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有声名著之秘密花园 Chapter8暂无文本 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200809/51046

PLOP! Alfred woke up, and immediately knew why he was awake—the paperboy. It was 5:30 a.m. A while later, he finally got back to sleep. Later that morning, he made a phone call. The customer service rep asked if he could help. Alfred couldn’t believe his ears; the rep had an Indian accent. Alfred was calling to complain about the Los Angeles Times, and he was talking to someone in India!He told the rep to tell the paperboy to deliver the paper quietly—at 5:30 a.m. Alfred, like most normal human beings, was trying to sleep. The rep apologized, saying that he would notify the route supervisor. Alfred said that this was the fourth time he had called in the last three weeks. He said he wanted to talk to the supervisor directly. The rep said that he would leave a message for the supervisor to call Alfred. Alfred rolled his eyes; he had heard this before. He was beginning to wonder if a “route supervisor” even existed. By 6:00 p.m., the route supervisor hadn’t called.That night, Alfred set his alarm for 5:20 a.m. The next morning, he walked downstairs. A few minutes later, the paperboy drove up. He ran over to Alfred’s apartment building. When he saw Alfred standing there, he handed him the paper. Alfred told him to stop throwing the paper onto the steps.“You are waking me up. Place the paper on the steps quietly. Do not throw it—place it, okay?” The paperboy nodded, and ran back to his car. At 5:30 the next morning, Alfred woke up. The paper had just been thrown onto the steps. He heard the car drive off. Enough was enough. Even though he loved the convenience of home delivery, Alfred’s sleep was far more valuable to him. Starting tomorrow, he would the Times online. Article/201108/147574

I don’t think people understand cyber-crime. It’s only just started. In the future, it’s going to be a huge problem. There have aly been a few amazing examples. A few years ago the whole Internet in Latvia was attacked by another country. Cyberspace has become a new battleground. Countries spy on each other. If there’s a war, it’s possible one country could attack the other country’s Internet. This would mean all communication, transport, etc would stop. It would cause huge damage to hospitals and other important buildings. But cyber-crime is happening today to ordinary people. Have you ever heard of phishing? That’s with a ‘ph’ not ‘f’. You really need to be very careful about what information you put online. Article/201104/131640

4 A new life on an island第4章 孤岛上的新生活When day came,the sea was quiet again.当白天到来时,大海又恢复了平静。I looked for our ship and,to my surprise,it was still there and still in one piece.我找我们的船,令我惊诧的是它依然在那儿并且没有破碎。#39;I think I can swim to it,#39;I said to myself.;我想我能够游到那儿,;我自言自语。So I walked down to the sea and before long,I was at the ship and was swimming round it.于是,我朝大海里走去,不一会儿,我靠近了船绕着它游。But how could I get on to it?只是,我怎样才可以上去呢?In the end,I got in through a hole in the side,but it wasn#39;t easy.最后,我从船舷一侧的一个洞里钻了进去,但却很不容易。There was a lot of water in the ship,but the sand under the sea was still holding the ship in one place.船里积了很多水,但海底的沙使船固定在了一个地方。The back of the ship was high out of the water,and I was very tnankful for this be-cause all the ship#39;s food was there.船的尾部翘出了水面,这让我非常庆幸,因为船上全部的食物都储在那儿。I was very hungry so I be-gan to eat something at once.我已经很饥饿,所以我马上开始吃东西。Then I decided to take some of it back to the shore with me.然后决定带一些食物回到岸上。But how could I get it there?可是我又怎样才能做到呢?I looked around the ship,and after a few minutes,I found some long pieces of wood.我察看了这只船的四周,几分钟后,我找到了几块长条的木板。I tied them together with rope.我用绳子把它们紧扎在一起。Then I got the things that I wanted from the ship.然后我便搬上我想从船上带走的东西。There was a big box of food;rice,and salted meat,and hard ship#39;s b.那儿有一大箱食品;;米、咸肉和硬面包。I al-so took many strong knives and other tools,the ship#39;s sails and ropes,paper,pens,books,and seven guns.我还拿了很多坚固的小刀及其他工具,船帆、绳子、纸、钢笔、书及7枝。Now I needed a little sail from the ship,and then I was y.现在我需要在船上找一个小帆,不一会儿,我就找好了。Slowly and carefully,I went back to the shore.我慢慢地、小心翼翼地向岸边划。It was difficult to stop my things from falling into the sea,but in the end I got everything on to the shore.要使我的东西不掉到海里是挺困难的,但终于我把每一件东西都弄上了岸。Now I needed somewhere to keep my things.现在,我需要地方来存放我的东西。There were some hills around me,so I decided to build my-self a little house on one of them.在我的周围有些小山丘,于是我决定在其中的一个小山上给自己建一座小屋。I walked to the top of the highest hill and looked down,I was very unhappy,because I saw then that I was on an island.我走到最高的小山的山顶往下看。我非常沮丧,因为那时我才明白我是在一个孤岛上。There were two smaller is-lands a few miles away,and after that,only the sea. Just the sea,for mile after mile after mile.几英里外有两个更小的岛,更远的地方,只剩下了大海,延绵数英里的大海。After a time,I found a little cave in the side of a hill.过了不久,我在小山的一侧找到了一个小洞穴。In front of it,there was a good place to make a home.在它前面,是一个安家的好地方。So,I used the ship#39;s sails,rope,and pieces of wood,and after a lot of hard work I had a very fine tent.于是,我用那些船的帆,绳子及本板经过很艰苦的劳作,我有了一个非常好的帐篷。The cave at the back of my tent was a good place to keep my food,and so I called it my #39;kitchen#39;.帐篷后面的洞穴是存放食物的好地方,所以我称之为我的;厨房;。That night,I went to sleep in my new home.那天晚上,我便在我的新家睡觉。The next day I thought about the possible dangers on the is-land.第二天,我仔细设想了岛上可能存在的危险。Were there wild animals,and perhaps wild people too,on my island?在我的岛上,会不会有野兽,也许还会存在野人?I didn#39;t know,but I was very afraid.虽然我不知道,但却很害怕。So I decided to build a very strong fence.于是我决定建一个坚固的栅栏。I cut down young trees and put them in the ground,in a halfcircle around the front of my tent.我砍倒了一些小树,插入到地上在我的帐篷前围成个半圆。I used many of the ship#39;s ropes too,and in the end my fence was as strong as a stone wall.我还用了很多船上的绳子,最后我的栅栏就象一堵坚固的石墙。Nobody could get over it,through it,or round it.没有人可以翻进来,钻进来或者绕过来。Making tents and building fences is hard work.制作帐篷和建造栅栏篱笆是一项艰苦的工作。I needed many tools to help me.我需要很多工具来帮我。So I decided to go back to the ship again,and get some more things.所以,我打算再次回到船上,去拿更多的东西。I went back twelve times,but soon after my twelfth visit there was another terrible storm.我回去了12次,但就在我第12次回来之后不久又来了一场暴风雨。The next morning,when I looked out to sea,there was no ship.第二天一早我朝外瞧向大海时,船不见了。When I saw that,I was very unhappy.目睹了这一切,我非常悲伤。#39;Why am I alive,and why are all my friends dead?#39;I asked myself. #39;;为什么我活着,而我所有的朋友们却都死了?;我问自己。What will hap-pen to me now,alone on this island without friends?How can I ever escape from it?#39;;现在对于我又会有什么事情发生呢?没有朋友独自生活在岛上,我怎么才能够逃离这儿?;Then I told myself that I was lucky;lucky to be alive,lucky to have food and tools,lucky to be young and strong.但随即我告诉自己我是幸运的;;能够幸运地活下来,幸运有食物、有工具,幸运自己还年轻力壮。But I knew that my island was somewhere off the coast of South America.但我知道我的小岛在远离南美海岸的某个地方。Ships did not often come down this coast,and I said to myself,#39;I#39;m going to be on this island for a long time.船只不太经常沿着这个海岸航行,我对自己说,;我会在这个岛上呆很长时间。;#39;So,on a long piece of wood,I cut these words:于是,在一长条的木牌上,我刻下了这些话:I CAME HERE ON 30TH SEPTEMBER 1659 After that,I decided to make a cut for each day.我于1659年9月30日来到此岛以后,我决定每天都刻上一个记号。 Article/201202/172176

