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cupidity ------ 贪财(名词) 英文释义(noun) Excessive greed. 例句The shameless cupidity of the companys wealthy owners angered its poorly paid employees.这家公司的有钱老板贪财不要脸,惹怒了拿钱很少的员工。 /201610/466499武汉/市武昌医院治疗龟头炎多少钱Here are some of the phrases weve heard today, that can be used in an emergency.下面是我们今天听到的一些句子,可以在紧急事件发生的时候用上它们。If you see a fire, raise the alarm.如果发生火灾,要拉响警报。Walk calmly to your nearest fire exit.保持冷静,走到离你最近的安全出口。Meet at the fire assembly point.到火险应急集合区集合。No smoking on company premises.办公场所禁止吸烟。Sorry to interrupt Paul… but the fire alarms going off!抱歉打扰了,保罗……但是火警响了!Dont panic anyone. Everything will be OK.大家不要惊慌。没事的。Jane, Ill have to call you back… yes, a bit of a panic. Bye.简,我一会儿打给你……是的,有点混乱。再见。Quick, wheres my red pen?快,我的红笔呢?Uh oh. Those emergency phrases might come in useful sooner than you think.没想到那些紧急事件发生时能用的句子这么快就派上用场了。Is this going to be the end of Tip Top Trading, will it really go up in smoke?这会是 Tip Top Trading 的末日吗,会一把火化为乌有吗?Find out next time. Bye.让我们在下期节目见分晓,再见。 /201702/491072武汉/洪山区不孕不育收费好不好Female Anchor: We all know people who are so smart that their friends call them Einstein. But who ever thought a bird could be that bright. Well this African grey parrot from Knoxville Zoo is called Einstein and she really lives up to her name. FA: Stephanie White is Einstein's trainer. Good morning, Stephanie.Stephanie White: Good morning.How old is Einstein and how long you've been a trainer for her?Well, Einstein is 18 years old, which is pretty young, they live 50 or 60 years, and I've been training with her for about five years now. And I understand that you really don't know of the zoo whether or not that Einstein is a female.That's right. (Why do you call?) The boys and girls look exactly the same. You have to have the vets to tell you with the blood test, so we just never had her sex. We didn't think there's any reason to.So why do you call her "she"?Well, she's so smart, so we figure she must be a girl, right?Well, let's see how smart she is.Oh, sure!She knows about 200 words and all sounds in her vocabulary.Yes, she knows about 70 young keys, so I will be glad to run through some of those with you. (Yeah) Well, introduce yourself first, can you tell me what's your name? (Einstein). Can you say Hi? (Hello) That's nice. Can you be polite? (Hi, sweetheart) Very good! Before you start. Do you wanna clear your throat? OK. Since she lives in the zoo, she does know a lot of animal sounds. So we'll do some of the fun ones for you. How about a chimpanzee? Can you do chimpanzee? Good! What about a rooster? How about this big tiger in the jungle? Yeah, the growl.Oh. my goodness! And she also has different laughs that she can do?Yes, she does. Is that funny? Is that funny? And she also does a Santa Clause laugh. How about laugh? Very good!Does she do like an evil, villain laugh?She can be very evil. Are you evil? How did you train her to do all this? How does that work?African grays naturally like to mimic sounds. She's pretty exceptional though, not all African grays are like her. She really enjoys mimicking things, so if she hears a sound that she likes she will start to repeat it over and over. And then we will put it on cue. So she gets lots of these sounds from us, oinking like pigs.Oh, let's hear that one.Ok. Can you, can you do a pig? How about a pig? That's a penguin. How about a pig? Good!What about