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即墨/市人民医院妇科挂号即墨/无痛人流所需费用US Sees No Change From Hamas After Carter Talks 美国认为卡特会晤哈马斯没有收获  The U.S. State Department says it sees no policy changes by the Palestinian militant group Hamas in the wake of former President Jimmy Carter's meetings with Hamas leaders. The Bush administration counseled Mr. Carter against meeting Hamas. 美国国务院说,它认为前美国总统卡特和哈马斯领导人举行会晤后巴勒斯坦激进组织哈马斯没有作出任何政策上的改变。布什政府建议卡特不要会晤哈马斯。 Bush administration officials were irate over Mr. Carter's plans to meet Hamas, arguing it would undermine a political boycott aimed at forcing U.S. designated terrorist organization to accept international terms for Middle East peace talks. 布什政府官员对卡特计划会晤哈马斯表示愤慨。他们认为这会削弱一项政治抵制,该抵制的目的在于强迫哈马斯组织接受有关中东和平会谈的一些国际条款。美国认定哈马斯组织是恐怖组织。Now that the former U.S. president has met key Hamas figures, the State Department is downplaying Mr. Carter's suggestion that Hamas is, at least conditionally, prepared to accept Israel as a neighbor in the region. 既然前总统卡特已经会晤了哈马斯的主要领导人,美国国务院目前对卡特提出的哈马斯至少准备有条件地接受以色列为中东地区的一个邻国的看法采取了淡化处理的态度。Mr. Carter said Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and other members of the group he met with in Damascus said they would accept a peace agreement with Israel negotiated by moderate Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, if the accord was later approved by Palestinians in a referendum. 卡特说,他在大马士革会晤了哈马斯组织的领导人迈沙阿勒和该组织的其他成员。这些人说,他们会在巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯的调停下接受和以色列达成的一项和平协议,如果这项协议晚些时候能够在巴勒斯坦人的公民投票中得到通过的话。In a talk with reporters, State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey said there are aly contradictory statements by other Hamas officials, suggesting the group would reserve the right to reject results of a referendum. 美国国务院副发言人凯西对记者说,哈马斯组织的其他官员已经发表了互相矛盾的声明,这意味着哈马斯组织将保留否决公民投票结果的权利。Casey said U.S. officials would be delighted if there really was movement by Hamas toward accepting terms the international Middle East Quartet set for Hamas in 2006 for entering peace talks, but said he sees no fundamental change coming from the Carter contacts: 凯西说,如果哈马斯真的采取行动,接受2006年国际中东四方协议中的相关条款而参加和平谈判的话,美国官员会为此感到高兴。但是凯西说,他认为,卡特总统和哈马斯的接触没有带来任何根本改变。"It does not recognize Israel's right to exist, it has not eschewed or walked away from terrorism and violence. Nor has it said it will honor any of the previous agreements that have been made with the Israeli government. All of which were conditions from the Quartet for the international community to engage with Hamas. I have seen a lot of contradictory statements out there in light of some of his meetings. But it is pretty clear to us there is no acceptance on the part of Hamas of any kind of negotiated settlement," said Casey. 凯西说:“哈马斯组织既不承认以色列的存在权,也没有放弃恐怖主义和暴力活动。哈马斯组织也没有说他们会遵守和以色列政府以往签订过的任何协议。这些都是中东四方协议所规定的国际社会和哈马斯进行接触的条件。我已经看到,在卡特和哈马斯举行的一些会谈中存在许多互相矛盾的声明。但是,很清楚,哈马斯方面不会接受通过谈判达成的任何形式的协议。”Mr. Carter also met Syrian officials in Damascus and said both Syria and Hamas would have to be involved in order to make progress toward peace.  卡特还在大马士革会晤了叙利亚官员。他说,要想取得和平进展的话,叙利亚和哈马斯都必须参与进来。Casey said Syria, with which the ed States has diplomatic relations, was invited to and attended last November's Annapolis conference on the Middle East hosted by President Bush. 凯西说,叙利亚接受美国总统布什的邀请,参加了去年11月在安纳波利斯市举行的中东会议。叙利亚和美国有外交关系。He said the Damascus government has a history of making positive statements, but its stated good intentions are belied by its actions including interference in the internal affairs of Lebanon. 他说,叙利亚政府一向发表正面的声明,但是它的行为却违背了它所声称的良好意图,包括叙利亚干涉黎巴嫩的内部事务。The State Department's chief Middle East policy official, David Welch, counseled former President Carter against having the meetings with Hamas.  美国国务院主管中东政策的官员韦尔奇建议卡特不要和哈马斯举行会晤。Nonetheless, spokesman Casey said if Mr. Carter wishes to brief Assistant Secretary Welch or other officials about his meetings, they would be happy to hear from him. 尽管如此,美国国务院副发言人凯西说,如果卡特希望向美国副国务卿韦尔奇和其他官员汇报有关他会晤哈马斯的情况,他们将乐意听取卡特的报告。