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Universities are hotbeds for all kinds of relationships, from everlasting true love through to awkward one-night stands.大学是各种恋情的温床,从永恒的真爱到尴尬的一夜情。Relationships at uni are important; they make you grow up a lot. However, there are some kinds of relationships that you should steer clear of, because they tend to make you forget why you ever went to uni in the first place.大学里的恋爱是重要的,它们能让你长大许多。然而,有几种恋情你应该避开,因为它们往往会让你一开始就忘记去大学的原因。So freshers, I offer you my list of things not to do; third-years, hold your heads in shame if you#39;ve ever made these mistakes.所以新生们,我给你们不该做的事情的清单;第三年,如果你曾经犯过这些错,那么在羞愧中抬起头。1.Relationship with your lecturer与老师恋爱It#39;s understandable that you#39;d be attracted to the person imparting wisdom and learning to you on a weekly basis. There are all too many occasions for attraction to blossom; seminars where everyone else is too hung over to turn up, or the aptly named ;personal; tutorials.你会被每周向你传授智慧和知识的人吸引这是可以理解的。有太多的场合为这种吸引开花;其他人玩得太疯而没有出现的研讨会,或掩人耳目的“个人”辅导。Relationships between faculty members and students are pretty common, and rarely prohibited by universities; standard guidelines, such as these from Royal Holloway just require the relationship to be mentioned to the head of department.教师和学生之间的恋情是相当常见的,很少被大学禁止。标准指南,如这些来自于皇家霍洛威学院的指南只需要将恋情向部门负责人提一下。But (and I write this as the daughter of a student-staff relationship) most relationships you have at uni aren#39;t going to end happily ever after. Most likely, if you get into a relationship with your tutor or lecturer, it will implode at some point, and you#39;ll have to endure the awkwardness and pain.但(我以一对师生恋的女儿的身份写这篇文章)你在大学的大多数恋爱不会从此圆满结束。最有可能的是,如果你和你的导师或讲师谈恋爱,它会在某个点爆发,你将不得不忍受尴尬和痛苦。2. Relationship with your flatmate与室友恋爱This, thankfully, isn#39;t a mistake I#39;ve made, much as I#39;ve tried. However, Katie, a friend from home, started seeing a flatmate at the beginning of this year. ;We first got together on a night out, and then discovered that we both liked each other.; It#39;s a common situation.值得庆幸的是,这不是我犯过的错,更像已经试过的。然而,凯蒂,一个来自家乡的朋友,今年开始与室友约会。“我们在晚上外出时第一次在一起,然后发现我们都喜欢对方。”这是常见的情况。But, as Katie testifies, things can get rough. ;I ended things, which is when the problems began. He still liked me, and even a few months later, he#39;d get really angry if I got with any other guys. I#39;d go to the kitchen to get breakfast, and he#39;d be waiting to tell me off.;但是,当凯蒂明,事情可能会变得麻烦。“我做完事情,这才是问题的开始。他仍然喜欢我,甚至几个月后如果我和其他男人在一起他就会很生气。我去厨房做早餐,他会等在那数落我。”Having a relationship with someone you aly live with escalates everything; you can get close really quickly, but that makes it harder if you then split up. Katie says: ;Don#39;t do it – or at least wait until the summer if you want anything to happen.;和你同居的人谈恋爱让一切都恶化,你们可以更快亲近,但如果你们分手会使一切都很困难。凯蒂说:“不要这样做——或者如果你想发生什么事至少等到夏天。”My experience also tells me that however spectacularly you get your heart broken, eventually it#39;s okay. You listen to Taylor Swift a lot, write a semi-ironic newspaper article about it all, and finally reach the point where you can see your ex and be happy that you once had a good time together.我的经验还告诉我,不管你如何高调地心碎,最终它会愈合。你经常听泰勒#8226;斯威夫特,写一篇关于它的半嘲讽性的报纸文章,并最终到达某种程度,你可以见你的前任且你会因你们曾经有过一段美好时光而感到快乐。Because uni is where you do stupid things that you think you#39;ll regret forever, but actually, looking back, you realise that it was all properly, wonderfully brilliant.因为大学是你做蠢事的地方,你认为你会永远后悔,但实际上,回首过去,你会意识到这都是正常的,非常精的。 /201306/243565


