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2018年01月21日 20:17:32

Chinese tech giant Baidu Inc announced on Thursday that it will update its cloud acceleration service in a bid to speed up the country#39;s cross-border webpage visits, buffering with a more secure cloud security ecosystem.中国的科技巨头百度在周四宣布,为了加快跨境网页访问,将对其云加速务进行升级,打造更为安全的云生态环境。The Cloud Acceleration 3.0, the latest service in the Baidu cloud security system, makes foreign sites more easily accessible in China and protects websites from security violations like malware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.云加速3.0是百度云安全系统推出的最新务,它使得我们在中国能够更轻松地访问国外网站,并保护网站避免安全违规,比如恶意软件和分布式拒绝务攻击。;Web security has become increasingly important because of the crucial role the Internet plays, especially in the burgeoning Internet of Things, in this globalized world,; said Baidu#39;s president Zhang Yaqin at the product#39;s global launch event held in Beijing.“在这个全球化的世界中,互联网扮演着至关重要的角色,在迅速增长的物联网中更是这样,因此网络安全变得越来越重要,”百度总裁张亚勤在于北京举行的产品全球发布会上如是说。;It requires us to move faster and smarter to build a wider and more connected security network,;he said. ;Technological innovation is the key.;“这要求我们动作要快,反应要灵敏,来建立一个更为广泛、联系更为紧密的安全网络,”他说。“科技创新是关键。”Baidu has been taking the initiative with its partners to develop a more inclusive cloud security ecosystem in the past few years.在过去的几年里,百度一直与其合作伙伴一起主动开发更具包容性的云安全生态系统。The web behemoth confirmed just a few days ago to have joined US start-up CloudFlare, a content delivery network (CDN) provider, to develop a better and safer Internet.几天前,网络巨头百度确认与美国公司CloudFlare——一家内容分发网络厂商合作,以此来开发更为完善安全的网络。The partnership uses a mixture of CloudFlare#39;s web traffic technology and Baidu#39;s network of data centers in the country, enabling Chinese and international businesses to grow their global online presence.此次合作利用CloudFlare网络通信技术和百度数据中心网络的结合,使得中国和国际企业能够实现全球在线业务的增长。Earlier this year, the company wholly acquired online security startup Anquanbao, a cloud-based software program in China, to underpin and speed up its Baidu Cloud services.今年早些时候,百度全资收购了网络安全公司安全宝——中国的一个基于云务的软件程序,以此来巩固并加速其百度云务的发展。Things will get easier through cooperation because Baidu alone is unlikely to excel in all areas of the cloud security ecosystem, said Ma Jie who heads up Baidu#39;s cloud security unit.合作使事情变得容易,因为百度不可能对云安全生态系统的所有领域都十分擅长,百度云安全总经理马杰如是说。The company is now estimated to own roughly one-third of Chinese enterprises#39; web security market, as reported by the New York Times.《纽约时报》报道,据估计,百度现在大致拥有中国企业网络安全的三分之一市场。 /201509/400158武汉同济医院治疗阳痿早泄On Wednesday morning, during Google’s annual meeting, a shareholder named John M. Simpson stood up to question the company’s top executives about its self-driving car program. They were not friendly questions.周三早上,谷歌(Google)举行年会时,一位名叫约翰·M·辛普森(John M. Simpson)的股东站起来,向公司的高管提问关于自动驾驶汽车项目的问题。这些问题可并不友好。Simpson, 67, works for a nonprofit called Consumer Watchdog, where he directs its Privacy Project. In recent years, he has focused largely on Google, which, he told me, he hopes to prod into “being more respectful of people’s privacy when they do business.” Owning Google stock allows him to ask questions at the annual meeting.67岁的辛普森供职于一家名为消费者监督(Consumer Watchdog)的非营利机构,是该机构隐私项目(Privacy Project)的主管。近几年来,他基本上都在关注谷歌,他告诉我,他希望督促这家公司“在经营业务时更尊重人们的隐私”。由于持有谷歌的股份,他可以在一年一度的会议上提问。