a cat and dog?Can you do a cat? How about a dog? Can you bark? Good! What about a skunk? (stinker) That's her nickname, it 's stinker.And also with the training it's the reward at the end, you feed her seeds?Exactly! She loves sunflower seeds but she really gets excited if she gets a peanut. What would you do if you get a peanut!! (Oh, my God my God!) That's actually her favorite.What would Einstein do if Einstein met a celebrity? What would she say?Oh, let's see. What would you say, well, if there were a man, /would you say, we just say, to a good-looking man?"Hi, baby!" She gets kind of oppressed. Would you blow him a big kiss? Very nice! Do you think Julie is beautiful?Very good! But we should keep in mind that not all African grays are this talented, or this smart.Exactly! Thank you, Stephanie White and Einstein. Thank you!Thank you! Are you famous?"Superstar".Yeah.....200707/15396文本:On a rocky beach in Iceland, two youngsters are on a mission of mercy. Inside their cardboard box, they have two orphans, fledglings plucked from the streets of town, baby puffins. The children of Heimaey have been saving young puffins called pufflings for generations. In fact, at the end of the summer, releasing them by the hundreds to the safety of the sea has become a local tradition."They have to save the birds, well, if they don't do it, they'll die. They find it very exciting."Exciting obviously for the kids who get to throw live birds into the air and watch them fly away. But no doubt it's a little nerve-racking for the recently born pufflings. The problem for the pufflings is that when they are old enough, they leave their burrows in the cliffs and head out to sea. But the lights of the town confuse them. Instead of flying out to sea, they fly into town where they crash land and end up on the streets. That's where the puffling patrols come in. Each night, during the month of August, Moms and Dads lead troops of kids through town looking for wayward pufflings. They use flashlights to search the ground near buildings and street lights. The piers are particularly popular place."Oh hey guys, look it's there, it's there!"When a bird is spotted, the kids rush to scoop it up, and bring it in off the mean streets of Heimaey for the night. It's hard work. The following day all the birds that landed in friendly hands are transported to the seashore, pointed in the right direction, and given their flying orders. The kids seem to be having a great time. Apparently there is a proper way to release the pufflings. First, the proper grip, then, the right technique. With its wings free and flapping, the idea is to cock your arm like a quarterback, and throw a short path. Whether they swim to safety or fly off over the North Atlantic, one wonders what kind of impact all this has on this species as a whole. The world's largest Atlantic puffin colonies are found in Iceland, containing some 8 to 10 million birds. They are still flourishing with a little help from some strong arms and big hearts.200810/51923武汉/正规治疗早泄的医院

