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1. DONT BE AFRAID TO GET DIRTYJennifer skipped brushing her hair and washing her face to prove she was gritty enough to star in Winter Bone, a movie in which she also skinned a squirrel. And since then, she gotten dirty in the less literal sense, swearing in interviews, flipping people off and confessing her transmation into a ;perverted guy; when she saw John Stamos ass.1.不要害怕弄脏詹妮弗没有梳头洗脸以明她足够坚定出演年的《冬天的骨头,在这部电影中她也剥了一只松鼠的皮自那以后,她变得不再是字面意思上的“脏”,在采访中咒骂,竖中指,当她看到约翰#86;斯塔莫斯的屁股时承认转变为“变态家伙” 7953It was the paean to his backpack that swung it. Jihan Bowes-Little’s ode to his bag, entitled “Goldman Rucksack”. The adrenalin rush the young American banker experienced retelling his dilemma – whether to wear his bag with the bank’s logo facing inward, unseen, or outwards and clearly visible – was his first public permance. It was there in that small west London venue that he decided to pursue a secret life as a hip-hop artist called Metis.一切都始于吉汉?鲍斯-利特尔(Jihan Bowes-Little,见上图)那首写给自己背包的歌——《高盛背包(Goldman Rucksack)第一次公开表演时,这名年轻的美国家只感到肾上腺素在体内奔涌那次表演的内容是用说唱的形式向观众讲述自己曾经面临的两难境地:是该将自己背包上的高盛标志朝向内侧让人看不见,还是该朝向外侧让人一目了然地看到呢?正是在那个位于伦敦西部的表演会场,他下定决心,以Metis的艺名开始了一段隐秘的嘻哈艺人生涯The dual career saw him swapping suits at the end of his office day baggy jeans and trainers, scribbling lyrics while trading credit derivatives at Goldman Sachs, and taking calls from Tokyo after rapping at steamy gigs. After that first night’s permance, he refused to speak about his banking job to his fellow permers. He tried to keep the double life a secret from both the banking and the hip-hop fraternity – at one point even hiring a public relations consultant to keep his name out of the press.从那时起,鲍斯-利特尔开始了一种双重职业的生活他白天在高盛(Goldman Sachs)做信贷衍生品交易员,下班后脱下西装、换上宽松的牛仔裤和运动鞋,去喧闹的演出场所表演说唱有时,他一边交易着信贷衍生品,一边匆忙写几句歌词;有时,刚表演完,他就接到东京打来的工作电话在第一次登台那晚之后,他就不再向其他表演者谈及他在的工作他努力不让的同事知道他的夜间职业,也努力不让其他说唱歌手知道他的日间职业有一度,他甚至雇佣了一名公关顾问,来确保他的名字不出现在媒体上The inspiration his second career came seven years ago, when the American became transfixed watching Saul Williams, the spoken word poet. “It was just, like, absolutely mind-blowing,” recalls Mr Bowes-Little, sitting in a private members’ club in Notting Hill, home to bankers and the carnival. “One person on stage captivating a room full of people, no music, no distractions.”鲍斯-利特尔第二职业的灵感来自7年前,当时,在位于诺丁山的一家面向家的私人会所,他被说唱诗人索尔?威廉斯(Saul Williams)的表演迷住了他回忆道:“这,怎么说呢,绝对是震撼心灵他一个人往舞台上一站,没有音乐,没有其他东西的纷扰,就那样把整屋人迷住了”Walking back to his flat with his friend, the pair, who had never permed in public bee, challenged themselves to try their hand at it. Which is how, a week later, Mr Bowes-Little, who was then 6, found himself dry-mouthed and anxious preparing to deliver “Goldman Rucksack” on stage at an Open Mic night. The lines were public musings on his personal dilemma: “I wanted underground soul, with overseas dough, they said you maybe have one but you can’t have both.”跟朋友一起返回公寓之后,两个从来没公开表演过的人开始挑战自我、强迫自己尝试公开表演就这样,一周之后,当时6岁的鲍斯-利特尔开始为参加“开放麦克风之夜”(Open Mic night)做准备,那首《高升背包练得他口干舌燥、焦躁不安这首歌的歌词唱出了他对自己那段两难经历的思考:“我想玩地下音乐,赚全世界人的钱,可他们说,这两样你不能都得”The rhyme was about the company bag that is issued to junior employees starting at investment banks. To Mr Bowes-Little, who is thoughtful to the point of being over-analytical, a rucksack is more than just something you use to carry stuff in. “When you walk around Wall Street, there are just hundreds of kids all walking around branded by their respective banks.”