In the run-up to this week’s meeting, Simpson issued a string of press releases critical of Google’s self-driving vehicles. He feared that Google would collect data from car owners, stripping away even more of people’s privacy. He noted that Google’s “autonomous cars,” as they’re called, have been involved in 11 accidents (two recent fender-benders brings it up to 13). He listed what he said were the technology’s flaws: for instance, that it can’t make out hand signals from a driver in another car.在本周的会议召开之前,辛普森发表了一系列新闻稿批评谷歌的自动驾驶汽车。他担心,谷歌会收集车主的数据,盘剥人们更多的隐私。他注意到,已经有11宗事故(算上最近的两次剐蹭,共有13宗)都涉及谷歌的所谓“自动汽车”。他提到了一些在他看来属于技术缺陷的问题,例如,不能理解另一辆车中司机做出的手势。Finally, Simpson noted that Google — and Google alone — envisions cars that have no steering wheels or brakes, cars where everyone is a passenger. Simpson views this as Google’s hubris, pointing out that other car companies view self-driving technology as a complement, not replacement, for the driver. “We think there always needs to be the ability of a human to take over if need be,” he told me. Having looked into it more closely, I’ve come to the opposite conclusion.最后,辛普森提到,谷歌——只有谷歌——构想的是一种没有方向盘、没有刹车的汽车,所有人都是乘客。辛普森认为,这是谷歌的傲慢。他指出,其他汽车公司认为,自动驾驶技术对司机是一种补充,而不是替代。“我们认为,让人类在必要时控制车辆,这一点总是需要的,”他告诉我。在更仔细地研究过这一问题之后,我得出了相反的结论。Google’s effort to build a self-driving car is part of the division called Google X, led by a scientist with the too perfect name of Astro Teller. The goal of Google X is to attempt “moonshots” — efforts that require a radical solution that, if they succeed, would solve a huge problem (while making a nice return for Google, of course). The big problem self-driving cars could help solve, said Teller in a recent speech, is the “1.2 million people who die every year in car accidents.”谷歌制造自动驾驶汽车的项目,是一个称作Google X的部门开展的。领导这个部门的科学家有一个再合适不过的名字,叫做阿斯特罗·泰勒(Astro Teller,意为“星际揭秘者”——译注)。Google X的目标是尝试“瞄准月亮开炮”——这样志存高远的项目需要激进的解决方案,如果成功的话可以解决重大问题(当然也可以为谷歌带来丰厚的回报)。泰勒在最近的一次演讲中说道,自动驾驶汽车可以解决的重大问题是,“每年在行车事故中有120万人丧生”。During the six years Google has been working on self-driving technology, its cars have been taught to understand how to traverse the roads. With their combination of robotics, sensors and computing power, they know how to stop at a stop sign, look for oncoming pedestrians, change lanes, get on the freeway and anticipate all the various problems that drivers face.在谷歌研究自动驾驶技术的六年时间里,研究人员已经让谷歌汽车学会了在马路上如何通行。通过综合运用机器人技术、传感器和计算能力,这些汽车懂得怎样在停车标牌前停车、注意走来的行人、变道、驶入高速路,并为司机遇到的各种问题预先做好准备。Using retrofitted Lexuses, Google has driven a million miles autonomously. More recently, it has built several dozen small cars without steering wheels and brakes and is y to test them in the streets of Mountain View, Calif. (though the State of California is insisting that Google add a steering wheel and brakes to the cars it sends out for this experiment).谷歌使用经过改装的雷克萨斯(Lexus)汽车,已经自动驾驶了100万英里。最近,谷歌还制造了数十辆没有方向盘和刹车的小轿车,而且已经准备好在加利福尼亚州山景市(Mountain View)的街道上进行试驾。(不过加州参议院坚持要求谷歌在开上街头试驾的车辆中,增加方向盘和刹车。)It’s true that Google is alone in envisioning a world of completely driverless cars, while other car companies see self-driving technology as merely an extra feature that can be turned off. Google’s conclusion is not the result of hubris, however. Unlike its new cars, the retrofitted Lexuses also allow for human driving.的确,只有谷歌在构想一个汽车完全无人驾驶的世界,而其他汽车厂商认为,自动驾驶技术只是一个可以关闭的额外功能。但是谷歌得出这样的论断并不是因为傲慢。不像谷歌新制造的汽车那样,改装的雷克萨斯也允许人类驾驶。