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金湖县治疗附件炎哪家医院最好的淮安中山医院做人流好嘛楚州区妇保院看妇科好不好 Thank you. Thank you very much. (Applause.) Thank you so much. Please,please, have a seat. Thank you. What a singular honor it is forme to be here today. I want to thank,first and foremost, the Johnson family for giving us this opportunity and thegraciousness with which Michelle and I have been received. We came down a little bit latebecause we were upstairs looking at some of the exhibits and some of theprivate offices that were used by President Johnson and Mrs. Johnson. And Michelle was in particular interested to-- of a recording in which Lady Bird is critiquing President Johnson’sperformance. (Laughter.) And she said, come, come, you need to listento this. (Laughter.) And she pressed the button and nodded herhead. Some things do not change --(laughter) -- even 50 years later.To all the members of Congress,the warriors for justice, the elected officials and community leaders who arehere today -- I want to thank you.Four days into his suddenpresidency -- and the night before he would address a joint session of theCongress in which he once served -- Lyndon Johnson sat around a table with hisclosest advisors, preparing his remarks to a shattered and grieving nation.He wanted to call on senators andrepresentatives to pass a civil rights bill -- the most sweeping sinceReconstruction. And most of his staffcounseled him against it. They said itwas hopeless; that it would anger powerful Southern Democrats and committeechairmen; that it risked derailing the rest of his domestic agenda. And one particularly bold aide said he didnot believe a President should spend his time and power on lost causes, howeverworthy they might be. To which, it issaid, President Johnson replied, “Well, what the hell’s the presidencyfor?” (Laughter and applause.) What the hell’s the presidency for if not tofight for causes you believe in?Today, as we commemorate the 50thanniversary of the Civil Rights Act, we honor the men and women who made itpossible. Some of them are heretoday. We celebrate giants like John Lewisand Andrew Young and Julian Bond. Werecall the countless unheralded Americans, black and white, students andscholars, preachers and housekeepers -- whose names are etched not onmonuments, but in the hearts of their loved ones, and in the fabric of thecountry they helped to change. But we also gather here, deep inthe heart of the state that shaped him, to recall one giant man’s remarkableefforts to make real the promise of our founding: “We hold these truths to be self-evident,that all men are created equal.”Those of us who have had thesingular privilege to hold the office of the Presidency know well that progressin this country can be hard and it can be slow, frustrating and sometimesyou’re stymied. The office humblesyou. You’re reminded daily that in thisgreat democracy, you are but a relay swimmer in the currents of history, boundby decisions made by those who came before, reliant on the efforts of those whowill follow to fully vindicate your vision.But the presidency also affords aunique opportunity to bend those currents -- by shaping our laws and by shapingour debates; by working within the confines of the world as it is, but also byreimagining the world as it should be.This was President Johnson’sgenius. As a master of politics and thelegislative process, he grasped like few others the power of government tobring about change. LBJ was