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崇义县上睑下垂矫正多少钱石城县妇幼保健人民医院去痘印多少钱An Australian lake has turned a vivid pink, thanks to extreme salt levels further exacerbated by hot weather in a startling natural phenomena that resembles a toxic spill.由于湖泊的盐分过高外加炎热的天气,澳大利亚一个湖泊的湖水变成了明亮的粉红色,这一让人吃惊的自然现象看起来像是散发着毒气Parks Victoria chief conservation scientist Mark Norman said last Thursday that the spectacle was the result of green algae at the bottom of the lake at Westgate Park on the outskirts of Melbourne responding to high levels of salt and changing colour.上周四,维多利亚公园首席保育科学家马克·诺曼表示,墨尔本郊区西门公园出现的这一现象是因为湖泊的高盐分与湖中藻类盐菌及光线气温交合作用而产生的;The bright pink lake pops up most summers and is made by a native single-celled plant known as Dunalliela that responds to extreme levels of salt in this lake,; he said, adding that hot weather makes the salt concentrate further.他说道:“这个湖泊在夏天时经常会变成粉红湖泊,这主要是因为一种原生的单细胞植物--杜氏藻与湖泊的高盐分相互作用而产生的”他还表示,炎热天气使盐分浓度更高;It completely natural. We often get comments that it looks like an industrial accident of pink paint.;“这完全是自然现象我们经常听到的是,这看起来像是发生了一起工业泄漏事故,湖水被粉红色的漆覆盖”The lake attracts over 0 bird species as well as many curious tourists but the authorities warned people to avoid making contact with the pink water, even though it is not dangerous.这个漂亮的湖泊吸引了超过0种鸟类以及许多慕名而来的游客虽然湖水看上去很漂亮,粉红色的湖水也不会造成任何危害,但有关当局还是提醒游客不要触碰湖水;The salt would dry as hard crystals all over your body. It would also be hard on your eyes, like sprinkling salt straight on your eyes,; Norman said.诺曼表示:“如果触碰到了湖水,在它干了之后会在你身上形成盐晶,碰到眼睛上也会造成不适,就像直接把盐撒在眼睛上一样” 80瑞金治疗胎记多少钱 A: Hi, I just moved in next door and have a few questions.你好,我刚搬到隔壁,我有些问题B: Hello, and welcome to our building. I would be happy to help you with your questions.你好,欢迎来到我们楼,我愿意回答你的问题A: You all seem like a very pleasant group of tenants.你们看上去都很友好B: We all try and help each other out when we can.我们都竭尽所能彼此帮助A: When did you first move here?你什么时候搬到这儿的?B: I have lived here quite a while. Ten years!我住在这儿已经很长时间了,年了A: I am not from around here, and I donrsquo;t know where basic services are.我对附近不熟悉,我不知道哪里提供日常生活所需B: I could help you find everything you need. Would you be interested in going to the local farmerrsquo;s market with me?我能帮你找到你需要的东西你有兴趣和我去当地的农贸市场吗?A: What a great opporty to get oriented to the neighborhood!一个和邻居接触的好机会B: It starts around ten. Just meet me in the parking lot around 9:5, and Irsquo;ll take you there.市场点开始,9:5左右在停车场见我,我会带你到那儿赣州法令纹去除

赣州俪人医院去除狐臭多少钱A: Hi, Jim. It's Olivia.B: Hey, Olivia. What's happening?A: I'll be moving out in a while, so I wanted you to know.B: Well, that's not good news. When are you moving?A: The last day of June.B: Is something wrong with your apartment?A: No, not anything new. But I just found out that I've been hired a new job.B: Great! What is the new job?A: I'm going to be an ESL instructor at Pasadena City College.B: That's great! ESL is some kind of electronics class?A: ESL is a class students who are learning English as their second language.B: I'm glad that your neighbors aren't the reason that you're moving.A: I won't miss having to listen to their darn TV.B: I'm giving them one more warning about their TV. Then they're out of there.A: I appreciate what a good apartment manager you've been these past few years.B: It's been nice knowing you, too. Good luck teaching LES. 187赣州俪人整形美容医院厚唇整形手术怎么样 The importance of packaging 包装的重要性A: OK, everybody, attention please. Let begin. The agenda of the meeting today is to discuss the package our newly-developed Anti-wrinkle Fast Response Eye Cream. Any ideas? Any opinion is encouraged. So do not hesitate to speak your mind out.好了,大家注意了咱们开始开会吧今天会议的议事日程使我们大家来讨论一下我们新开发出来的抗皱速效眼霜的包装问题大家有什么意见?任何想法都可以,所以请大家大胆说出自己的想法B: Our product is cosmetics and our target consumers are women. Women pay more attention to the exterior appearance. And very often they will buy something pretty rather than useful. So I think the exquisite and tasteful design is of primary importance.我们的产品是化妆品,我们的目标消费者是女性女性朋友比较注重外表,通常她们都会买一些漂亮的东西而不是实用的东西所以我认为精致的外观和优雅的设计是十分重要的C: I can not agree with you more. But I would like to add one point here. Our product will be sold all over the world. Theree culture must be taken into in terms of packaging. People from different cultures will have different taste. We can not ignore this point.我十分同意你的说法但是在这儿我想再强调一点我们的产品是要销往世界各地的,在设计包装时必须要把文化因素考虑在内不同文化背景的人品味不同,我们不能忽视这一点B: Security at the same time is of great importance, too. I mean we have to mark the ingredient conspicuously on the package so that people will see whether they are allergic or not to our product.同时,安全问题也非常重要我的意思是说我们应该把产品的组成成分标记在包装的醒目出,这样的话大家能够仔细阅读看是否对我们的产品过敏A: Anything else?还有别的吗?C: I think bee we fix it down about the packaging, we have to do some market research. The target consumers of our Anti-wrinkles Fast Response Eye Cream are the middle-aged. Theree we have to know what color they like, what kind of style they prefer, etc. . Only in this way can we make the packaging satisfy the local market.我认为在我们定下来包装的设计之前一定要做一下市场调查我们的目标消费者是中年女性,我们应该了解一下她们喜欢什么颜色,喜欢什么样的风格等等只有这样我们才能使我们的产品满足当地消费者的需求A: Sounds great. Next we are putting what we said just now into practice. Let make a poll to collect some useful inmation our packaging. Thank you so much. Now let call it a day.听起来不错下一步我们就是要把刚才说过的话付诸行动我们做一个民意调查来获取一些有益于我们包装设计的信息非常感谢大家,我们的会议就到这里吧;can not agree with sb. more;意为;再同意不过了;,表示十分同意某人的观点;;taken into ;意为;把;;考虑在内;,例如:The problem of environmental protection should be taken into in this project. 在这个项目环境保护应该被考虑在内;put...into practice;意为;把;;付诸实践;,例如:We should put what we have learnt at school into practice so that we can adapt to the society rapidly. 我们应该把我们在学校里学到的书本知识应用到实践当中去,这样的话我们才能更快地适应社会的发展要求;call it a day;意为;到此结束;,例如:I think weve done enough, Let call it a day. 我想我们已经完成粗够的工作,今天就到此为止吧 6573赣州自体免疫细胞治疗

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