Mr. Carter, a Democrat who held the White House from 1977 to 1981, has been active in international conflict resolution through his Atlanta-based Carter Center and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. 民主党人卡特于1977年到1981年担任美国总统。一直以来,他通过亚特兰大的卡特中心积极致力于解决国际冲突。卡特在2002年被授予诺贝尔和平奖。 200804/35987华山灵山段泊岚刘家庄移风店七级蓝村南泉普东大信处女膜修复手术哪家医院最好的 Scripts:On a windy night in 2005, 74-year-old Dolly Mohlis woke up smelling smoke, weaken by arthritis, she sent her husband Earl to find the source while she called 911. Earl looked into the garage and couldn't believe what he saw. Dolly's 1996 Ford F-150 truck was on fire in the garage attached to their home.This is where you saw flames, er?Well, it was more like, (right there), right down to... This hood was shut. The glass was in there yet. (right, right, yeah, yeah.)She was coming out here, right there. Right there is where she was coming out.You saw the front of that pickup truck burning. That's what you saw.You bet, yeah. She was burning.Earl opened the garage door to try to get the truck out, but the wind approaching 50 miles an hour fanned the flames and they quickly enveloped the house. Fire Department in their rural east Iowa town couldn't get there quickly enough. Dolly , on the phone inside, was suddenly trapped.It was burning so fast, the wind was blowing 50 miles an hour from the northwest. I said to Dolly , you gotta get out the house. She did, she came, she came around and then she never made it. What caused the fire? Earl Mohlis now believes it began inside his wife's pickup truck under the hood in a tiny switch that was part of the cruise control mechanism. After the fire, he learned Ford had been recalling cruise control switches in other vehicles for years. But he did not know that Ford's similar to his pickup truck were catching fire even when they were turned off and the engine was cold. Two years ago, CNN began airing a series of investigative reports on Ford cars and trucks suddenly erupting in flames. "(screaming)My house is on fire, please!" Our reports exposed what turned out to be a tiny electrical switch in the cruise control system that could burst into flame even hours after the car was turned off. "Here's the part." Ford had been recalling the parts in some cars and trucks back in 1999. But as we reported two years ago, as many as 3.7 million Ford cars and trucks were still on the road with similar cruise control switches inside, none under the recall. Earlier this month, a dramatic announcement from Ford, every single car and truck it built with the switches are being recalled. 3.6 million vehicles on the road will need to have their cruise control wiring replaced or repaired.Keeping them honest, we asked Ford for an interview about the recall. Instead, a spokesman told us by phone that Ford is voluntarily announcing this huge recall in part because Ford could not be confident about the long-term durability of the switches. He also says media reports like CNN's have created fear among Ford owners. And the spokesman said the newly recalled vehicles do not have a higher than normal fire incidence. CNN has also learned federal investigators were continuing to observe what one federal safety official confided were elevated levels of suspect fires in Ford cars and trucks that had not been recalled. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had documented more than 600 fires since the cruise control switch was first introduced in 1992. The safety official also says investigators with NHTSA were in discussions with Ford about safety concerns when Ford suddenly announced the massive recall last week. Ford has denied and continues to deny its cruise control switch started the fire that killed Earl Mohlis's wife of 34 years. But this spring, Ford settled Mohlis's wrongful death lawsuit. Neither Mohlis nor Ford released terms of the settlement. But the hog farmer told the Des Moines register he still cries for his wife Dolly every day.Drew Griffin, CNN, Atlanta. 