nothing if not arealist. He was well aware that the lawalone isn’t enough to change hearts and minds. A full century after Lincoln’s time, he said, “Until justice is blind tocolor, until education is unaware of race, until opportunity is unconcernedwith the color of men’s skins, emancipation will be a proclamation but not afact.”He understood laws couldn’taccomplish everything. But he also knewthat only the law could anchor change, and set hearts and minds on a differentcourse. And a lot of Americans neededthe law’s most basic protections at that time. As Dr. King said at the time, “It may be true that the law can’t make a manlove me but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that’s pretty important.” (Applause.)And passing laws was what LBJknew how to do. No one knew politics andno one loved legislating more than President Johnson. He was charming when he needed to be,ruthless when required. (Laughter.) He could wear you down with logic andargument. He could horse trade, and hecould flatter. “You come with me on thisbill,” he would reportedly tell a key Republican leader from my home stateduring the fight for the Civil Rights Bill, “and 200 years from now,schoolchildren will know only two names: Abraham Lincoln and Everett Dirksen!” (Laughter.) And he knew thatsenators would believe things like that. (Laughter and applause.)President Johnson likedpower. He liked the feel of it, thewielding of it. But that hunger was harnessedand redeemed by a deeper understanding of the human condition; by a sympathyfor the underdog, for the downtrodden, for the outcast. And it was a sympathy rooted in his ownexperience.201502/359926We basically analyze the changes in the light that are recorded at every pixel in the over time,and then we crank up those changes. 首先我们分析了录像中每个像素的光线随时间发生的变化,我们放大这些变化。We make them bigger so that we can see them.经过放大使我们肉眼可以看见这些变化。The tricky part is that those signals,those changes that were after, are extremely subtle, 棘手的部分是,那些信号,那些我们要放大的信号十分微小,so we have to be very careful when you try to separate them from noise that always exists in s.所以我们必须把它们和视频中存在的噪音区分出来。So we use some clever image processing techniques to get a very accurate measurement of the color at each pixel in the ,and then the way the color changes over time,and then we amplify those changes. 所以我们应用了一些聪明的影像处理技巧精确的测量每个像素中的颜色,然后得出颜色随时间的变化,再然后我们放大这些变化。We make them bigger to create those types of enhanced s, or magnified s,that actually show us those changes.我们可以放大这些变化,增强视频、或放大视频,这样就可以演示出变化。But it turns out we can do that not just to show tiny changes in color,but also tiny motions,and thats because the light that gets recorded in our cameras will change not only if the color of the object changes,but also if the object moves.事实上,我们不仅可以展示颜色的细小变化,同样也可以展示微小的运动,这是因为我们的摄像机不仅记录物体的颜色变化,同样也记录了物体的运动。So this is my daughter when she was about two months old.这是我女儿,那时她才两个月大。Its a I recorded about three years ago.这是我三年前拍的。And as new parents, we all want to make sure our babies are healthy,that theyre breathing, that theyre alive, of course.作为初为人父母,我们要确保孩子的健康,当然是,确保呼吸,确保活着。So I too got one of those baby monitors so that I could see my daughter when she was asleep.所以我也买了个婴儿监控器这也我可以在她睡着时看到她。And this is pretty much what youll see with a standard baby monitor.这是标准婴儿监控器所看到的。You can see the babys sleeping, but theres not too much information there.您可以看到孩子睡着了,但没有其他信息了。Theres not too much we can see.我们看不到更多东西。