Google realized that when people had the ability to drive autonomously, they paid less attention to what they were doing. “People don’t even pay attention to driving when they are driving,” said Teller. The cars, which have 360-degree vision and can “see” much further ahead than humans, were at their safest when people didn’t have the option of taking the controls.谷歌发现,尽管人类有自主驾驶汽车的能力,但他们对自己正在做的事情付出的注意力更少。“人们在开车的时候,甚至都不去注意与开车相关的事情,”泰勒说。这些汽车有着360度的视野,可以“看到”的距离远比人类远,不提供让人类控制的选项,反而是最安全的。Alain Kornhauser, a self-driving car expert at Princeton University, pointed out to me that when the auto companies install autonomous features to aid drivers, it won’t be the humans who escape accidents by taking over from the technology — which is what Simpson assumes. Rather, the technology will step in to override human error.普林斯顿大学(Princeton University)的自动驾驶汽车专家艾伦·科恩豪泽(Alain Kornhauser)指出,汽车厂商为了辅助驾驶员而安装了自动驾驶技术,但这不是像辛普森所设想的那样,让人类从科技手中夺过驾驶权,进而从事故中脱身,而是让技术介入,纠正人类的错误。Google notes that in every accident its cars have been involved in, all of them minor, the self-driving cars have never been at fault — except on the one occasion when a Google driver took the controls. And all the “flaws” Simpson notes are things that Google has either solved or is in the process of solving.谷歌提到,涉及该公司汽车的事故都是小事故,而且任何一起事故中,自动驾驶汽车都没有责任——只有一起除外,而那次事故中谷歌的驾驶员掌握了方向盘。而且辛普森提到的所有“缺陷”,谷歌不是已经解决,就是正在解决过程中。At the annual meeting, Simpson asked Google if it would pledge not to use any customer data it gathers from driverless cars for marketing purposes. David Drummond, the company’s general counsel, ducked the question, saying it was too early to make any such pledge. Simpson also asked Google to release the accident reports. In truth, Google has released plenty of information about the accidents, and on Friday began issuing monthly reports that include descriptions of accidents.在年会上,辛普森询问谷歌,是否愿意承诺,不将无人驾驶汽车中搜集的顾客数据用于营销目的。谷歌首席法务官戴维·德拉蒙德(David Drummond)回避了这个问题,称现在做出任何此类承诺都为时过早。辛普森还要求谷歌公布相关的事故报告。实际上,谷歌发布了很多关于事故的信息,而且开始在周五发布月度报告,其中包括对事故的描述。Simpson and other consumer advocates are right to press Google — and all the big tech companies — on privacy issues. The profligate use of our data has become a big concern for many Americans. But on the question of whether Google should be promoting completely autonomous cars, he couldn’t be more wrong. The sooner they are a reality, the safer we’ll all be.#9744;辛普森和其他消费者权益倡导人士就隐私议题向谷歌(以及所有大型科技企业)施压是正确的。对我们的数据的恣意使用,已经成了许多美国人担心的大问题。至于谷歌是不是应该推广完全自动驾驶的汽车,他真是大错特错。它们越早成为现实,我们大家就越安全。 /201506/380102武汉割包皮去哪里好?Xu Xiake and The Travel Diaries of Xu Xiake徐霞客与《徐霞客游记》A traveler and geographer of the late Ming Dynasty(1368一1644) Xu Xiake, also named Hongzu(1587一1641)was born in today’s Jiangyin of East China’s Jiangsu Province. He studied the ancient classics as a small boy and teamed to write the eight-part essay prescribed for the imperial civil service examination,but refused to take part in the imperial examination. Instead,he de-veloped an interest in historical books,especially such books on different places,and devoted himself to traveling all over the country.徐霞客(1587-1641),原名弘祖,字振之,别号霞客,江苏江阴人,明代杰出的地理学家、旅行家。童年上私塾时,即听背经书,作八股文。但徐霞客偏偏没兴趣,有兴趣的是看古今史书,尤其是地方志并遍游名山大川。