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武汉/包皮切除手术价格武汉/阿波罗医院咨询电话Should you apply primer on top of freshly cleansed skin or on top of moisturiser?  应该先涂隔离霜还是在保湿霜上面再涂隔离霜?  Primer is a protective layer that seals in moisturiser and provides a smooth surface for foundation。  隔离霜主要是在上粉底之前起一个保护性作用。  If you have an oily complexion, you may feel that the primer without moisturiser is enough。  如果你是油性皮肤,也许直接涂隔离霜感觉比较好。  My routine is more about colour- correcting, treating and highlighting the skin. A product that gives you an immaculate canvas is a pore minimiser, which would be my equivalent to a primer。  我的做法更注重脸部的色调,也就是调整、修复、强调肤色。能让面部肌肤平滑无暇的护肤产品能起到收缩毛孔的作用,我会用它来代替隔离霜。  What’s the best way to apply foundation to get a smooth, even coverage?  如何上粉底才能让皮肤看上去最光洁?  Fingers for a cream foundation, a sponge for liquids and a brush for mineral powder。  粉底霜就用手指涂抹,如果是液体粉底,用海绵块,粉状的话最好用小刷子。  How can you get a lovely, healthy glow using bronzer without looking unnatural?  如何用古铜色腮红让自己看上去可爱又健康,但又不至于显得很不自然?  Never overload your brush, and match texture to texture. A cream or gel is perfect over liquid foundation, for example。  不要施之过重,而且注意要和其他化妆品协调。比如说,如果用的是液体粉底,就要用腮红膏或者腮红啫喱。  How can you break out of a colour rut with eye shadow?  如何用眼影来造成醒目的颜色对比?  Go for a eye make-up palette that combines a few of your safer, familiar tones with a range of new colours。  眼影调色板中应该有你最常用也最适合的色调一致,在此基础上选择新的色调。  Can you define your mouth and get long-lasting colour that doesn't look too fake?  如何画唇线,并且让唇线颜色持久不变,同时看上去又不觉得做作?  Apply lipstick by dabbing with your finger to create the shape. The colour will look far more natural。  用手指蘸着唇膏画出唇线,这样唇线看上去更自然。 /201004/101833武汉/小孩包皮手术费用 Valentine's Day is not all aboutmushiness, flowers and chocolates, for now a new research has shown that Cupid's magic works as far as the health of your heart is concerned.Women in happy marriages are much less likely to have a heart attack than those in high-stress relationships, research at the University of Pittsburgh, in the US, found.And men who have sex two or more times a week halve their risk of a cardiac arrest, a study at Bristol University found.Hugs lower your blood pressure while making love is a great cardiacworkout.It temporarily raises blood pressure and gives the arteries and veins a workout, keeping them strong and flexible.Cathy Ross, a specialist nurse with the British Heart Foundation, says: "Sex can provide the same benefits as walking up severalflightsof stairs."And it's a lot more fun which means we're more likely to stick with the exercise regime.We burn on average 200 calories when we have sex. But trying out different positions can increase the burn and fun.HUGS also help. Doctors at the University of North Carolina, in America, found cuddles can lower blood pressure and boost levels of the relaxing feelgood hormone oxytocin.Kissing is also recommended for gums and teeth because it increases production of saliva, which helps kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease.In the long term this can even help to head off a heart attack because gum disease can increase the risk of heart attacks. 情人节带给你的不仅仅是激动、鲜花和巧克力,一项最新研究显示,爱神丘比特还能让你的心脏更加健康。美国匹兹堡大学的一项研究发现,拥有幸福婚姻的女性患心脏病的几率远远低于那些婚姻状况不佳的女性。布里斯托尔大学的一项研究表明,一周有两次或两次以上性生活的男性心脏骤停的风险要小一半。此外,拥抱可以降低血压,而性生活则可以锻炼心脏功能。拥抱和性生活会使血压暂时升高,能让动脉和静脉得到锻炼,从而使它们保持强劲和柔韧。英国心脏基金会的护理专家凯西·洛斯说:“性生活所能起到的作用和上几段楼梯差不多。”而且,这种“锻炼”更有趣,人们更容易坚持。一次性生活能够燃烧平均200卡路里的热量,尝试不同的姿势则可以增加热量的燃烧,还可以增加乐趣。拥抱对身体也有好处。美国北卡罗莱纳大学的士们发现,拥抱能够降低血压,还可以促进能让人感到放松和舒适的脑下垂体后叶荷尔蒙的分泌。接吻对牙龈和牙齿有好处。因为接吻可以增加唾液的分泌,从而有助于杀死引起蛀齿和牙龈疾病的细菌。由于牙龈疾病会增加患心脏病的风险,所以从长期来看,接吻甚至有助于降低心脏病的发病率。 /200809/47097武汉/人民医院乳腺外科医生

武汉/阿波罗男科女医生What kinds of clothes do college girls need for school? When thinking about what to buy and what to bring, here's one word to keep mind: practical! You can be a campus fashion icon if that makes you happy, but most students prefer to spend their time and money on other things. College life is stressful, and you're going to want to be comfortable more often than you'll want to be stylish.大学女生应该穿什么样的衣呢?当你想自己应该买什么和戴什么的时候,有一个词是要时刻牢记的:实用!当然如果成为大学时尚达人让你觉得很幸福,你也可以朝这个方向努力。不过大多数的学生还是喜欢把自己的时间和金钱花费在其他的事情上。大学生活充满了压力,在舒适与时尚之间,大家总会偏向前者。The norms on how students dress differ from campus to campus. Some college campuses are more "Abercrombie" than others. In most cases, though, there's not going to be nearly as much pressure to fit in with the latest fashions as there was in high school.学生的穿衣标准因学校的不同而有所变化,比如有的学校就比其他学校更注重"Abercrombie"这种美国年轻人的流行品牌。不过,在大多数时候,你不必像在高中时候拼命地去追求潮流。 /200904/68117武汉/看男科一般要多少钱 Kids mature faster due to diet, porn 吃出来、看出来的“性早熟”Kids are growing up faster because of nutritious food and access to pornography, doctors claim.The number of children experiencing the early onset of puberty has doubled over the past 10 years, according to a survey analyzing children's endocrine diseases by the Women and Children's Hospital of Guangdong Province.The survey found the average age for the onset of puberty of Guangzhou's children dropped to 11 years old from the previous age of 13.Based on those figures, the frequency of earlier puberty among children in Guangzhou also rose to 1.3 percent this year, from 0.5 percent 10 years ago. This is 0.3 percent higher than the national average.This means that in some cases, boys as young as nine-and-a-half, and girls as young as eight are developing secondary sexual characteristics."There are a few reasons why more children are experiencing the early onset of puberty," said Zeng Ke, a senior doctor at the incretion department of the Women and Children's Hospital of Guangdong Province.He said Guangzhou's citizens have a rich diet, including nourishing soups, seafood and animal innards.Parents also give their children supplements, such as deer antler and ginseng extracts.These foods, Zeng said, are high in protein or essential elements and accelerate children's growth."Western fast foods, such as burgers and fries from McDonalds or KFC, are favored by children and can increase their development," Li Wangen, a doctor at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said.The other reason for early development is improper sex education, Zeng said. Children have easy access to books, movies or music that are pornographic.If parents do not protect their children from exposure to pornographic material they will become sexually precocious, Zeng said.The survey found the number of children with the onset of early puberty was less in rural areas than in the city.(China Daily) 医学专家称,由于饮食营养丰富以及接触色情资料,如今的儿童开始早熟。据广东省妇幼医院一项有关儿童内分泌疾病的调查显示,早熟儿童的数量在过去十年中翻了一番。调查发现,广州儿童进入青春期的平均年龄从之前的13岁下降到了11岁。此外,数据表明,广州儿童的早熟率从十年前的0.5%上升到了今年的1.3%,高出全国平均水平0.3%。也就是说,在某些情况下,9岁半的男孩和8岁的女孩便会开始出现第二性特征。广东省妇幼医院内分泌科高级医师曾可说:“有一些因素造成了性早熟儿童增多。”他说,广州人饮食丰富,人们常摄入滋补汤、海鲜和动物内脏。家长也不忘给孩子们进补,让他们吃鹿茸、人参精华等营养品。曾医师说,这些食物里富含蛋白质及生命必需元素,能够加速儿童的生长发育。广州医学院第二附属医院的李万根医生说:“麦当劳、肯德基的汉堡和炸薯条等洋快餐深受儿童喜爱,而这种食物会使他们发育增快。”曾医师说,导致儿童早熟的另一个原因是性教育不当。现在的孩子很容易接触到色情书刊、色情电影和音乐。他说,父母应采取措施使孩子免受色情侵害,防止孩子性早熟。调查发现,农村地区早熟儿童的数量要少于城市。 /200803/29224武汉/哪个男性医院最好

武汉/市第九医院不孕不育多少钱Is there an antidote to anxiety? "I'm very frightened," said Julie White. But she has a remedy: the stretching and deep breathing of yoga. The practice is so calming that after the terror upgrade, White made an upgrade of her own--from one class a day to two. she says, "Yoga is my tranquilizer."”You may find the lotus pose hopelessly warm and fuzzy in the face of terror. But there are a host of activities, from working out to going for a massage, that can temper the anxiety. Many of these techniques have been used for decades, if not centuries; now advances in science are showing they can reduce the hormones associated with stress and even affect brain activity. The common trait among all: maintaining control and recognizing that our concerns are a natural response to the world we live in.The first step toward combating fear is identifying it. Keep in mind that headaches, stomachaches, sleeplessness and rapid heartbeat are all symptoms of anxiety. Confront the emotion head-on by naming it, even saying, "I feel fear about this," says Saki Santorelli, executive director of the University of Massachusetts Medical School's Center for Mindfulness. Acknowledging anxiety makes us less passive, less vulnerable and, as a result, more able to cope.Understand that fear is a component of stress, the complex fight-or-flight response ingrained in us since the cave days. When we're confronted with danger, epinephrine (adrenaline) starts pumping, the heart speeds up, blood pressure increases, breathing quickens.One of the most efficient ways to reduce stress is to focus inward on one thing we can effectively control: our own breath. At the Mind/Body Medical Institute, participants elicit a "relaxation response," repeating a word - anything from "om" to "Hail Mary"--silently as they exhale. In numerous studies, Benson has found that the practice leads to lower blood pressure, slower breathing and an overall calm.Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently found that a form of meditative breathing pioneered at the Center for Mindfulness can affect the brain. In a small, soon-to-be-published study, Davidson took brain images of 25 members of a biotech firm who practiced meditation six days a week for eight weeks. He found increased activation in the left side of the prefrontal part of the brain, an area associated with lower anxiety, positive emotion and inhibition of the amygdala, the brain's fear center.If sitting in one position for more than five minutes sounds impossible, you might try yoga. Concentrating on the physical intricacies of different poses forces you to filter out the "endless tape loops of chatter and fear," says Dr. Timothy McCall, medical editor of Yoga Journal, allowing you to be present in the moment. In so doing, you begin to clear the mind of future worries.That experience helps get rid of distorted thinking, says Stanford University psychiatrist Dr. David Burns. What to do in the face of terrorism? Accept your anxiety, but don't let it control you. And certainly don't ruminate on your own. "Anxiety feeds on itself," says Dr. Paul Appelbaum, president of the American Psychiatric Association, so talk to family and friends."Sharing the concern with others can be enormously helpful."”Scientists are finding that it can help to get outside your head completely. In a study of 60 schoolchildren traumatized by Hurricane Andrew, Tiffany Field, director of the University of Miami's Touch Research Institute, found that depression dropped in kids who received 30 minutes of massage twice a week for a month; kids who watched a relaxing showed no improvement. And cortisol levels, the body's marker for stress, declined significantly in the massage group. If massage isn't your thing, go for a vigorous walk, swim or bike ride. Exercise is not only good at keeping you fit; it reduces anxiety and depression, too.It may be difficult, but in troubled times, researchers say, people need to take comfort from life' s simplest pleasures.In a small study at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, Dr. O. J. Sahler found that bone-marrow transplant patients who listened to music reported less pain and nausea, and their transplants took less time to become functional. And, yes, laughter may be good medicine, too. Dr. Lee Berk, of the Loma Linda University School of Public Health, discovered that a group of students who watched a comic for an hour had marked reductions in epinephrine and cortisol levels. "If fear is too great," says Berk,"send in the clowns." Now that's something we can all meditate on. /200812/57595 Job flexibility is the key to keeping workers happy, productive and loyal to the company, a new study shows.Researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, found that workers who enjoyed more work flexibility were also less likely to say health problems affected their performance at work."For managers, the results suggest that implementing flexible work arrangements can contribute to the bottom-line," said Joseph Grzywacz, a professor of family medicine at the university.Workplace flexibility refers to the ability of employees to modify where, when and how long work their work is performed.Telecommuting, flexitime and job sharing were the main types of flexibility cited in the study published in the Psychologist-Manager journal.The researchers studied a health survey completed by 3,193 employees of a large multinational pharmaceutical company. They used the information to determine how increases or decreases in perceived flexibility from one year to the next were associated with a variety of factors.Decreases in flexibility over the year were associated with reduced job commitment, but had little impact on absence, they said.Offering a variety of alternative work arrangements and training managers and supervisors to be supportive of workers' personal lives may help in creating a culture of flexibility, researchers added. 别再寻找和你互补的爱人了,我们需要和自己相似的爱人,因为相似的相貌意味着我们有相似的个性。新的研究显示,和某人在一起时间越长,我们和他的长相就越相似。研究人员选取160对夫妻的单人照片,分别给11名的男性和11名女性看,让他们判断这些夫妻的年龄、魅力点和性格特征。但是在此之前,他们并不知道谁和谁是一对。22名参与者把他们认为相貌和性格相似的人摆在一起,而他们也恰恰就是真正的夫妻。而且,在一起生活时间越长的夫妻,相似性就越明显。研究人员认为共同的经历造成了他们的相似性。英国利物浦研究人员托尼·利特尔说:相貌和性格之间有关系这一想法听起来有点怪异,但却是有生物学依据的。他说:“睾丸激素直接影响男性化的脸型形成,也影响人的行为。脸可以反映我们的情绪,长时间重复一个表情也会改变我们的脸。”例如,一个人总是笑就会产生笑纹,别人就能看出这个人生活挺幸福的。此项研究显示,人们利用面部特征来判断某人的特点,对于每张脸,人们判断的依据也有所不同。但是眼睛和微笑绝对是判断的最重要依据。利特尔说:“笑容是社交中十分重要的友好表示,眼睛也是精力是否集中的最有力明。”利特尔说:整个面部也很重要。例如,由宽下巴和上扬的眉峰等组成的男性化面部特征会让人觉得不友好、不愿意合作。 /200804/36985武汉/阿波罗男科在那个地方武汉/尿道流脓




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