这首歌写的是投行发给新员工的背包鲍斯-利特尔非常爱思考,甚至到了有些过分的地步对他而言,背包不只是一种用来携带东西的工具“走在华尔街,可以看到无数年轻人,背着标有他们所在标识的背包在街上走”Mr Bowes-Little, who is mixed-race and the first in his family to attend university, says that despite joining Goldman Sachs, he still had a great deal of prejudice about the elitist world of banking and a strong “sense that I didn’t want to let being in finance change who I was”.鲍斯-利特尔是混血儿,也是家族里出的第一个大学生他说,尽管进了高盛公司,但他对精英云集的界仍抱有许多成见,并强烈地“感到不想让这份金融业工作改变自己是谁”So he refused to sport the company logo, preferring instead to carry his old beaten-up bag. “After a while I thought, ‘This is a bit contrived. I need a new bag’. So I put it on. But I was walking out of my flat, and I thought should I wear it this way, with the insignia out. Or should I wear it the other way. In or out? Is it ego? Or is going the other way equally egoistic.”,他拒绝展示公司的标识,宁愿背自己那个十分破旧的包“过了一段时间,我想,‘这有点不自然我必须背新包’于是我就背上了公司的背包然而走出公寓以后,我想,我是应该就这么把标识露在外面背着,还是应该换个面?朝里还是朝外?朝外背是否太自负?抑或朝里背也同样自负?”He wore it inside-out, left the gym wearing his tracksuit and headphones and got on the train. His fellow passengers backed away from him. “I was feeling quite judged. I knew all I had to do was turn my bag around to change everybody’s definition of me.”于是,他把背包里面翻出来背着,穿着运动,戴着耳机离开了健身房,然后登上了列车同车厢的乘客都躲着他“当时我感觉自己受到了歧视我知道,我只用把背包翻个面,就能顿时让所有人对我刮目相看”Originally from northern Calinia, he studied philosophy and economics at Brown University, and became attracted to banking not just because of the salary, which promised a lifestyle far more moneyed than that of his parents, but because it was “competitive” and “exciting”. He undertook an internship at Morgan Stanley, often working until 3am.鲍斯-利特尔的老家在美国加州北部,他在布朗大学(Brown University)念过哲学和经济学对他而言,业之所以吸引人,不仅是因为高薪(业的薪水能够确保让他过上比父母宽裕得多的生活),还因为这个行业“充满竞争”、“非常刺激”他曾在根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)实习过一段时间,那段时间他常常工作到凌晨三点While a postgraduate student at the London School of Economics, he became mesmerised by the enigmatic Christian Siva-Jothy, then head of proprietary trading – which was subsequently banned – at Goldman Sachs. Mr Siva-Jothy’s talk to LSE students made Mr Bowes-Little “fall in love with trading”.在伦敦政治经济学院(London School of Economics)念研究生时,鲍斯-利特尔被当时的高盛自营交易业务(该业务后来被禁止了)主管克里斯蒂安?西瓦-乔西(Christian Siva-Jothy)迷住了西瓦-乔西在伦敦政治经济学院的演讲,让鲍斯-利特尔“一下子爱上了券交易”“There were all these rumours about him, that he lived on a private island and landed his helicopter on the top of the office?.?.?.?when Christian got up and spoke, he was really unassuming, really quiet, really humble, kind of a Buddha-like character.” Proprietary trading – in which a bank trades its own profit, rather than a client’s, independently of the bank’s other activities – appeared philosophical and pure to the impressionable Mr Bowes-Little. “They don’t look [or act] anything like other traders. They have a centredness.”