From the age of 21,Xu Xiake began to travel around and for thirty years he conducted surveys in 16 provinces,leaving his footsteps in virtually every part of the country. In conducting his surveys and investigations,he would never blindly embrace the conclusions recorded in previous documents. Instead,he discovered that the documentations made by his predecessors in their geographical studies were quite unreliable in many aspects.21岁开始出游,30年间足迹遍及现在江苏、浙江、安徽、山东、河北、山西、陕西、河南、湖北、湖南、福建、广东、广西、江西、贵州、云南等16个省区。在他的调查研究中,他从不盲目轻信前人留下的文献总结。相反,他发现了前人在文献中记述的地理研究有很多谬误偏差。To ensure that his reconnaissance were real and detailed,he seldom traveled by ship or by wagon. He climbed over mountains and hills and traveled long dis-lances almost entirely on foot.为了使自己的勘察具体准确,他几乎舍弃了乘车或乘船,而是不畏艰险,徒步跋涉。Xu’s main contributions to geography include:他在地理学上的重要贡献主要有:-A detailed scientific study of the karst landform. Xu visited over 270 caves in the(South China) Guangxi Autonomous Region and in(Southwest) Guizhou and (Southwest)Yunnan provinces,kept records of their directions, height, and depth,and elaborated on the cause of the formation. He was a pioneer in system-alit karst studies in both China and the world.对喀斯特地貌类型分布和差异,有详细的考察和科学的记述。仅在广西、贵州、云南三省,他亲自探察270多个洞穴,且有方向、高宽、深度之具体记载并初步论述成因,他是中国和世界广泛考察喀斯特地貌的卓越先驱;-Correcting some mistakes of the records on the source and waterways of Chinese rivers.纠正了文献记载的关于中国水道源流的一些错误;-Observing and recording the species of many plants,explicitly putting for-ward the influences that landform,temperature,and wind speed might have on the distribution and blooming of plants.观察记述了很多植物的生态品种,明确提出了地形、气温、风速对植物分布和开花早晚的各种影响;-Conducting survey on the vol-cano relics of Tengchong Mountain in South China’s Yunnan Province.Xu kept records of the shape and quality of the red pumice expelled from the volcano,and provided sci-entific explanation on the phenome-non.调查了云南腾冲山的火山遗迹,科学记录与解释了喷发出来的红色浮石的形状、质地或成因;-A detailed depiction of the phenomenon of terrestrial heat, the earliest of its kind in China.对地热现象的详细描述在中国也是最早的;-An excellent account of the people and places he had traveled.对所到之处的人文地理情况作了不少精的记述。Xu Xiake contribution to the ancient Chinese geography was unprecedented,especially his detailed narration of the karst landform. His travel journal was tom-piled by the later generations into a book called The Travel Diaries of Xu Xiake,which is of high scientific and literary value.他在中国古代地理学史上作出了超越前人的贡献,特别关于喀斯特地貌的详细记述。经后人编辑的《徐霞客游记》,不但具有极高的科学价值,而且具有很高的文学价值,被誉为“千古奇书”。 /201512/410694武汉市女性泌尿哪医院最好的选择

武汉大学人民医院男科武汉医院咨询电话Facebook will face two class-action lawsuits after a federal judge said shareholders could pursue their case against the social network, which plaintiffs claim hid concerns about its growth forecasts ahead of its bn initial public offering.Facebook将面对两起集体诉讼。此前一名联邦法官表示,Facebook股东可以对这家社交网络提起诉讼,原告声称Facebook在160亿美元的首次公开发行(IPO)之前隐瞒了对其增长预测的担忧。The world’s largest social network cut its revenue forecasts in the middle of its IPO roadshow, ahead of the offering in May 2012, amid concerns that consumers were switching to using the site on mobile, where it was unclear if it could generate the same degree of growth from advertisements.2012年5月的IPO之前,由于担心消费者会转而在移动端连接其网站,这家全球最大社交网络曾在路演过程中下调营收预期。当时不清楚Facebook能否在移动端创造同样程度的广告增长。Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook chief executive, and Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook chief operating officer, are among the defendants at Facebook, being sued by two classes of investors — retail and institutional. The complaint was brought by three state and local retirement plans in the US, lead by the North Carolina state treasurer and five individual investors.Facebook首席执行官马克丠克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)和Facebook首席运营官谢里尔儠德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg)均被列入Facebook一方的被告,他们被散户和机构投资者这两类投资者起诉。