Wouldnt it be better, or more informative, or more useful,if instead we could look at the view like this.可不可以更好点儿,有更多信息,更有用,就像这样。So here I took the motions and I magnified them 30 times,and then I could clearly see that my daughter was indeed alive and breathing. 这里我放大了运动30倍,这样我就可以真切地看到我女儿还活着,在呼吸。Here is a side-by-side comparison.这是效果对比。So again, in the source , in the original ,theres not too much we can see,but once we magnify the motions, the breathing becomes much more visible. 同样,在原始视频上,我们看不到什么,但是一旦我放大了运动,呼吸变得肉眼可见了。And it turns out, theres a lot of phenomena we can reveal and magnify with our new motion microscope.事实上,我们用我们的运动显微镜可以揭示很多现象。We can see how our veins and arteries are pulsing in our bodies.我们可以看到体内静脉和动脉的脉动。We can see that our eyes are constantly moving in this wobbly motion.我们可以看到我们的眼睛在不断运动在晃动中。And thats actually my eye,and again this was taken right after my daughter was born, so you can see I wasnt getting too much sleep. 这实际上是我的眼睛,同样,这段视频拍摄于我女儿出生不久之后,所以你可以看到我睡得不多。Even when a person is sitting still,theres a lot of information we can extract about their breathing patterns, small facial expressions.即使当人在静止坐着,我们也可以提取许多信息如呼吸节律,面部表情微小变化。201503/364302淮安市第一人民医院处女膜修复多少钱

淮安市妇幼保健院男性专科Typewriters were very expensive and my family could not afford one.打字机非常昂贵,我的家庭负担不起。I was one of two kids from Baldwin County that was chosen to go to Washington along with hundreds of other kids across the country.我是鲍德温县两个被选中的孩子之一,和全国数以百计的其他孩子被选去华盛顿。Before we left, the Alabama delegation took a trip to our state capitol in Montgomery for a meeting with the governor.在我们离开之前,阿拉巴马州代表团去了趟我们在蒙哥马利的州议会大厦,会见了州长。The governors name was George C.Wallace.州长叫做乔治·华莱士。The same George Wallace who in 1963 stood in the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama to block African Americans from enrolling.1963年,乔治·华莱士站在阿拉巴马大学校舍门阻止非洲裔美国人入学。Wallace embraced the evils of segregation.华莱士奉行邪恶的种族隔离主义。He pitted whites against blacks, the South against the North, the working class against the so-called elites.他让白人对抗黑人,南方对抗北方,工人阶级对抗所谓的精英。Meeting my governor was not an honor for me.与州长会面对我而言并非荣誉。My heroes in life were Dr. Martin Luther King, and Robert F.Kennedy, who had fought against the very things that Wallace stood for.我生命中的英雄是马丁·路德·金士和罗伯特·肯尼迪,他们与华莱士的立场针锋相对。Keep in mind, that I grew up, or, when I grew up, I grew up in a place where King and Kennedy were not exactly held in high esteem.你需要知道的是,成长的过程中,我是在一个金和肯尼迪并不备受尊敬的地方长大。When I was a kid, the South was still coming to grips with its history.当我还是个孩子的时候,南方仍然对其历史紧抓不舍。My textbooks even said the Civil War was about states rights. They barely mentioned slavery.我的课本里甚至说内战关乎国家权利。它们几乎没有提及奴隶制。So I had to figure out for myself what was right and true. It was a search. It was a process.所以我不得不为自己找出什么是正确的和真实的。这是一种找寻,一个过程。It drew on the moral sense that Id learned from my parents, and in church, and in my own heart, and led me on my own journey of discovery.它汲取了我从我的父母,教堂,和在我的内心习得的道德观念,引领我走上了自己的发现之旅。I found books in the public library that they probably didnt know they had.我发现了一些在公共图书馆可能不为人知的书。They all pointed to the fact that Wallace was wrong.它们都指出了一个事实:华莱士是错误的。That injustices like segregation had no place in our world. That equality is a right.在我们的世界不应存在不公和种族隔离。平等是一种权利。As I said, I was only 16 when I met Governor Wallace, so I shook his hand as we were expected to do.就像我说的,我遇见华莱士州长的时候只有16岁,所以我按照期望的那样与他握了手。But shaking his hand felt like a betrayal of my own beliefs. It felt wrong. Like I was selling a piece of my soul.但是与他握手感觉像是背叛了自己的信仰。那感觉很不对劲。