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In 2016, Hollywood showed us a world where black lives matter, a musical had meaning, young filmmakers could strut their stuff alongside the classic likes of Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, and the Coen brothers - and no subject was too hot to handle. 2016年的好莱坞向我们明没有什么题材是不能驾驭的,在这个世界里,黑人有所谓,歌舞片蕴含深意,电影新人也可以在马丁.斯科塞斯、克林特.伊斯特伍德以及科恩兄弟等大师面前施展身手。Here are 20 movies that reminded us that the best of cinema, whether studio-financed or independently-produced, is capable of lots of things beyond sequels, prequels, remakes, rets and the Marvel Comic Universe.下面这20部由公司投资或者独立制作的电影提醒我们,比起那些续集、前传、改编、翻拍和漫威宇宙系列影片,这些最优秀的电影作品要有意义得多。#39;Zootopia#39;《疯狂动物城》Animation was on a roll in 2016 - this was the year of Finding Dory, Kubo and the Two Strings, The Secret Life of Pets, Sausage Party and Sing. 2016年是动画片当道的一年,期间上映的作品有《海底总动员2》、《久保与二弦琴》、《爱宠大机密》、《香肠派对》以及《歌唱秀》。But none took fuller measure of the possibilities of the form than this look at an animal kingdom where predators, who once lived in peace, revert to attack mode. 但没有一部动画片比《疯狂动物城》更为淋漓尽致地呈现了动画片的潜力。The kids will love the cute bunny and the fox. 在片中的动物王国里,曾经和平相处的掠食者恢复了攻击模式。But grownups may find that the resulting rush of politics, prejudice, persecution and wall building resonate disturbingly for the Trump era. 孩子们会爱上片中可爱的兔子和狐狸,而该片所反映出的政治、歧视、迫害和筑墙则使特朗普时代的成人们产生了共鸣,There#39;s something for everyone here.每个人都会在这部电影中有所收获。#39;13th#39;《第十三修正案》There were powerful documentaries this year, including O.J.: Made in America, Weiner, Cameraperson and I Am Not Your Negro. 今年出现了一些令人震撼的纪录片,如《辛普森:美国制造》、《韦纳》、《摄像师》以及《我不是你的黑鬼》等。But the most explosive is Ava DuVernay#39;s incendiary take on the 13th amendment, 但最有冲击力的是艾娃.杜维尼对《第十三修正案》极具感染力的呈现。the one enacted in 1865 that supposedly guaranteed racial equality and outlawed involuntary servitude in the US. 该法案于1865年颁布,目的是保障种族平等、在美国禁止强制奴役。Watch it and weep.一边看一边哭吧。#39;Toni Erdmann#39;《托尼.厄德曼》The year#39;s best and most brilliant foreign-language film - sorry, Elle, Julieta and The Handmaiden - is this fierce flamethrower from the great German writer-director Maren Ade. 《她》、《胡丽叶塔》和《》,对不住了,今年最出色、最精的外语片属于《托尼.厄德曼》,德国伟大编剧兼导演玛伦.阿德用这部影片燃起了一场熊熊烈火。Peter Simonischek and Sandra Hüller are superb as a divorced piano teacher and his ambitious corporate daughter, 彼得.西蒙尼舍克饰演一位离婚的钢琴老师,桑德拉.惠勒扮演他野心勃勃、一心扑在工作上的女儿。united in depression and mutual disgust. 两人生活压抑、互相厌恶。Did I mention that Ade#39;s film is comedy? 忘了告诉你,这是一部喜剧片。It is, with laughs that stick in the throat, the kind that#39;s so funny it hurts.《托尼.厄德曼》滑稽到令人心痛、让人笑不出声。#39;The Edge of Seventeen#39;《成长边缘》Box-office has been quiet for Kelly Fremon Craig#39;s debut film, which means some of you are missing out on the year#39;s most hilarious and heartfelt rager. 凯利.弗莱蒙.克雷格的电影处女作票房表现平平,这意味着有些人错过了这部年度最滑稽且发自内心表达愤怒的电影。Hailee Steinfeld, aly an Oscar nominee for True Grit, is a volcanic, hormonal wonder as a pain in the ass named Nadine, an angry teen who gives hell to everyone around her - except for a teacher (a terrific Woody Harrelson) who won#39;t take her shit. 曾因影片《大地惊雷》获得奥斯卡提名的海莉.斯坦菲尔德在片中饰演讨人厌的女孩娜丁,她暴躁易怒而且十分情绪化,对周围所有人都充满敌意——除了一位老师(伍迪.哈里森饰演),因为他根本不吃她那一套。Craig and Steinfeld shoot down coming-of-age cliches on sight. 克雷格和斯坦菲尔德通过这部电影打破了有关成熟的陈词滥调。Find this movie and hold it close. 密切关注这部电影吧,You can#39;t miss seeing yourself in it.你将在其中遇见自己的身影。#39;De Palma#39;《德.帕尔马》OK, it#39;s not so much a movie as a bull session that filmmakers Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow conduct on camera with contentious director Brian De Palma. 与其说这是一部电影,不如说这是饱受争议的导演布莱恩.德.帕尔马在诺亚.鲍姆巴赫和杰克.帕特洛的镜头下的漫谈。