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不想再做单身汪?赶紧上网找机会 --3 :58:01 来源: 如今,找到另一半已经成为了社会的一大热点话题随着网络和智能手机的不断发展,而越来越多的人开始上网寻找约会对象 A quarter of all first dates are now the result of meeting online, according to a poll.调查显示,有四分之一的人是在网上结识自己的约会对象的One in three Britons admit they prefer finding potential partners on smartphone apps than in real life.有三分之一的英国人承认自己更愿意在手机应用上寻找潜在的约会对象And almost half say they use search engines and social media to find out more about their possible mate – even if they met offline.而约一半的人表示即使和约会对象在线下见面,自己也会用搜索引擎和社交媒体寻找可能的约会对象But once we’ve found a likely candidate, it seems we become much more low-tech.然而一旦找到可能的约会对象,人们便不是十分依赖科技了The quiz of 1,000 adults by Domino’s Pizza found that going casual drinks is considered the ideal first date.多米诺披萨在00名成年人中发起了一项调查,调查显示人们在第一次约会时愿意找个地方随便喝点东西The poll found the nation still has a soft spot cheesy chat up lines, with respondents naming their favourite as ’Hi, I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?’调查还发现英国人仍旧偏爱一些聊天套话,受访者表示自己最爱的开场白是“嗨,我忘记自己的电话号码了,能告诉我你的电话吗?”And one in three Brits of all ages admit to having used dating apps like Tinder and Bumble in their quest love.三分之一的英国人承认自己使用过Tinder和Bumble这样的交友应用Of those questioned, 5 per cent said a good opening chat-up line could make or break taking things further.5%的受访者表示一句好的开场白对两人关系的进展非常重要The research also revealed going a casual drink is the UK’s favourite first date, with a comfy sofa, pizza and a film the top choice those in a relationship.调查还发现,英国人最喜爱的首次约会方式是喝饮料,而热恋情侣最钟爱的坐在舒适的沙发上吃着披萨看电影宝宝,你确定和普京没有血缘么? -- 1:3: 来源:chinadaily 小宝宝总是可爱的下面的这些宝宝特别可爱,是因为他们实在是酷似名人:从音乐家、电影演员到总统候选人,这些婴儿实在让人不自觉地联想到他们之间是否有血缘 We cannot get over how cute these babies are! It's not just because all babies are cute no matter what. It's because these particular babies have uncanny resemblances to celebrities. From musicians to movie characters to presidential candidates, we think that these babies have to be related to their celebrity doppelgangers somehow. 1. Vladimir Putin 弗拉基米尔;普京 viareddit prizman| Telegraph| Reuters 他们有同样的脸颊和坚定的目光 Their cheeks and intense stares are identical! . Gandalf the White 甘道夫 viareddit [deleted]| Wikipedia 他长大后应该会是指环王的狂热粉丝 We think that this kid will grow up to be a hugeLord of the Rings fan. 3. Donald Trump 唐纳德;特朗普 viaHuffington Post 唐纳德,这个可能是美国未来的领导人,也有一个小小的分身 The possible future leader of the free world appears to have a mini me. . Simon Baker 西蒙;贝克 viaMommy Shorts 他们好像是在瞪住同样的东西 It's all in the stare. 5. John Legend 约翰;传奇 viaInstagram @rahelllaa| Instagram @johnlegend 如果世界上有两个约翰向我们唱歌,会是一件多么美好的事 Having two John Legends in the world to serenade us with song would be a wonderful thing. 6. Gordon Ramsay 戈登;拉姆齐 viaTwitter @Claire8ball| Twitter @GordonRamsay 这小娃娃长大后也可能会在厨艺界创出一片天 This tiny tot will probably wreak havoc in the kitchen someday as well. 7. Mark Wahlberg 马克;沃尔伯格 viaBro My God 小马克也那么帅,看来真正的马克遇到对手了! Marky Mark's got some competition. 