  All Europeans think that their own country is the most compassionate, and nearly everyone judges the Germans to be the least compassionate, although both France and Germany gave that title to Britain.所有欧洲人都认为自己的民族是最富有同情心的,而几乎每一个欧洲人都评价德国人最冷漠。尽管在法国人和德国人眼中,“最冷漠”这个称号应该颁给英国。But a few eyebrows will be raised by an authoritative new survey’s findings that the French agree they are the continent’s most arrogant people and that the Greeks rate themselves as the most trustworthy.但最近一项权威调查的结果可能会让少数一些人大跌眼镜——法国人承认他们是欧洲大陆上最傲慢的民族,而希腊人评价自己为“最值得信赖”。The Washington DC-based Pew Research Centre polled more than 7,600 people in eight European countries about their attitudes towards the EU, their governments and their neighbours.位于华盛顿特区的皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Centre)对八个欧洲国家、超过7,600位民众进行民意检测,就欧盟、本国政府及邻国问题询问了他们的态度。The findings throw up intriguing insights into new national stereotypes in the wake of the Eurozone crisis, which has seen Germany take a leading role in imposing unpopular austerity measures on the struggling economies of southern Europe.调查结果为研究新的国家印象提供了有趣的视角,这种新的印象是在欧元流通区产生危机后新出现的。在这场危机的中,面对南欧窘迫的经济状况,德国人一直带头实施着不受欢迎的货币紧缩政策。Everyone, including the British, agreed that the Germans were the most trustworthy people in the EU, apart from the Greeks, who awarded themselves that accolade.除了希腊人以外,包括英国人在内的每一个欧洲人,都赞同日耳曼民族是最值得信赖的民族。在这一点上希腊人无疑使自己处在了一个尴尬的境地,因为他们之前把这个殊荣颁给了自己。The traditional antagonism between the UK and France is reflected in the survey, with Britons judging their neighbours over the Channel to be the least trustworthy and the most arrogant.   The poll highlighted an internal conflict among the French, who considered themselves to be both the least arrogant and the most arrogant country in Europe.英国与法国之间长久以来的敌对情绪在这次调查中也有所体现——英国人评价他们这位隔海相望的邻国“最不可信赖”和“最自大”。该调查突出了法国的内部矛盾——法国民众评价自己既“傲慢”又“谦逊”。All Europeans think that their own country is the most compassionate, and nearly everyone judges the Germans to be the least compassionate, although both France and Germany gave that title to Britain.所有欧洲人都认为自己的民族是最富有同情心的,而几乎每一个欧洲人都评价德国人最冷漠。尽管在法国人和德国人眼中,“最冷漠”这个称号应该颁给英国。Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, welcomed the findings, joking: “I am delighted that the Eurocrats have failed to crush national stereotyping, which is what makes Europe a great continent.”英国独立党领导人奈吉尔 法拉奇(Nigel Farage)高兴地接受了这些调查结果,并调侃道:“我很高兴看到欧共体并没有瓦解欧洲各国给人留下的刻板印象,毕竟正是这些造就了一个个伟大的民族。”The Pew report – which was based on surveys carried out in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland and the Czech Republic – concluded that the European Union was “the new sick man of Europe”.皮尤研究中心的报告结论是根据在英国、法国、德国、意大利、西班牙、希腊、波兰和捷克共和国的调查结果总结得出的。结论称:欧盟成为欧洲新病夫。The proportion of Europeans with a favourable view of the EU has plunged from 60 per cent last year to 45 per cent now.对欧盟持赞扬态度的欧洲人占欧洲总人口的比例,已从去年的60%降至现今的45%。The UK may be considered the most Eurosceptic country, but its support for the union has barely changed in the past 12 months, slipping only two points to 43 per cent.英国可能被认为是最反对欧洲一体化的国家,但是在过去一年里英国人民对欧盟的持率仅仅下降了两个百分点,为43%。By contrast, France’s backing for the EU has slipped dramatically, from 60 per cent last year to 41 per cent today.相反的,法国人民对欧盟的持率有了急剧的下降——从去年的60%降至41%。On the politically charged question of whether to remain in the EU, Britons are split evenly, with 46 per cent wanting to leave the union and the same percentage wanting to stay.就在欧盟的去留这个政治问题上,英国人的态度分布得很平均:46%的人赞成脱离欧盟,而相同人数的英国人则希望能够留在欧盟。The Pew report’s authors said: “The prolonged economic crisis has created centrifugal forces that are pulling European public opinion apart, separating the French from the Germans and the Germans from everyone else.”皮尤调查的发起人评价道:“长期的经济危机正在产生着强大的离心力,这使欧盟面临着分崩离析的危险境地。法国人正与德国人产生隔阂,而德国人正在与整个欧洲大陆分离。”They added: ;The effort over the past half century to create a more united Europe is now the principal casualty of the euro crisis. The European project now stands in disrepute across much of Europe.”他们还评价道:“过去半个世纪来,想要让欧洲成为一个密不可分的联盟的努力正是如今欧元区危机产生的主要原因。欧洲计划目前在欧洲多数国家都声名狼藉。”The only European leader rated highly by their own voters was the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who received a 74 per cent approval rating.目前唯一一位受到选民高度评价的欧洲国家领导人是德国总理安吉拉·默克尔,她的持率高达74%。Prime Minister David Cameron was next highest with a positive score of 37 per cent among the British public, although he can take some comfort from the fact that 58 per cent of Poles and half of all French people think he is doing a good job.另一位受本国民众较高评价的领导人为英国首相卡梅伦,他在英国民众当中的持率达到37%。而58%的波兰民众和全数的法国民众都对他的政绩颇为赞许,这点或许可以弥补他没有获得“最受选民好评”称号的失落。Despite the gloomy economic outlook and growing disillusionment with the EU, there were strong majorities of more than 60 per cent in favour of keeping the Euro in the five countries polled that use the single currency.尽管经济前景惨淡,欧盟的状况也不尽人意,受访的国家中仍有五个国家的超过60%的民众赞成保留欧元这种单一货币。 /201305/241868。