就像出卖了一部分自己的灵魂。From Montgomery we flew to Washington. It was the first time I had ever been on an airplane.我们从蒙哥马利飞往华盛顿。那是我第一次乘飞机。In fact it was the first time that I traveled out of the South.事实上那是我第一次离开南部。On June 15,1977, I was one of 900 high schoolers greeted by the new president, President Jimmy Carter, on the south lawn of the White House, right there on the other side of the ellipse.1977年6月15日,我作为900位高中生的其中一个迎接新总统,总统吉米·卡特,见面会在白宫的南草坪上,就在椭圆的另一边。201512/414190淮安中山男科医院检查多少钱 Its got to be philanthropic, because profits distract biotech,这些研究的钱的来源最好是慈善,因为利润会分散生物技术研究公司的注意力,but its basically got a 90 percent chance, I think, of succeeding in this.但我认为它基本上有着百分之九十的机会成功。And I think we know how to do it. And Ill stop there.因为我们已经知道应该怎么做。我就说到这里。Thank you.谢谢您。OK. I dont know if theres going to be any questions好。我不知道大家有没有问题,but I thought I would give people the chance.但我想我会给他们机会。Since youve been talking about aging and trying to defeat it,既然你在谈论老龄化,并试图战胜它,why is it that you make yourself appear like an old man?那为什么你看上去就像一位老人呢?Because I am an old man. I am actually 158.因为我是一个老人。其实我是已经是一百五十八岁。Species on this planet have evolved with immune systems这个星球上的物种进化了免疫系统,to fight off all the diseases so that individuals live long enough to procreate.以对抗各种的疾病,使个人活到足够生育的年龄。However, as far as I know, all the species have evolved to actually die,不过,据我所知,所有的物种都进化到实际会死亡,so when cells divide, the telomerase get shorter, and eventually species die.因此,当细胞分裂时,端粒酶变得越来越短了,最终物种死亡。So, why does -- evolution has -- seems to have selected against immortality,那么,为什么进化过程似乎已选定‘针对’永存不朽?when it is so advantageous, or is evolution just incomplete?或者那只是进化过程还不完整?Brilliant. Thank you for asking a question好!谢谢你问一个我可以that I can answer with an uncontroversial answer.用一个没有争议的来回答你。Im going to tell you the genuine mainstream answer to your question,我要告诉你主流思想的来回答你的问题,which I happen to agree with,我也恰巧同意这个。which is that, no, aging is not a product of selection, evolution;那就是,不,老化不是一个进化过程的后果,is simply a product of evolutionary neglect.只是进化过程所忽视的后果。In other words, we have aging because its hard work not to have aging;换句话说,我们会老化,因为没有老化的话比较难;you need more genetic pathways, more sophistication in your genes你需要更多的遗传途径,你的基因需要变得更复杂,in order to age more slowly,以便让你老的比较慢些,and that carries on being true the longer you push it out.而且你越想要把老化推迟,你就越需要面对这些难题。So, to the extent that evolution doesnt matter,因此,到进化不重要的程度,doesnt care whether genes are passed on by individuals,不在乎是个体,living a long time or by procreation,或则生活的很长的一段时间,theres a certain amount of modulation of that,或则靠生育种种方法来把基因传给下一代,有一定的调节,which is why different species have different lifespans,这就是为什么不同物种有不同的寿命,but thats why there are no immortal species.但是这就是为什么没有永存的物种。The genes dont care but we do?这些基因并不关心,但我们关心?Thats right.是的。Hello. I somewhere that in the last 20 years,您好。我听说在过去的二十年中,the average lifespan of basically anyone on the planet has grown by 10 years.基本上这个星球上的人的平均寿命增长了十年。If I project that, that would make me think如果以这个资料推断,如果我没有在我的托车上发生任何事故,that I would live until 120 if I dont crash on my motorbike.我将能够活到一百二十岁。That means that Im one of your subjects to become a 1,000-year-old?这意味着,我将会变成你所谓能够活到一千年研究课题之一?If you lose a bit of weight.如果你瘦一点儿。Your numbers are a bit out.你的数据有点出入。The standard numbers are that lifespans标准的数字是,have been growing at between one and two years per decade.寿命已经在每十年增长一至两年。So, its not quite as good as you might think, you might hope.因此,它不是你觉得或希望的那么好。But I intend to move it up to one year per year as soon as possible.