“有许多关于他的传闻,比如他住在一个私人的小岛上,乘直升飞机去上班……当克里斯蒂安站起来、开口说话的时候,我发现他真的非常谦逊、非常安静、非常谦卑,简直是佛陀一样的人物”所谓自营交易业务,就是为了替自己(而不是客户)盈利而开展的独立于其他业务的交易活动对当年容易受影响的鲍斯-利特尔而言,这种交易活动显得超然而纯粹“他们的样子(或行为)一点儿也不像其他交易员他们非常平静”So he joined Goldman Sachs in New York in the principal finance division bee moving to London, where he was invited to join the proprietary traders as an analyst. After the traders left to set up their own hedge funds, he switched to credit derivatives in . (He defends the mortgage products as “no more nuts than the people who bought houses times their own income”.)于是,他加入了高盛在纽约的Principal Finance部门之后他又去了伦敦,在那里他受邀加入了自营交易部门,做分析师在该部门的交易员离开高盛创办自己的对冲基金之后,他于年调到了信贷衍生品部门(他认为抵押贷款券产品无罪,因为它们“并不比买下倍于自身收入的房子的那些人更疯狂”)Trading, he insists, is meritocratic, thereby ditching his youthful prejudices. “It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, man or woman, intellectual or pseudointellectual, if you’re a braggart, you can’t really hide behind the numbers. I was judged what I produced, which, an ethnic minority, is a real rarity. It’s really freeing.”他坚持说,券交易这一行是凭实力说话的,由此抛弃了年轻时的偏见“不论是毛头小伙还是长者,男人还是女人,鸿儒还是白丁,如果你只会夸夸其谈,迟早会被数字揭穿人们依据我的成果对我做出评价对于一名少数族裔人士来说,这真的十分罕见非常让人舒心”Nonetheless, he was anxious about his identity as a hip-hop artist becoming known at work.不过,他很担心自己因嘻哈歌手的身份在公司出名“It’s a cliché, the only black or mixed-race person on the floor being a rapper. It didn’t feel like the best way to market myself to senior management.”“这简直像那种老套情节——公司里唯一的黑人或者说混血儿是名嘻哈歌手我感觉这不是向高层管理者推销自己的最好办法”So every night he would leave work and perm in open mic nights all over London.就这样,每天晚上下班以后,他在伦敦各处的开放麦克风之夜表演说唱After the credit crunch, he quit. “The atmosphere at work was tiring. The music was happening.”年信贷危机之后,他辞职了“公司里的氛围令人烦躁我感到了音乐的召唤”He flew to Los Angeles to focus on music, cushioned by his savings. But after a year, and despite some critical success, his hip-hop career failed to take off – so he returned to London to work a hedge fund. He refuses to disclose the fund’s name but it is easy to find by searching Google. Since his re-entry into the world of finance, he has not been tempted to leave. “I was really trapped bee. I don’t feel trapped any more.”他飞去了洛杉矶,专心做音乐,用积蓄暂时应付开销然而一年之后,尽管取得了一些重大成功,他的嘻哈生涯却仍然未见起色于是,他回到伦敦,去了一家对冲基金他拒绝透露该基金的名字,不过通过谷歌很容易搜出来自从重返金融业以来,他没有过离开的打算“之前我感觉烦躁不安如今我没有这种感觉了”Nonetheless, he still spends time in the studio and is preparing to launch his single, “All In”, a track that was used by Coca-Cola its advertising campaign in Mexico.不过,他依然花时间在工作室里做音乐,并准备发行一首单曲——《都来吧(All In)这首歌曾被可口可乐(Coco-Cola)用在墨西哥的广告宣传中Instead of dreaming of escaping banking, he insists, this dual life is better. Now he finds parallels between the two worlds.他坚持说,比起憧憬逃离业,如今的双重生活更好现在的他发现了两个世界的相似之处“Both banking and hip hop are very competitive, both are incredibly exciting and at the very, very, very top, remunerative.”“业和嘻哈艺术竞争性都非常强,两者都非常刺激,并且这两个行业中最拔尖者都能赚很多钱”Surely both rappers and bankers are braggarts? “Hip hop is probably the genre of music where people talk about themselves the most.” He concedes that brash, Porsche-driving traders have much in common with blingtastic gangsta-rap stars.不过,说唱歌手和家显然都是夸夸其谈之徒?他回答说:“嘻哈可能是歌手谈论自己最多的一种音乐类别了”他承认,那些开着保时捷、不可一世的交易员,与那些打扮花里胡哨的黑帮说唱乐明星有许多共同之处But he points out that “there is an incredibly poetic intelligent [strand] of hip hop as well”, suggesting there are similarities between underground spoken word permers and the ultra-discreet proprietary traders.不过他指出:“嘻哈音乐中也有(一类)非常富有诗意”他还暗示说,地下说唱表演者与极度谨慎的自营业务交易员也有类似之处Today he mixes his two worlds, instead of keeping them secret and separate.如今,他把两个世界融为一体,而不再将两者隔离开、让两者互不知晓“The kinds of finance people who like to come to the hip-hop shows I never would have expected. People are more multifaceted than I think we give them credit . It’s not obvious to me that bankers are less creative than musicians.”“来观看我的嘻哈表演的那些金融界人士,是我原本永远也想象不到会来的那些人我认为,人的多面性能够超越我们最大胆的想象在我看来,家不一定不如音乐家有创意” 6656