8. Wallace Shawn 华莱士;肖恩 viareddit Technikc 我好像看到了两个一模一样的人 Whoa, I'm seeing double! 9. Usher 亚瑟小子 viaCraze Central 小宝宝跟这个低音男歌手长得太相似了,很容易让人联想他们的关系 Another crooner with a tiny look-alike. We think that these two have to be related somehow. . Adam DeVine 亚当;德维恩 viareddit rellik 这相片是不是他以前的校园照?当然不是,他们是两个不同的人 Is that Adam's school picture? Nope, it's a different kid altogether! . Chris Farley 克里斯;法利 viaMommy Shorts 他们的双下巴太可笑了吧! Lol, the double chin! . Steph Curry 斯蒂芬;库里 viaInstagram @babylandonlee| Instagram @stephencurry30 就帮这个跟斯蒂芬很相似的宝宝取一个昵称「小咖哩」,看起来他是这个NBA球员失散多年的儿子 Curry's look-alike, given the nickname ;Stuff Curry,; looks like he could be the NBA player's long-lost son.男子70万路虎遭伴侣涂红漆 全车被喷"骗子" -- ::18 来源:   女友因男友两次欺骗自己,遂将男友价值70万的路虎喷上了表达自己愤怒的留言;Cheater; was just one of the very angry messages an English girl sprayed on each side of her boyfriendrsquo;s car when she found out that he was two-timing her.The white Range Rover Revere-starting price 95000 euro-was parked close to Harrods in West London. Several angry messages were sprayed on the car, probably the work of the ownerrsquo;s angry girlfriend.  一位英国女孩在发现男友曾两次欺骗自己后,便在男友车的两边喷上了愤怒的留言,而;骗子;只是其中之一这辆白色的路虎揽胜;;起价95000欧元;;停在西伦敦的哈罗兹(英国著名百货公司)附近车上有一些愤怒的留言,很可能是车主愤怒的女友所为  The word Cheater was sprayed on each side of the vehicle, and the words Hope she was worth it were sprayed on the rear and also on the bonnet.  车的两侧都被喷上了;骗子;,车的尾部和前方则写着;希望她配得起这一切;Klo, the woman who took the photographs and uploaded them on Twitter, said it was a female who had sprayed the text.  拍下这些照片并把其上传到推特的女子klo说,是一个女人喷下了这个留言  ;I havenrsquo;t a clue who she was, but she looked very upset. No one dared to stop her. When she finished she just left.;  ;我不清楚她到底是谁,但是她看起来很生气没人敢去阻拦她她写完后就离开了;  The words Itrsquo;s over were also sprayed on the Range Rover, confirming-if there was any lingering doubt-that the relationship between the two was over.  这辆路虎上还写了;我们结束了;,实了这一事实;;如果有任何挥之不去的疑问;;就是这两个人的关系结束了  Meanwhile, according to the B, it is thought that the whole thing could have been just a publicity stunt.  同时,根据B的报道,整个事件很可能只是炒作

耶路撒冷同性恋骄傲游行袭击者被判终身监禁 --7 19:1:57 来源: 随着时代的进步,社会对同性恋越来越理解和包容,但在宗教文化保守的国家,仍然存在对同性恋的歧视,甚至敌视,在一场狂欢展现自我的大游行上,血案发生,花季少女殒命 A Jerusalem court on Sunday sentenced a radical ultra-rthodox Israeli Jew who fatally stabbed a teenage girl at a gay pride parade last year to life in prison plus 31 years.耶路撒冷法院周日判决了一名极端正统的以色列犹太人无期徒刑外加31年监禁,该犹太人去年刺死了一名参加同性恋骄傲游行的少女Jerusalem’s District Court had aly convicted Yishai Schlissel the murder of -year-old Shira Banki and the attempted murder of seven others.耶路撒冷地区法院宣布耶西·施利赛尔谋杀岁希拉·班克以及其他7人的谋杀未遂罪名成立Schlissel had been freed from prison just weeks bee the July 30 parade, after serving a sentence stabbing several people at the city’s pride parade in .