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Flint is going back to Detroit water. The state, the city and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation together are kicking in million to shut off the tap to the Flint River.A year and a half ago, city leaders stood in Flints water plant and raised plastic glasses to toast the citys switch to the Flint River.Eighteen months later, Governor Snyder has announced the end of the Flint River experiment.;Im in full support of a return to the Great Lakes Water Authority (formerly the DWSD),; Snyder told a mid-morning news conference in Flint, ;and that we do this in a prompt and efficient fashion.;It may only take a few weeks to bring to an end what has become a failed experiment.Since shutting off the pipeline from Detroit and tapping the Flint River for the citys drinking water, Flint residents have endured a progressively nightmarish existence every time they filled a glass from their kitchen faucet.The cloudy water smelled and tasted bad. Then there were E. coli outbreaks. The heavy chlorination in response to those outbreaks left people with burned skin and hair falling out in clumps.A disinfectant by-product landed the city in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act for a year.And then theres lead.A Virginia Tech research team found serious levels of lead in the tap water in a significant percentage of Flint homes. Other tests showed blood lead levels in Flint children have doubled since the switch.New tests of drinking water in 13 Flint schools show 4 schools with seriously high lead levels. At one school, Freeman Elementary on the citys south side, the water tested at more than 100 parts per billion. Thats more than six times the federal action level for lead. ;We are suggesting we have specialized staff go in and really track who has elevated blood levels,; says Nick Lyon, the director of the Department of Health and Human Services, ;You dont know the facts until you know the facts. So were going to test these children.;Pastor Allen Overton has been a leader in the grassroots movement to return Flint to Detroit water. He listened as the governor and other officials talked about the steps being taken to quickly get Detroit water flowing to Flint again. Overton blames Flints mayor and other city leaders for not asking the governor for help sooner.;If they had (brought) it to the governor before now I think he would have moved before now,; says Overton, ;But they were slow about getting it to the governor. So thats why I think it took so long to get to this point.;The head of Flints public works department says it will take about two weeks to re-connect with Detroits system.But that doesnt end Flints water woes.The highly corrosive Flint River water has caused, by some estimates, tens of millions of dollars in damage to older lead and iron pipes in Flint. Lead will continue to leach into the water even after the switch to a less corrosive water source. Then there are the long-term health effects on children who have been drinking water with high levels of lead for more than a year. Flint Mayor Dayne Walling says the city will need help repairing and replacing the citys aging and decaying water infrastructure.He suggests other cities should pay attention to whats been happening in Flint.;There are important lessons from Flints experience,; says Walling, ;We need to take a look at federal and state policy reforms, that include expanding water safety sampling to include our most vulnerable families.;;We need to look at factors of affordability in public health and infrastructure all being assessed together,; Flints mayor adds.The governor says hes asking the Michigan legislature for half the expected 12 million dollar cost of getting Flint hooked back up to Detroit water. Thats until next year, when a new pipeline from Lake Huron is expected to be y. The Mott Foundation is kicking in four million dollars and the city will come up with two million dollars.This experiment that was supposed to save millions of dollars will most certainly will end up costing the city and the state dearly.201510/402871oh, here she is adorable. I like her smile.yeah, shes a cute little dancer.哦 她好可爱 我喜欢她的微笑 是 她是个可爱的舞者I was watching her earlier too. I was just watching she dance.我前面也在看她 看她跳舞All right, a few weeks ago, we met this woman in your audience.好 几周前 我们遇见了这位观众all right, so we invited her back and this is what happened.好 我们请她回来 然后发生了这个what do you do?I am a full time student. full time student.你是干什么的? 我是个全日制的学生 全日制的学生so you wanna act, this is what you wanna do.Yes你想演戏 这是你想做的 是all right, we are gonna send you out on our, on the street right outside.好 我们将把你送到外面的街上we are gonna see how many people would actually stop and help you and we are gonna give those people cash.看多少人会真的停下来帮你 我们会给那些人现金wait, do you office...oh...That some come out.That some come out to the road.你们办公室会 啊 全部散落出来了 全部掉在地上you really should for sure have a career in this business.You are a fantastic actress.你真的应该在演艺圈有一番事业 你是个很好的演员so we arrange you are gonna meet with the casting directors,and we are gotta try to find you some work.我们会安排你见几个选角导演 试着让你找到一些工作And ShutterFly is giving you a check for ten thousand dollars.Oh,my god! Oh, my god.同时 ShutterFly公司将给你张价值一万美金的票 我的天哪 我的天哪!all right, I really wanna help her getting an acting job.Congratulate, come on, Dontax.是的 我真的会帮你找到一份演员的工作 恭喜 上来吧 Dontax. /201604/438825The Next IdeaThere is a lot of pressure in schools these days.From the early grades through high school, students take tests and then more tests and shuffle from one extracurricular activity to the next, all while many are also trying to navigate instability at home.Budget worries keep countless administrators up at night, and, says Rita Benn, director of the Faculty Scholars Program in integrative health care at University of Michigans Department of Family Medicine, about 50% of teachers leave within the first five years because its so stressful.Benn, who is also co-founder of the Michigan Collaborative for Mindfulness in Education, says meditation and mindfulness techniques offer an effective way to help both students and teachers handle stress in the classroom.;Mindfulness is a quality of awareness that involves paying attention in the present moment to whats happening, with a sense of kindness to yourself and acceptance,; says Benn.In the classroom, students are instructed in becoming more conversant with whats going on in their bodies and their minds, she says, so that they are more able to respond, rather than react, know what some triggers might be, and label some emotions they might be feeling. They even learn how their brain works, she says, and thats not something theyre being taught.Carl Clark, a third and fourth grade teacher at Ann Arbor Open School, has been using mindfulness techniques in his classroom for two years. He says he begins each day with mindfulness to settle down the energy coming from home to the classroom. He also uses it to help settle conflicts between students.;Before this they had no idea what was happening inside of them,; Clark says. ;They had no idea why they were angry.;Mindfulness has helped the students become more aware of whats happening around them and whats happening inside them, he says. Plus, the improved focus and attention in his classroom, he says, has led to higher test scores.For The Next Idea, Benn and Clark discuss how mindfulness works in the classroom, what it will take to expand its use in Michigan schools, and the barriers that stand in the way.201510/403590