A new Chinese television reality show where entertainers hug whale sharks, kiss lions, feed pandas and dress up baby chimpanzees has come under fire from wildlife conservationists who want it taken off the air, saying such activities are cruel and are dangerous both the humans and animals.中国一档今年新推出的真人秀节目引起了动物保护者的批评这档节目中,明星来到野生动物园,拥抱鲸鲨,亲吻狮子,给熊猫喂食,还给幼年猩猩换衣动物保护者说,这些人与野生动物的互动对动物残忍,而且人和动物都可能遇到危险The show, called “Wonderful Friends,” is the latest programming success from Hunan TV. The broadcaster, based in Changsha, was behind the hugely popular talent show “Super Girl,” which drew more than 00 million viewers its season finale in when viewers got to vote their favorite contestant.这档名为《奇妙的朋友的节目是湖南卫视最近的一个大热门总部在长沙的湖南卫视曾经播出火爆的《超级女声,年季终剧集有亿人观看,粉丝通过短信投票选出“超女”The winning “Super Girl” herself, Li Yuchun, is now a major pop singer and among the six stars on “Wonderful Friends.” The new show was an immediate hit. An estimated million people watched the first episode when it aired on Jan. . Seven episodes in, it has attracted more than 196,000 followers on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like social media platm.那年的“超女”李宇春就是《奇妙的朋友中六位明星之一这档真人秀一播出即大受欢迎1月日首集播出时全国约有00万人观看目前已经播出了七集,在新浪微上,就已经聚集了超过19.6万名粉丝In each episode, Ms. Li and her fellow participants are given zookeeping tasks that allow them to interact with wild animals at Chimelong Safari Park in the southern city of Guangzhou, whose website boasts of ,000 rare animals and “the world’s most enchanting white tiger permance guests.” The show’s mission, Chimelong says on its website, is to bring humans and animals closer together.每集中,李宇春和其他明星会在广州长隆野生动物园接受一个与动物园管理有关的任务,这些任务让他们有机会和动物们亲密接触长隆动物园的网站介绍说,动物园有万只野生动物,还有全世界最精的白虎表演长隆说,《奇妙的朋友的目的是让人类与动物更加接近Animal welfare advocates say that is exactly what should be avoided.动物保护主义者却说,这恰恰是应该避免的“There are so many reasons why ‘Wonderful Friends’ shouldn’t be on the air,” Dave Neale of Animals Asia, an advocacy group based in Hong Kong, said in a statement. “It is hugely misleading to the public about the needs and welfare of captive animals and does so while putting their welfare and health at risk.”“出于太多的理由,应该停播《奇妙的朋友,”总部在香港的亚洲动物基金的戴夫·尼尔在一则声明中说“关于动物园动物的需求和福利,它严重误导公众,同时还威胁到他们的福利和健康”Animals Asia is leading a campaign to have the show canceled, and it says “thousands of social media users” in China are backing its call. A group of activists based in Beijing called Freedom Animal Actors has presented a petition to the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, which regulates China’s broadcasters.亚洲动物基金发起了一个运动,要求停播这个节目该组织的声明中说:中国“数千社交网络用户”响应了他们的呼吁北京一个名为“拯救表演动物”的志愿者组织还向广电总局投递了公开信“Many people may think getting cuddly is an expression of love. What they don’t realize is wild animals need space,” said Xie Yan, a zoologist and China director of the Wildlife Conservation Society, which is based in New York. “Putting clothes on chimpanzees is not as adorable as you may think from the animals’ point of view.”