200807/44136Top US Officer Sees More US Troop Cuts in Iraq马伦:伊若继续改善则可再减驻军 The top U.S. military officer says if current trends continue he expects to recommend further U.S. troop reductions in Iraq. 美国参谋长联席会议主席说,如果目前的趋势能继续下去,他会建议进一步减少在伊拉克的美军。Admiral Mike Mullen says he found more progress on security than he had expected when he visited Iraq last week. And while he would not provide details, he said he could recommend further U.S. troop reductions when the next round of military recommendations go to President Bush in September. 美国参谋长联席会议主席麦克·马伦海军上将说,他上星期访问伊拉克时发现,那里在安全方面取得的进展比他预期的多。马伦没有透露其它详情,但是他表示,他9月份向布什总统提出下一轮军事建议时,会建议进一步削减驻伊美军。"I will not go so far as to say that progress in Iraq from a military perspective has reached a tipping point, or it is irreversible," said Admiral Mullen. "It has not and it is not. But security is unquestionably and remarkably better. Indeed, if these trends continue, I expect to be able, early in the fall, to be able to recommend to the secretary and the president further troop reductions." 马伦说:“现在我并不会认为从军事角度看伊拉克取得的安全进展达到一个转折时刻,或者说取得了不可逆转的进展。现在还没有。不过,安全形势有明显好转,这毫无疑问。当然,如果这种趋势继续下去,我想我会在初秋的时候建议国防部长和总统进一步削减驻伊拉克美军。”The last of the additional U.S. combat troops sent to Iraq last year as part of the surge of forces are scheduled to be out of the country by next week. That triggers a period of assessment by commanders there, and in Washington, that is expected to culminate in early September with new recommendations on U.S. troop levels.  美国准备将去年向伊拉克增派的最后一批作战部队在下星期之前撤离伊拉克。在伊拉克和华盛顿的美军指挥官员因此会在今后一段时间里进行评估,预计在9月初结束评估时将提出驻伊拉克美军数量的新建议。Commanders have been reluctant to say now what they might recommend in September, so Admiral Mullen's statement came as a surprise to may observers. He said it resulted from what he saw during his recent visit to Iraq. 美国军方高层指挥人员一直不愿意透露他们在9月可能提出什么建议,因此马伦海军上将的这段话让许多观察人士感到意外。他说,他的想法来自他最近伊拉克之行的所见所闻。"I fully expected to find security conditions much improved, and they were," he said. "I did not expect, however, that those conditions would be at such a level that I could walk the Jamilla Market in Sadr City, or visit an outpost in what had recently been one of the most violent neighborhoods in Mosul, or that Iraqi security forces would now have the confidence and the command to take the lead as much as they are." 马伦说:“我完全想到了伊拉克安全局势有所改善,事实正是如此。但我没有想到的是那里的安全形势发生了如此明显的改善,我可以在萨德尔城的贾米拉市场上步行,可以视察在苏尔的一个哨所,那里不久之前还是苏尔暴力事件最严重的地区之一。我还看到伊拉克安全部队现在有信心,也有指挥能力,尽可能多地负责维持伊拉克的安全。”Admiral Mullen also repeated that he is eager to reduce the U.S. troop commitment to Iraq, if he can do so without risking security gains, in order to make more troops available for Afghanistan, where a resurgent Taliban and a porous border with Pakistan have led to deterioration of the security situation. 马伦海军上将还一再表示,如果削减驻伊拉克美军不会危及到伊拉克目前取得的安全进展,他会愿意减少美国军队在伊拉克的任务,以便腾出兵力援阿富汗,因为塔利班在阿富汗死灰复燃,巴基斯坦边界管理疏松,导致阿富汗的安全局势恶化。200807/44196华山灵山段泊岚刘家庄移风店七级蓝村南泉普东大信引产多少钱

即墨/市人民医院妇科地址Scripts:Dell is starting to show signs of a turnaround after the closing bell, the PC maker posted better than expected results for its second quarter. That's right. Alice ,bussiness editor Eunice Yoon joins us now with more on that and is this the Michael Dell fables driving the profit here?Well, the drive, what's driving the profit is better sales of servers, as well as storage systems, and also they are benefiting from lower component costs,components being memory chips, disk drives that are in your computers. Now that of course is helping to boost the earnings by 46% and the revenues were also higher at 14.8 billion dollars, and of course all of this is very positive for Dell, coz as you guys know Dell has been, has fallen on very hard times, last year they had a deal with a massive battery recall, also they had been in the midst of a year-long accounting probe which has led to a shakeup of their management the CEO, Kevin Rollins who is now the former CEO was given a boot. And Michael Dell ended up coming in to try to take the helm.The calvary, going back here. Yeah. Do you think