With perfectly chosen clips from the veteran filmmaker#39;s career highs and lows, the film is an impure education for De Palma geeks and newbies.片中精心选择了这位资深导演职业生涯中的巅峰之作和低谷之作,为德.帕尔马式的怪才和菜鸟打造了一部不纯洁教育片。#39;Arrival#39;《降临》For those who are disappointed that the close encounter Amy Adams has with aliens in Arrival is about communication instead of global annihilation, I can offer no comfort. 在电影《降临》中,艾米.亚当斯与外星人近距离接触是为了沟通,而没有出现毁灭地球的情节,对于那些因此感到失望的人,我无力给予安慰。Except to say that the contemplative tone taken by director Denis Villeneuve and the full commitment Adams brings to a role of ever-surprising layers result in a movie that stays with you long after you leave the multiplex.只能说,导演丹尼斯.维勒弗采用的沉思式的语调以及亚当斯赋予主人公空前丰富的层次性,让这部电影在你离开影院后依然烙印在脑海里,挥之不去。#39;Paterson#39;《帕特森》So great to have Jim Jarmusch back in classic form with this minimalist mesmerizer about a New Jersey bus driver and poet named Paterson who lives in Paterson. 很高兴吉姆.贾木许在这部电影中重拾他经典的极简主义叙事方式。故事的主人公帕特森生活在纽泽西帕特森市,他是一名公交司机,同时也是一名诗人。Too twee? No worries. 剧情太矫情?别担心。He#39;s played by Adam Driver, a sublime actor who stays alert to every nuance as Jarmusch follows the film#39;s hero, 帕特森由优秀的男演员亚当.德赖弗扮演,他可以精准地把握角色的每一个细微变化。hanging out with his Iranian wife (rocker Golshifteh Farahani) and turning his daily encounters into verse that celebrates the mysteries of the everyday. 帕特森与伊朗裔妻子一同生活(摇滚歌手格什菲.法拉哈尼饰),他把每日际遇写成诗歌,以歌颂寻常日子中的奥妙。That#39;s Jarmusch in a nutshell – and a pure pleasure to watch.简单来说,这就是贾木许的风格,观看他的电影你会收获简单的快乐。#39;Love and Friendship#39;《爱情与友谊》Maybe because it opened way back in May, Whit Stillman#39;s elegantly barbed take on Jane Austen#39;s 1794 novella is being forgotten in the year-end prize-giving season. 惠特.斯蒂尔曼的这部电影是根据简.奥斯汀1794年的中篇小说精心改编的,也许是因为今年5月份就上映了,电影在年终颁奖季被人们所遗忘。Wake up, people. 醒醒吧人类!Kate Beckinsale gives one of the year#39;s best performances as a widow forced to use everything – sex, thievery, betrayal, you name it – to stay independent in a man#39;s world. 凯特.贝金赛尔在影片中的表现可能是今年最出色的表演之一,她扮演一名寡妇,不择一切手段,用性、盗窃、背叛在男权世界中保持独立。And Academy voters are hereby advised not to forget the pricelessly funny Tom Bennett as a wealthy idiot who blathers on about peas and what he calls ;the 12 Commandments.;特此提醒奥斯卡奖的投票人,不要忘记汤姆.班尼特幽默出众的表演,他在影片中扮演一个富有的蠢货,整天喋喋不休地谈论他那所谓的12诫律。#39;Hail, Caesar!#39;《凯撒万岁》How to explain my passion for this Hollywood comedy from the Coen brothers, a whoosh of farce and spiritual d? Would that it t#39;were so simple. 要如何用言语表达我对科恩兄弟的这部好莱坞喜剧电影的喜爱,带给人精神恐惧的喧嚣闹剧吗?没那么简单。It#39;s basically a day in the life off a studio cop (Josh Brolin) who#39;s job is to wrangle a nutjob star (George Clooney), a knocked-up swimming diva (Scarlett Johansson), 影片主要围绕一个制片人(乔什.布洛林)一天的工作展开。a Commie song-and-dance man (Channing Tatum, pure perfection) and a drawling cowboy (Alden Ehrenreich, also perfection) forced to play a sophisticate by a tyrant of a Brit director (Ralph Fiennes). 他要应付一名举止疯狂的明星(乔治.克鲁尼),意外怀的女星(斯嘉丽.约翰逊),喜剧歌舞演员(查宁.塔图姆,简直完美),还有说话拖腔拉调的牛仔(阿尔登.艾伦瑞奇,同样完美),牛仔被一个英国暴君导演(拉尔夫.费因斯)强迫扮演老司机。I couldn#39;t have liked it more.我简直爱死这个电影了。 /201612/484940The Duchess of Cambridge has accepted a lifetime honorary membership of the Royal Photographic Society for her family portraits and tour photos.凭借出色的家庭成员照和旅行留影,剑桥公爵夫人于日前被授予了英国皇家摄影学会终身会员。Chief executive Michael Pritchard praised the duchess for her ;talent and enthusiasm; behind the lens.首席执行官迈克尔·普里查德盛赞镜头后的她“有天赋又充满热情”。;She is latest in a long line of royal photographers and the society is pleased to recognise her talent and enthusiasm through honorary membership. We look forward to a continuing relationship with her.;“她是新晋皇家摄影师,协会很高兴授予她荣誉会员,对她摄影才能和热情表示认可。我们期望她继续待在摄影协会。”