense所以这次政变意味着that one of the things that is absolutely推翻了法国君主制的key for the self-image of the French monarchy is that一个最主要标志it is a legitimate, absolute monarchy that rules according to the laws,那就是它的合法性 法律监督下的君主专制so to abolish the law courts, themselves,所以取缔最高法院这一举动is a very powerful signal,是一个强势的标志and a very blatant act of royal despotism.及公然的皇室独裁行为Louis believed he was acting in the best interests of France,路易坚信他是由法国利益出发whose outdated legal system stood in the way of progress.过时的法律体系阻碍着变革的开展So, he introduced wholesale reforms,因此 他开展大规模的变革for example, free justice.比如自由司法Also the judges, themselves,同样法官were now to be appointed by the Crown for life.也被国王指定为终身制And they would no longer buy their position as judge,也不能再向以前一样as had been the case before.用钱来购买法官职位So, for many, including Voltaire,包括伏尔泰在内的许多人this was seen as an enlightenedreform.认为这是一项开明的改革Unfortunately for Louis XV, by silencing the Parlement,对路易十五不幸的是 压制最高法院的决定the King unleashed opposition on a scale掀起了一场多世未见的that had not been seen for generations.大规模的反对浪潮201206/185052

WOW十万面值的美钞,倒是让小编想起了《百万英镑》,那可确实找不开啊……不过这美国钱币览会上展出的十万美钞,对于钱币收藏者来说可真是稀世珍品啊~This is AP News Minute.Atlanta police say they've arrested a possible suspect in 18 stabbings across three states. Elias Abuelazam was taken into custody late Wednesday before trying to board a flight to Israel from Atlanta. Five men have been killed in the attacks that started in May.A federal judge put gay marriage on hold in California, disappointing dozens of couples who were lined up outside San Francisco's City Hall hoping to tie the knot. The judge says he's giving those who oppose same-sex marriage six days to get an appeals court to weigh in.Opening statements have started in the trial of a former Marine accused in the 2007 murder of a pregnant colleague. The attorney for Cesar Laurean told the court Thursday that his client did not plan the attack. Maria Lauterbach's body was found in a fire pit in the backyard of Laurean's home.Sheets of 0,000 bills gold treasures and rare coins. That's the backdrop of the World's Fair of Money. Hundreds of dealers and collectors are in Boston for the next few days, hoping to tap into the coin industry.Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.201008/112631This sled team is part of the Danish Special Forces.这雪橇队伍是丹麦特种部队的一Theyre on one of the worlds toughest journeys,他们正在进行世界上最艰难a 2,000 mile patrol长达两千英里的巡逻to maintain Denmarks claim to this valuable wilderness.来维系丹麦对这块珍贵荒漠的统领权But the patrols mission is only possible只有在人类最古老的北极同伴的帮助下with the help of mans oldest Arctic companion.这项巡逻任务才可能完成Rasmus and Roland have spent the summer months training莱斯蒙斯和罗兰花了整个夏天and getting to know their team of Greenland huskies.来训练和了解这些格陵兰爱斯基犬They need to have a very close bond with every single dog.他们必须和每条建立亲密的关系This is Roger and Armstrong,这是罗杰和阿姆斯壮actually the oldest dog in the whole patrol,它是整个巡逻队里最年长的but hes still going strong.但它依旧生龙活虎The men are totally dependent on the stamina of their dogs,人们完全依赖于的体力which will keep on running它们要在这严寒刺骨的冬天里all through the bitter cold of the winter.不断地向前奔跑This is the last time the team这是他们最后一次看到太阳will see the sun for two months.今后的两个月将暗无天日The most intelligent dogs always lead,总是由最聪明的来带路choosing the safest route,它们会选择最安全的路径feeling for hidden crevasses and thin ice.避开隐藏的裂缝和薄冰 /201212/213288

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