“很多人会觉得宠爱就是对动物的爱护但他们不明白,野生动物应该在不受干扰的环境中生存,”总部在纽约的国际野生生物保护学会动物学家和中国项目主任解焱说“人们觉得给猩猩穿上衣很可爱,从动物的角度,却不是这样”The hazards run both ways when humans and animals get too close, Ms. Xie added.解焱还说,人与动物过于接近,危险是双向的One of the celebrity participants in the show, Ni Ni, an actress who appeared in Zhang Yimou’s “The Flowers of War,” was bitten by a chimpanzee on the first day of taping and had to be rushed to the hospital rabies shots, according to a report in Xin Kuai Bao, a Guangzhou newspaper.根据广州《新快报的报道,《奇妙的朋友中一个演员、曾出演张艺谋电影《金陵十三钗的倪妮在开拍第一天就被猩猩咬伤,紧急送到了医院打狂犬疫苗Telephone calls seeking comment went unanswered on Wednesday and Thursday at Hunan TV’s headquarters. The broadcaster told The Beijing News last week that the celebrities had undergone training bee taping started, without specifying what kind. Professional zookeepers can be seen supervising them during the show.周三和周四时,记者始终未能联系到湖南卫视在长沙的总部上周,湖南卫视接受《新京报采访时说,参加拍摄的明星之前都曾经过培训,但未说明是什么样的培训每集节目中,观众可以看到,有专业的动物园工作人员监督明星们的活动Hunan TV and the animal protection group WildAid had discussed running a joint fund-raising campaign animal welfare during the show, according to the San Francisco-based group’s China program director, May Mei. She said the plan was dropped because WildAid officials could not see a preview or pilot episode of the show.据旧金山动物保护组织野生救援的中国项目主任子雯说,她所在的机构和湖南卫视曾讨论在节目中开展联合募捐活动,用于推动动物福利但她说,这个计划后来被放弃了,因为野生救援未能事先看到样片“I guess their idea was to get their viewers to love the animals, which could be a promising start conservation efts,” Ms. Mei said. “But we do not agree with their entertainment-oriented approach.”“我想他们的思路是希望人们对动物会更加喜爱,先有了喜爱才会去保护,”子雯说“但我们不赞同他们追求的拍摄方式”Using celebrities to focus public attention on wildlife is a common practice in conservation campaigns. Last year, WildAid released the documentary “The End of the Wild,” which follows the Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming to Africa, where he highlighted the problem of elephant and rhinoceros poaching.在野生动物保护中,用名人效应吸引公众注意也是惯常的做法去年,野生救援推出纪录片《野性的终结,记录了篮球明星姚明赴非洲了解大象和犀牛盗猎的见闻But the difference with “Wonderful Friends,” Ms. Mei said, is that in an awareness campaign like Mr. Yao’s, human observers keep their distance. “Yao was there to see the hard truth of poaching, and that is different from a show created to drive ratings,” she said.但子雯说,与《奇妙的朋友不同,姚明的纪录片中,人类观察者与野生动物是保持距离的“姚明在非洲是为了直面盗猎的真相,和追求收视率的电视节目是不一样的,”她说Critics also argue that the show violates Chinese wildlife protection laws.批评者还说,这档节目违反了中国野生动物保护的相关法规In , China’s State estry Administration banned entertainment activities at zoos that allow nonprofessionals to have close contact with wild animals. But the ban carried no penalties and has been loosely enced. It is widely ignored by Chinese zoos and wildlife parks, where visitors are often seen petting animals and posing photographs with them.年,中国林业局曾禁止动物园从事游客与动物亲密接触的活动但这个禁令没有惩罚措施,执行也不力在中国的动物园,这个禁令经常被无视,游客爱抚动物、与动物合影的情况很普遍In December, four giant pandas at a breeding facility in the northwestern province of Shaanxi contracted distemper, and all have since died. Transmission from humans or their pets is suspected because the facility was open to tourists.