这起游行刺杀案件发生于7月30日,而仅仅在这几周前,施利赛尔才刑满出狱入狱原因是年时,施利赛尔同样在耶路撒冷的同性恋骄傲游行上刺伤数人In their rulings, the judges noted that Schlissel had shown no remorse his actions.法官们表示这样的判决是因为施利赛尔对于自己的行为毫无悔意We have bee us a man who doesn’t see a fellow human bee his eyes. A cruel, dangerous and heartless man, they wrote. "This dangerous man cannot be allowed to walk any longer on the streets of Jerusalem, or anywhere else."“站在我们面前的这个人,没有把其他人当作和自己一样有血有肉的人类他残忍、危险而且冷酷”,法官们写到,“这样危险的一个人不能继续出现在耶路撒冷的街头巷尾,或者其他任何地方”Jerusalem, known its rich religious history and tradition, holds a modest gay pride parade annually in contrast to the large parade in the nearby liberal city of Tel Aviv, which this year drew more than 0,000 people and held a minute of silence to honor Banki.耶路撒冷因其源远流长的宗教历史和传统而闻名于世这里每年都会举办一场适中的同性恋骄傲游行,相对于文化较开明的临近城市特拉维夫,这里的同性恋游行规模相对较小今年多万人参加了游行,并全体默哀一分钟,纪念班克After his release from prison serving out his term the attack, Schlissel had angrily spoken out against the parade.施利赛尔在年的刺伤案刑期满出狱后,曾生气地表示抗议同性恋游行The parade was underway as planned, with party music, Israeli flags and rainbow-clad marchers wending their way through central Jerusalem, when the attacker lunged into the march, stabbing eight people with a long-bladed knife bee being apprehended by police.年的同性恋游行还是计划举行了,伴随着狂欢音乐,游行队伍一边挥舞着以色列国旗,一边擎着着巨型虹旗,蜿蜒地穿过耶路撒冷中部时,施利赛尔冲进了人群中,用一把刀刃很长的匕首刺伤了8人,之后被警方逮捕A majority of Jerusalem’s residents are observant Jews, Muslims or Christians, conservative commies whose members mostly frown on homosexuality. But violent attacks on gay people are rare.耶路撒冷大部分居民是严格遵守教义的犹太人、穆斯林、基督徒或者大多对同性恋持反对态度的保守社团成员然而,对同性恋者的袭击确是不常有的Previous parades in the holy city have drawn opposition and threats.这座圣城之前的几次同性恋游行也曾遭遇反对和威胁

安徽颁布禁酒令整治“酒桌办公” -- 19:9: 来源:chinadaily 安徽省各市、县已陆续开展“酒桌办公”专项整治工作,规定省内公务接待除外事、招商活动外,一律不准饮酒,酒桌禁令成了安徽官场上的一条高压红线请看相关报道:Anhui province has banned alcoholic beverages at official banquets, except those held to attract investment or involving eign affairs.安徽省规定,公务接待除外事、招商活动外,一律不准饮酒今年6月初,中央巡视组向安徽反馈“回头看”情况,专门提到“酒桌文化尚未得到有效治理”“酒桌文化”(drinking culture)成为中共十八大巡视以来的又一巡视新词中国人普遍都认为“无酒不成席”(a banquet without alcohol is no banquet at all);很多做生意的人都觉得在酒桌上才能真正认识一个人,彼此建立信任;很多官员也喜欢在酒桌上谈工作(discuss work issues when drinking at banquets)“喝的是酒,喷的是口水,讲的是关系,办的是事情”一句顺口溜概括了“酒桌文化”的实质据悉,此次安徽省“酒桌办公”(discussing work issues while drinking at banquets)专项整治工作对公务活动宴请(official banquets)做了明确规定,重点整治“不请客吃饭不办事”、“请客吃饭乱办事”现象;规定党员干部及公职人员严禁通过“酒桌办公”要资金、跑项目、争考核名次或谋取不当利益;严禁接受可能影响公正执行公务的宴请十八大以后,中共中央提出党的群众路线(mass line)教育学习活动,各地都展开针对形式主义(malism)、官僚主义(bureaucratism)、享乐主义(hedonism)和奢靡之风(extravagance)的反“四风”活动(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)

