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武汉/阿波罗男子男科是几级医院武汉/治包皮哪家医院好Throughout all of this, what I would ultimately realize经过这一切,我才恍然大悟was that each voice was closely related to aspects of myself,每一个我听到的声音都跟自己密切相关and that each of them carried overwhelming emotions that Id never had an opportunity to process or resolve,而且都带着丰沛的情绪,只是我以前没机会处理那些记忆memories of sexual trauma and abuse, of anger, shame, guilt, low self-worth.像是性创伤、性虐待、愤怒、惭愧、罪恶感和妄自菲薄The voices took the place of this pain and gave words to it,那些声音取代了伤痛,并把痛苦说出来and possibly one of the greatest revelations不过最重要的启示也许是was when I realized that the most hostile and aggressive voices当我明白那些最具敌意和侵略性的声音actually represented the parts of me that had been hurt most profoundly,其实就代表我受伤最深的那部分and as such, it was these voices that needed to be shown the greatest compassion and care.因此,正是这些声音需要最多关爱和同情It was armed with this knowledge that ultimately正是这样的领悟让我最后I would gather together my shattered self,愿意把那些声音构成的片段拼凑起来each fragment represented by a different voice, gradually withdraw from all my medication,找回完整的自我并逐渐摆脱对药物的依赖and return to psychiatry, only this time from the other side.我又回到精神科,不过这次是研究Ten years after the voice first came, I finally graduated,第一次听到声音已是10年前的事了this time with the highest degree in psychology the university had ever given,而这次我终于取得心理学最高学位!是我母校在该领域颁发过的最高学历and one year later, the highest masters, which shall we say isnt bad for a madwoman.对一个疯女人来说能取得硕士学历也不差!In fact, one of the voices actually dictated the answers during the exam,老实说,考试的时候我还听到报的声音which technically possibly counts as cheating.这应该算作弊吧!And to be honest, sometimes I quite enjoyed their attention as well.坦白讲,我有时还挺享受这种被“关照”的感觉As Oscar Wilde has said, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.就像王尔德说的,唯一比被人议论更糟糕的事就是你这人根本不值一提.It also makes you very good at eavesdropping,这经验让我非常善于偷听人讲话because you can listen to two conversations simultaneously.因为我可同时听懂两边的对话So its not all bad.算起来也没那么糟!I worked in mental health services, I spoke at conferences,我在心理健康部门工作过,也在多场研讨会上发表过演讲I published book chapters and academic articles, and I argued, and continue to do so,还出版过专文与书籍专章,到目前我还在争论the relevance of the following concept:接下来这个观念的关联性that an important question in psychiatry shouldnt be whats wrong with you精神病诊断上,关键问题不应该是:你哪里不对劲?but rather whats happened to you.而是发生甚么事了?And all the while, I listened to my voices,这段时间我倾听那些with whom Id finally learned to live with peace and respect好不容易得以泰然处之的声音and which in turn reflected a growing sense of compassion, acceptance and respect towards myself.而这也反映出我越来越能同情、接纳和尊重自己And I remember the most moving and extraordinary moment记得最令我感动的特别时刻是when supporting another young woman who was terrorized by her voices,帮助另一个被自己内心声音吓坏的年轻女性and becoming fully aware, for the very first time, that I no longer felt that way myself那是我首次意识到,我看待自己的方式改变了but was finally able to help someone else who was.而且还有能力帮别人突破201603/428663武汉/阿波罗男子医院男科中心 So to you as individuals, what wisdom, if any, have I learnt?那么,你们作为个人,又学到了什么样的智慧呢?First, in fact, keep learning. Always be alive to the possibilities of the next experience, of thinking, doing and being.事实上,首先就是要不断学习。要时刻至尊被迎接新的生活、不断思考、积极行动。When Buddha was asked, near the end of his life, to describe his secret, he answered bluntly: ;Im awake;.佛陀临终前,人们要求他讲述成为圣人的秘诀,他坦率地说:“因为我头脑清醒”。So be awake.Understand conventional wisdom, but be prepared to change it.所以,要保持头脑清醒。要了解传统的智慧,但要准备改变它。Feel as well as analyse; use your instinct alongside your reason. Calculate too much and you will miscalculate.不仅要学会分析,还要学着用心感受。直觉与推理并存,因为算计太多难免会出错。Be prepared to fail as well as to succeed, and realise it is failure not success that defines character.不仅要接受成功,也要准备经历失败。因为是失败而非成功塑造了性格。I spent years trying to be a politician failing at every attempt and nearly gave up.多年来我为了立足政坛一直不断努力,但却屡遭失败,以致我几乎想要放弃。I know youre thinking: I should have.我知道你们一定在想:我本来就应该放弃。Sir Paul McCartney reminded me that the first record company the Beatles approached rejected them as a band no-one would want to listen to.保罗·麦卡特尼先生提醒我,甲壳虫乐队联系的第一家唱片公司把他们拒之门外,理由是没人想听他们这样的音乐。