不过,我打算尽快将它快速发展到每年寿命多一年。I was told that many of the brain cells we have as adults我被告知,许多我们成人的脑细胞,are actually in the human embryo,实际上在胚胎里是就有了,and that the brain cells last 80 years or so.而脑细胞能活八十年左右的时间。If that is indeed true,如果事实的确如此,biologically are there implications in the world of rejuvenation?在生理的角度看,对再生的世界会有什么影响?If there are cells in my body that live all 80 years,如果在我身体的所有细胞,as opposed to a typical, you know, couple of months?可以活到八十年,而不是一个典型的在两个月就死去的细胞?There are technical implications certainly.当然,这是技术问题。Basically what we need to do is replace cells基本上我们需要做的是取代大脑in those few areas of the brain that lose cells at a respectable rate,的几个领域的细胞的流失率,especially neurons, but we dont want to replace them尤其是神经元,但我们不想比any faster than that -- or not much faster anyway,那流失率更快地取代任何细胞 –because replacing them too fast would degrade cognitive function.因为更换地太快会降低认知功能。What I said about there being no non-aging species earlier on我刚刚说的没有不老化物种was a little bit of an oversimplification.是有点过于简单化。There are species that have no aging -- Hydra for example --有些物种没有老化。例如水螅 –but they do it by not having a nervous system --因为他们没有一个神经系统 –and not having any tissues in fact that rely for their function也没有任何用于老化的的细胞on very long-lived cells.却有长寿的细胞组织。201508/393653盱眙县中医院引产多少钱

江苏省涟水县中医院治疗便秘多少钱Seven years ago, we made the single biggest investment in clean energy in our history.七年前,我们在清洁能源领域进行了美国历史上最大规模的一次投资。Here are the results. In fields from Iowa to Texas, wind power is now cheaper than dirtier, conventional power.成果如下:从爱荷华州到德克萨斯州,现在风能比污染环境的传统能源价格低廉。On rooftops from Arizona to New York, solar is saving Americans tens of millions of dollars a year on their energy bills, and employs more Americans than coal in jobs that pay better than average.从亚利桑那州到纽约州,每年太阳能为美国民众减少了上千万美元的能源出,同时创造了多于煤炭行业的就业机会,并且这些就业的收入高于平均水平。Were taking steps to give homeowners the freedom to generate and store their own energy something by the way environmentalists and Tea Partiers have teamed up to support.我们正在逐步采取措施,让每家每户都可以生产并储存自己的能源——环保主义者和茶党人士正为此事通力合作,为家庭自产能源提供持。Meanwhile, weve cut our imports of foreign oil by nearly sixty percent, and cut carbon pollution more than any other country on Earth.同时,我们的石油进口量下降了近60%,减少的碳排放量居全球第一。Gas under two bucks a gallon aint bad, either.2美元1加仑的油价也不算贵。Now weve got to accelerate the transition away from old dirty energy sources.现在我们不得不加速实现从污染能源向清洁能源的过渡。Rather than subsidize the past, we should invest in the future especially in communities that rely on fossil fuels. We do them no favor, when dont we show them where the trends are going.我们不应该补贴过去,而是应该投资未来——尤其是在依赖化石燃料的社区。不向他们说明潮流的走向就不算帮助他们。Thats why Im going to push to change the way we manage our oil and coal resources, so that they better reflect the costs they impose on taxpayers and our planet.这就是我为什么要敦促改变石油和煤炭资源管理方式的原因,只有这样才能更好地反映纳税人为此付的税款以及地球为此付出的代价。And that way, we put money back into those communities and put tens of thousands of Americans to work building a 21st century transportation system.通过这种方式,我们把钱重新投入到这些社区,让成千上万的美国人一起构建21世纪的交通运输系统。None of this will happen overnight, and yes, there are plenty of entrenched interests who want to protect the status quo.所有这一切都不是一蹴而就的,诚然,还有许多既得利益者想要维持现状。But the jobs well create, the money well save, and the planet well preserve thats the kind of future our kids and grandkids deserve. And its within our grasp.但是,改变现状能让我们创造新的就业,节省更多资金,我们的星球也得到了保护——这种未来才是我们应该留给后代子孙的。我们唾手可得。201602/426446 Hi, everybody. 