去年月,陕西一个大熊猫繁殖基地的四头大熊猫感染犬瘟,全部死亡这个基地是对游客开放的,怀疑是人类或宠物把病毒传染给了熊猫In response to the pandas’ deaths, the estry Administration issued another directive in January reiterating its rules, but once again without measures encement.事后,林业局又传达禁令,重申游客与野生动物不得亲密接触,但仍然没有明确罚则Chimelong did not respond to emailed requests comment on Thursday. In an interview last week with Xin Kuai Bao, it said it receives more than million visitors a year to its safari park in Guangzhou and its aquatic theme park in Zhuhai. “Wonderful Friends” viewers are offered chances to win free tickets to Chimelong parks.长隆到周四时仍然没有回应采访请求上周接受《新快报采访时,长隆介绍说,集团下的野生动物园和珠海的海洋馆每年共接待游客00万人《奇妙的动物播出时,观众可以参与互动,有机会赢得免费的长隆观光门票 366

As pop star misdemeanours go, Minami Minegishi was tame in the extreme – breaking her group strict dating ban to spend a night with her boyfriend.随着流行歌星不当行为曝光,峰岸南极度自责——打破她所在团体的禁爱令,与男友共度一夜Yet hours after a magazine published photographs of her leaving his home last month, Minegishi, a member of the wildly popular girl band AKB8, went on to YouTube to issue a tearful apology.然而在一份杂志公布上个月她离开他家的照片的几小时后,峰岸南,AKB8组合的人气成员,紧接着在YouTube发布含泪道歉的视频;As a senior member of the group, it is my responsibility to be a role model younger members,; she said, bee ending the four-minute mea culpa with a deep, lingering bow.“作为该组合的元老成员,成为后辈的道德楷模是我的责任,”在结束分钟认错以及深深鞠躬之前她说道The most striking thing about her apology, however, was her appearance. She had shaved her head, a traditional act of contrition inJapan, but perhaps a step too far a -year-old woman whose ;crime; was to have found herself a boyfriend – 19-year-old Alan Shirahama, a dancer in a boyband.然而,关于她的道歉最令人震惊的事是她的外表她剃掉她的头发,日本一种传统的忏悔行为,但对一个岁的女孩也许有点过分,其“罪行”是被发现自己有一个男朋友——19岁的白滨亚岚,一个男生组合里的舞者Minegishi explained she had decided to cut off her long hair immediately after seeing her photograph, her face hidden behind a surgical mask and a baseball cap, in the weekly tabloid Shukan Bunshun on Thursday.峰岸南解释说在看到她的照片之后她立即决定剃光了她的长发,她把脸隐藏在口罩和棒球帽里,在周四的每周小报《文春周刊里 Her dramatic gesture underlined the strict rules to which Japan young pop stars must adhere to project an image of unimpeachable morals.她戏剧性的姿态强调了日本年轻明星必须坚持其无懈可击的道德楷模形象的严格规定In the YouTube , which has been viewed more than 3m times, Minegishi said the assignation has been ;thoughtless and immature;.在YouTube视频上,这已经被浏览超过3百万次,峰岸南说这段约会一直是“轻率和不成熟的”;If it is possible, I wish from the bottom of my heart to stay in the band,; she said. ;Everything I did is entirely my fault. I am so sorry.“如果有可能,我从心底希望能留在乐队,”她说“我所做的一切完全是我的错我很抱歉”;I dont believe just doing this means I can be given what I did, but the first thing I thought was that I dont want to quit AKB8.;“我认为仅仅这样做并不意味着我所做的事可以被原谅,但我首先想到的是我不想离开AKB8”AKB8 management agency demoted her to ;trainee level; starting on Friday, according to the band official blog.AKB8管理机构周五开始降级她的“学员水平”,根据该乐队的官方客Minegishi is among the original members of the band, which since it med in has built up a huge following among teenage girls and salarymen who flock to concerts and publicity events the chance to shake hands with their idols.峰岸南是乐队的原始成员,从年成立起已经在少女和上班族之中形成一个庞大的追随群,他们蜂拥而至音乐会和宣传活动以获得与他们偶像握手的机会 39

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