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~H*xA@jDkdkPShLmavArgentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, was elected the new pope on Wednesday on the second day of secret ballots in the cardinals#39; conclave held in Vatican City. White smoke out of the chimney on the roof of the Sistine Chapel and the sound of church bells announced at 7:06 p.m. local time (1806 GMT) that Bergoglio was the new pope in front of thousands of believers and international journalists who were waiting for the news in St Peter square. The name he chose as the new pope was Francis I. He is the first Jesuit to become pope. A member of the Jesuits, and ordained in 1936, after four years as priest Bergoglio became head of all the Jesuits in Argentina. After studying in Germany, he became bishop of Buenos Aires in 1992 and archbishop in 1998. A strong supporter of helping the poor, Bergoglio was made cardinal in 2001. The secret conclave began on Tuesday night with a first ballot and four ballots were held on Wednesday. Francis obtained the required two thirds majority in the fifth ballot.梵蒂冈西斯廷教堂的烟囱13日傍晚,终于冒出白烟,来自阿根廷首都布宜诺斯艾利斯的枢机主教豪尔赫·马里奥·贝尔高利奥被选为新教宗NZL3inOdgW_7iS。这也是罗马天主教历史上首次,由来自美洲的枢机担任教宗Rrm]-N%mhbNo@@J。新教宗在发言时,形容自己由世界的另一端到来ZXgUYY^lzcLpmPmMeq2B。 路透社报道,当地时间13日晚7时06分,梵蒂冈西斯廷教堂屋顶烟囱冒出白烟,新任教皇在115名红衣主教的秘密投票中以77票当选为第266任罗马教皇,随后教廷宗教协谈委员会前主席托朗枢机出现在圣彼得大教堂的阳台上,高喊“教皇诞生!”,76岁的阿根廷红衣主教贝尔高利奥身着白色袈裟亮相,他获称为教皇弗朗西斯一世,正式成为全球12亿罗马天主教徒的领袖,同时也是首位拉美裔教皇v]V[t^xvEVo7M。他在西斯廷教堂的阳台上向众多信徒表示祝福,并用带口音的意大利语开玩笑称,我的红衣主教朋友们跑到了地球另一端找到了罗马教廷领导者0QoNISu@tu9。据悉,76岁的贝尔高利奥自1998年以来一直担任布宜诺斯艾利斯的大主教,2001年,他被选举为红衣主教1lJNuW;v987HK。pYwys4VG0Cw^36bBd#Q6()t_-jzt;M3n[d7F]cS,.-4~P0i2uJD+ /201303/229903。

Fonterra, the world#39;s largest dairy exporter, said on Monday it has reassured its global customers that New Zealand dairy products are safe following the discovery of traces of a potentially toxic substance in milk samples.全球最制品出口商恒天然公司本周一称,继其生产的牛奶样品中发现潜在有毒物质后,公司已向全球消费者做出保,新西兰奶制品可放心食用。The New Zealand firm said its testing had found ;minute traces; in some of its products of dicyandiamide (DCD), a chemical used in fertilisers to prevent them from soaking into rivers, which can be toxic in large amounts.这家新西兰公司表示,经检测发现其部分产品中含有微量双氰胺。双氰胺用于制造化肥,防止化肥渗透进河流,造成河流大面积中毒。Reports of the DCD detection prompted Taiwan, Chinese mainland and Malaysia to examine their dairy imports at the weekend, local media in those areas reported.据台湾、中国大陆和马来西亚的当地媒体报道,由于有关奶制品中检测出双氰胺的报道频频出现,促使这些地区于本周末对其进口奶制品进行检查。Fonterra, which was linked through a Chinese subsidiary to the 2008 melamine-tainted milk scandal in which at least six children died, said in a statement it had assured its customers that the detected DCD levels were no threat to human health.恒天然在中国设有子公司,这一子公司曾卷入2008年三聚氰胺奶粉丑闻事件,当时造成至少六名儿童死亡。该公司在一份声明中称,它已向消费者保奶制品中检测出的双氰胺含量不会对人体健康造成危害。