Inspector Walsh put his hands behind his head.#39;What time is it?I#39;m hungry.We#39;re learning a lot,but I need some coffee.#39;沃尔什探长把手放在脑后。;几点了?我饿了。我们了解了不少东西,但我需要点咖啡。;#39;Shall I go to the kitchen?#39;Sergeant Foster asked.;要我去厨房吗?;福斯特警官问。#39;Oh,no.Later.Let#39;s see Jackie Clarkson next.#39;;哦,不,呆会儿。咱们接下来见见杰基;克拉克森。;Jackie came in and sat down.She looked down at her hands and said nothing.杰基走进来坐下,她低头看着手没说话。#39;We found the empty bottle of your mother#39;s sleeping tablets in Diane#39;s room,#39;the Inspector said suddenly.Then he waited.Jackie#39;s face did not change and she said nothing.;我们在黛安娜的房间发现了你妈妈安眠药的空瓶子。;探长突然说,然后他等着。杰基脸色没变,她一言不发。#39;Tell me,did your mother get her tablets from the shop in the village?#39;;告诉我,你的妈妈是从村里的商店买到药的吗?;#39;Yes.My mother usually took a sleeping tablet every night so she needed a lot of tablets.Sometimes she got them from the shop,sometimes I did.On Thursday,I asked Peter Hobbs to get them.He lives in the house across the road,and he of-ten goes to the village on his bicycle.#39;;对。妈妈通常每晚都要一片安眠药,所以她要许多药片。有时她去商店买,有时是我去。周四我请彼特;霍布斯去买。他住在马路对面的那幢房子,他经常骑自行车去村里。;#39;I see.Your mother wanted to stay in this house.How about you?Did you want to move?#39;;明白了。你母亲想留在这幢房子里。你呢?你想搬家吗?;Jackie looked up for a minute and then down at her hands a-gain.#39;This is Mother#39;s house.I loved my mother.She was good to me.#39;杰基抬头看了会然后又低下头看着她的手。;这是我妈妈的房子。我爱我的妈妈,她对我很好。;#39;Did you see your mother in her room last night?#39;;昨晚你去她的房间见她了吗?;#39;Yes,everyone did.Diane made hot milk and took it to Mother.She usually drank a cup of hot milk before she slept.#39;;去了,每人都去了。黛安娜煮了热牛奶并端给了妈妈。她通常在睡前要喝杯热牛奶。; Article/201202/172982

I’m really interested in the culture of other countries. I don’t know why, but I always think other cultures are more interesting than my own culture. Every time I travel, I learn wonderful, strange, amazing and interesting things about other cultures. One of the biggest surprises I had was when I went to the USA as a child. I’m English so I thought Americans had the same culture as me. When I went to America I understood Americans and Brits are very different people. Understanding the culture of other people is very important. It helps us all to get along. If everyone really tried to learn about other cultures, the world would be a more peaceful place. The world is becoming smaller, so I think this is happening. Article/201104/131454

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