  股票跌个不停,物价涨个不停;工资走平稳路线,房价在节节攀升。各位兄弟们,一定要抓紧机会赚钱啊,尤其是在股市探底的时候,现在唯一的难题就是不知道它什么时候探底。上面说的是题外话了,今天我们要学习的表达是“抓紧机会赚钱”,这个可以用to make hay来表示。这个片语起源于为牲口准备饲料。为牲口准备冬天的饲料是农民夏天的一项重要工作。他们收割已经长高了的草,把它们铺开晒干,然后再把它们捆起来入库作为牲畜冬天的饲料。及时完成这项工作是很重要的,因为干草要是淋了雨,就会发霉。于是就有了这样一句成语:to make hay while the sun shines,原意是:乘有太阳的时候,赶快把饲料准备好。美国人经常把这一说法缩短成为:to make hay。To make hay在用作俗语的时候,和准备饲料没有什么太大关系了,它的意思就是“看到赚钱的机会就尽量从中获利”。我们来举一个例子吧,这个人因为汽油涨价而生气:If you ask me, some oil companies are really making hay out of the oil crisis. They keep raising the price of a gallon of gas, even though the experts say there's enough gas to go around if people don't get greedy. 要是你问我啊,我告诉你,有些石油公司乘着石油危机而大发其财。他们不断抬高每加伦汽油的价钱,尽管那些专家们说,只要人们不太贪心,汽油供应是足够的。我们再给大家举一个 to make hay的例子。这个人认为一个新的电脑公司的股票会使他赚很多钱,他正在劝他的朋友买这个股票:I tell you, the smart thing is to buy as much stock as you can afford. You want to make hay before everybody hears about it and the stock doubles in price. 我告诉你,尽你的能力买,这是聪明的做法。你要在别人还没有听说这个股票之前就赚一大笔钱。等到人家都知道了,股票的价格就会加倍。 /200806/42588

  EVERY NORWEGIAN CHILD has stood in cross-country skis at the bottom of a snowy slope and looked up at his or her father. #39;So your dad is there at the top of the hill holding a treat and he says, #39;Just make it up here, and we#39;ll take a break,#39; #39; says Eivind Furnesvik, the owner and director of Standard (Oslo), the most successful art gallery in the country#39;s up-and-coming scene. #39;That is Norway.#39; 每个挪威孩子都曾踩着滑雪板,站在雪山脚下,望着自己的父亲。Eivind Furnesvik说:“你的父亲站在山顶上,拿着一个小礼物对你说,‘你上到这儿来我们就休息。’”Furnesvik是Standard (Oslo)艺廊的老板以及主管,在整个奥斯陆即将崛起的艺术领域,这家艺廊最为成功。“这就是挪威的行事之道。” With that same mettle and hope of reward, the players of Oslo#39;s art world have begun a steep climb to join the ranks of global elite art capitals. The treat-bearing father atop the hill is the government, waving vast largesse from the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world. But the route isn#39;t easy for those involved: Aside from subzero temperatures and months of darkness, the relatively small capital city of 600,000 was, until very recently, better known for timber exports and dried fish aged in lye than cutting-edge contemporary art. 奥斯陆(Oslo)的艺术家们在这场艰难的艺术攀登中带着勇气去追逐名誉,试图将奥斯陆打造成为全球顶尖的艺术中心之一。拿着奖品站在山顶上的父亲比喻拥有全球最大主权基金的挪威政府。但这条路对于艺术家们来说并不容易:除了零下的温度和长达数月的黑暗,这个仅有60万人的小首都直到最近,享誉世界的都是出口的木材和泡在 液中的鱼干,而不是先锋派当代艺术。 Just over 100 years ago, shortly after Norway gained full independence from Sweden, the regions north of Bergen counted among the poorest in Europe. In the decades since 1969, when Phillips Petroleum discovered vast oil and gas reserves in the North Sea#39;s Ekofisk field, those same regions have become some of the continent#39;s richest. Income from the reserves pours in through the state-controlled energy giant Statoil, and accrues in Norway#39;s 5 billion sovereign wealth fund, the so-called Oljefondet. Norway#39;s 12-year-old sustainability-minded handlingsregelen, or #39;spending rule,#39; stipulates that the government can use only 4 percent of that fund in each year#39;s national budget. Add that to the country#39;s Scandinavian brand of social democracy, and the result is unrivaled government support for the artistic economy. Last October, Hadia Tajik, Norway#39;s Minister of Culture, announced the country#39;s largest-ever budget for the arts. 挪威脱离瑞典,获得独立,仅有一百多年的时间。在此之前,卑尔根(Bergen)以北是欧洲最贫困的地区。