this turnaround is sustainable though and any chances it might overtake HP at any point?Oh, man. That’s, I think that's really early to say, too early to say. But Michael Dell himself said that right now, they are really at a too earlier stage to be able to say exactly what they are going to do of course they have set out achievable targets, and they really hope to reclaim that proposition. But what people are saying is that you have to give them a little bit of time, in order to reach those targets because they are trying to do their best, I mean they shed thousands of jobs. They have also had to deal with many production delays especially with their new line of color computers. But one of the things that is, is a positive sign is that this is the second quarter in a row that they have been able to report better-than-expected results. It's intrigue, I guess the great unknow here is the state of the economy, and more and more people are talking about perhaps a recession even in the second half in the US. So what is the outlook for the PC industry for the second half? What do they say? Well, Dell is saying that they see the costs of components, like, starting to slow like at the rate at which they, you know, coz right now they are benefiting, because they are so cheap. But they are actually probably going to be declining at a slower pace so that could hurt the profits at Dell, as well as at HP and some of the other computer makers. So one of the thing, things though that people are watching, is its relationship now with Wal-mart. Because as your guys know, Dell, has, you know, really made a name for itself because of its direct sales model, you know they, you could call them up ,you could buy a computer on the Internet,and that's really what gave them that number one position but they lost it to HP at least around the world because so many people would buy HP computers in the stores. And so they wanna see, so a lot of analysts wanna see how this relationship works out.Notes:Give someone a boot: dismiss, fire someone200807/44111即墨/市市北医院妇科地址 free rein ---- 自由,随意(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) Complete permission to make decisions, spend money, and manage without any limits or supervision. (NOTE: ;rein; is a cord used to control horses)例句The talented project manager agreed to take the difficult new project only if she was given complete free rein.只要能够给予自由行事的权力,这位天才的项目经理就同意接受这个困难的新项目。 /201609/464999青岛市即墨/保胎哪家医院最好的

营上留村龙泉鳌山卫温泉王村田横丰城金口店集怀孕检测多少钱Thailand Court Agrees to Hear Case Against Thaksin in New Blow to Governing Coalition泰最高法院同意审理他信贪污指控  The Supreme Court of Thailand has agreed to hear a new corruption case against former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, in a move seen as another blow by opponents against the embattled government that is stacked with Mr. Thaksin's allies. 泰国最高法院同意审理针对前总理他信的一项新的贪污指控。此举被认为是对和他信联盟的泰国现政府的又一打击。The case against Thaksin Shinawatra alleges that he used his influence as Prime Minister to arrange low-interest loans to Burma so that the military government of that country could spend the money on a telecoms business then owned by Thaksin's family. 这项指控他信的案子声称,他信在担任总理期间利用影响力给缅甸安排低息贷款,以便让缅甸军政府能够和当时由他信家族所拥有的电信企业做生意。The former Prime Minister has other legal cases pending against him and his wife on allegations of corruption - the same issue that drove his opponents in the army, the bureaucracy, and the urban upper classes to push for his ouster in 2006. Thaksin returned to Thailand this year after his political ally Samak Sundaravej was elected Prime Minister. Samak formed a six-party coalition government dominated by Thaksin supporters.  其他一些控告这位泰国前总理以及他妻子贪污的案件仍在审理当中。这些贪污指控曾经促使他在军队、官僚体系以及城市上层阶级中的反对者联手于2006年将他推翻。他的政治盟友沙马.顺达卫当选总理后,他信于今年返回泰国。沙马.顺达卫筹组了一个主要由他信持者组成的六党派联合政府。The last several weeks have seen a return of Thaksin's opponents to the streets in rallies against the Samak government.  过去几个星期,他信的反对者走上街头,抗议沙马.顺达卫政府。