这一起诉由美国三个州政府和地方退休计划提起,领头的是北卡罗来纳州财政部长和五名个人投资者。Shares in Facebook collapsed following the IPO, falling almost 50 per cent in the first three months, as investors worried that it might never generate as much advertising revenue on mobile as it had from the desktop site.由于投资者担心Facebook或许永远都不能在移动端产生与桌面版网站同样多的广告营收,Facebook股价在IPO之后曾出现暴跌,在头三个月内跌去近50%。However, improvements to the mobile app and marketers’ fast adoption of targeted advertising on Facebook, helped the company grow mobile revenue and it now generates more than three-quarters of its total advertising revenue from ads on mobile devices. Three and a half years on, Facebook’s stock has now soared almost 180 per cent from its first day of trading.然而,对移动应用的改进以及市场营销人员对Facebook定向广告的迅速接纳,帮助Facebook获得了移动端营收的增长。如今,Facebook总的广告收入中超过四分之三来自移动设备上投放的广告。在IPO三年半之后,Facebook股价如今比上市首日高出近180%。 /201601/419989Trading of shares in ZTE was suspended in Hong Kong and Shenzhen yesterday after news of a US investigation into whether China’s second-largest telecommunications equipment maker violated US controls on exports to Iran. 中兴通讯(ZTE)股票昨日在香港和深圳停牌,此前有消息称,美国方面正在调查这家中国第二大电信设备制造商是否违反了美国针对伊朗的出口管制。 ZTE said it was co-operating with the US authorities. Reuters reported at the weekend that the US Department of Commerce was set to place export restrictions on the company. ZTE sells 8-10 per cent of the world’s telecoms equipment, according to Nomura, and counts Iran among its customers. 中兴通讯表示,正在与美国有关部门合作。据路透社(Reuters)周末报道,美国商务部(US Department of Commerce)将对该公司实施出口限制措施。野村券(Nomura)数据显示,中兴通讯销售的电信设备占全球的8%至10%,伊朗是其客户之一。 “ZTE has been working with relevant US government departments on investigations, maintaining communication with relevant departments and is committed to fully address and resolve any concerns,” it said in a statement. “中兴通讯一直在配合美国相关政府部门调查,保持与相关部门沟通,致力于全面处理和解决任何问题,”该公司在一份声明中表示。 The company added that it would continue with normal operations while it conducted internal assessments. 该公司还表示,将继续正常运营,同时进行内部评估。 “As a responsible business, ZTE strives to ensure all operational activities adhere to international trade practices and the laws and regulations of host countries,” it said. “作为一家负责任的企业,中兴通讯努力确保所有经营活动遵守国际行业惯例以及所在国的法律法规,”该公司表示。 The company yesterday suspended trading in its shares, according to statements to the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges, but did not explain why. 根据提交香港和深圳券交易所的声明,该公司昨日将其股票停牌,但没有解释原因。 ZTE’s Hong Kong-listed shares closed up 3.5 per cent last Friday, but are down 20 per cent so far this year. 中兴通讯在香港上市的股票上周五收涨3.5%,但今年以来累计下滑20%。 Leping Huang, telecoms and tech-nology analyst at Nomura in Hong Kong, said notice from the Department of Commerce, expected today [March 8], should clarify the scope of the restrictions. 野村券常驻香港的电信和技术分析师黄乐平表示,美国商务部预计今日(3月8日)将发布的通知,应该会说明限制措施的范围。 Nomura does not expect any impact on product sales in the US, but says restrictions would probably require any company shipping US-made parts or equipment to ZTE to first obtain a licence from the Department of Commerce. 野村券不认为限制措施会影响中兴在美国的产品销售,但表示这些措施很可能要求向中兴发运美国制造部件或设备的任何公司首先取得美国商务部的许可。 