1969年,菲利普斯石油公司(Phillips Petroleum)在北海(North Sea)的埃科菲斯克油田(Ekofisk Field)发现了大量的石油和天然气;此后,这一地区变成了欧洲大陆最富庶的地区之一。国家控股的能源巨头挪威国家石油公司(Statoil)通过开采油气田,为挪威主权基金(Oljefondet,又称挪威政府养老基金),累积了7,450亿美元(约合46,190亿人民币)。挪威崇尚可持续发展,已有12年历史的“花费条例”规定,政府每年纳入国家开的预算只能为基金价值的百分之四。这无疑体现了挪威斯堪的纳维亚式(Scandinavian)的社会民主,而此举的结果就是挪威政府对艺术经济举世无双的持。去年十月,挪威文化部(Ministry of Culture)部长Hadia Tajik发布了本国历史上最大的艺术基金。 #39;It#39;s easy to get things done in Oslo,#39; says singer and performance artist Nils Bech in a downtown café near the affluent shopping district surrounding the Storting, the Norwegian parliament. #39;We have a really good support system, so if you get to a certain level in your career it#39;s possible to get funding to do projects that you wouldn#39;t be able to do elsewhere.#39; Next to him sits his best friend, Ida Ekblad, a painter, sculptor and conceptual artist. #39;It#39;s because Oslo#39;s small. In New York, if you want certain kinds of materials, there are so many rules, and it#39;s so difficult to get things done sometimes,#39; Ekblad says. #39;Here, I#39;m friends with the guy that works at the scrapyard, and he#39;s always happy when I go there.#39; Ekblad#39;s recent work involves carving lines from poems she wrote into the wheels of shopping carts, coating the wheels in paint and rolling them across canvases. A former break-dancer, she is one of the flag-bearers of Norway#39;s artistic ascendance: Her inclusion in the #39;ILLUMInations#39; exhibition at the 2011 Venice Biennale was a rallying cry for every art student in Oslo. In April, she had a solo show at the National Museum#39;s contemporary art wing, the Museet for Samtidskunst, where artists like Anish Kapoor, William Kentridge and Robert Smithson have also recently been shown. Stipends from the Norwegian Ministry of Culture have facilitated both Bech and Ekblad#39;s work: He has two years of financing, and she has three. #39;I must admit I did have an instinct to come back to Norway that I hadn#39;t felt before,#39; says Ekblad about her recent return home while pregnant with her daughter after years living abroad in Italy. 歌手兼演员尼尔斯#12539;贝克(Nils Bech)在市中心靠近挪威国会(Storting)的一家咖啡馆说:“在奥斯陆做事很容易。我们的后勤体系很棒,所以当你达到某个阶段后,你就可能得到资金来做一些其它地方没法做的项目。”坐在他身旁的画家、雕塑家、概念艺术家及好友艾达#12539;艾克布莱德(Ida Ekblad)说:“这是因为奥斯陆很小。在纽约,如果你想要某种材料,总会有条条框框限制你,所以有时办事非常困难。但在这里,我有朋友在废品堆放场工作,每次我去那里,他都很开心。”艾克布莱德最近的工作是把自己写的诗刻在购物车的轮子上,然后将轮子涂上颜料,再将其滚过帆布。她曾是霹雳舞者,也是挪威艺术圈的旗手:她参加了2011年的双年展“ILLUMInation”,而这个展览撩动了奥斯陆每个艺术生的心弦。今年四月,她在国家物馆(National Museum)的现代美术馆(Museet for Samtidskunst)举行了个人展览。最近像安妮施#12539;卡普尔(Anish Kapoor),William Kendridge和罗伯特#12539;史密森(Robert Smithson)之类的艺术家也在这里举行了展览。挪威文化部提供的奖金帮助了贝克和艾克布莱德的创作:前者可得到两年资助,后者为三年。艾克布莱德说道:“我必须得说当时我有种回到挪威的冲动,而这种感觉原来从未有过。”她在意大利侨居多年,最近回国的时候已怀有身。 Another artist who#39;s recently come home is Marius Engh, a member of Furnesvik#39;s roster at Standard (Oslo), who moved back to Oslo after five years in Berlin. #39;Sometimes you need a break from a small place like this,#39; he says on the phone from the home studio he#39;s been able to rent, thanks to government subsidies-an old astronomical observatory with a view over the fjord. #39;By moving back home, you come back into the possibility of renewing yourself or becoming whole,#39; he says. #39;I started skiing again!#39; 最近回国的艺术家还有马留斯#12539;恩格(Marius Engh)。他是Standard (Oslo)的花名册中的一员。在柏林居住五年后,他回到了奥斯陆。他在租赁的家庭工作室里接电话时说,“有时你需要在如这里一样的小地方放松身心。回到家乡,也给了你重新认识自己或变得更完整的可能。比如,我又开始滑雪了!”他的租金由政府补贴,这个由一座天文台改成的工作室可以鸟瞰峡湾的美景。 Even as the city has held fast to some of its grittier elements-a heroin problem lurks in the shadows-you see emblems of its dedication to art everywhere: architectural coups like the opera house designed by the award-winning Norwegian firm Sn#248;hetta or, nearby, along the waterfront, Renzo Piano Astrup Fearnley contemporary art museum, financed by the private wealth of a shipping family and sponsored by Swedish oil firm Lundin Petroleum . New space for the Munch Museum-currently mired in political debate over its location-is forthcoming, as is a new building for the National Museum, slated to open in 2017 and constructed to hold the institution#39;s classical and contemporary collections. 