Political analysts say the Supreme Court's decision to hear the corruption case against Mr. Thaksin bolsters Thaksin's opponents' efforts to discredit him and the Samak administration. 政治分析人士说,泰国最高法院决定审理控告他信腐败的案子,助长了他信的反对者抹黑他和沙马.顺达卫政府的努力。Professor Thitinan Pongsudhirak is an expert on Thai politics at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University.  曼谷朱拉龙宫大学泰国政治专家旁苏迪拉克说:"Samak is seen as Thaksin's proxy," he explained. "I think a lot of people in Bangkok - and around the country but mostly in Bangkok - hate Thaksin for his corruption, for his collusion. But deeper than that, I think the Thaksin agenda threatened the vested interests of the establishment of the Bangkok middle class. That's why they wanted to overthrow him then, and that's why they want to overthrow Samak now."  “沙马.顺达卫被看作是他信的代理人。我想,在曼谷有许多人,在全国,特别是在曼谷有许多人,他们痛恨他的腐败,痛恨他的阴谋。但是深一层看,我想他信的作法也威胁了曼谷广大中产阶层的既得利益,这就是为什么那时候他们要推翻他,也就是为什么他们现在要推翻沙马.顺达卫的原因。”In a bid to stave off pressure from his opponents, Prime Minister Samak plans to reshuffle his cabinet in the coming days. 为了抵销来自对手的压力,沙马.顺达卫总理计划在未来几天重组他的内阁。200807/45210 Russia's President Says Breakaway Regions Not Likely to Return to Georgia俄声称格鲁吉亚不会收回分离地区 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said Friday it is unlikely that the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia will rejoin Georgia after a week of violent clashes. He offered the prediction just before Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili announced that he had signed a truce agreement with Russia. 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫星期五说,在经过一个星期的暴力冲突后,格鲁吉亚争取独立的阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯不太可能重新回到格鲁吉亚。在梅德韦杰夫发出上述预测之后不久,格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利宣布与俄罗斯签署停火协议。Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met in the Black Sea coast city Sochi not far from Georgia and its breakaway provinces to discuss the unfolding events of the last week. 梅德韦杰夫和德国总理默克尔在距离格鲁吉亚和两个争取独立地区都不远的黑海海滨城市索契会晤,讨论上个星期发生的暴力冲突。Mr. Medvedev said Georgia was not likely to bring Abkhazia and South Ossetia back into the fold. He said that after what happened the past seven days, it is unlikely Ossetians and Abkhazians will ever be able to live together with Georgia in one state. 梅德韦杰夫说,格鲁吉亚不太可能收回阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯。梅德韦杰夫说,经过过去7天发生的一切之后,奥塞梯人和阿布哈兹人不太可能再与格鲁吉亚同处一个国家之中。All week, Russian troops have been driving Georgian forces out of the regions, and Mr. Medvedev said Russia will leave it up to the separatists to decide their future status. 一个星期来,俄罗斯部队一直在把格鲁吉亚军队赶出这两个地区。梅德韦杰夫说,俄罗斯会让希望独立的奥塞梯人和阿布哈兹人决定自己的未来。German Chancellor Angela Merkel echoed the words of U.S. President George Bush. She said Russia's response to Georgia's attack on South Ossetia was "disproportionate," and said that Russian troops staying in the area is "not sensible." 德国总理默克尔表示了与美国总统布什类似的立场。她说,俄罗斯对格鲁吉亚出兵南奥塞梯做出的反应“过度”。她还说,俄罗斯军队“没有道理”留驻在这个地区。U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met for five hours with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili in Tblisi Friday to bring what a U.S. Department of State official called "clarifying explanations" regarding the French-brokered truce. The Georgian president said he signed a cease-fire agreement with Russia. 美国国务卿赖斯与格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利星期五在第比利斯举行了5个小时会谈。美国国务院官员称这次会谈对法国斡旋的停火协议作出澄清。格鲁吉亚总统说,他已经签署与俄罗斯的停火协议。Secretary Rice emphasized that all Russian troops must return to the positions they held before the conflict began.  赖斯强调说,所有俄罗斯部队必须回到冲突发生前所在的位置。An emotional Saakashvili said he will "never, ever surrender" in the showdown with much-larger Russia. 情绪激动的萨卡什维利说,在与超级强敌俄罗斯的对峙中,他“永远永远不会投降”。The recent violence was the worst to break out since South Ossetia declared independence from Georgia in 1992.Separatists in Abkhazia took control of most of the province from Georgia in 1993.200808/46092环秀通济田横岛即墨/看妇科炎症多少钱即墨/市治疗妇科哪家医院最好的



即墨/市人民医院做彩超B超价格 即墨/哪家人流手术比较好安康分享 [详细]
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