Be good to people on your way up because you never know if you will meet them again on your way down.当你事业顺利的时候要善待他人,因为你永远不会知道,你遭遇挫折的时候是否会遇到他们。Judge someone by how they treat those below them not those above them.评价一个人,要看他们怎样对待比自己地位低的人,而不是看他们怎样对待比自己高的人。Be a firm friend not a fair-weather friend.要做一个可靠的朋友,而不是靠不住的酒肉朋友。It is your friendships, including those friends you made here at Yale, at this time, that sustain and enrich the human spirit.是友谊,包括现在你们在耶鲁大学结交的朋友之间的友谊,维持并丰富人类的精神。 /201212/217155And then we can test it out, once weve done that, and see how it would move around.我们完成这一项之后,就可以测试一下,让它四处走动一下。And so at this point the computer is procedurally animating this creature.这时,电脑就会自动地控制这个生物的移动。Its looking at whatever Ive designed. It will actually bring it to life.电脑听命于我的设计,然后让它动起来。And I can see how it might dance.瞧瞧,我让它跳舞。how it might show emotions, how it might fight.让它表达情感,让它打斗。So its acting with its two mouths there.让让它的两个嘴巴动起来。I can even have it pose for a photo. Snap a little photo of it.我甚至能让它摆姿势拍照——拍个照。So at any rate, then I bring this back into the game.我把它放回游戏中来,Its born, and I play the next generation of my creature through evolution.它出生了。然后我开始玩我的生物进化后的下一代。Now again, the empathy that the players have when they create the content is tremendous.同样的,玩家们创作生物时的强烈的共情感又来了。Now, when players create content in this game,当一个玩家在游戏中创作一个内容时,its automatically sent up to a server它自动被传送到务器,and then redistributed to all the other players transparently.然后重新分配到所有其他玩家的系统中。So in fact, as Im interacting in this world with other creatures,因此,其实在这个世界里同我互动的其他生物,these creatures are transparently coming from other players as they play.是直接由其他的玩家创造的。So the process of playing the game is a process of building up this huge database of content.所以玩游戏的过程就是在建立一个巨大的内容数据库。And pretty much everything youre going to see in this game,几乎所有你在游戏中看到的一切,theres an editor for in the game that the player can create,都有相应的编辑工具,all the way up through civilization. This is my baby.是的,贯穿整个文明。这是我的宝贝儿。When I eat, Ill actually start growing. This is the next generation.当我吃东西的时候,我就在长大。这是它的下一代。But Im going to skip way ahead here.我要跳过这步了。Now, normally what would happen is these creatures would work their way up, eventually become intelligent.接着,一般来说,这些生物就会日臻完美,最后变得拥有智慧。Id start dealing with tribes, cities and civilizations of them over time.随着时间流逝,我开始处理部落、城市和不同的文明的问题。Im going to skip way ahead here to the space phase.我要跳过这些步骤,直接跳到太空阶段。Eventually they would go out into space, and start colonizing and exploring the universe.最终它们会进入太空,开始在宇宙中殖民和探索。Now really, in some sense, I want the players to be building this world in their imagination,我希望玩家能够用他们的想象创造世界。and then extracting it from them with the least amount of pain.然后用最简单的方式从中取其精华。So thats kind of what these tools are about, are:这就是这些工具的意义,这就是how do we make the game play the players imagination-amplifier?我们如何用这个游戏,放飞玩家的想象,And how do we make these tools, these editors,我们如何让这些工具,这些编辑工具something that are just as fun as the game itself?变得和游戏本身一样好玩。So this is the planet that weve been playing on up to this point in the game.这就是我们在玩游戏时所在的星球。So far the entire game has been played on the surface of this little world here.目前这整个游戏就是在这个小世界的表面玩的。Now, at this point were actually dealing with a very little toy planet.现在我们是在玩一个小小的星球玩具,Almost, again, like the Montessori toy idea.同样几乎就像是蒙特梭利玩具那样。You know, what happens if you give somebody a toy planet,你知道,当你给人一个星球玩具,and let them play with a lot of dynamics on it,让他们可以随意摆弄时,what could they discover? What might they learn on this?他们会发现什么?他们会从中学到什么?This world was actually extracted from the players imagination.这个世界事实上是来源于玩家的想象,So, this is the planet that the player evolved on.是玩家的生息之地,Things like the buildings, and the vehicles,所以所有的房屋建筑、交通工具、the architecture, civilizations were all designed by the player up to this point.所有文明目前为止都是由玩家来设计的。So heres a little city with some of our guys kind of walking around in it.所以这里是一个小城市,有几个咱们的人行走其中。And most games kind of put the player in the role of Luke Skywalker, this protagonist playing through this story.在大多数的游戏中,玩家都是像卢克·天行者这样的故事主角。Really, this is more about putting the player in the role of George Lucas, you know?然而这个游戏却是让玩家来扮演导演乔治·卢卡斯的角色。I want them, after theyve played this game,我希望他们玩了这个游戏之后,to have extracted an entire world that theyre now interacting with.能够创作出一个完整的世界,与之互动。201601/419342武汉/大学人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱

武汉/阴茎延长医院湖北男科预约 And what you need to do is to honor that 你所需要做的 是尊重这个事实to understand it, to unearth it 去理解它 去挖掘它to listen to this other voice 去倾听这个相反的声音All right, Im losing this now, because 我现在要把帽子摘掉otherwise its coming off in a dramatic fashion at the wrong time 否则它肯定会在错误的时候 以很丢脸的方式飞出去I know. I worked on this hair for a long time, so 我知道 我头发很久前就这样了I had to bust it out 我需要去生发了You have, which is a rare thing 你们有一个很特别的东西that ability and the responsibility to listen to the dissent in yourself也就是 倾听自身异议的能力和责任to at least give it the floor, because it is the key至少是让它展现出来 因为这很关键not only to consciousness, but to real growth 不仅对意识而言 也对实际生长而言To accept duality is to earn identity 接受二元性 才能获得个人身份And identity is something that you are constantly earning 个人身份是你们一直在努力获得的事物It is not just who you are 它不仅仅是你是谁It is a process that you must be active in 这是一个你必须积极参与的过程Its not just parroting your parents or the thoughts of your learned teachers 这不仅仅是机械模仿父母或学的老师的思维方式It is now more than ever about understanding yourself so you can become yourself现在需要更多地理解自己 从而让你成为真正的自己I talk about this contradiction, and this tension 我讲了这个矛盾 这个张力theres two things I want to say about it 关于这个 我有两点要说的One, it never goes away 一是 它永远不会消失And if you think that achieving something, if you think that solving something如果你认为达到什么高度 解决什么问题if you think a career or a relationship will quiet that voice 或者拥有什么职业或关系就能平息这个声音it will not 那你就错了If you think that happiness means total peace 如果你认为幸福就是完全的平静you will never be happy 那你将永远无法幸福Peace comes from the acceptance of the part of you that can never be at peace 平静来自于对你内心深处永远无法平静这一事实的接受201602/427066武汉/有精子库吗

应城市人民医院男科专家挂号 Well, thank you, President Mellow, distinguished faculty, friends and above all else the Graduating Class of 2013.啊……谢谢,麦罗校长,各位尊敬的老师,朋友以及2013年的毕业生们。It is a great honor for me to share in your accomplishment and pride today.我很荣幸能在今天分享你们的成就和荣耀。But I must admit that I approached this address with some trepidation.但是我必须承认,来进行这次演讲我心中带有一些惶恐。I suppose that more commencement speeches have been delivered more seriously, listened to more attentively, and forgotten more promptly than any other form of human communication.我想,曾经有过更多更认真的毕业典礼发言,有过更加认真的听众,但是相比其他任何沟通形式,仍以更快的速度被遗忘。So I will try to be brief and practical.所以,我会尽量简短而实用。My advice is grounded in my own experience.我的全部建议都是来自我自己的经历。And my experience, in many respects, is not that different from many of yours.而我的经历,从很多方面来看,和你们当中的很多并没有什么不同。I grew up with the idea that college was more an aspiration than an expectation.在我成长的过程中,我始终认为大学更多是一个奠定志向而不是实现期望的地方。I saw my parents struggle most of their lives and the daily battle to keep afloat sometimes even drained what hopes and dreams they had for me.我见我父母大半生的奋斗,每天仅为了维持生计而努力工作,有时这些甚至会打消他们对我的期望和梦想。They didnt go to college and neither did my only, older sibling.他们都没有上过大学,我唯一的兄长也没有读过大学。My father sorted mail for the post office.我的父亲在邮局整理邮件。He worked nights because it paid 10% more than a day shift.他选择夜班工作只是因为报酬比白班多了10%。My mother was a receptionist at a burglar alarm company — one of the few growth industries in our neighborhood.我的母亲是一个防盗警报公司的接待员——这也是我所在社区为数不多的增长行业之一。I grew up in the Linden Houses, which, as some of you know, is a housing project in East New York.我在林登小区长大,你们当中的很多都知道,这是纽约东区的一个住宅项目。It was and is a tough neighborhood, though it produced some accomplished people who, despite or maybe because of their background, did well.它一直都是一个贫穷的社区,但是也育了一些有成就的人,有些是因为克了这一背景而成功,而有些或许是因为这一背景而成功。I attended Thomas Jefferson high school, which has since shut down as a high school and operates different training programs for various skills.我在托马斯·杰斐逊高中毕业,学校在之后关闭了高中部,仅仅提供多种技能培训项目。201508/392602宜昌市第一人民医院割包皮多少钱湖北省汉口割包皮哪家医院最好



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