即便这座城市严格防控着危险因素――比如暗地里存在的海洛因问题――但其对艺术的奉献还是随处可见:由获奖设计公司Snoehetta设计的形状犹如歌剧院的建筑;以及附近的码头边,由一个航运家族企业出资修建,并得到瑞典伦丁石油公司(Lundin Petroleum)赞助的Renzo Piano AstrupFearnley当代艺术馆。虽然政党对新的蒙克物馆(Munch Museum)的选址议论不休,但其动工也指日可待,作为国家物馆(National Museum)的一栋新建筑,它将会在2017年拉开帷幕,届时,会成为挪威古典及当代藏品的聚集地。 /201309/257000初中生早现象严重Thousands of teenage girls in Beijing have abortions each year, according to teenage sex clinics.Sources with Beijing Tian'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine , the first in the capital to open a hotline for pregnant teenagers, said more than 100 teenage girls received abortions during the first three months of the year.Of nearly 5,000 phone calls from teenagers, seven to eight percent are from unmarried girls asking about abortion. The proportion was only about five percent last year, said Deng Jun, a doctor with the teenager counseling service of Beijing No.2 Hospital.The total number of teenage abortions in the capital is not known."Girls who have abortions are considerably younger. Most of them are junior middle school students aged 14 to 15," said Deng, adding the youngest patient to come for an abortion was a 13-year-old and some girls had abortions many times."Two years ago, teenage pregnancy mainly happened to college and senior high school students," he said.The number of abortions peaks during the Spring Festival, May Day or National Day holidays and in the final term of the academic year, Deng said, adding that sex education at school and in the family is wholly inadequate with young people nowadays having their first sexual experiences at a much earlier age.Sex education has always been a low priority in schools, and parents are often reluctant to talk about the still-taboo issue.A survey conducted by Professor Huo Jinzhi from the medical school of Suzhou University showed 4.6 percent of junior middle school students had had sex compared with 4.2 percent in senior high schools.In September 2004, the country for the first time included sex and reproduction knowledge in the formal school curriculum. 据青少年性生理门诊介绍,北京每年有数千名少女堕胎。据首家开通早青少年热线的北京天安中医院的有关人士介绍,今年第一个季度有100多名未成年少女来医院堕胎。在近5000个青少年打来的热线电话中,7%至8%是未婚女孩咨询堕胎事宜的。北京市第二医院青少年咨询中心的医生邓俊说,去年的这一比例仅为5%。但目前北京市青少年堕胎的总数还未统计出来。邓医生说:“如今堕胎的女孩年纪比以往要小得多。其中大多数还是十四五岁的中学生。”他说最小的只有13岁,还有一些女孩已经多次堕胎。“两年前,早主要集中在大学生和高中生这两大人群。”邓医生说,每年的春节,五一、国庆长假和每学年的下半学期是堕胎的高峰期。他说,学校和家庭的性教育严重不足,现在的年轻人发生第一次性行为的年龄提前了很多。性教育一直是学校的一个薄弱环节,家长们也常常羞于与孩子们讨论这个仍被视为禁忌的话题。苏州大学医学院的霍金之教授开展的一项调查显示,4.6%的初中生有过性行为,而高中生的这一比例为4.2%。2004年9月,我国首次将性常识和生殖知识纳入学校课程范围。 /200803/32580


  “Everything has been figured out, except how to live.” - Jean-Paul SartreI’m nearly 35 years old, and I’ve made my share of mistakes in my life. I’m not a big believer in regrets … and I have learned tremendously from every single mistake … and my life is pretty great.However, there are a few things I wish I had known when I was graduating from high school and starting out as an adult in life.Would I change things? I’m not so sure. I might never have gotten into a mountain of debt, but then I wouldn’t have learned the amazing satisfaction of getting out of it. I might have made better career choices, but then I wouldn’t have all the work experience that makes me the blogger and writer that I am today.I might not have gotten married that first time, so that I would never have gotten divorced … but then I wouldn’t have my first two beautiful wonderful incredible children from that first marriage.I don’t think I would change any of that. However, looking back, there are some lessons I’ve learned that I would probably tell my 18-year-old self. Do I share them now to share my regrets? No, I share them in hopes that younger men and women, just starting out in life, can benefit from my mistakes and my lessons.What follows isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s one that I hope proves useful to at least a few people.