武汉/市医疗救治中心治疗早泄多少钱武汉/治疗阳痿早泄小妙招That must have been very inconvenient for you.这对你来说肯定很不方便。And then promise to fix the problem.然后保解决这个问题。Say: You have my word that we will sort this out.比如说:我们保把这件事解决好。We can do something to make up for the inconvenience.我们可以弥补给您带来的不便。It wont happen again.绝不会再发生。800,000 plastic pineapples! Thats totally unacceptable.80万个塑料菠萝! 太难以让人接受了。I didnt even have anywhere to put them and pineapples are so much bigger than grapefruit!我甚至没有地方搁它们,而且菠萝比葡萄大那么多!It must have been very inconvenient for you. It certainly was!这对您来说一定很不方便。 当然了!When he took my order, your colleague Tom told me that Tip Top Trading was the most reliable firm in the industry!你的同事汤姆在接受我的订单时说Tip Top Trading是该行业最值得信赖的公司!You have my word that we will sort this out.我们保把这件事解决好。Well remove the pineapples and have your grapefruit sent via express delivery this afternoon.我们将把菠萝弄走,今天下午就通过快递把葡萄送给你。Good. Thank you.很好,谢谢你。And we could include some of our latest edition imitation oranges to make up for the inconvenience.我们还可以送一些最新版本的仿真橘子来弥补给您带来的不便。Oh! Well, that would be nice!好的,那太好了!Tip top Anna! Excellent work and excellent words.做得好,安娜!出色的工作和出色的语言。Theyre made with revolutionary premium faux orange, laser curve definition technology...you will be the first to have them!它们由革命性优质的人造橘子制成,含有激光曲线定义技术……你将是第一个拥有他们的人!Wow, now thats good customer service!这才是好的客户务! /201612/483608U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he hopes to pull more American troops out of Iraq after a brief pause in withdrawals in July or August. Gates made his comments en route to Australia, which he says will continue to play a military role in Iraq even though the new Australian government plans to pull its own combat troops out of the country. 美国国防部长盖茨表示,他希望在7月和8月短暂的停顿之后从伊拉克撤出更多美军。盖茨在前往澳大利亚途中做出上述表示。他说,澳大利亚将继续在伊拉克发挥军事作用,尽管澳大利亚新政府计划从伊拉克撤出澳大利亚的战斗部队。U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he wants to continue withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq over the next 10 to 12 months.  美国国防部长盖茨说,他希望在今后10个月到12个月的期间里继续从伊拉克撤出美军。The current plans call for the Pentagon to withdraw around 20,000 of the more than 155,000 American troops from the country through mid-July. At that point, military commanders are expected to pause while they evaluate the security situation. Gates says he hopes U.S. troop withdrawals will resume after the evaluation.  目前的计划是美国逐步撤军,一直撤到今年7月中旬,总共从驻伊拉克15万5千美军中撤出大约2万。然后美军指挥官将暂停撤军,评估当地的保安形势。盖茨说,他希望在评估之后,美军将继续撤出。The defense secretary's comments came as he and Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte were en route to Canberra, where they are due to hold two days of security talks with the new Australian government.  盖茨在和美国副国务卿内格罗彭特前往澳大利亚之前做出上述表示。他们将在澳大利亚跟澳大利亚政府领导人进行两天的会谈,商讨伊拉克的安全形势。Prime Minister Kevin Rudd promised during last year's election campaign to withdraw all of Australia's combat troops from Iraq. Canberra recently confirmed that it will withdraw its 575 combat troops by the middle of this year, around one-third of its total military contingent in and around Iraq.  澳大利亚总理陆克文在去年竞选期间对选民许诺,当选之后从伊拉克撤出所有澳大利亚部队。澳大利亚政府最近实,将在今年中从伊拉克撤出575名澳大利亚战斗部队军人,占澳大利亚驻伊拉克及周边地区驻军的三分之一。Gates told reporters Friday he is expecting continuity in U.S.-Australian relations despite Mr. Rudd's withdrawal plans. Gates says the Australians are in talks with the top U.S. commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, over their future role in Iraq.  盖茨星期五对记者说,虽然陆克文总理计划从伊拉克撤军,但是他预计美国和澳大利亚的关系会继续。他说,澳大利亚方面正在就澳大利亚未来在伊拉克的作用问题跟美国驻伊拉克部队司令彼德雷乌斯进行商谈。"They are still going to have a number of people in Iraq and in terms of the role they might continue to play and the training and other kinds of activities like that," said Gates. "So that's a dialogue right now that is going on between the Australians and General Petraeus."  