She broke with tradition to take the first official photographs of Princess Charlotte in 2015 and pictures of Prince George on his first day at nursery received widesp praise.2015年,她打破英国的传统,亲自为夏洛特公主照了第一张官方照片,乔治王子第一天去幼儿园的照片也受到了大家的好评。But holiday snaps taken in Borneo received mixed reviews.但是婆罗洲的度假照片收到的则褒贬不一。She is thought to be the first person to be given the honour without having won one of the society#39;s awards, and was said to be very pleased.剑桥公爵夫人是第一位没有获得过协会奖项而被授予这一称号的人,据称她非常开心。The society, established in 1853, works to promote photography and to support photographers irrespective of their level of knowledge, equipment or skills.皇家摄影协会成立于1853年,不分学识、装备或技术,致力于促进摄影业的发展,为摄影者提供帮助。It holds exhibitions and workshops and has a long tradition of links to the Royal family: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were early patrons while several official Royal photographers were members. Professional photographer Lord Snowdon won its Hood Medal in 1978.皇家摄影协会举办了多次摄影展和研讨会,一直以来与英国王室家族保持着密切的联系:维多利亚女王和艾伯特王子是早期的赞助人,有几位皇家御用摄影师也是其成员。专业摄影师斯诺顿勋爵在1978年获得了胡德奖章。 /201701/488606

Celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang has dressed Hollywood stars from George Clooney to Robert Downey Jr, to Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.明星造型师珍妮.杨曾经为乔治.克鲁尼、小罗伯特.唐尼、布拉德.皮特、汤姆.克鲁斯和凯蒂.赫尔姆斯等多位好莱坞明星做过装搭配。It#39;s safe to say she knows a whole lot about looking hot.可以这么说,她非常了解怎么穿最性感。Now, she tells us the five must-haves for everybody#39;s closet, male or female.现在这位大牌造型师向我们透露了每个人衣橱中不可缺少的五件衣饰,不管你是男人还是女人。;The first and foremost is invest in a great jacket.“首先也是最重要的就是要花钱买件好夹克。”;Whether you#39;re a man or a woman, a nice jacket will be an amazing thing to have in your car or to always carry with you because you never know who you#39;re going to meet.“不论你是男人还是女人,一件好夹克不管是在开车时穿还是随身携带都很实用,因为你永远不会知道你会遇到谁。”;I always say spend the money and splurge.;“我总是说,该花就要花。”;Second thing more than anything is a great coat. Rain coats are so important, or an evening coat.“第二件必备单品就是一件好大衣。风衣非常重要,礼大衣也是。”;People don#39;t realize that the first thing you see when you walk in is that coat.“人们没有意识到,当自己走进门,别人第一眼注意到的就是那件大衣。”Even if you#39;re going to take it off make sure that you get something really nice as you#39;re probably not going to buy more than one ever in your life.;就算你一会儿就要将大衣脱掉,你也要确保你的大衣质地上乘,买的时候就打算穿一辈子。;Get a nice watch. People don#39;t realize that people judge you based on that watch.“买块好表。人们没有意识到别人会根据那块表来评判自己。”Invest in something nice or something with a bit of personality. You don#39;t have to spend that much money.;花钱买块好表,或是带点个性的表。买手表无须花太多钱。;If you#39;re going to go ahead and go into any meeting, it doesn#39;t matter what you do, people will see the bottoms of your shoes.“如果你要起身去参加任何会议,不管你做什么,人们都会注意到你的鞋底。”;Get the bottoms re-done, get them fixed.“把鞋底修复一下,或者换个鞋底。”;Get a nice pair of Oxfords or, for a woman, a great pair of beautiful pumps.;“买一双质地优良的牛津鞋。如果是女人,就买一双漂亮的无带浅口高跟鞋。”;For women, the last and final thing is a great little black dress. You never know if you#39;re going to be called to go to a wedding at last minute.“对女人而言,衣橱中最后一件必备单品是小黑裙。你永远不知道什么时候会突然被叫去参加婚礼。”;You always want to look hot and sexy and make sure it fits you.“想在这种场合看上去性感时髦就少不了小黑裙。确保你的小黑裙很合身。”;For a guy, get a great suit. Same thing, you may be called last minute to be a date for a wedding or to go to a special event. To be able to pull something off the rack is so important.;“如果是男人,就去买一身好西装。同理,你可能会在最后一刻被叫去充当参加婚礼的同伴,或是被叫去参加一个特别活动。在这个时候衣橱里有一身好西装非常重要。” /201610/472936

The fisrt two should be okay, but I#39;m not too sure about the last one...前两只应该没问题,但最后一只就难说了…… /201702/493683

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