“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it.” - Jack HandeyHow to control impulse spending. If there’s anything that got me in trouble financially, it’s impulse spending. Buying clothes when I don’t need them. Buying gadgets because I gotta have them. Ordering stuff online because it’s so easy. Buying that new shiny SUV because … well, because it was going to help me with women. I’m not proud of any of that. I’ve learned to control my impulses, at least a little better. Now, I give myself some time to breathe. I think over my purchases, see if I’ve got the money, think about whether it’s a need or a want. That would have been a useful tool 15 years ago.You gotta stay active. I was in track, cross country and basketball in high school, but once I started college, the running and basketball began to slowly fade away. Not right away — I played pick-up basketball for years after high school. But even that went away, until I became sedentary. Playing with my kids outdoors winded me. And I began to get fat. I’ve reversed that trend, and am very active now, but I’m still trying to burn the fat I gained in those inactive years.How to plan finances. I always knew that I was supposed to budget and track my spending, when I became an adult. I just was too lazy to do it. And I didn’t have a good idea of how to actually do it. Now, I’ve learned how to plan, and how to stick to that plan. Sure, I deviate from my plan, but I’ve learned how to handle that too. Maybe that’s not a skill you can learn from book ing. You just gotta practice. Well, I hope to teach it to my children before they go out on their own.Junk food will come back to bite you in the butt. Yeah, it wasn’t just the sedentary lifestyle that got me fat. It was all the damn junk food too. I would eat pizza and burgers and Twinkies and sugar cereal and desserts and donuts and … well, you get the picture. As someone used to being able to eat whatever I wanted, it never seemed like it would be a problem. Bad health was something to worry about when you got old. Well, my jeans began to get way too tight, and to my horror, I climbed several pants sizes and developed a gut that only now is going away. I wish someone had shown me an “after” picture when I was young and downing the Big Gulp sodas.Smoking is just dumb. I didn’t start smoking until I was well into my adult years. I won’t go into why I started, but it didn’t seem like a problem, because I knew I could quit anytime I wanted. Or I thought I could, at least, until several years later I gave it a go and couldn’t do it. Five failed quits later and I realized with horror that my addiction was stronger than I was. Sure, I eventually beat the habit (quit date: Nov. 18, 2005) but it took a piece of my soul to do it.Fund your retirement, son. And don’t withdraw it. This piece of wisdom, and probably all the ones above, might seem blisteringly obvious. And they are. Don’t think I didn’t know this when I was 18. I did. I just didn’t pay it serious attention. Retirement was something I could worry about when I was in my 30s. Well, I’m in my 30s now and I wish I could slap that little 18-year-old Leo around a bit. What money I could have invested by now! I had a retirement plan, but on the 3 occasions when I changed jobs, I withdrew that and spent it frivolously.All the stuff you’re doing that seems hard — it will be of use. This is the first one that might not be as obvious. There were times in my life when work was hard, and I did it anyway, but hated it. I did it because I had to, but boy did it stress me out and leave me exhausted. Hard work isn’t as easy as I wanted it to be. But you know what? Every bit of hard work I did without knowing why I was doing it … it’s