As Dan Gilbert keeps buying buildings in downtown Detroit – more than 70, now – were seeing the prospect of new businesses, new tenants, and new people downtown.Detroit Free Press columnist Nancy Kaffer wonders what this means in terms of private security and public space.Her column this week, ;Watching Dan Gilberts Watchmen,; follows another column from a couple of months ago, and takes a look at the state of private security forces in the downtown Detroit area.Her concern lies in the fundamental difference between private security agencies and public police agencies.;The difference here is that private security doesnt have to be accountable to anyone except the people who are paying it,; Kaffer says.She also tells us that the physical reach or jurisdiction enjoyed by private security under the employ of businesses like Quicken Loans/Rock Ventures means that private security forces are patrolling public spaces.Kaffer commends those like Gilbert for buying buildings in Detroit, for moving companies into them, for bringing workers into the area, and for participating in the Live Midtown and Live Downtown programs.;Theyre doing a lot of stuff to ... bring people into downtown Detroit, and I think thats fantastic. And I also believe they feel a responsibility to those people. They brought these workers downtown, and they want to keep them safe,; Kaffer says. ;As I have said in every column Ive written, Im not saying they shouldnt be doing it. Im saying that I want to talk about what theyre doing, and I want there to be some transparency and accountability.;201505/376181

听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):Michigans 1st Congressional District is huge - almost 25,000 square miles - and it is where, with the pending retirement of Republican Congressman Dan Benishek, former Marine Corps General Jack Bergman – a Republican – is facing former Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson.Bergman upset two establishment Republicans in the August primary and still hasnt mended fences with the local GOP. Well see if he can build the campaign organization and get-out-the-vote operation necessary to win. Republicans in the District say he hasnt yet.But, campaign organization is something Johnson knows - fundraising, door-knocking and get-out-the-vote-efforts are things he worked on as former Party Chair. Its Just Politics with Zoe Clark and Rick Pluta. The 1st District is considered one of the most competitive districts in the country - even though the Cook Political Report ranks it R +4.That means, all other things being equal, Republicans start with a four-point advantage.In other parts of the state, Republicans are fretting over whether Donald Trump will drag down the GOP ballot. But, in northern Michigan, Trump appears to be polling pretty well.Hillary Clinton, however, is quite unpopular. As is President Obama. Congressional Democrats were hoping that, with the right candidate, they might just have a chance to pick up this seat once Obama was no longer at the top of the ballot.But the Clinton name does not seem to add an advantage in the 1st. But thats likely a small comfort to Trump, because elections in Michigan are won and lost with the big population in southeast Michigan.But that does mean Hillary Clinton has to do that much better in metro Detroit to win Michigan.That is good news for northern Michigan Republicans and bad news for northern Michigan Democrats looking to draft off the top of the ticket on Election Day.But its not impossible for Ds to win. Democrat Bart Stupak held the 1st Congressional District seat for 18 years. Stupak is a former cop, pro-life and pro-gun rights.Lon Johnson fits part of that profile. He is a hunter and a gun-owner. But he is pro-choice. And he is closely associated with President Obama. He is married to Obamas former fundraiser, Julianna Smoot. Johnson even once granted a presidential request to play the Easter Bunny at the White House egg roll.There are plenty of political issues that could be argued, but it seems a lot of this campaign is focused on which candidate has the best claim to be a true northern Michigander.Johnson was raised in downriver Detroit and has an apartment in the city. Bergman has a place in the western U.P., but also has ties dating back ten years to New Orleans. Has a home in Louisiana. And he seems to like to winter there.Northern Michigan and the 1st Congressional District is a vast area but voters here want that local connection.But, like everywhere else, candidates dont entirely control their destinies. The top of the ticket can be decisive. Voters views of Trump and Clinton play a huge part in their fates.201609/467207

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