大家好!This week, I visited a community college in Florida, where I spoke with students about what we need to do to make sure our economy rewards the hard work of every American.本周,我走访了佛罗里达州的一所社区大学,在那里我与学生们谈论了为了保经济发展惠及所有辛勤工作的美国人,我们所需要做的事情。More specifically, I spoke about making sure our economy rewards the hard work of women.更确切的说,我谈论的是经济发展如何惠及辛勤付出女性的事情。Today, women make up about half of our workforce, and more than half of our college graduates. 现如今女性占到了劳动人口的一半,而在大学毕业生中的比例更是超过一半。More women are now their families main bwinner than ever before.更多的女性则成为了家里的顶梁柱,这是以前绝无仅有之事。But in a lot of ways, our economy hasnt caught up to this new reality yet. 但在很多方面,我们的经济还没有跟上这种现实的发展步伐。On average, a woman still earns just 77 cents for every dollar a man does. 平均而言,在工作中一个男性可以得到1美元同时女性只能拿到77美分。And too many women face outdated workplace policies that hold them back-which in turn holds back our families and our entire economy.而且有更多女性要面对阻碍她们发展的陈旧的工作规则,这也成为我们的家庭进步和经济发展的阻碍。A woman deserves to earn equal pay for equal work, and paid leave that lets you take a day off to care for a sick child or parent. 在工作上,一个女性应该得到与男性同样的待遇,让她们有足够的工资收入可以腾出时间照顾生病的孩子和父母。Congress needs to act on these priorities.国会应该优先考虑这些事情。And when women hold most lower-wage jobs in America, Congress needs to raise the minimum wage. 当下女性承担着全美大量的低工资岗位,国会更应该提高最低工资标准。Because no woman who works full-time should ever have to raise her children in poverty.因为任何全职工作的女性的孩子都不应该生活在贫困之中。Now, the good news is that in the year since I first called on Congress to raise the minimum wage, six states have passed laws to raise theirs. 现在,好消息是自从我第一次呼吁国会提高最低工资标准以来,有六个州先后立法通过提高了各自的工资标准。More states, counties, and cities are working to raise their minimum wages as we speak. 在我讲话的同时,还有更多的州、郡、市在争取提高辖区的最低工资标准。Small businesses like St. Louis-based Pi Pizzeria, are raising their wages too-not out of charity, but because its good for business. 像圣路易斯披萨店这样的小企业都已经提高了工资标准,并不是出于善心,而是这样做对其企业发展有好处。And by the way, Pi makes a really good pizza. 另外,Pi这家店做的披萨真心不错。And in this year of action, I signed an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their employees a fair wage of at least ten dollars and ten cents an hour.在今年的施政计划中,我签署了一项行政命令,要求所有联邦合同承包商为其员工提供至少10.10美元每小时的工资。But if were truly going to reward the hard work of every American, Congress needs to join the rest of the country and pass a bill that would lift the federal minimum wage to ten dollars and ten cents an hour. 但如果我们真的希望激励所有辛勤付出的美国人,国会就应该与全国人民一起,通过一项法案,提高联邦的最低工资标准至10.10美元每小时。This wouldnt just raise wages for minimum wage workers-its effects would lift wages for nearly 28 million Americans across this country.这不仅仅是为工薪阶层提高了最低工资标准,这还将影响到全美将近2800万人的工资收入的提高。It will give businesses more customers with more money to spend, and grow the economy for everybody. 这将为企业带来更多客户和更多收入,促进经济增长惠及每一个人。So call up your Member of Congress and let them know its time for “ten-ten.” 因此,请呼吁你们的国会代表,让他们知道,10.10美元的最低工资标准,时不我待。Its time to give America a raise.提高全民收入水平时不我待。A true opportunity agenda is one that works for working women.真正的机会平等是让每一个工薪女性都能被顾及。Because when women succeed, America succeeds. 因为只有女性获得了成功,国家才能得到成功。We do better when everyone participates, and when everyone who works hard has the chance to get ahead. 只有人人参与,每个辛勤工作的人都能进步的时候,我们才能有更美好的未来。Thats what opportunity means-and its why Ill keep fighting to restore it.这才是机会的真正含义,这也是我将继续位置奋斗的目标。Thanks, everybody, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201403/282310淮安市医院有男科吗?淮阴区检查妇科病多少钱



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