paid off for me in the long run. Maybe not right away, but I’m using skills and habits I learned during those times of high stress and long hours and tedious work — I use them all the time, and they’ve made me into the person I am today. Thank you, younger Leo!Don’t buy that used van without checking it out closely. I thought I was being smart by buying used, but I didn’t check it out carefully enough. That dang van had loads of engine problems, a door that nearly fell off when I was driving, a door handle that snapped off, a side mirror that fell off, no spare tire despite three tires that were y to blow (and did), windows that didn’t roll up, rattling noises, an eventual blown radiator … I could go on and on, but let’s just say that it wasn’t my best purchase. I still think buying used is smart, but check things out closely first.That guy you’re going to sell your car to? On a gentleman’s agreement? He’s not gonna pay you. I sold another car to a friend of a friend, who I was sure would pay me even if I had nothing in writing. That was smart. I still see the guy once in awhile on the road, but I don’t have the energy to do a U-turn and chase after him.Make time to pursue your passion, no matter how busy you are. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and get a book published. I just never had time to write. With a family and school and a full-time job, there just weren’t enough hours in the day. Well, I’ve learned that you have to make those hours. Set aside a block of time to do what you love, cut out other stuff from your life that take up your time, and don’t let anything interfere with that work. If I had done that 15 years ago, I could have 15 books written by now. Not all would be great, but still.All that stuff that’s stressing you out — it won’t matter in 5 years, let alone 15. When things are happening to you right now, they mean all the world. I had deadlines and projects and people breathing down my neck, and my stress levels went through the roof. I don’t regret the hard work (see above) but I think I would have been less stressed if I could have just realized that it wouldn’t matter a single bit just a few years down the road. Perspective is a good thing to learn.The people you make friends with are so much more important than your job or the things you buy. I’ve had a few jobs, I’ve bought a lot of things, and I’ve made a few friends over these last 15 years. Of those, the only thing that still matter to me are the friends. And I wish I could have spent more time with friends (and family) than on the other things.All that time you spend watching TV is a huge, huge waste of time. I don’t know how much TV I’ve watched over the years, but it’s a crapload. Hours and days and weeks I’ll never have back. Who cares what happens on reality TV, when reality is slipping by outside? Time is something you’ll never get back — don’t waste it on TV.Your kids are going to grow up way faster than you think. Don’t waste a minute. I just had an Oh My God moment recently. My oldest daughter, Chloe, is 14 going on 15 next month. I have 3 years left with her before she leaves my house and becomes an adult. Three years! I am floored by that single fact, because it really doesn’t seem anywhere near enough time. I want to go back to my younger self and whack that younger Leo on the head and say Stop working so hard! Stop watching TV! Spend more time with your kids! These last 15 years with Chloe (and my other wonderful kids) have gone by much, much too fast.Forget the drama. Focus on being happy. There have been many things that have happened to me, professionally and personally, that seem like the end of the world. And while these things were bad, they get blown up in our heads so that they become major drama. They caused me to be depressed from time to time. What a waste of time. If I realized that it was all in my head, and that