In an analyst note, Nomura estimated that 10-15 per cent of the components used in ZTE’s telecom equipment and smartphones were supplied by US-based vendors as of last year. It said major suppliers include Qualcomm, which supplies smartphone chips, and Xilinx and Altera for base station chips. 野村券在一份分析师简报中估计,就去年而言,中兴通讯电信设备和智能手机所用的10%至15%组件是由总部位于美国的供应商供应的。它称,主要供应商包括供应智能手机芯片的高通(Qualcomm),以及供应基站芯片的Xilinx和Altera。 A person briefed by ZTE on the situation said the company does not foresee an immediate impact on production because it has just finished procurement of US parts for 2016. 听取了中兴通讯情况介绍的一名人士称,该公司并不预见生产将立即受到影响,因为它刚刚完成2016年的美国部件采购。 However, if restrictions remained in place over the long term, ZTE may experience somedisruptionto its supply-chain. 但是,如果限制措施长期实行下去,中兴通讯可能会遇到一些供应链中断的问题。 This is not the first time the company has run into trouble with US authorities. In 2012 ZTE and Huawei, its larger domestic competitor, were informally blocked from selling telecoms infrastructure in the US and barred from investing in US companies after the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence accused both of spying on behalf of Chinese authorities. 这已经不是该公司第一次在美国当局那里遇到麻烦。2012年中兴和规模更大的国内竞争对手华为(Huawei)被非正式地禁止在美国销售电信基础设施或投资于美国企业,原因是众议院常设特别情报委员会(House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence)指控两家公司为中国政府从事间谍活动。 Both companies have long rejected the spying accusations. 两家公司一贯否认有关间谍活动的指控。 /201603/430766武汉阿波罗男子官网Jaguar has aly unveiled plans for eye-tracking cameras that can prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel.捷豹推出了眼球追踪摄像头的计划,它能防止你在方向盘上睡着。And now its latest patent wants to use this technology to control a car#39;s window wipers.现在其最新的专利想利用这一技术来控制汽车的雨刷。It details a system in which every time the driver looks in their rear-view mirror the wipers on the rear window are activated automatically.专利中详细介绍了一个系统,每次司机看后视镜的时候后窗雨刷自动被激活。However, the filing hints that it could potentially work with wipers on the front windscreen too.然而,文件暗示司机的这一动作也可能使前挡风玻璃的雨刷被激活。The patent, called #39;Windscreen clearing system for a vehicle#39;, was filed by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in March 2013 and awarded this week. It was originally spotted by Gizmag.这项被称为“车辆的挡风玻璃清洁系统”的专利,于2013年3月由捷豹路虎(JLR)提出,并于本周授予。而最早发现它的其实是Gizmag。When a driver decides to observe the environment behind the vehicle by looking through the rear windscreen, typically using a rear-view mirror, the rear windscreen may not be wiped and may be obscured.当司机想通过后挡风玻璃观察车后面的环境时,后风挡玻璃可能很久没擦,也可能模糊不清,因此司机通常只能使用后视镜来观察。It is against this background that the present invention has been conceived.正是在这种背景下,本发明才被设想出来。JLR added that the patent refers to a windscreen wiper system for a vehicle #39;and particularly, but not exclusively, to a rear windscreen wiper system#39; that operates automatically in response to detecting eye-movement of a driver of the vehicle toward a rear-view mirror.JLR补充说,这项关于挡风玻璃雨刷系统的专利;主要针对但不仅限于后挡风玻璃雨刷系统;,后者在探测到司机眼球朝后视镜方向移动时自动启用。It is likely to take advantage of the eye-tracking Driver Monitor System (DMS) JLR announced in January.它很可能利用了JLR在一月份宣布的眼球追踪司机监控系统(DMS)。JLR, with support from Intel and Seeing Machines, has developed sensing technology that monitors the driver#39;s face and eyes to reduce distracted and drowsy driving.JLR在英特尔和视觉机器公司的持下,已经开发了监测司机的脸和眼睛的遥感技术,以减少分心和疲劳驾驶。 /201505/375033武汉阿波罗医院男性科

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