;Customers are satisfied with our answers and the anxiety is dying down,; Chief Executive Theo Spierings said later on Radio New Zealand, describing reports questioning the safety of New Zealand milk as ;rumours and speculation;.该公司行政总裁西奥#8226;斯皮林斯随后在接受新西兰广播公司采访时说道:“消费者对我们的答复很满意,顾虑也由此减弱。”他将质疑新西兰牛奶安全性的相关报道定性为“纯属谣言与臆测”。He said the DCD levels found in tests last year were ;100 times less than European standards;.他表示,去年检测出的双氰胺含量“还不到欧洲标准的百分之一”。The fertiliser companies making the product have suspended its sale. Fonterra has been working with the government and the industry since last November to resolve the issue, Spierings said.生产这种产品的化肥公司已暂停产品销售。斯皮林斯称,自去年11月份以来,恒天然就一直同政府和化肥产业进行合作,寻求解决方案。Fonterra is New Zealand#39;s largest company with revenues of around NZ billion (.8 billion), and is looking to expand in Asia to tap into the region#39;s growing demand for dairy goods.恒天然是新西兰规模最大的公司,年收入近200亿新西兰币(合168亿美元)。公司目前正寻求拓展亚洲市场,满足该地区与日俱增的奶制品需求。More than 90 percent of milk collected in New Zealand is exported, mainly for use by other firms as an ingredient in everything from infant formula to cheese on frozen pizzas.新西兰超过90%的牛奶都出口国外,主要用于其他公司生产产品的原料,从婴幼儿配方奶粉到冷冻披萨中的奶酪无一不包。The news prompted slight selling in the New Zealand dollar late last week, while also weighing on the price of Fonterra#39;s shareholder fund.该消息的报道导致上周末新西兰币轻微贬值,与此同时恒天然公司股东基金价格也被重新估值。 /201301/223025。

A Polish man has been left critically injured after he allegedly blew up his house when he realised his wife and children had gone on a picnic without him.一名波兰男子因不堪被外出郊游的妻儿“抛弃” 家中,冲动之下引爆自家房子,而且还不幸地受了重伤。Czeslaw Kaminski, 69, was believed to have been so incensed when he woke to find a note from his wife to say that she had gone away for the day with the children that he decided to destroy the family home to teach her a lesson.一觉醒来时,69岁的切斯瓦夫-卡明斯基发现妻子和孩子们出去玩了,只给他留下了一张便条。被独自撇下的切斯瓦夫怒不可遏,决定毁掉房子来给妻子一个教训。He allegedly started a fire in the basement of his home and threw two gas cylinders on top of the property in the village of Chechlo Drugie, near Lodz, in central Poland.据称他在家中的地下室放火,然后朝房屋投掷两个煤气罐引发了爆炸,他家位于波兰中部罗兹附近的一个叫澈池洛卓季的村庄里。But he failed to leave in time and was caught in the blast when the house was blown up.但他未能及时离开,并在房子被炸毁时陷进火海。He was taken to hospital by an air ambulance where his condition was described as critical. Hospital spokesman Bozena Kozanecka said he was in a coma in intensive care.随后他被救护飞机紧急送往医院,医生初步诊断后认为他的病情很严重。医院发言人波泽纳-可赞尼卡称他目前处于昏迷状态并安排在重症监护室。The man#39;s wife Grazyna said: #39;He called me on the mobile home and demanded that I go home, but when I refused he said he was going to get revenge. I did not take him seriously and then I returned home to find this.#39;该名男子的妻子格罗苏那说:“他给我打电话并要求我回家,不过我拒绝了,他就声称要报复。我没把他的话当真,可等我回到家发现就成这样了。”Neighbours told local media that the couple#39;s relationship was excitable and that there was often heated arguments. Rubble and damaged items could be seen splayed across the lawn at the home.邻居告诉当地媒体,这对夫妻的关系比较紧张,经常吵得不可开交。爆炸现场可以看到,瓦砾和被损坏的物品都散落在家里门前的草坪上。 /201305/239351。