盖茨说:“澳大利亚在伊拉克还会有一些人员,以便发挥他们继续要发挥的作用以及进行训练等活动。因此,澳大利亚方面正在跟彼德雷乌斯将军进行商谈。”Australia was a major supporter of the U.S.-led war on terror under former Prime Minister John Howard, whose party was defeated late last year in parliamentary elections.  澳大利亚在前总理霍华德的领导下是美国领导的反恐战争的主要持者。在去年的议会选举中,霍华德领导的政党被击败。Mr. Rudd has said that despite policy differences with the Bush Administration, he intends to maintain the traditionally strong U.S.-Australian relationship. Australian officials have said their troop withdrawal from Iraq will be conducted in a manner that will minimize problems for the U.S.-led military coalition there. 陆克文表示,尽管他领导的政府与布什行政当局有政策分歧,但是他愿意维持澳大利亚跟美国传统的牢固关系。澳大利亚官员表示,澳大利亚部队从伊拉克撤出会在尽量不给美国领导的多国部队造成问题的情况下进行。200802/27794湖北省中西医结合医院不孕不育多少钱Thousands of Pilgrims Celebrate Palm Sunday in Jerusalem大批朝圣者在耶路撒冷庆棕枝主日Thousands of pilgrims celebrated Palm Sunday in Jerusalem, beginning the holiest period on the Christian calendar.  成千上万名朝圣者在耶路撒冷庆祝棕枝主日,开始了基督教日历中最神圣的时期。The sound of church bells wafted through Jerusalem's Old City, marking Palm Sunday and the beginning of Easter Holy Week.  教堂的钟声在整个耶路撒冷老城回荡,庆祝棕枝主日,标志着复活节圣周的开始。Pilgrims from around the world carried olive and palm branches into the ancient Church of the Holy Sepulcher, believed to be the place of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. 来自世界各地的朝圣者手持橄榄和棕榈枝进入古老的圣棺教堂,据信,这里是耶稣受难和复活的地方。Priests and monks in festive red and white robes celebrated Palm Sunday mass in a fragrant cloud of incense. Among the worshippers was Jim Nichols from the central U.S. state of Wisconsin. 身穿喜庆红色和白色礼袍的牧师和僧侣在香烟缭绕的气氛中举行棕枝主日弥撒。其中的一位朝拜者是来自美国中部威斯康辛州的尼科尔斯。"It is overwhelming, emotionally overwhelming, over-joy of emotions. It just reaffirms what I believe," said Nichols. 尼科尔斯说:“这是一种无法抵御、情感方面不可抗拒、极度欢乐的感觉。它再次坚定了我的信仰。”Palm Sunday marks Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, when according to the Bible, people threw palm branches on the road to welcome Him. Doris Parker, from the southern state of Texas, said she came to Jerusalem to walk in the footsteps in Jesus.  棕枝主日标志着两千年前耶稣在耶路撒冷凯旋归来。根据圣经的记载,当时,人们向路上扔棕榈枝欢迎耶稣。来自美国南方德克萨斯州的帕克说,她到耶路撒冷是为了追寻耶稣的足迹。"He knew that His time had come to be recognized as a king, and so He rode into the city of Jerusalem as a very humble person on a donkey, and I think that that says everything for our faith," she said. 帕克说:“耶稣知道他被认可为国王的时机已经到来,所以他以一个非常谦逊的人的姿态骑驴进入耶路撒冷城,我认为,这非常清楚地说明了我们的信仰。”It was a good turnout of pilgrims, despite recent violence that includes fighting in the Gaza Strip, and a Palestinian attack on a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem 10 days ago that killed eight young Israeli students.  尽管最近发生了暴力事件,但是参加朝圣的人并不少。这些暴力事件包括:加沙地带的战斗以及巴勒斯坦人对耶路撒冷一所犹太神学院发动的袭击。10天前发生的这起袭击事件致使8名年轻的以色列学生丧生。Parker told VOA she would not be deterred by terrorism.  帕克对美国之音说,她不会被恐怖主义所吓倒。"It was such a tragedy and of course you feel for the people for having to experience that loss, but I do not feel like that impacts my personal safety," she added. "I feel like I am safe."  帕克说:“这是一场悲剧,当然,你同情不得不经历那场痛苦的人们,但是我不认为这会影响到我的个人安全。我感到我是安全的。”On Good Friday, pilgrims will visit the Via Dolorosa, following Jesus' path to the 14 Stations of the Cross. Holy Week culminates on Easter Sunday when Christians celebrate the resurrection. 从耶稣被逮捕到钉上十字架,再到从墓中复活,根据圣经的描述,列出了十字架停留的十四个地点。在耶稣受难日,朝圣者们将沿着耶稣的足迹走过这十四个地点,然后朝拜耶稣走向十字架的地方。圣周将在复活节基督徒庆祝耶稣复活时达到高潮。200803/31098武汉/阿波罗医院属几甲

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