I could be happy instead if I focused on the positive, on what I did have, and what I could be doing … I could have skipped all the moping about.Pay more attention to blogs when you first hear about them. They’re more than just journals. I first about blogs 7-8 years ago, but when I took a look at them they didn’t seem like anything of interest. Just some people’s journals about stuff they on the web. Why would I want to those? I have my own thoughts about the web, but I don’t need to share them with the world. I spent a lot of time on the Internet, on various sites and forums, but every time I happened upon a blog I would brush past it without interest. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I discovered what wonderful things they could be (I mentioned some of my early favorites in my list of influences). If I had gotten into blogging years ago … well, I wouldn’t have been wasting all that time.Speaking of which, keep a journal. Seriously. Your memory is extremely faulty. I forget things really easily. Not short-term stuff, but long-term. I don’t remember things about my kids’ early years, because I didn’t record any of it. I don’t remember things about my life. It’s like a lot of foggy memories that I’ll never have access to. I wish I had kept a journal.Tequila is seriously evil. I won’t go into details, but it should suffice to say that I had some bad experiences, and I’m not sure I learned very much from them or benefited in any way except to learn that tequila is the drink of the Devil.Yes, you can do a marathon. Don’t put this goal off — it’s extremely rewarding. Running a marathon had always been a dream of mine, since high school … something I wanted to do but thought was out of reach. Or if I ever did it, it would be years and years later. Well, I learned that it’s not only achievable, it’s incredibly rewarding. I wish I had started training when I was young and light and fit … I could have had some good finishing times!All these mistakes you’re going to make, despite this advice? They’re worth it. My 18-year-old self would probably have this post and said, “Good advice!” And then he would have proceeded to make the same mistakes, despite good intentions. I was a good kid, but I wasn’t good at following advice. I had to make my own mistakes, and live my own life. And that’s what I did, and I don’t regret a minute of it. Every experience I’ve had (even the tequila ones) have led me down the path of life to where I am today. I love where I am today, and wouldn’t trade it for another life for all the world. The pain, the stress, the drama, the hard work, the mistakes, the depression, the hangovers, the debt, the fat … it was all worth it.“Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.” - Mark Twain /200804/34785


  o(;YtH~%d_%CN;Rn~Iep5Wn%i9lP)2A great film can change national sentiment and give a human face to an intangible problem. Or, in one take, a well-crafted scene can make watchers rethink their entire closet. Sometimes, a piece of clothing or an accessory comes to define a film, redefining perceptions long after the credits have rolled.一部伟大的电影可以改变民族情感,给予一个人性看待无形问题的视角vviE;d)+B。或者在某一瞬、一个精心设计的场景里可以使观影者反思他们的整个衣橱7yw^^n9ObprX。有时候,一件衣或一个物件可以来定义一部电影,在口碑积攒很久之后重新定义视角~y3[ITjftp9jF!。From Lolita#39;s sunglasses (we obviously had to pay homage to those heart-shaped icons) to Margot Tenenbaum#39;s coat, these aren#39;t mere costumes: They are some of our favorite fashion movie moments of all time.从洛丽塔的太阳镜(很显然我们心水那些心形物件),到Margot Tenenbaum的大衣,这些都不是纯粹的装:他们一直是我们最喜欢的时尚电影时刻WV-a|W~2Qp1nwFpN.o。H[vRGPRIt^;xU1f-hlN;Lolita,; Heart-Shaped Glasses: While these shades were never actually featured in the film, their marketing use embodied the innocence Lolita exuded.《洛丽塔》,心形的眼镜:虽然这墨镜从未出现在影片中,他们的营销运用体现了洛丽塔散发的天真#[;8)*uPnV_~ZJ)。eY]T#@_ntZNz4Y|d]fRx%KracAi559_ /201307/247863



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