赛百味将配尺测量三明治尺寸确保“足斤足两” --3 :59: 来源: Subway employees will have to use a ruler to prove the chain is serving foot long sandwiches after a lawsuit found they were only inches.赛百味曾因三明治仅英寸(约厘米)遭诉讼,以后其员工将不得不使用直尺,明该连锁店制作的三明治足够一英尺长(约30厘米)The world's largest fast food chain came under fire two years ago when a photo showing one of its sandwiches next to a tape measure went viral, which revealed it was just inches.两年前,一张照片在网上疯传,照片中赛百味三明治旁边有把卷尺,它显示三明治仅有英寸长这个世界上最大的快餐连锁店遭受责难This led to a class-action lawsuit from Subway consumers who said they were cheated out of an inch of their sandwiches.赛百味消费者发起集体诉讼,声称被骗了一英寸的三明治Subway will now ensure their restaurants are adhering to the new rules and selling the correct length sandwiches.如今,赛百味需确保各家连锁店遵守新规,销售标准长度的三明治The furore started in when Australian Matt Corby, uploaded a picture of a Subway sandwich to Facebook with a ruler on top showing the sandwich at inches.这起轰动事件源起于年,当时澳大利亚人马特·科比(Matt Corby)在Facebook上传了一张赛百味三明治的照片,图中三明治上方有把尺子,显示三明治长度是英寸Separate lawsuits were then filed by plaintiffs in Chicago and on the East Coast, each seeking damages over a missing inch or more.随后多名原告分别在芝加哥和东海岸提起了诉讼,要求对不足的尺寸赔偿或更多A lawsuit in Chicago was brought by Nguyen Buren, who claimed his Subway was less than inches long and alleged a 'pattern of fraudulent, deceptive and otherwise improper advertising, sales and marketing practices'.一位叫做阮·布伦(Nguyen Buren)的消费者在芝加哥提起上诉,声称他买的赛百味三明治不足英寸,指控赛百味采取“欺骗、欺瞒等不正当的广告、销售和营销手段”Attorney Tom Zimmerman, who is representing Mr Buren against Subway parent Doctor's Associations Inc, was ed in the Chicago Tribune as saying: 'This is no different than if you bought a dozen eggs and they gave you or you bought a dozen doughnuts and they gave you . It's no different, and yet you're paying .'汤姆·齐默尔曼(Tom Zimmerman)是布伦起诉赛百味母公司Doctor's Associations案的代理律师据《芝加哥论坛报(Chicago Tribune)的报道,他表示:“这无异于付个鸡蛋的钱却只买到个,付个甜甜圈的钱却只买到个这没什么差别,可你付的是个的钱”At the same time, two men filed a similar suit in New Jersey state court, seeking damages in excess of million.与此同时,两名男子在新泽西州法院对赛百味提起了类似的诉讼,要求500多万美元的赔偿Mr Zimmerman said he hopes their suit will be withdrawn and moved to federal court so they can be combined.齐默尔曼说他希望这两个人的诉讼被撤销,移至联邦法院,令针对赛百味的诉讼能合并审理As part of the new proposals, Subway will provide new training materials to make sure staff sell the full inch sandwich.根据最新提议,赛百味将采用新训练材料,确保员工销售的三明治足够英寸Subway will also ence stricter penalties to stores that fail to meet the new standards.赛百味还将对未能执行新标准的连锁店采取更严格的惩罚措施A hearing final approval of the terms has been set January .这些提议的最终批准听会定于年1月举行It had previously responded to the original complaint made in Australia.赛百味之前回应过澳大利亚的第一起控告A spokesman said: 'We have redoubled our efts to ensure consistency and correct length in every sandwich we serve.一位发言人说:“我们已加倍努力,确保始终为顾客提供标准长度的三明治”Our commitment remains steadfast to ensure that every Subway Footlong sandwich is inches at each location worldwide.'“我们仍坚定地承诺将确保赛百味在全球各地销售的每块一英尺长三明治都有英寸”Vocabularytape measure:卷尺class-action:集体诉讼furore:公众的骚动,狂怒plaintiff:原告fraudulent:欺骗性的英文来源:每日邮报译者:Candace审校编辑:刘明

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